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  1. You are obviously reading it the wrong way. Back on topic please.
  2. Athena wrote Athena, I have read through the posts by Ldyshalott and see no reason for your above reply, so get off of your high horse for goodness sake. Spinney
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEXMWfjdbfY Here you go CG :D Had to work a 12 hour shift yesterday so will be celebrating today smoking and decorating the house, and redoing my boundries and some fluffy love and peace spells, well why not were all still here ;) HAVE A COOL YULE!
  4. Pagan Dreams. got it mixed up with Voodoo Dreams and downloaded to my kindle. It turns out to be a very explicit (hard core) Lesbian S&M novel :jawdrop: . Why call it Pagan Dreams ???? I know what I'd call it but we are in public so will refrain (hears the click of the keyboard whilst members log in to amazon to check it out :naughty: )
  5. Pagan Heat which turned out to be a non titillating soft porn book of the Mills and Boon variety
  6. I am reading 'Nothing to Envy- lives in North Korea.' by Barbara Demick. Amazing, and I believe only about a pound on Kindle. If you are interested in East Asia, North Korea and its recent history please read this. Downloaded a sample of The White Goddess. I don't like it. Tried Natural Magic by Nigel Pennick and don't like the sample. Any decent witchcraft books on Kindle? I am always dissapointed I think my expectations are too high and I am set in my ways.
  7. Wow. not for that price ! Im sure you can find a lot of info online.
  8. I love it and have the soundtrack :D It actually makes good ritual music if you are into that sort of thing.
  9. I adore Robin Hardys' original Wickerman , it is a beautiful film. I am anticipating watching The Wicker Tree I hope the sound track is up to scratch. I love the trailer. A of course gets a bonus for having Christopher Lee in it. I Have been 'liking' the group on Facebook but the only messages are 'When is it being released?'
  10. If it were me I would sew red lips on
  11. West Country Folklore and West Country Witchcraft by Roy and Ursula Radford and Traditional Folk remedies By Michael Howard. All great :) The Primitive Witch byANDREA DEAN VAN SCOYOC http://www.amazon.co..._pr_product_top It goes against my ways to buy anything with manual or handbook in it but as I see myself as a primitive and primal witch i thought what they hey (and it was only a pound on Kindle). So far i like what it has to say, the editing could do with sorting. I didn't read the reviews on the above link as it seems to be a different one that have for the Kindle which had no reviews, I only has a few and all good except the usual "this blatantly goes againt Wicca etc) Will put up my review when I have finished it.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-nNksBWxNI This is one of my (many) favorite chili pepper songs. They all look so gorgeous here
  13. Love Joe Bonamassa here's what Im listening to. The Squirrel Nut Zippers!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdAt4qWvz_8&feature=related
  14. I am just loving this series. Creepy as hell, weird story line, hot maids in suspenders and ghosts in rubber gimp suits, Black comedy at its best . What more could a girl ask for? Anyone else watching? (We see A LOT of Dermot Mulroney)
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLb213lak5s
  16. Whenmaking my homemade oils for healing I use solar energy in the steeping process.
  17. Just a tip.Use sunscreen . I always feel better when the sun shines.
  18. I've never heard of this. I mean, really?
  19. BUMPING for ALL members to read . Thank you
  20. We have welcomed a lot of new members recently so here is a reminder to all To all new members please make sure you read the front page and the sticky threads so you know how this place works. Be prepared for serious discussion where tempers may flare. As a witch you need a thick skin and know how to defend your views. We don't hold hands or give out hugs. PLEASE READ THE FORUM FRONT PAGE AND STICKY THREADS Thank you and enjoy your time here
  21. See my quote above your post. , I don't need to clarify when doing simple modding, its not a personal attack just a gentle reminder to all members.Thanks, Spinney :)
  22. Aloe please do not post links off of the private forums o to the public forums. There is a reason why they are in the private section. Thankyou Spinney :)
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