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    It's been awhile since I've been in the forums, life and whatnot gets in the way so I thought I'd pop in and say hi and share some photos of my mandrakes - the first two are the sizeable Mandragora turcomanica I am growing (I have 5 but this is the biggest) and of my lone Mandragora officinalis root - I had to repot because the top was looking a bit half dead and the soil was quite wet (not from over watering but just general wet weather). So hi again all, hopefully I can become a little more active once again.
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    No, not crazy! Yes women have been treated as chattle by Men, now as we claim the title of Witch it is our duty to stand up to the patriachy and say "No More"!
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    I was raised in Scotland and went to a Presbyterian Church, so not as much pomp and circumstance as the RC Church or the Church of England. Bare Bones decoration in the church and only a cross instead of the crucifiction. None the less, I still was not interested in being there. I made a deal with my Mother, it might as well have been with the Devil, that if I cooked Sunday Dinner, I could stay home instead of going to church. Score for both of us really. I learned how to cook too. About reincarnation and past lives, why not. I have not had any experiences to say yes though. Can you explain "The Witch Wound" please?
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    Sounds like a Domovoi, maybe try leaving a small offering of bread or milk and see if there is a change in behavior. Ghosts tend to repeat the same actions over and over again. A home or farm spirit can actually be helpful and offer a certain amount of protection, just do some research and try not to offend him, he may choose to spoil your food, cause leaks in your roof, or worse, leave.
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    I know that to some wands are fluff. Mine are a creative outlet for my magickal interests. Each is gathered as a fallen branch, smudged and charged under a full moon before hand carving begins. The type of wood is considered, and it's future use is determined. A harmony of minerals, colors, herbs, charms, feathers, bones, beads, shells etc. are chosen to create a tool of beauty and power to focus the energy of the user or to simply have a place in a collector's den. They have proven mildly profitable in shops throughout the country and into Canada, and maybe one day it will be my living. While wands are not my only artistic interest, they are my favorite.
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    I see them as energy focusing tools. The wood is chosen for it's magical properties as are crystals/ stones, colors, feathers and symbols like runes or sigils. For example I have created wands that are specific to protection or healing magic, or wands custom built for a witch according to associations with birth sign, or pieces for focused elemental work. It leads me to really learn and pay attention to magical correspondences.
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    I have several that I use for different things and have been crafting them since I was a kid. I think there is a certain prejudice against them amongst traditionalists. It is true that a large portion of my pieces are bought by Wiccans. I get more than a few custom requests from LARPers and cos-players, and some are bought by people who collect wands just for their beauty. I also have several retailers around the country who sell them from storefronts, and who can say where these will end up.
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    Samhain is definitely around the corner! Orders for my wands start coming in about this time each year. Hear are 12 Willows, 6 Weeping and 6 Golden on their way to Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium in NM. Natural and unembellished. I imagine the buyers prefer to customize their own...
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    My 13 year old granddaughter is crafty, artistic, and loves the Dollar Tree! She made these light up decorations all on her own, from concept to finish. All dollar store items and things we had around the house. A misty black rose and skull and a jar of skulls and spiders! The only poor result is the quality of my photography!
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    I am very proud of her. She has her grandma's talents as well. I try to encourage all of her artistic endeavors and she is at the age where she wants to try EVERYTHING! She is comfortable with nearly every kind of paint, pigment or dye, she has mastered adhesives, she loves sculpting mediums, she knows how to employ fire and pointy things and she is only the second person allowed a key to my power tools. She has even learned to draw, sew, cook and make jewelry like her grandma. The only discipline she needs to work on is cleaning up afterwards! She also has a love for animals and her grandma's and great grandma's gifts of Sight and Intuition, which grandma is working on with her. I am trying to gently steer her toward Runes, Tarot or scrying by showing the artistic potentials and expressions of each. I was somewhat disappointed when my Gemnini twin daughters showed no inclination for the artistic or mystical, but this young lady is developing her gifts wonderfully! She has the imagination of a Victorian ghost story writer. Some of her ideas are incredible!
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    I think that for the current social climate in this country, an amalgamation of 2 quotes rings appropriate, "Ignore the man behind the curtain and drink your Kool Aid...".
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    Do any of the rest of you, when you're following your paper trails, commune with books/records in archives? When I do so, i have an uncanny knack of pulling a book off the shelf that contains exactly what I'm looking for. I never really thought before that it could be ancestor spirits guiding my hand, but...??
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    I have seven works in progress right now, and those are just the ones I remember, lol. here’s one based off an impromptu photoshoot with a rattler on a hiking trail; oil pastel and oil pencil on wood panel (to be finished off with pyrography on the currently taped-off borders). Working tip: it is extraordinarily difficult to layer oil pencil over coarse textured acrylic medium.
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    My passion for wandmaking and crafting talismans and charms has led me to try my hand at real wood carving. These are first attempts but I am enjoying learning this new skill... The light colored one is Douglas Fir and is about 5" tall with a 3" diameter he was a gift to one of my favorite uncles. The dark one is Tamarack root, carved and painted in a gaming miniature style with a terrain detailed base including such little goodies as hand sculpted mushrooms and polyphores. I finally found a use for one of those green tinted quartz crystals I bought! He is only 2.5" tall with a 1" diameter.
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    Boy Sagefire! You sure are on a creative streak! I love these SunCatchers, you could have used something like these to use as your Watchers at the corners of your property. Guardians as you will! I like where you are going with these creatures. Yule gifts!
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    Wood spirit crystal sun catchers with protective runes...
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    I ate mud at 3 too.....!
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    Autumnal Equinox Sept 22 this year. I still have time to get it together. Whip up a little thank you for all I got ritual, I'm all ready starting to cut back the garden, save seeds, lots of Tomatoes to pick yet and a few more herbs to harvest. Mint and Summer Savory. Pretty soon it will be Halloween....Yes!
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    Lovely pointy stabby thing!
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    Pretty sure that the djinn are basically the same as the fairy folk, though seen through a different cultural lens. Beings capable of "moral choice" like humans ....but their moral parameters may be different to ours, Their world intersects with ours but they are made of "fire", a more refined form of matter. Since they are mentioned in the Koran they are part of Islamic belief. I've often thought this is one reason science had a head start in Islamic culture. Christian texts don't mention a class of supernatural beings who are neither necessarily "good" or "evil" so contact with non angelic beings has tended to always be seen as contact with demons. (Although Emma Wilby records a case of a cunning man in the 17th century being acquitted of commerce with demons on the grounds that his commerce was with fairy folk, this acquittal aroused indignation among divines at the time) As best I understand it Islam forbids contact with djinn aa dangerous, rather than because they are necessarily evil.....apparently the ban is lifted for those who know what they are doing as in the stories about Solomon. I know that Islamic mystics, some at least, take the presence of djinn as a matter of course. Some of thoughts are really their voices, and I've seen what was thought to be film of djinn appearing as orbs of light.
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    Couldn't resist...this was posted on Facebook at same time you all started talking about ancestry...
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    Athena, Goddess of Wisdom is accompanied by an Owl. Called Bubo. Your new sphere sounds wonderful and how awesome that it was ment for you to have. I just love it when good things come to those who wait. If it was meant for you, it will not go by you! (Old Scottish saying)
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    Well, this most certainly cannot be true! We are all the most beautiful Witches ever!
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    'Quiet people have the loudest minds' -S.Hawking One of my favourites...
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    You couldn't pay me to tread such poisoned ground.
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    In my early 20’s, I was lured by a friend who was Wiccan. She was convinced I destined to join her in practice. I went to an informal party. I managed to stay about 30 min. My skin was crawling by the time I left. I don’t think I’ve ever met a group of more “artificial” people before or since. I’m sure this was representative of this particular group rather than Wiccans as a whole, however, it did lead me to associate Wicca with cringeworthy. I have since met a few great people who practice Wicca, but it’s just not for me.
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    Wytches crone, wytches fair Fire light and bodies bare Drum and rattle, spell and song Midnight shadows deep and long Stag and doe, owl and crow Summer reaps the Springtide sow From your crafting may we see Autumn's bounty soon to be.
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    Why did you think joining the Catholic Church would be a good thing? You were raised a protestant, very different from RC. Just loads more dogma and ceremony, smoke and mirrors. A witch is a witch is a witch. I know there are Catholic Witches, but why would you bother? Be a Witch with a capital W! Maybe you are meant to be a Ceremonial Witch!
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    I did a dna test recently. I was a bit suprised. I inherited less german than I thought. I inherited a lot if english dna, and through research found most my english line is from cornwall, so i have been researching cornish traditions
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    Such a beautiful things are you creating, both of you. I can do some one thing in 6 month or so, I'm lazy. I admire people who are not.
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    As per your request for photos of my wands, I just took a couple of photos for you.
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    For new comers making a cold start into any witch crafting, these traditional folk magic spell basics are adaptable to any need for anyone with a little bit of imagination. There's no need to distract ourselves by making things complicated. They just sound that way when explaining the why's & wherefores. Edit: it shouldn't need saying that these are just start-up suggestions and not mandatory. FOUR POWERS OF THE WITCH Four compass quarters, four ways of the cross roads...it just keeps repeating. Spells draw on the four ways. Mundanely speaking, to-know is having knowledge of your craft, to-will is mindful intention, to-dare requires fearless pursuit of your craft, and to-be-silent is not discussing your craft with outsiders. Insiders will soon learn the energetic force behind these witch's powers. Knowing becomes a force of the quiet air of assurance that a thing is thus/so; Will acts as a force of single-minded intention, a fire in the belly to see a thing done; Daring serves as a force of sheer guts & the chutzpah to follow your fluid inner wisdom despite nay-sayers, & Silence grounds & sustains the force of inner solitude that let's our voice of wisdom be heard. These altered states of consciousness have the power to transform thought energy into physical substance & form. It's necessary to put ourselves in the zone to cast effectively. Our intent changes but the activation method stays the same. This is just one example of a simple, all-purpose method to charge with intent: 1. Warm up by swinging your arms fore & aft 1 minute. Belly-breathe & center to light the fire in the belly. 2. Know your goal - to attract something, to repel something or to bind & hold something in place. 3. Claim your intent by speaking it in present-tense phrases like "I have x"instead of "I need"/ "I want." 4. Rub your hands together so they tingle; push the willful intent of that desire from the fire in your belly & out thru your hands & your intense gaze, & into the item used to hold the spell. Belly-breathing is inhaling to inflate the lower abdomen first & then the upper chest; then exhale fully. It wakens the brain. Centering is pulling your power into your gut. The fire in the belly is willful intent to see a goal met. - --------- - CANDLE spells suit any goal. Fire transforms & changes. Preparation: Use any candle you have on hand. Etch the purpose or target's name on the candle. Dab olive oil on your palms then roll the candle between your oiled hands as you state your intent 3 times. The oil seals your energy & intention to the candle & olive lends properties of "fruitful" success. Stand the candle in it's holder. Cup your hands around the candle & focus your intense witchy gaze on it. Push the fire in the belly into the candle to load it with your willful intent. The Spell: After prepping, light the candle and sit quietly while softly gazing at the flame for a few minutes until the flame's all that's on your mind. Then give THANKS to the Powers because the spell is already fulfilled upon the Ethers and you KNOW this with a certainty. When you know you don't have to visualize. It' feels like a hunch. This is the heart of the spell. Just let the candle burn completely while you do other things yet keep an eye on it for safety. If you can't hang around then use a 10-minute birthday cake candle standing in softened wax on a plate. You can dispose of candle stubs, if any, in the trash. A candle can serve as a poppet by using pins to mark the 3rd eye & 2 arms and legs on the sides so the candle resembles a human figure. Name the candle for the target person it represents. What is done to the poppet is done to the target. Proceed as above. Spent poppet-pins should be disposed of by "burial" by pushing them into the ground under a tree. The tree roots are links to the underworld realm. Leave a bread offering to thank the tree. If you want to stop a spell already in progress (yours or someone else's) name a candle for the spell that must be cancelled ("I name you x"), oil it & stand it upright - stuck in it's own wax - in a bowl. Add a bit of water to cover the bottom of the candle. Activate your willful intent & light up. Gaze at the flame for a minute or two knowing it's job is done & give thanks as above. When the candle burns down to water level it will be extinguished, thus bringing the unwanted spell or condition to an end. A WITCH's BOTTLE is a protection spell in which you fill a small bottle/jar with bent pins to deflect the aim of incoming bad intentions, iron nails or random rusty iron bits to disrupt psychic interference, and shiny foil bits to serve as mirrors that reflect harmful intent back to the sender. Add some strands of the resident's hair as a tag-lock that identifies the one's being protected. Add pepper & salt to repel & protect. Top off the bottle with vinegar to repel harm or urine to mark your territory. Cap it. Activate your willful intent. Option: Prepare more bottles and bury or hide one at each corner of your property & definitely 1 at the most used entrance. Bottle spells are adaptable to any purpose by changing what you put into them. A decorative "wish-bottle" would use attractive, pleasant ingredients related to your intent, and can be decorated & displayed to attract the goal. Dismantle & dispose of the contents when the deed is fulfilled. A WITCH's LADDER is a chain of knots tied in twine that might use 5 knots for wish-fulfillment, 7 knots for good luck, or 13 knots for protection or hexing. Knots are tied in twine with bundled twigs (Oak, Rowan or Thorn respectively), or feathers & hag-stones tied into the knots. To activate it swing the completed chain hypnotically like a pendulum. Lock on a witchy gaze while whispering your purpose 3 times & pushing the fire in the belly into the chain. Then hang it in a tree to aid the intention's travel through the 3 realms as tree branches reach the realm of the gods above, their trunks are in mid-earth & roots pierce the underworld. Thank the tree & let the weather naturally dismantle the chain over time. A thing is bound until the knot's undone. Dropping the whole thing as-is into flowing water will cancel the spell. A KNOT SPELL is a little different. It uses a piece of twine as long as your forearm to be tied with 9 knots. Don't pull so tightly that you cannot untie these knots. Say one line of the charm while forming a knot, then blow a breath of power through the loop, or peer through the loop at the moon just as you pull the knot closed to capture the Moon's power in the loop, or adapt to modern technology & peer thru the loop at a photo of your specific target & capture it as you pull the knot closed. Repeat the process in sequence for all 9 knots & use your witch's power of KNOWING that the goal is done. By knot one the spell's begun. By knot two it comes true. By knot three so shall it be. By knot four the power is stored. By knot five the spell's alive. By knot six the goal is fixed. By knot seven it is given. By knot eight it is fate. By knot nine it is mine! It's entirely optional to do the knot tying during an appropriate weekday to set the intention; then store the string in a safe place until the best moon phase for manifesting your goal. However to acquire your desire you untie the knots while repeating the same rhyme (one line of the charm per one knot) to release the knot's power. Then burn the untied string to transform it. You can scatter the ashes or flush them in flowing water. In the days of sailing ships Sailors were known to buy a 3-knot wind spell from wharf witches & untie a knot to release a desirable wind. A knot spell is also a binding spell & as long as the knots remain tied the intent is held in place. To bind someone rephrase the last line to "by knot nine (name, thing or deed) is confined". To hold/bind permanently you would burn the string without untying the knots. The knots cannot then be undone & are thus permanently bound. Binding is used to prevent someone from doing harm. STROKING STONES can be used to gently air-stroke across an injury drawing out pain while a healing chant is spoken, as well as be used for remote healing & influencing. Choose any water-smoothed stone for water's associations to healing. For remote workings be prepared to spend an hour rocking fore 'n aft & side-to-side as you stroke the stone while softly chanting: "Stone to stone, bone to bone, flesh to flesh, vein to vein, (name) is whole again." Keep stroking, rocking & chanting until you mentally fade out or have some other indication you've reached your maximum capacity & can stop. Any stone will hold an intent until something dislodges it. Best to not use the same stone for healing as hexing. Stones are the skeleton of Gaia & have appropriate stone & bone sympathies. Wash stones to clear them between spells & reuse them. Wishing stones have colored bands encircling them which symbolize the compass many layered meanings & are stroked for wish-fullfilment. Map stones have intersecting lines traversing their surface symbolizing Ley lines & ghost-tracks & can be stroked to aid spirit travel. Holey stones or hag stomes are protective luck-charms & peered thru for scrying. The WITCH's CORD or "measure" is used to capture the energy signature of the person whose measure is taken with a cord. Tie a knot on one end & place it at the bridge of the nose; then run the cord over the crown and down the spine to the heels and tie an ending knot. Then from the starting knot wrap the cord around the head and tie a knot to mark the length. From that knot measure around the chest and tie a knot, and from there measure around the groin and tie a knot. This captures the visionary force of the 3rd eye, the passion of heart and the regenerative "sex" force and thus the energy signature of the person. If the intended person isn't present then their essence is captured by proxy by drawing a stick figure with used incense ash or in fireplace ashes. A piece of sewing thread can be used as the cord to take the measure. Tie crown-to-heel knots, then measure lengthwise between them tieing knots at intervals relevant to 3rd eye, heart &'groin. Then wipe away the figure-ashes but you will combine them with the thread's ash when it's burned; then scatter the combined ashes on the wind. Air is as activating as fire. Note: The witch's own measure-cord is worn on their person during rituals and spell crafting to reinforce their own willful intent, and should be stored when not being used. It can be wrapped around spells-in-the-works to stand-in for the Crafter to keep a spell "cooking" while you do other things. occult theory suggests that we remain linked to active spells by threads of psychic energy. We should therefore decommission our completed spells as we dismantle them: "The time has come to end this spell. The job is done and all is well." Then dispose of the debris & recycle reusable items. Periodically Crafters should remove forgotten links with a grounding, head-to-toe wash using vinegar or salt-water. This prevents psychic energy clinging like sludge which attracts bad luck like static attracts lint in the dryer. MAGICAL LAWS (paraphrased): Doctrine of Signatures - The attributes without mirror the qualities within. Nature has left clues to the magical uses of an object through it's shape, texture, color, markings, smell & taste. Law of Contagion - Once together, always together. Whenever two things touch, they leave connecting strands of energy between them. The longer the contact, the stronger the link. Witches tap into these connections as identifying tag-locks. Law of Sympathy - In magical use, what is willed, intended, or done to the symbol or image, will also impact the material target. The symbol is as real as the thing itself. WITCHES SUPPLY CABINET When stocking your supply cabinet it simplifies things to accumulate items with a focus on protection, prosperity and power. That which protects will also cleanse and purify. That which attracts prosperity will also aid love & health. Power sustains and maintains. Basic Starter Kit Example: basil to prosper & protect (particularly during underworld descents) candles (white-all purpose; red-extra life-force power; black-protective and baneful uses) cinnamon for success, psychism; cocoa & coffee repel the evil eye; mix & use as incense dragons blood resin adds power to spells; represents blood offerings olive oil used for anointing to transfer & hold psychic charge rosemary for remembrance (make a tea to aid trance recall) salt to protect & cleanse; black peppercorn to repel; sugar to sweeten tempers vinegar as a cleanser; use to sour tempers useful found items: unique or water-smooth stones, rusty nails, shed snake skin or deer antlers, bones POPULAR MOON TIMING (optional - not everyone's a lunatic) Use the growing energy of the waxing moon for increasing & attracting purposes; the full moon for completion and maximum energy (full moon includes the day day before, day of & day after complete fullness); the diminishing waning phase for decrease & repelling purposes. If you're by the ocean you might include incoming tides to draw something towards you & out going tides to send something away. CORRESPONDENCES (influenced by ceremonial magic) - short list: Sunday (Sun) yellow, leadership, health, advice Monday (Moon) white, marriage, family, psychic endeavors Tuesday (Mars) red, conflict, legal matters Wednesday (Mercury) light blue-aqua, communication, education, divination Thursday (Jupiter) blue, finances, job, prosperity, protection Friday (Venus) green, love, allure, fertility Saturday (Saturn) black, endings, banishing THINGS THAT ARE BETWEEN There are special times, things & places that witches know can contribute to magical effectiveness. These are "between" one thing and another. They are therefore powerful in that they assist our thoughts to be "between" & thus to manifest. Bridges - cross living water and are neither this side or that side. Cacoons - contain a caterpillar changing to moth or butterfly. Cemeteries - are links between the mid-world and the underworld. Chimneys - passageways connected to the transforming hearth. Church yard - is neither within the sanctuary or detached from it, but "between" both. Circles of Stone - circles connect the three realms & contain energy Cross Roads - intersecting directions & realms, neither here nor there but between locations Doorways, thresholds - are neither in or out, not in one room or the other. Eggs - are one thing & become another thing; symbolize unmanifest potential Embankments & Shorelines - are between land and water. Ember days - between the winter solstice (or Christmas) and Epiphany Hill tops, mountains - are between land and sky. Liminal hours of dawn, noon, dusk, midnight - neither today or tomorrow, morning or night. Mirrors, reflective surfaces - show the world in reverse; the underworld is the reverse of mundane Solstices - marking the end of one and beginning of the next half of the annual cycle. Spirals - ascending or descending, they transmute energy from this to that, and are doorways. Stairs - are between one level and the other; ghosts often appear on stairs & other places between Swings - move back & forth repeating a rhythm & induce trance, as do rocking chairs. Toads - live between water and land realms & secrete a hallucinogen; have their own mystery Trance - the spirit-body can pass between worlds; the traveler isn't dead, but "living dead" Trees - unite the three realms of above, mundane and below, as does the Stang/Staff Water - transforms between solid ice/snow, liquid/rain and steam/mist; retains memory Wells, underground springs - flow between underworld & surface Land Windows - are both inside and outside at the same time & let us see other worlds Well, you get the idea. Add some ideas of your own
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    I always end up unintentionally scrying images from the popcorn-textured ceilings in my apartment. Especially when drunk or under other influences... You laugh, but it works! And the messages also have significance. I love reading tea leaves and smoke. I have a scrying mirror but I have rarely taken it out since the first night I used it. That was actually one of my first decisive steps on the path of witchcraft. It was an eerie experience and maybe I wasn't ready for it at the time. Perhaps I should revisit it soon.
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    Craft, no. Path, yes... either the information is nonexistent or this student isn't quite ready for her teacher (?) which irks me after a lifetime of being self-taught and self-reliant. So, I wait...That's my problem, atm. I wonder if it's a common one.
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    ... I suppose it depends if you think that darkness (i.e. nightime) has any relation to the dark side of the craft. Im not so sure that it does. The same way that black isnt necessarily associated with evil. (not to say that the dark side is evil, just an example!) For instance in the occult, black is seen as a sign of the feminine, the passive, the fertile. Not a negative thing... Its interesting ... like in Egyptian culture, the 'black land' was what they called the parts of egypt that were fertile, where they could live and farm on, a happy colour. The colour they associated with evil was red (colour of set, and dry sand!) Question is then, why is black (and night time darkness) associated with evil and "the dark side"? (cue darth vader music). I suppose the nature of the colour black, and the veil of darkness, perhaps holds mysteries, and things unknown. Yet that doesnt make them 'the dark side'. Does this even make sense, or am I rambling?! :Spider-1:
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    My teacher said something really cool about embracing your darkness: "That wickedness weltering around inside of you, inside of everyone, is sacred somewhere. There's a deity out there who digs it. You can respect and love your darkest side, disposing only of what is obsolete or impractical. It's all about giving yourself permission." --Jack Darkhand Also, one of my favorite Nietzsche quotes: Be careful when you cast out your demons that you don't throw away the best thing in you.
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    So much has been discussed on this thread already that I'm not sure I have much more to add on the specific points covered. But I would like to take part, so I'm going back to beginning and running with my initial thoughts. When I first purposely started in Witchcraft as a teenager, I didn't have a distintion between light and dark magic. I dabbled, poked, and experimented as I saw fit, never considering where it came from. A few years later, I got swept into a religious phase where the idea of "good is from light" and "evil is from dark" was pounded in to believers. Fast forward a few more years, and I shucked the Jesus Chains, began to question light and dark. Here is what I came up with, how I learned to recognize and embrace both dark and light: * Energy is neutral. It has no intent, wishes you neither harm or grace. * Light and dark represent opposing aspects of all nature: physical (sun/moon), emotional (hope/dispair), societal (dominant/submissive), instinctual (fight/flight), etc. * All things in nature have opposition, which creates conditions for change, thus growth or decay. Lack of change results in stagnation; a void breeds nothing. * The aspects of nature are neither good or evil. * Witchcraft is about manipulating energy for change. To effectively encourage change, we must embrace all aspects in which change occurs. * Good and evil, kindness and cruelty, love and hate -- these exist in our our intent, and our intent is what drives our will, which goes to manipulating the universal energy. Clear as mud? :wacko:
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