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    I love making wands, Driftwood signs, Drawing and Painting in all it's forms. I used to make a living doing Leathers crafting, we sold the store a long time ago. Yesterday I made a fox stamp out of an eraser. without stabbing myself too. Gardening too, I find is very satisfying and rewarding. I do miss my daily Rink walking, Rec Center is closed... But now we are walking in the Park, still cold but nice to be outside . Soon the Geese will be guarding their nest, so the Park will be booby trapped. Some unexpected ambushes will happen, be prepared to run...
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    Great topic choice! I also enjoy weightlifting, and I absolutely love swimming (it sucks that all the swimming pools and rec centers are closed right now, but what are you gonna do), because I have always been very drawn to water-- it's very stimulating and energizing yet cathartic for me. Art is my passion, and I feel very connected to my purpose in life when I am creating. I have been exploring a lot of different media in art lately, and would love to learn more about bookbinding and forging FrozenThunderbolt! Also recently got into gardening and am trying to grow my own tomatoes for starters... we'll see how that goes haha
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    Brewing, distilling, wood and bone carving, leatherwork, gardening and forging that I do all tie in nicely.
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    I suffer from a form of tinnitus as well. I have it 24/7 and I hear it throughout my day. I went to an audiologist for it, said my hearing is perfect, but yes, my tinnitus is awful. I even have pain throughout the actual ear as well. They offered me a "hearing aid" that helps with tinnitus by emitting a sound from it that would be calibrated based on the right decibel for me to help alleviate the pain/ringing. The bad part is, I cannot wear anything in my ear at all without it being excruciatingly painful. I have a big pair of headphones I wear while listening to light piano music in a "quieter" area of my home when it starts giving me headaches or making me irritable. Any sudden or elongated noises irritate it most. I also looked into alternative therapies and have come across nothing valid in regards to alleviating the pain & ringing. I hear "it might work." But...there's not even a high enough percentage of a chance it will for the money I would pay. If you were doing this on yourself, I wouldn't be as worrisome, but be careful performing new rituals on others without experience, especially avoiding any physical rituals. Smoke, anything inserted near or around the ear, etc...can make it worse.
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    Hi Jivecat! You definitely sound a lot like me, especially that feeling of dread whenever I even thought about performing a spell. Hopefully my advice will help a little (and apologies for responding so late!) 1. I spent a LOT of time meditating. It not only allowed me to become more comfortable in my own head, I was also able to practice grounding rituals, which I find to be very important in the craft 2. Every spell I’ve done I’ve written myself. Some of the rituals I’ve performed have been based on things written/suggested by others (mostly during a solstice/equinox or a moon ritual) but I adapted them into something my own 3. I read up on defensive magic, mostly to calm my own mind. Not everything I read felt right to me, so I went with my gut and only used the things that called to me. You can find a ton of helpful info on this site, along with book recommendations. 4. I can honestly say that I have been practicing regularly for over a year now and I have not once had any price or balance to pay for my spells, or had any negative ramifications come from them directly. I’m definitely precautious, but it’s nothing like I had originally expected. 5. Most of my spells have been little things! I do a protection spell (using a labradorite ring as a talisman) every morning before I leave the house. On full (and often, new) moons I perform a basic moon ritual, basically offering praise and thanks, creating moon water, etc. I’m also hoping to connect with my familiar soon, so I’ve been working on that :) Those are just a few examples, but I’ve had positive experiences with them all. I’d be happy to talk through private message if you have any more questions!
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    Are the gods real? Look in the mirror, there you'll find your god and goddess (depending if you're male and female), also since everyone has male and female energy you are your god and goddess in the person of you. We are not the main God but we are all gods. Were the gods human? Yes, the gods we read about or the most popular gods, some were humans that achieved a level of fame. Think of people like Elvis or John Lennon, they are almost deified by some people. If they were born many moons ago they would be gods. Celebrities and the like can be consider as achieving a certain level of god-like status within our culture but the ones people really remember are the gods that will be worshipped for a long long time. In Ceremonial magick it is believed that a person can become a living god while on earth. I suppose it just depends on how you look at these things. Names giving to energy? We are all energy, we all have names, so yes that is part of it. We humans like to name things, codify things if we can, so I'm sure that is part of it as well. We give things names so that we can attain it or use it again as we did before. These are just my opinions, I hope you enjoyed them.
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    I'm sure that while we all have the same common belief I believe that most of us work differently to others and it's the sharing of our own knowledge and practices that make us aware of the true forces around us, outside of our own little worlds. I would like to share what some might see as an unusual way of healing but it works for me and those that come for help. I still use my hands quite a bit (never actual touching) but I use hugs an awful lot. I don't know quite how it works but I never question it. It seems to have intensified since I've started working with ancestors, this I got from this amazing site. I always feel that I am guided in whether I should use hands or hugs and just recently I've worked with a young Lady who has breast cancer. I was guided to hug and the technique was to hold her, not very tight, and gain her complete trust. I asked her to realise that this was no ordinary hug and she should be very aware of the hug, not just put her arms around me. When she was ready I asked her to listen to her heartbeat and then her breathing. Over the next 5 minutes we syncronised our breathing so that eventually we were breathing in beautiful clean, positive, energy and blowing out all of the horrible, nasty, black, energy. Once our breathing was completely sycronised with all the right pauses in the right place something amazing happened. She appeared to disappear physically (not visually of course) and I could no longer feel her. I was enveloped in a golden light which was so peaceful. After 5 - 10 minutes I was awre that I could hear her breathing and she was back in my arms. Once I had "returned" I knew that the session had ended and very gently I let her go. She started crying which she said were tears of happiness and then she wanted to tell me of what she had just experienced. The most amazing thing was that she described to me exactly as I have descibed my own feelings/sensations that I have said on here. This was probably the most amazing experience for me and it is an experience that I want to build on. It's not all about cauldrons and dead animals, our own bodies are full of untapped energies that we haven't yet explored. As I said earlier, this may not be for everyone but it certainly works for me.
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    I think hermetic practices use initiation to set a stage to act-out the awakening that a new initiate will attain in time. A lot went into decorating the approach leading to an initiation chamber yet the chamber itself was starkly devoid of detail & blank. The pyramids are like that with the kings chamber being oddly blank, and no bodies entombed. The Spirit-elders were summoned to guard and guide the initiate through a visionary experience. Vision quests enact the same principles and I'm guessing were the foundation experiences for the elaborate staging practices that developed over history. I've witnessed ceremonies for different nuns taking both their first and final vows. The initiates literally glowed & everybody cried. I've witnessed priest's ordinations & they glowed & everybody cried. 10-foot wide auras, silvery emanations, brilliant orbs & the whole nine yards. Very moving. Self dedication is much simpler & usually consists of a pledge to conform to a path that may or may not involve specific regional spirits or Deities. I self-dedicated and it stands in memory as a milestone...not to mention the humor. Nothing went as expected yet everything went as planned by "someone". I cried. My dog was the only witness. Selling your soul to the devil as a concept doesn't seem to reflect those truly enlightening experiences so the concept and jargon probably were devised by midevil theologians, the educated elite, to discredit and rewrite the narrative spin as a means to overcome the old ways and bring in the profitable & property-owning new. Those techniques are contrived to sway the populaces' beliefs. You can observe the exact same spin process taking place daily by watching TV news. All the news affiliates are owned by 6 corporations controlling the economy. But I digress. The idea that one has to denounce the old before proclaiming the new is part of the mind-controlling MK Ultra-type of fear psy-op. Let me use an example of widowhood for instance. Who would believe they had to denounce a former lover and the shared life experiences which naturally ended as a prerequisite to loving again & marrying a new lover and walking a new life path with new parameters. You don't deny what came before. You just add on & go forward. Spiritual Illumination is often compared to marriage. Why should someone have to denounce their development and experience attained thus far to embrace a new path? Renouncing doesn't fit the awakening process, and IMO cuts it off at the neck as a means of dictating the form awakening will be allowed to take & as a result it hijacks development. Denial is a coping mechanism & not a healing mechanism. Ask anyone with post traumatic stress disorder. Our spiritual makeup doesnt do well with fragmenting. Healing, like illumination comes with integration. That's the way we're hard wired.
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    Codswollop, soul selling's an elitist psy-op maneuver to dominate the uneducated masses with fear, IMO. Just sayin' :D . The Craft is full of natural mysteries of the seen & unseen without inventing mind games.
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    Please excuse my ignorance but with the utmost respect why are you writing about God & Angels & why do you use them? Surely this is a Christian belief and nothing to do with Traditional Witchcraft? I'm very new here & please don't take offence by what I've said.
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    This just made me giggle a little bit, only because those are the only words I can use to describe the energy I feel from people as compared to sounds. So when I'm describing someone's energy to my boyfriend, I'll go "Yeah, I don't know how to explain it to you, but it's kind of like *imitates the sound of nails on a chalkboard*, kind of high frequency like that." And anyone who's energy is okay with me, it feels low with some bass to it, like a bass guitar or the low bass in a slow drum & bass track. One of these days I'm going to start beatboxing to describe people's energies. I'll pass you the mixtape sometime. :D As for the darkness within debate: once upon a time, when a witchy irl friend of mine brought to my attention that I could be a hell of an empath, I looked up information about it and read a few basic things here and there. I lost interest around several pages of 'healer, good people to be around, uplifting and white magic and blah blah'. I've never liked the idea of just working with 'light' and denying the dark, or the void. It exists, it deserves its time of day, all you do by ignoring it is hold it down like a spring. And once its off, it'll slap someone and take an eye out. I'll figure it out, but GAH, the depiction of 'good' empaths as all sunshine and refusing to give in to dark impulses... come on, sometimes I want to make sure I stick a chip on a bitch's shoulder sometime. A nice big one. When deserved.
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    I would definitely not say that dark = negative and light = positive. I have met beings of 'light' that where anything but 'positive' and beings of shadow that were neutral or even helpful or beneficial if that equals positive. For instance, many sensitive xtians or 'lightworkers' would find the energy of an actual non-Wiccan witch repulsive or 'negative'. This is simply because it does not jive with their own energy, not because that person is negative or evil or that their energy is dark. This is why I cringe when people start talking about 'high' or 'low' energy as well. We all have energy that fluctuates depending on our health or state of mind, as well as other factors. Those that speak of 'lower' energy or 'lower' planes (as in they are 'higher') are not taking these factors into account, or the fact that they feel repulsed by certain kinds of energy simply because it is so different from their own, not because it is 'negative'. Sorry for the rant, it is a peeve of mine.
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    I very much agree with what has been said already. As for what a god/goddess is/are there are so many answers to that I personally think the only truth of the divine is that there is no absolute truths. It's like the ask 10 witches and you'll get 30 answers lol. You'll have to answer that question for yourself but being able to answer that question requires doing some homework like research and putting what you research into practice. I would like to add a little to Solanaceae's advice about research. Balancing time is highly recommended I feel. The time you spend researching as well as the time you spend on particular topics that you research is important for preventing burnout or boredom. Since there are so many cultures out there past and present each with their own concept of what the divine is, it's just too easy to hinder yourself in finding a system that works for you if you're time isn't managed well. I'd also figure out how much time you wish to spend on reading vs practicing. I think it's extremely important to allow yourself time to practice what you have found interesting to see if its something that could work for you. I actually discovered very unexpected things about my spiritual practices and beliefs because I actually put to practice what I was reading. It was interesting because there were times that what I thought were perfect for me (the idea of it etc) turned out to be oh-so-wrong for me in actuality. Then once you've figured that out, I would then keep the topics on the fewer side at a time. For example- only study celtic deities/culture and perhaps only 1 or two specifics at a time...ie irish and welsh only rather than all celtic cultures/systems all at once! Otherwise You'll end up burning out on it all or misunderstanding/confusing the information. Take it in small to medium chunks and I think you'll do just fine figuring out for yourself what they are to you. Also be patient with yourself...you don't have to know for certain one way or another right now...or ever for that matter.
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    I suppose the conflicting opinions on the nature of deities isn't helped much by what I've come to realize; the divine (especially the deities I work with) don't interact with everyone they choose to have relationships with in the same way. It varies from deity to deity and from person to person. I work with a few deities on a more professional level, and we aren't going to make it a more personal relationship. Others have involved themselves so much that they might as well be another set of parents. If you find that a deity would be interested in working with you in any capacity, I recommend taking them up on their offer. If not, there's still plenty that you can do without their patronage and either way you'll come out of your search with a better understanding of the nature of those kinds of things, and I find that can be a reward in and of itself.
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    No one can really answer that for you. It is going to have to come down to your own personal feelings on the matter. That will be based on your own experiences. Everyone's experience is different. My advise on researching deities is this; don't try to learn about them all at once, that would be overwhelming to say the least. Pick one or two to start with that interest you most. Maybe you even feel called, or someone has reached out to you. Perhaps you feel a pull toward, or have connections to a specific culture or tradition. You could start there. Then, go deep. I would suggest avoiding the new age or modern ideas of deity for the most part. I am not saying none of it has value, but much of it is someones personal imaginings or experiences, and can be very misleading. Delve into the old lore and texts wherever you can, that can tell you an awful lot. For example, if you want to know about the Christian god, read the bible old and new testament, perhaps the book of Enoch and such if you want to even go deeper. If you want to know about Muhammad, start with the Quran. If you want to know about about Krishna, read the Bhagavad Gita, or Brahma, the Vedas. Those would tell you much about Hindu mythology and beliefs as well. Sacred texts would be a great resource, at least a starting point, for studies in nearly any culture, religion, pantheon or system of belief you could want to read about. Here is the link; http://www.sacred-texts.com/world.htm This may sound like a daunting task, but there really is no easy way as far as I am concerned. There is no encyclopedia that condenses all the useful info into one nice, easy to digest package. Some may think that the old texts have no place in the modern world, and the roles of the deities have changed now anyway. Perhaps there is some truth to that, but remember this; whatever anyone believes they are, they are without a doubt ancient and vast, and their roots go far and deep. They do not necessarily care that the world has changed. Who and what one thinks they are of course will vary from person to person, as you said yourself. In my experience and research it also varies from deity to deity, culture to culture, ect., further complicating things. For some cultures for whom ancestor worship is the major practice, certain ancient ancestors have no doubt become gods and goddesses. Some seem to have been something else originally, such as a nature spirit. I personally believe that some could have been powerful thought-forms, fed and maintained over many years until they become independent entities, possibly. Some were very likely human emotions, energy or natural phenomena personified. I do hope I did not just majorly complicate your search. I am sorry, but there really is no simple answer.
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    I just keep reading so much about them, and its hard to wrap myself around exactly who and what they are.
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    I used to work with a Slavic goddess in my pagan days. If you are interested in working with deities, they will offer patronage from what I understand. Some traditional witches work with deities, but from what I understand that is rare. I hope you find what you're looking for.
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    I understand. To me it seems like the Craft is more akin to the realm of feeling or art rather than more left brain subjects in that there is no absolute right or wrong but rather different interpretations of what is sensed. Esoteric knowlege also seems to evolve and change like a living thing or a relationship, maybe. It has been difficult for me, at times, to have no concrete answers. And you're welcome :)
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    Thank you for the reply. This is what makes following my path hard. There is different beliefs and followings for everyone. Makes it hard to know what is real, if that makes sense?
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    @ Namedforthemoon- Crossroads: You may be familiar with the term liminal space? If not, this is an important concept that can't be fully described in a post- you may want to research. But very basically: A liminal space is a threshold. The beach is a liminal space, dividing the sea and land. Midnight is a liminal "space", dividing days. A doorway is a liminal space, dividing what is on one side of the door from the other. TRANCE is a liminal space between consciousness and unconsciousness. Liminal spaces are a good way to bridge between the magical and the mundane, this world and the spirit world. In some ways it is a form of representational magic. I hope that makes sense. A crossroads is a crossroads- literally. Where two roads intersect. For certain special instances a "Y" type/3 way crossroads is used but usually it is simply where two roads form a cross type intersection. These are very common- but finding one good for working at is a little harder. Some areas have desolate crossroads that are not frequented and are conducive to magical workings. There is much lore associated with crossroads in particular that you can read about. But in short crossroads are a special liminal place/space that is utilized by some traditions for magical workings.
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    Great suggestions! I just have to mention that trance doesnt automatically= spirit communication. I bet it does for some, but not all. ( Just in case someone pops on this thread reading it and automatically assumes that) You are alert in varying degrees while in trance. Often your conscious mind will kind of take a break while your subconscious mind is more open to absorbing suggestions, and changes are more able to take place in that state of mind. Some people are able to completely zone out to the point of trance amnesia, but many don't go that far. You will most likely be fully aware, but open in ways that you arent normally whilst not in trance.
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    ---------- I realize this was directed at another member-but I thought this may be helpful http://www.traditionalwitch.net/forums/topic/1849-psychically-attacked/page-2?hl=shielding I personally would not START practicing these techniques with using any substance unless you really have difficulty relaxing. In which case maybe a small amount of something you are already used to like a little wine. These things have their place for sure, but I think it's difficult to explore the experience if you don't know how much is being influenced by whatever substance you are using. There are more resources on this site you may find helpful using the search function. (Tip: Always go to the main forums page before you plug in your search or else it just searches the page you are currently on.) Just some thoughts. THAT oil may be great. I don't know anything about it- maybe someone else here does. In general, you may want to use vendors and manufacturers recommended by someone you know and trust, just because there is such a vast array of crap being sold online.
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    This is only my first post aside from the intro; but I wanted to add my two cents. From my experience, at least within the realm of spirit work, fresh living blood is best. One, it serves as a sacrifice via the minor pain gone through extracting it. Two, it serves as an offering as its the giving of your own blood and life. And three, it creates a link with said spirit since it is your own blood, and still living due to it being fresh. Though offering such a thing to any 'ol spirit isn't the best of ideas, due to its ability to create such a strong link and bond. But with one whom you have developed a relationship with, or are trying to, it's a very worthwhile and powerful process. I use a stainless steel scalpel, usually on the fleshy part on the palm just under the thumb; but not too deep since there are several ligaments and nerves there in that area.
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    He had no clue whatsoever what 'darker' magic may be used for by some of us. My trade in revenge and justice magic is taking care of rapists, and such lovely individuals. Pure prejudice.
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    ---- For someone who purports to place consequences as a priority, I find it amusing that you seem to be shirking accountability for the provocative nature of your previous comments. :) Since when are pointed questions perceived as "hostile"? I've also noticed that you haven't answered any of the questions I posed in my first response. ---- It is unfortunate indeed. So why did you write a post that disrespects traditions that do not espouse the "Harm ye none" philosophy? ;) ---- ...says the person who made the first confrontational post. :rofl: If your goal was to stir the pot to get an emotional reaction, I have to admit that I'm engaging in this discussion for pure entertainment. If you're willing to actually answer the questions posed in response to your posts, then I'll take you seriously and extend a little more respect. You haven't given me a reason to do that yet. ---- I don't have any credentials, nor was I aware that I was apparently supposed to have an impressive "magical resumè" to engage in dialogue in this community. I'm just a simple country bumpkin who uses witchcraft for practical purposes. (On a side note, I just had a hilarious mental image of how some entities would act if they approached me and I squawked "You can't do that to me! I have CREDENTIALS!")
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    My tolerance is high, because I don't see them as any sort of threat due to the ideologies of their belief system. Would I choose to become very close friends with one? No. I believe adhering to the dogma that one HAS to stringently adhere to positive thinking/harm none/etc. creates a life full of denial, whether it be New Age or Xtian. The subconscious tries desperately to reintroduce some semblance of balance in these people, only to have natural and healthy responses (i.e.- standing up to someone who's negatively affecting you) squashed and passive-aggressiveness taking its place.
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    The dark is one half of the light and vice versa. Your ancestors are deceased (I'm assuming) so their memories will be more active in the dark times - night, dreams, winter, etc.) - in the spirit world - whereas things of the living are more active during the day and the growing seasons. Your ancestors have returned to the earth. Where the roots of trees and other things grow deeply and feed (in the earth - in the dark). The dead are eaten by worms whose waste becomes fertilizer, as do the dead become fertilizer... for the roots, that feed the trunk that grows out of and intersects the darkness of the earth, that branches out into the light of day.... The dead, and the living, and the threshold between... the dark, the light, and the bridge/threshold... and you must have one to have the other... You can't die if you were never alive. I work tentatively with the dark under guidance and protection of my allies. I much prefer light (after all, I'm living, lol), and there are things in the dark that one should never want to mess with (IMHO)... horrors that unrecognized can haunt the mind and the psychie until prosiac rules and all possibilities of communication and witchyness are nicely drugged out of possibility. For me, it's know WHAT (and state that without question prior to contact) you're contacting and how to politely and respectfully approach it, know where to find light in a pinch/emergency, understand that light can kill as quickly as dark and beware of how much you call upon, only approach recognizable dead (Beloved/Ancestoral), know who are my allies and be able to recognize them, know how to call them, NEVER forget to appreciate my allies and tell them so, and have someone in the wings who knows a helluva lot more than I do and can offer sound advice (even when I get annoying), lol lol lol. M
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    Yes I realize this Post is old and long, but just reading through some of our Peer's first comments still ring true today. This entire Post resonates even more as time went by and new Members added their thought processes and experiances. Again, I'm giving this a Bump, because of how much Wisdom a Witch can find, reading this in it's entirety, there is something for every Witch here. In my opinion, I'm sure others would agree with me, based on recent Posts, about Darkness in the Craft. Regards, Gypsy
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    Bumping this Post and all it's Threads to revisit due to Other Posts recently about subject matter containing Evil and Good. In my opinion, this entire Post & Threads to it, contain so much wealth of knowledge, and the Witchs who steadfastly grows from the thought processess of others. Regards, Gypsy
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    Hi Whiterose, Thank you very much for the compliments. When I was referring to counter-clockwise, I meant to say within a circle or compass. Many people feel that working counter-clockwise is more for banishing or baneful work. However, it feels just as natural to me as moving clock-wise around a circle or compass. Yeah, that one bit me in the ass big time lol. However, I was 19 and didn't have any concept of such things, let alone where I was in any given moment lol. I've become more comfortable with both halfs, however, with a healthy dose of respect added in for the more darker aspects. I think that any faith or spiritual path has its darker aspects that many are timid about approaching. In Christianity, there are the dark nights of the soul where the aspirant feels lost and hopeless. He or she must wade through these experiences to come out on the other end. You bring up a very interesting point about people running and hiding behind the skirts of previous, indoctrinated beliefs. I found this to be very prevalent when I was a Wiccan. I've never seen so many individuals in my life who were eager to play the role of the "moral police" than I did in that community. Your post gave me an aha! moment and now I'm seeing how this behavior could have been motivated by an intense fear of the darker aspects of the faith. It's funny how many of these buggers would say they were recovering Catholics or fill in the blank, but their actions and behavior would reveal otherwise. Unfortunately, it's easy to get sucked into this mode of thought. I was guilty of this myself. However, this began to dissolve slowly as I found my way onto the path of traditional craft where weren't any canonized texts or doctrines to lead the way-not that were much was when I was a Wiccan. However, I digress. There will always be a darker half to confront and integrate into one's life regardless of how light and fluffy their world may be. Ken
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    After finally changing paths, I found quickly that I had to fight dark with darker. I have not made it a secret about one person who is very strong and VERY dark. And I have found a way to control her, so I am using it. And while most bunnies would severely disapprove, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Strange that the rest of my family approaches me from the lighter side. But I would do anything for them, as they do for me. I embraced my darker side and sued it as I needed it. So, My coin is pretty equal now, with the exception of the physical challenges.
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    something else along these lines gets me wondering too - if black is supposed to be the colour of evil, darkness, death etc then why do nuns and priests etc wear almost nothing but black?? If it's supposed to be associated with the devil etc surely they'd choose another colour? I know that not all do like the pope wears white and red, cardinals are red and they throw purple in to some fathers etc as well but mostly it's black. If it was to show piety and purity surely they'd all wear white? It just bugs me about how they use a colour to define evil when they wear it themselves - does anyone know why it is?
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    What's with the vomit? Perhaps I'm misreading here (and please correct me if I am) but I'm sick to death of people, especially men who know nothing about it at all, who perpetuate the idea that menstrual blood is disgusting enough to make someone hurl. Blood, especially menstrual blood, can be a powerful tool for a witch. Women have had to fight enough over the centuries for what we've got now (which still isn't on par with the male of our species)... and it's insulting for anyone to insinuate that our natural body processes are vomit-worthy. This thread was titled appropriately enough to warn any person who can read that the topic was about blood, so get over it - and if you can't handle a discussion, at least be graceful enough to simply leave the thread and not come back to it, instead of leaving vomiting smilies behind. That totally pisses me off.
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    I don't have any problem focusing in a city! I guess because the energy of the city I'm in potentiates what I do, so to speak. I do love the country too and can focus there as well, but in a different manner. My work in the city seems more intense. As far as darkness goes, it's just as much a part of who I am as is light. As a nurse I agree 100% with Sandy's way of working on sickness. Sending light would only cause the illness to thrive. The power of darkness is what wipes it out. This is a great thread and I have more to say but right now I have to go to work, lol...
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