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    Be careful what you wish for. I remember that line from The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Belwenda... Two of my five cats are very bonded. They meow to each other, or when one can't find the other.
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    This reminded me of a song that goes..."Do what you say, say what you mean. One step leads to another"
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    My thanks to OP for this compilation - amazing work ❤️
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    Ha ha, it would be the first what I would think too.
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    A couple of mini paintings for my Grandaughter.
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    I don't get any messages, but I do get Cat visits from my deceased cats. Just a nice little reminder that their spirits are still around me. It is very comforting to me.
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    Holdasown and Lauvitra, your pieces are really beautiful! The detail and the texture are so cool. My mom had a large table loom when I was a kid and I used to love weaving on it. Sadly, I don't think she has it anymore.
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    Tablet weaving really is an ancient form of art! I don't do much tablet weaving myself; I prefer rigid loom weaving, but I've taught courses on both. The latter as a technique isn't quite as old, but many of the patterns used are the same, they've just been adapted. Most patterns have their own names and meanings, and once you look into it, it's quite easy to apply them to magical work. I don't have any pictures of my tablet woven bands, but I included some loom woven ones. The one on the left is what I'm currently working at. No magical purpose for these ones; just for fun!
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    I am She who must be obeyed! Feed Me slave!
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    That's a really cool craft! And a beautiful pattern
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    Oh Boy! UnMasked, you are one busy Witch! Your Grimoire sounds like mine, I think including Art Work is brilliant, art is like a spell in the fact that it is visualization and manifestation. sometimes I will do a little picture and think that would be perfect in my book. Art brings ideas to life. Like a sigil of sorts.
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    Last time I decorated the bedroom, I bought new lamps and added red beaded fringe around the plain lampshades. Hubby said the bedroom looked like a Whore House, I asked him how did he know?
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    Alice gets brushed each time she is fed. We call it, 'Taking a bit of fuss'. She prefers to be spoken to in a British accent, for she is a Tortie with proper English roots and her staff must comply with her very reasonable demands. She is not a Princess or a Diva, she merely 'is', and that is enough. She is not in the least bit spoiled or indulged...
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    Grow them, kill them, weep for them. Grow them again. Eat them, drink them, smoke them, wear them. Tincture them and distill their oils. Capture their Alchemal essence in a spagaric preparation. Grind their body, blood and bones to make your incense. Carve them to make the tools of your craft. Plant them to guard you home and boundaries. Visit them and leave offerings of yourself to help connect with their spirits. Sleep with them, meditate with them, lay with them and put down your roots.
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    I like to do the Sacred Rites to Hekate, This year they are on Tues May 29th, May. I have them all written out in my Grimoire. Although I will do a practice run while listening to Sorita d'Este on youtube first, just to make sure that I get the pronunciation correct.
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    What I like about it the best? My choice of toppings.
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    LOL The feline is with me on that one! His thumbs are not opposable yet he opposes everything!
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    I think your acquaintance is my neighbor. I think if I passed gas in her presence she would put a meaning to it. My tolerance is pretty high, I tend to be overly nice. I'm really selective about the people who actually "know" me so I don't waste much time with new agers, christians, or anyone who might annoy me past the point. I've met many good people (and a handful of witches) through new agers in my area, so for now they are okay in my book. I might not stand on the outskirts practicing spell (if only I could be Jevne for a day), but I do tend to play my own little tricks from time to time when I get bored or slightly annoyed.
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    I would say it is not the same to use someone else's. If I didn't bleed anymore what would I do?... I would definitely use vaginal fluid - probably after orgasm. I would use vaginal orgasim fluid, some of my regular blood mixed in, and for some reason spit. The fluid becuase it came from my womb which is still a womb with the power to create. I use orgasm fluid to mark a lot of things. My blood becuase it is mine and me and it does feed me and is a life river. My spit..... becuase it would represent the wisdom of which my years speak, the strength of my words, and the words hold the power of my menstral blood in that what I do I create; what I say is my law. It wouldn't be the same, but it would be strong. Three ingredients that represent to me strongly who I am, what I am capable of, my personal power, what I stand for, and my own personal remarkableness as linked to my generations both before and after me. M
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