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    Trust your intuition - every single time. Know that you are so much stronger than you think you are. Tread carefully. You are leaving the safety of ignorance, and entering wilder territory. Centre yourself in your own work. Follow your own star. Craft is tools and techniques. Arte is your talents. You will develop your arte by practicing the craft. Get on with the witching work. Get on with the workings. Do the practice. Maintain a log of your practice. Write it down. The way that ye fall, shall be the way that ye rise. Thou Art Witch. Own it Sister. It's yours by blood and by rite.
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    And just so you all know, I did the research & a familiar may be any animal or entity which shares a close bond with a practicioner - basically only YOU know if a particular creature is a familiar or not. Our beliefs create this world, what we "know" to be true is true only to us as individuals. There are no rules.
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    I've just had this conversation with Llyr :) We are a strange bunch, aren't we? I really suffer if I don't get alone time and that can be difficult as a working, married parent. All those people around all the time! Craft time is time for myself and I really value this community and the people I chat with on here. I would love to find a local group to be a consistent part of but I tend to dip in and out. Partly out of a need to be discreet, partly because I don't gel with some of the 'leader' types. Why is there always some grand poobah type in these groups?!
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    I might recommend https://youtube.com/c/FreyiaNorling Have been following her for a while since following a norse path. Josh
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    The best genuine traditional witchcraft channel I have ever found on YouTube is The Hoodoo Queen who goes by the name of Queen Co. She comes from an unbroken family lineage of traditional hoodoo that dates back into the 1800’s. And she is a staunch traditionalist. I love her channel.
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    ...oh man...that's rough 😶
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    On my way to see an eye dr......
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    I now have a black kitten. His name is Binx :) I got him for free from a coworker who charged everyone else $50. I also got a free carrier and a free scratching post from the coworker, lol.
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    spectropoetics, I can't believe I didn't see your response until now. You have also provided great advice 🙂 It takes years of study, I have found, before being really able to see the bigger picture to any real clarity, so having a foundation in relevant astronomy and the tradition can really be helpful. One thing that I learned from my School that has helped me a lot is this: the planets are actions (verbs), the signs are adjectives or adverbs, and the houses are areas of life. So, Sun in Virgo in 4th could be: Intelligently (Virgo) Leads (Sun) their Family (4th) This is a reflection of how astrology originates from astronomy, because the planets are actual bodies doing things in the manner that the sign "colors" them, and the houses are the parts of our "clock. I'm also going to thank you because, due to my life lately being a bit difficult, I totally lost track of the Moon phase, and then checked it while looking at your post, and it's the dark moon... going to spend the next couple of hours doing my best to meditate on what I want to create in the next month. Oy! Thanks for keeping me in line...
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    The golden tarot by Kat Black is pretty gentle and sweet, but also truthful.
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    From what I have found of my studies, whatever your mind believed shall manifest within your perception, the deities are creations of your mind. Personally I avoid worship or the use of any spirits, ancestors or deities as I take full responsibility for my own magick, the best term to use is the "higher mind" as that is what is truly answering you, it is yourself, the subconscious. Be aware that by believing in something that is not yourself, you are giving your own power, the power of your mind, away to it. Remember that magick is mind over matter as termed in science. When I began my studies into magick as a teenager, I found a mirad of beliefs to wade through in order to find the truth which lay beneath all of those beliefs & what I found was most people do not want to believe in themselves, they do not want to believe they are responsible for every last atom in their lives. You are the perciever, your reality a construct of your mind as shown in quantum physics. Every last piece of it is as fluid & malleable as a dream, you are the centre of that dream feeding it thoughts & images which then reflect through it.
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    I totally agree that we do tend to become loners, simply because we just cant deal with the ignorance and stupidity of most of the people. At first you want to inform everyone of the knowledge we find. Then you realise not to waste your breath. Some people are unteachable. Again we must be reminded of the tenents of Witch Craft. To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent.
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    Lol, such groups probably have never heard of "only basic rules to magick" & are more religious in their beliefs of what magick should be, not recognizing individual needs & methods may not be the same among practitioners yet achieve the same results. There's a fine line between magick & religion I've found & many practitioners treat their methods like a religion with no knowledge of the basic foundation.
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    I did not plan it, bat did a couple of curses. Time was right.
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    A Happy Yuletide to All
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    Yup! Each person has their own special talent to develop.
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    I hear you Spectropoetics, whenever there is something good (astrologicaly) happening, either the mountains are hiding it, or it is cloudy! I just have to accept that it is happening wether I can see it or not, and do my working anyway! I have my candles going as we speak! Getting ready to spark up a Sigil or two. Merry Yule!
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    The sky has been stubbornly overcast, I haven't been able to see the sun rise (or to observe the great conjunction 😞). I was busy with a big piece of astro-magic so I didn't observe the solstice in any special way. Just breathed, acknowledged those that didn't make it through the long night this time around, and expressed gratitude for those of us who survived.
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    It's snowing here, I'm going to get pissed! Eat Chocolates! and cast a Spell or two!
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    No doubt you hear a lot of blues at the sabbat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC1ocMfUABs
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    Grave ecstasy is a mood! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7ZpPsaMNMM
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    Truly beautiful! There is an extremely powerful love / binding spell from Izmir with Mandrake Root. It is said, that if a woman performs the Mandrake Root spell at a man, he'll go crazy for her and he'll run after her. I can post it, if anybody is interest to learn more about this spell.
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    Looking back, I believe that reading Spectres of Marx by Jacques Derrida is what led me to this path beyond just reading the Tarot without thinking about what that implied. His efforts to spiritualize Marxism are so necessary, and they're gesturing at my own synthesis of historical materialism and material-exceeding experiences, which I'm no way near done with.
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    I'm studying Deborah Houlding's The Houses: Temples of the Sky, which is quite impressive in its breadth and concision. Very useful for astrology, geomancy, and to grasp foundational Western magical concepts such as the directions. I'm rereading Aidan Wachter's Weaving Fate after my first pass this summer because I feel ready to start what he calls a "black book", a hypersigil in the form of a semi-fictional journal. The 'poetics' part of me is ridiculously enthused by the practice he describes. I'm reading Brandy Williams's The Woman Magician, whose first part is a very personal account of her experience in the big three 'lodge magic' traditions that persist today (the Golden Dawn, the O.T.O. and initiatory Wicca), as a woman. I find her epistemology interesting and it's cementing my suspicion of these (or any really) orders. Fiction wise, I've been reading Circe by Madeline Miller before bed. Highly entertaining and it's making me brush up on my Greek myths!
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    Lovely selection! Here's one song I love and I can imagine playing in this setting : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwoItIPp9s0
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    I've never been secretive about my practice. In high school, it was really cool to be working in the craft and watching Dark Shadows. I think the draw that Dark Shadows had for many people made working in the craft less threatening to Muggles. I don't think a lot of people took me seriously, which probably offered a certain amount of protection. Plus, it was the 70's, we were supposed to be entering the Age of Aquarius, and a lot of people were more concerned with Watergate. Even as I got older, I didn't feel need for secrecy. I have rarely used tools, so secret storage isn't an issue. Anyone who knows me, knows I love tarot cards. If you ask about the tattoo on my left chest, I'll show it to you, and explain the pentacle that the winged cat is wearing. I don't have the energy to hide who I am.
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    Did they scream when you pulled them out?
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    That's also a hand gesture for the Thurisaz rune. Which would make sense for the energy your feeling.
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    I totally love what is being pointed out here by RapunzelGnome: "even in the Ten Commandments, the wording is "you shall have no other gods before me" and it never denies the existence of others. He just claims to be the most powerful, the creator and the one who will judge humanity in the end. Which, as you know, I believe is bullocks. [quote name="RapunzelGnome" post="178127" Elohim was plural. The God of the Jews was actually multi faceted and not one Elohim Ahad How can plural be one? I enjoyed reading your informed reply x
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    I actually have some pretty severe fibromyalgia and joint pain and lately it's felt a thousand times better which is saying something. I have regular flare ups but recently, nothing. It's been awesome. It wasn't really a "side effect" I was expecting. My luck has been terrible. But I feel better lol.
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    I think it's about respect, as Aurelian says. I do think there is a difference between taking inspiration from a cultural practice, seeing a spell done a certain way or hearing a technique, and (having done the research on that technique) weaving it into our own Practice. However, if someone wishes to fully practice a Craft that is not from their culture, then I think they need to immerse themselves in it, do the research, speak to people who were born into that practice where possible and take their guidance, as Aurelian says learn the language if you need to, actually do the work. They need to be aware of their own place in the world and realise they may not be widely accepted because of, not just historical events, but current racism. I live in England and with the Brexit decision, the racism is hugely obvious. I constantly hear slurs against 'immigrants', and am constantly exposed to the lack of understanding that is abound about any other race or heritage but White-British. People have no idea that everyone from Britain was originally an immigrant if we go far enough back, they have no idea about the history of the language and how it's odd complexity stems from that mingling of races. I don't think it is any wonder that many Witches feel protective of their own culture, neither that they feel hostile to people who still fail to offer true equality today. We often hear that spiritual paths should be open to all and should not be kept to race - but, personally, I think this is only true if one truly commits to it. There is a big problem with white privilege and feeling this 'right' to practice whatever we want to, on whatever scale we want to, without actually thinking about it with empathy, understanding, knowledge and context. This links to Aurelian's comment about language - if you want to be part of a tradition, learn the language; there are so many traditions with important songs in their language. There is also a problem with Witches not examining their desires hard enough - do they want this connection because it feels 'other', because it's new and exciting? What is it that appeals to them? The way the practice is carried out? Does it simply feel more real to them because Witchcraft is more present and practiced in that culture without such a break in its history (or at least the history people knew about)? Is it to do with admiring a person they've seen practice it? Is it the particular Gods/Saints/Spirits worked with appealing or calling, and if its appeal then what is it about them that appeals? Is it a rejection of their own culture and a further movement away from a religion they grew up with (often Christianity) because those things have hurt them? All these questions and more need to be asked (in my opinion) before thinking about working fully in another practice. Essentially, I - as a White English woman - have no right to complain about a group of Witches or Shamans who want only those of their culture included. My culture still ostracises them and until that changes (and I have helped bring about that change rather than sitting back and letting others do it) then I have no right to infringe. In fact, it is important that those cultures do have those safe spaces to practice their own religion or Craft. There will also almost always be someone willing to teach you a practice, but you may have to move country, travel long distances, learn languages - if you're not willing to do these things then I don't think you have the right to complain you're not included. I'm not saying someone cannot be called to practice another Culture's Craft, work with their Gods or practice their religion, but I do think we need to really do the work if we want this. Similarly, I think we should be actively working to lessen racism and the ostracism of other skin colours, cultures, races etc. if we want to include ourselves in this. Some of these deep, powerful and meaningful practices were used in revolution against slavery and oppression - like Haitian Vodou - so of course it is offensive to have people making them so much less than they are. Edited to update: Bear with me, this may seem unrelated at first, but I think it's an important illustration of racism today and white privilege. In my area parents and children have a fun thing going on where they paint a picture on a stone and hide these stones in the area (around part of a London borough), then children look out for them while going about their day etc and then rehide them for someone else to find. They have a Facebook group and - as my son adores the whole thing - I am a member. To give an example of the level of racism here right now, I got up the morning after the above post and found someone had posted a stone with a picture of Golliwogs* on it. I contacted a group leader immediately and the matter was well dealt with by them, however I found out that before I joined a few weeks ago, this issue had already come up with the same and similar pictures. The group actually split because a large quantity of members felt Golliwogs and other racist pictures were not only acceptable for themselves and their children, but that by disallowing these images, it breached their rights to 'have fun'. It made me so emotional, angry and ashamed that people would do this - yes, I am aware of it already, but this was like an extra punch in the face about the racism of this country and the area I live in. I am full of disgust for it all. So, until these awful issues are dealt with, and people stop White Priviledge, I don't think a white person has the right to complain about not being allowed to 'join in' with a cultural practice that they weren't born into and often don't understand. I don't think they have the right to moan about any acceptance issues relating to themselves being accepted by other cultures. Some of the people in the Painted Stones group felt it 'ruined their fun' or was 'unfair', without considering the continued ostracising of other races and cultures, of families participating in that group, without considering how they were teaching their children racism was funny and 'their right'. The same applies to some Witches - they do not have the right to faff about with practices without consideration of those who have been and are being ostracised, be it for colour or race. They need to be using the utmost respect of other races and cultures and analysing the bejeesus out of their own white priviledge before deciding to take those steps. Sorry, if this is garbled, this situation with the stones has shocked me - in a children's group and that many saw no issue, truly horrific.
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    Sigh. The main issue with this is people thinking they have a RIGHT to other peoples practices! I've seen a lot of people get involved with other cultural traditions, and after they've read a few books they consider themselves an expert on it and proceed to tell indigenous practitioners what is what! Be respectful, be humble, or else, just stay in your lane. A lot of POC are trying to decenter whiteness right now, so don't get up in their faces and throw a fit if you aren't accepted. There are white people in the US joining the cult of Santa Muerte, as has been mentioned above. Some of them throw a fit when they go to...the temple, the church? I'm not sure of the exact terminology, but some of them throw a fit when it's all in Spanish and they can't understand what is being said, and whine and moan and ask for it to be said in English. How about they learn Spanish and stop trying to colonize a tradition that has existed for hundreds of years? THEY need to do the work to enable them to work this belief system. Adapt instead of acting a fool. My 2 cents, anyway.
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    As much as I do enjoy chatting with folks here about the craft and spiritual things, I've found that the same doesn't really apply out in the great wide world. There is an excellent witchery shop near where I live where I can count on meeting like-minded people at, and the proprietors even host late-evening meet-ups for discussion about topics that are right up my alley, but bringing my ways and beliefs out in that kind of way is jarring to me. It makes me feel exposed and uncomfortable, and even if the company is welcoming and likely trustworthy, it just sets my hair on edge. Rarely, I feel tingles of loneliness along my path, and at those times it's usually enough to just get involved in an online discussion about this or that to feel like I do have a community. The thought of a tight-knit coven, some brotherhood-sisterhood of love, trust, and power, is very appealing to me...in theory. In reality, I know well of the transitory nature of all things, and I'd want to take no part in the inevitable dissolution or fallout of a group I would have been so emotionally and magically invested in.
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    When I was learning, I set stiff parameters. I worked only with my spirit guide or those OKd by him later on, and designated a weekday and segment of time for spirit contact. And we stuck to it faithfully. A pact. Thursdays are an occult energy compatible weekday. Thie strict adherance to agreed upon rules was advised by the medium I learned from. I've found that some protections that work for others weren't within my scope of ability, as I'm a light-weight when it comes to Other Realms. What I had lots of was sheer, bloody-minded stubborn attitude; an inner, animal-level, territorial "this is my space" attitude. I have my own life to live. I don't mess around where I don't belong. Always close the doors that you've opened, and break contact when done. Be very clear on that during the learning stages. And don't ignore little things like asking for spiritual grace, lighting a blessed, white candle and setting out a glass of water to absorb negativity (dump it down a drain afterwards.). Working with ancestors is much the same, and ancestor shrines are good links for making contacts. It helps to have mementos owned by them, and psychometry with heirlooms can be useful. Just take it all with caution until you find a means to verify data. Using automatic writing during the designated times can help open spirit contact. Reserving a deck of Tarot cards strictly for spirit communications is another idea. Personally I suck at Tarot, but it works for lots of other folks. I was learning trance/direct voice contact. I heard voices and saw ghosts at age 4. I just didn't know what it was until 17. Then it took me 2 years to get a spirit voice link, and 3 more years to get functional. I was not one of those that could fall into a babbling trance on a ouija board. In college, I was part of a learning circle of anywhere from 5 to 9 members, depending on work and class schedules. It was work, but it was fun too. Creating a Place of Power, a fancy name for a safe place in the astral, can help too. Take as long as needed to mentally construct a place in the imagination that is comfortable and natural. Whatever is your personal spot to retreat to for reverent thought. Go there in every meditation as the starting place and return-to place. Use it for all spirit contacts. Save working with the Fae until you have established a reliable relationship with your spirit guide, whatever form this may take. The Fae have their own rules and for very good reasons, known to them. I won't pretend to know anything about it either. I'm open if they contact me, if they should wish it, & not the other way 'round. Fae are not darling little pets-like beings. They are a fierce race that has survived, and they don't take being trivialized well. They can be incredibly kind
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    ^^ Hahaha oh, but a loony path would be a good description as well... :-D
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    I'm the most comfortable being alone .. well, with my 4 cats. I don't even have any close friends or relatives, ... I just can't deal with that, all that energy from other people. And I am certainly not searching for the covens. Sure, I feel lonely sometimes, but not to the point of actualy actively looking for a company. Just yesterday, I was driving through my neighbourghood and I saw a house that have certain "witchy" stuff around the house and yard. So, I was thinking, hmmm, I wonder if a witch lives there and wouldn't it be nice to come together sometime and chat. Well, 10 seconds later, I thought, oh, no, no way. I prefer my life just the way it is. I have you guys ;-)
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    Yea, everything you all have said. I thrive in solitude and also enjoy kibitzing with like spirits. If there is a non-conformist gene that is attached to the witch gene, I got it. It's ingrained. Ive been in a group and we were a pretty mixed but bonded set. Then life happens and people move away, get other priorities, yadda yadda. A group both takes energy and gives energy. Yet, I need solitude like breathing.
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    Id like to explain something about Christianity that a lot of people don't understand about Christian worship (even practicing Christians don't often have a grasp on this). I know people get kinda hinky about Christianity (and rightfully so) but when talking about diety, it's useful to have several perspectives on the accepted worship of deities to know how cultures over the years interacted with diety. Orthodox Christian practices were based on Jewish practices which bear many similarities to the Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, Sumerian practices that the Jews would have been familiar with. I'd love to hear also from the people that have a good understanding of how other pagan religions viewed worship because there are many similarities and differences and I believe that somewhere in those common threads is a good place to understand how to work with deity (and when to leave them alone). So here goes nothing, a quick primer on Christian Spirituality from the Witch's perspective, by a former pastor: ----- Most flavors of Christian theology teaches that God doesn't "need" humans to worship him but that humans are formed and shaped by their worship of Him. Since the goal of Christians is to have the Holy Spirit "within them." Whether that comes from the sacrament of baptism, or sanctification, or intaking him through Christ's presence in the Eucharist varies across the denominations, but the end goal is always the same: to have the presence of God within you, changing you to be more like Him so that you can enjoy unity with others in the body of Christ (the Church) and with God himself in heaven for eternity. So while many people may talk about the end goal being "getting to heaven" the New Testament really puts emphasis on joining with God (often referred to as being a part of the Kingdom of God) by his incarnation within the person themselves, granting them eternal life or consciousness or unity with God. When you look at it like that, it isn't too far off from the concepts of many eastern and shamanic religions, but where they differ is the orthodoxy, so I'll explain that. The Torah and the rest of the Old Testament are pretty clear about one thing: this God (referred to by many names) that claims to be the creator and judge and master of all things cannot stand sin. This is where it gets dicey...does he hate sin? Is he just a pompous asshole that created a sinful race of humans only to spend eternity telling them they aren't good enough. Theologians generally agree that this isn't the case, that the Jewish and Christiam God cannot stand sin because he IS the essence of good. That he literally can't exist where sin exists, because He is the opposite of sin as pure light and pure darkness can't exist in the same space. He was supposedly so glorious and righteous that in his presence anything corrupted by sin would be destroyed. So if a sinful human wishes to have communion with God (which the bible teaches is the only way to eternal life), he must first cleanse himself of sin, or he would die in the presence of God. This is the reason behind the importance of Jewish purification rites, and why no one but the high preist was allowed to enter "The Holiest of Holies," the place at the heart of the Temple where God was present. It is there that the priest would go and make sacrifices and supplications on behalf of the people. This is remarkably similar to ancient Eypgtian practices where deep inside the temple was a place that only the Pharaoh (or a preist named to go in his stead) would go and meet the God of that temple to plead on behalf of his people. No surprise there, because remember that Moses (who gave the Law of God to the Jews) grew up in Egypt in the Pharoah's own household. So that explains offerings and purification rites, which we see in many world religions that approach Dieties. But what about worship? How do gods stand to benefit from worship other than inflating their egos? Again it returns to the Christian desiring a full communion with God. The Jewish prophet Daniel (the one with the lions) was given a vision of his God on the throne of Heavem and he described that heaven is literally a place of constant and eternal worship. There were creatures and beasts who were created for the single purpose of worshipping God without ceasing, creating a sacred space for the God to dwell. You'll often hear Christians quote "The Lord is present in the praises of His people" because they believe that there is something in the act of worshipping the God that creates a sacred space for the God to dwell in. Hence why church services are full of worship in song and prayers and thanksgivings and offerings. Its more than just an invocation that we might make to invite a spirit to join us in the physical realm, but something about filling the space with worship and offerings allows the God to dwell there. Much in the same way we use herbs and incense to consecrate a space to make it inviting and comfortable for a spirit's presence, they use incense and worship to make their God comfortable. So Christians worship God not because they beleieve he needs it, but because they desire his presence among them. To take it a step deeper, all facets of the religion are in hopes that they can create a sacred space within themselves for the God to dwell. They achieve this by purifying themselves of sin (becoming "sanctified" through various rituals and prayers of surrender) and worshipping in all things. They are essentially Invoking a possession by the Spirit of their God, but of course, most of them don't see it that way. Because their God has made it forbidden for them to make contact or relationship with any spirit or God beside him, they are ignorant of anything that vaguely resembles spiritualism or witchcraft and unable to see the similarities. Which would be a smart decree to make if you were a deity that wanted the sole devotion and worship of your people. You may be asking where Christ comes into all this and the answer is simple. Where the priest once had to sacrifice an animal to atone for the sins of the people, Christ was the final sacrifice that would enable all people to commune with God through himself and his gift of the Holy Spirit. He claimed that God had sent him as the sacrificial lamb to release the people from the law which stated only priests could enter the Holy of Holies. Christ is the great high priest that stands before the throne of God and pleads on behalf of all people (which can get confusing if you consider that through the trinity, God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit are all one in the same, but I won't get in to that). The theology behind this atonement can get complicated but what you really need to know is that again, his crucifixion and the devouring of his flesh and blood in the Eucharist are simply continuations of the Jewish rituals of purification, atonement and invocation of the God's presence, but instead of a priest, the presence was now made accessible to anyone (Jew or Gentile) through Christ. ---- Woof. Okay, sooo... This is one religion's answer to working with a deity that was very clear about a few things: that His followers must be pure (or made pure by atonement and purification) and they must worship no other Gods. And in return he made MANY promises to them. The reason I am no longer a Christian is simply because I beleieve that God is a liar, about many things, and uses fear and threat of judgement and promises of miracles to manipulate the powers of the world (something that I believe he feeds off of). I do not believe he is the creator or the great judge, or the only way to eternal consciousness. However, what we do have here is an interesting case study of a deity's relationship with his followers. We have the benefit of it being well documented for centuries where many other religious traditions are lost to us. We have the benefit of seeing that this God was very clear to his followers on how he wished to interact with him, and what he needed from them for full communion. We see a God whose demands and expectations change over time as his people changed and as history progressed. We see him making allowances and sacrifices to bring himself more followers and to allow for more people to come to know him. I believe this can be valuable, not for knowing how to approach this God (because I wouldn't recommend it unles you are ready to commit to his rules), but for understanding the symbiotic relationship between a deity and their people. A lot of Christian worshippers (in the US especially) don't have a very good grasp of the full narrative of the bible, or the complex relationship of the God to his people. In the last century, Church attendance became more a mandatory social norm than a show of devotion, and I believe this opened the door for a lot of other entities to attach themselves to local congregations. The church I ministered to for most of my life had a very strong attachment to their building and land, and I believe that the spirits of the land, along with ancestral spirits of the original builders/founders, and spirits created by what the congregations truly worshipped in their hearts over the generations are the entities that actually inhabit that sacred space and respond to the prayers and worship of the church. Those spirits are more than willing to take the guise of Christ and God when needed. And maybe that's okay? Besides the fact that it's blatant manipulation on the part of the spirits. Once I learned how to interact with them (and they realized I wasn't going to expose them for what they are) a working relationship developed. They are protective of their people and the people are protective of the land. It's...fascinating to watch really. The problems occur when the people hurt others "in the name of God" but that's a whole different can of worms...I think the Catholic Church of the dark ages was absolutely controlled by malevolent, vengeful spirits and tricksters that fed off the power of the church and used its leaders as willing pawns. But I'll leave that for another day. I hope this incredibly long-winded post offers some perspective to someone. And I hope it clears up a lot of the misinformation that floats around about Christian worship and its heritage.
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    I'm still pretty much a newb, but if I could go back a year or so, I would tell myself: Don't feel like you've got to spend so much money on tools and herbs and crystals and books right off the bat. You won't even know what to do with that stuff yet and while owning it might make you feel more "witchy," you should really be finding the witch inside first (and saving yo gottdern money, fool!) Instead, use a small number of select herbs and start building a strong relationship with them first. Use the heaping loads of lavender you already have and get to know the spirit of the herb intimately. Don't let your mint and rosemary plants die when winter comes, but get intimately acquainted with their needs and life rhythms. Connect with them. If you need to buy something, get enough mugwort that you can use it liberally and get to know Mugwort...she will teach you so much more than any book. She's been teaching witches and healers and shamans across the continents since the beginning. Don't just buy a "starter kit" of herbs that gives you half an ounce of thirty different herbs. That money is better spent on larger quantities of a few herbs that you can invest some time into. That lesson is going to be pretty much universal on the path....invest time and patience into every step you take before skipping off to the next thing. You've got a lifetime to master this stuff, so build a solid foundation first instead of spreading yourself thin across a wide range of subjects. What you will learn from working intimately with the spirits of these few herbs will equip you for what you will want to do later. Don't let yourself get too distracted with crappy internet spells for things you probably don't need to change in the first place, just because you want to "feel" yourself doing spellwork. Working with the herbs IS spellwork, so don't put it off. The goosebumps and feelings will come with time. Instead of scrolling through Pinterest for hours, use that time to for your inner world, meditation and energy work. I know it doesn't SEEM like it's all that much more magical than the mediation you've been doing for years, but that's because you've only scratched the surface of what meditation can actually do. Study up. Listen to people that know more than you. Then go deeper. Now listen here, you: Don't get so wrapped up in other people's problems that you ignore your own. I know...this one is hard, cuz it's way easier to push your depressing and shitty issues aside right now. But a year from now when you are wondering why you haven't made any progress in your big life situations, it will become pretty clear where you put most of your energy and you don't have much to show for it. Be consistent in working with your ancestors and your house/land spirits. They respond quickly and with kindness and it encourages you. And they will teach you as soon as you figure out how to listen. The tools that you need and will use the most are the ones that are given to you...by the land, by your ancestors, etc. The ones you don't go searching for, they just show up when you need them, on sale at the thrift shop, or laying in park, or propped up next to your favorite tree. Long story short...be patient. Be open. Be deep.
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    "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost. The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not touched by the frost..." From Tolkien ... One of my favourite quotes. M
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    Dear younger me, My advice would be to forget the books. They are helpful, but the way you are, you learn so much faster by being out there doing it. Everything I have read so far you have already figured out, its just validation and deeper thought at this point. Dont shut yourself in your room, closing out the world because you are an angry teenager. The whole point of this path is to connect to the world and learn how to manipulate the fabric of this world for your benefit. No matter what the books say, you wont figure that out shut up in your room with candles. You wont find "mister right", right off the bat so just have fun and work on you and its not worth the tears to take everything so seriously. Also, teenagers have no idea about how the world works, let alone how to manipulate it for their benefit, they are all just as clueless as you are so don't follow anyone. Beware: predators are everywhere. They have exploited every niche, even witchcraft. Dont fear. That thing you are most of afraid of feeds on it. She will go away once you overcome your fear. You wont be alone in this. Listen to that voice. You are not schizo. That voice has saved your life many times, some you are not even aware of. You are unique. Many others can not, and will not understand you. This is a good thing. It allows you to be free. You will go through times of unbalance, of being too light and good and too dark and nasty. Balance yourself or you will become very ill and vulnerable to things unseen. You can do nothing effective on this path if you are not balanced. Follow the sign posts and your internal GPS. They are there for a reason. Stop being so damn stubborn. Because you are, you will ignore all of this. Even though the voice has told you all of this already.
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    Stop looking for that teacher, you have always, always had them and found them when you needed to.
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