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  • Welcome to our "Non-Wiccan" Community!


    This forum is for those educated in one or more craft traditions, and is not an appropriate forum for those totally new to witchcraft. Go forth to seriously read and learn before applying for membership.

    This site is intended for a more mature audience of 18 years or older (21 in some states).
    If you are underage or offended by strong language, tough debates and hot banter, please leave now.


    We both collided with each other online in 2006 and since that day remained the very best of friends.  We decided to do something for the Traditional Witches out there so please note this is a site purely for Traditionals. If you are looking for "New Age" Wiccan/Gardnerian 'Traditional' Witchcraft then we are sorry but you are not welcome to join.
    If you are already a Traditional Witch (practising the Old Craft before Wicca) or you are on a different Traditional path, which embraces working with a variety of energies, and wish to mingle with like minded folk, then please stay a while and browse around and feel free to join.

    Our forum is absolutely packed with some very interesting debates, discussions and opinions amongst our ever growing members.
    There are not many sites purely dedicated to Traditional Witchcraft as Wiccan sites have really taken over the internet. Although Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft are a similar path, they are actually entirely different in the way of working and beliefs, hence this is NOT a Wiccan site.  Unfortunately, on many Wiccan sites a Traditional's point of view tends to create an odd atmosphere and we end up feeling like outcasts.

    All Traditionalists who work open mindedly and can embrace the dark as well as the light are welcome here! This site is intended to be a portal for information and interactivity with other Traditional Witches and other Traditional Crafts.  You can have your say and post here as much as you like without fearing your beliefs will cause any biased comebacks by others on an alternative path.  

    Most of the main articles and information will be based on our own thoughts and beliefs and what works for us but you are more than welcome to submit your own articles too.  Please note that some of the Festival and Ritual information gathered in the main menu are not followed by all Traditional Witches but they have been provided as an information or reference resource.
    In our experience we have found that many Traditional Witches' beliefs and ways of working can vary considerably, so we ask that you do respect ours and others personal opinions and views, as you too are more than welcome to also share your own Traditional beliefs and ways of doing things

    This site is a COMMUNITY site and filled with non-wiccans, worldwide.  If you are looking for purely intellectual sparse nitty-gritty conversation, then you won't enjoy it here. We  have a very laid back and friendly forum, which is exactly what we aimed for and will continue to promote. 

    Once again, welcome, and we look forward to getting to know you.

    Sandy and Brian
    Your Traditionalwitch.net Hosts


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    • You are the Queen of Wands Onyx😄
    • Looking back now... I first looked up witchcraft on a school computer when I was twelve. This was because I was already doing "magick" without even realising & I thought, surely not, it's all in my head... I spent nights even younger pretending I was practicing spells in my grandfather's backgarden burner as a child (yes, they would leave me to play with the fire alone. They were old fashioned & just said "be careful you don't burn yourself.")  You can imagine what I found... Wiccan sites. I found mention of worshipping a god & goddess, read all the rules, etc & immediately thought "right, fuck this" & logged off. I was dead set against any religion at the time & I wasn't even sure what I was looking for.    I'm not annoyed, just looking back with amusement at myself. I didn't look up witchcraft again for another 5-6 years & it wasn't until after that I discovered this forum & traditional witchcraft. I knew I was making things happen through will, but the how's, why's, etc were all hidden.    I was like "Finally! Somewhere that makes sense! Yay! I can be normal me & not worship or follow silly rules!"    Must say, I much preferred reading through the introductions & messages here. I spent a good while perusing this site with the search engine pulling up results & ogling at all the new information.    Was anyone else here slowed / distracted down by the Wiccan cult?  Thank lord TW & other so-called "dark practices" have gained popularity. I'd hate to think of the witches that could have missed out otherwise. 
    • Additionally I ditched most old traditional magickal working methods. Why? Because they are outdated & irrelevant now unless you believe in them. Things such as planetary hours, etc, never improved my workings, in fact, they hindered them. I do not believe physical aspects have much influence on my work, so days, hours, planetary alignment etc, are all irrelevant to me.    Unless you are working with a specific spirit or diety who specifically requests you use a certain planetary hour, they really are, for spell work, fucking pointless to me. 
    • You know, I heard that "love" is in fact source energy... 😏 So I predicted that our paths are "cough, cough" predestined with the things we shall "love" - the source energy in us activates from interacting with them.  Let me tell you, I have changed (evolved is a better word) A LOT since I first joined here. I was a teenager then & I'm 28 now. This forum is the only forum I am comfortable with.  One of the most important things I have learnt is that because our lives seem predestined, we have to be very careful to listen to ourselves intuitively. The magick is source energy which only flows through us freely when we are feeling love (AKA huge source energy activation) & in a state of higher consciousness - that means no lower "vibrations" as some refer to it.  Us, as witches, are conscious of what we can do. However, acting on typical human logic systems & ideology does not seem to work very well for us. 😉😏 That's because those very human aspects may help us to fit in with the muggles, but simply by being witches we are technically more evolved consciously & we cannot restrict ourselves to muggle perspective, outlook & behaviours. That's why people often treat us differently, they know subconsciously we are different & they simply cannot understand it. They just can't pinpoint why because it's our vibration.  Imagine trying to explain to a dog how it feels to be a wolf?  Witches seem predestined to follow the source energy... We were all activated by various circumstances, as what happens to shamans & other people in various cultures.    When we do not act as we are called to & we follow typical human patterns... Well we end up with unhappy witches, the source loses out on spiritual workers, the magick in the human world dims, etc, etc.    Seems witches are the ones who are more human guardians here on earth than anything tbh, we are also altering human consciousness & behaviour around us. Because we can maintain source energy consciously, we are able to alter the energy states around us very well for at least 50ft... Has anyone ever noticed this side effect of being a witch? Because I have. 
    • Eldrich is a name I would use
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