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Welcome to our "Non-Wiccan" Community!


This site is intended for a more mature audience of 18 years or older (21 in some states).
If you are underage or offended by strong language, tough debates and hot banter, please leave now.

We both collided with each other online about 7 years ago and since that day remained the very best of friends.  We decided to do something for the Traditional Witches out there so please note this is a site purely for Traditionals. If you are looking for "New Age" Wiccan/Gardnerian 'Traditional' Witchcraft then we are sorry but you are not welcome to join.
If you are already a Traditional Witch (practising the Old Craft before Wicca) or you are on a different Traditional path, which embraces working with a variety of energies, and wish to mingle with like minded folk, then please stay a while and browse around and feel free to join.

Our forum is absolutely packed with some very interesting debates, discussions and opinions amongst our ever growing members.
There are not many sites purely dedicated to Traditional Witchcraft as Wiccan sites have really taken over the internet. Although Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft are a similar path, they are actually entirely different in the way of working and beliefs, hence this is NOT a Wiccan site.  Unfortunately, on many Wiccan sites a Traditional's point of view tends to create an odd atmosphere and we end up feeling like outcasts.

All Traditionalists who work open mindedly and can embrace the dark as well as the light are welcome here! This site is intended to be a portal for information and interactivity with other Traditional Witches and other Traditional Crafts.  You can have your say and post here as much as you like without fearing your beliefs will cause any biased comebacks by others on an alternative path.  

Most of the main articles and information will be based on our own thoughts and beliefs and what works for us but you are more than welcome to submit your own articles too.  Please note that some of the Festival and Ritual information gathered in the main menu are not followed by all Traditional Witches but they have been provided as an information or reference resource.
In our experience we have found that many Traditional Witches' beliefs and ways of working can vary considerably, so we ask that you do respect ours and others personal opinions and views, as you too are more than welcome to also share your own Traditional beliefs and ways of doing things

This site is a COMMUNITY site and filled with non-wiccans, worldwide.  If you are looking for purely intellectual sparse nitty-gritty conversation, then you won't enjoy it here. We  have a very laid back and friendly forum, which is exactly what we aimed for and will continue to promote. 

Once again, welcome, and we look forward to getting to know you.

Sandy and Brian
Your Traditionalwitch.net Hosts


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The retrieving and cleaning of bones from roadkill

Oct 05 2011 07:23 PM | Mountain Witch in Miscellaneous

From our own Honeythorn:

1. Before you start

What body parts are you looking to retrieve from the animal?

You need to ask yourself this question before you collect it. No good scraping up anything flat, it will be of no use to you. Skull shattered? did you want the skull? If not, what else can you collect from the animal?

How long do you estimate it to have been there?

If you only want bones, this doesn't really matter. But if you want skin/fur/paws/tails/wings/feet/whole heads , then you must not try to preserve anything over a day dead. It will have begun to decay and the smell will linger even after drying. The fresher the better

2 - Scrape it up.

For those of you who are able to drive, I would reccomend that you keep plastic sheeting in your car.

For those like myself, who are not able to drive, I personally always keep a few plastic grocery bags in every handbag I use on a regular basis , and also my workbag. You simply never know when you'll find something dead, and thus you will always have a bag or two handy.

Disposable gloves may be needed in the case of larger animals.

To pick up a small-ish body - It's exactly like scooping a dogshit. Put your hand in the grocery bag ( turn the bag inside out and make sure it has no holes or rips ) , pick up the body, and turn the bag the right way. This way you can retrieve the body quickly and cleanly, without touching it barehanded.

For larger animals - This will require the plastic sheeting and gloves . The best way would be to roll the animal onto the first third of the sheet, and then roll it up in the plastic before hoisting it into your car.

Things to watch out for

Bodily fluids and excreta - Blood, guts and shit basically. Make sure your plastic bag or sheet has no holes or rips !!! The body may be gassy or bloated depending on how decayed it is. Bloated bodies have been known to explode when moved, you are forewarned !

Smells - This will depend on how long the body has been there, and the level of stench in older bodies will be affected by heat and cold. The hotter it is, the smellier it will be.

Traffic - If the thing is in the middle of a busy road, LEAVE IT THERE. No matter how desirable it may be, no dead animal is worth getting mowed down for, and you may be arrested for obstructing traffic and distracting drivers. If you really must have the thing, return in the small hours of the night, when roads are quieter and usually safer, and retrieve the body as quickly and safely as you are able. Be aware that it's condition may be worse than when you first saw it, as people may have driven over it even more during the elapsed time.

Police officers - To my knowledge it's not illegal to pick up roadkill. It saves the local road cleaners a job if nothing else. But if you are unsure, check with your local authorities beforehand. They will probably think you are insane.

3. Interrment

Burial - I have an area of my garden where I bury my bodies, those with limited or no garden space should find buckets or large plastic storage tubs ( the deep lidded sort you put old crap in and stick in the attic ) to be a cheap and easy option. I dig a hole about 8-10 inches deep. For a bucket, put it close to the bottom about 1/3 of the way from the base.

Soil . The type of soil you have may affect the speed of decay. Very sandy/salty coastal soil or boggy peat rich soil, may slow down the decay of the body. Human bodies have been found on/near beaches and peat bogs, effectively preserved by the type of earth they are buried in ( some are over 2000 years old, such as the Lindow bodies ) If you have such an unsuitable soil, then buy yourself a cheap bag of potting soil or compost to put in your buckets.

Additions and helpers - Got...

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The Fae Trees of Britain

Aug 10 2011 03:55 PM | Tana in Perspectives

Written by 8people

In british tree lore the Rowan, Hawthorn and Elder are considered a trinity of trees associated with faeries. This is largely because of the white blossoms - though the Hawthorn native to england has pink edges to the blos...

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Stonehenge - some notes on the development and...

Jul 11 2011 10:00 AM | Tana in Member Articles

“So the physical existence of humans, the way they made tools and their subsistence activities, is within the realms of explanation... It’s the mental life of humans, their belief systems and the way they see the world that provide the difficulty.” (Je...

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Magickal Uses of Woods

Jun 16 2011 08:45 PM | Tana in Traditions

Magickal Uses of Woods

Taken from the ancient Celtic tree alphabet.

Individual trees of particular species have been revered, the kind varying with the divine force represented. The symbolism of the woods are very important in...

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Reading Tea Leaves by McDee

Aug 11 2010 01:30 PM | Tana in Miscellaneous

A quick tutorial for those who are interested

1. Make a pot of tea using loose leaf tea (or cut open a tea bag) about 1 table spoon of loose leaf tea should do

2. Pour tea from pot into a normal sized cup and give it to person...

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Traditional Witchcraft

Mar 12 2010 12:00 AM | TheOn3LeftBehind in Thoughts

In the article, I will frequently use the word "some" because of the vast amount of traditions out there of Traditional Witchcraft.

What is Traditional Witchcraft? Traditional Witchcraft is not Wicca; Traditional Witchcraft is Traditional...

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Dream States

Mar 11 2010 02:17 PM | mcdee2005 in Perspectives

The Simple Answer is No

There are many different dream states that you may find yourself in throughout your life i have listed some of the dream states Below.


They are created by ourselves as the...

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The Children of Lir

Mar 11 2010 11:59 PM | Tana in Traditions

From: www.chalicecentre.net

Out of the world's thread, fates' fingers spinning. Some lives are shot with gold, others with shadow. This is a tale of enchantment and exile, of four lives woven together by white swan's feather, storm and ice...

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A Typical Day's Torture for a Witch

Mar 11 2010 05:30 PM | AnjelWolf in History

Verbatim report of the first days of torture of a woman accused of witchcraft at Prossneck, Germany, in 1629.

1. The hangman bound the hands, cut her hair, and placed her on the ladder. He threw alcohol over her head and set fire to it so...

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Satanism and Witchcraft

Feb 20 2010 02:47 AM | arabi in Traditions

The info I'm sharing is coming from my personal grimoire as well as the Satanic Bible. A few other thoughts from other Satanists have been thrown into the mix; which I'll point out and quote. You may find alot of similarities between Trad Craft and Sat...

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