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  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Yes I am my family is a in the craft and has been for several generations. Though we are more native American in our approach. My grandmother taught me healing herbs and piosonous plants from a very early age. We have had several seers and I remember doing simple spells from a very young age. No one told me it was witch craft for years and we went to church every Sunday .
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I looked at Wicca but the idea of alters and casting circles isn't what I believe works. I am very native American in a lot of my beliefs this is after all a large part of my heritage. I would say being a traditional witch is what I was brought up with.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes I have worked with healing energy and herbs and plants. I have also used witchcraft to remove threats from my life like an old collage room mate who decided to go home after the lights in our room would start turning off and on without explanation.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    It means a freedom to be who I am . I can use energy or plants to help me in this life. I can be many things and be a witch too I don't usually tell others I'm a witch why should I. My DH knows and he's fine with it since I go to church with the family.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I'm not sure most of my life I guess though we didn't call it that. I thought everyone learned the things we did I have three sisters. We were encouraged to practice small spells and use the natural world for things in them.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was looking for an alternative to the Wicca sites I keep finding. They just dont work for me I googled witch forum and. Looked through what came up yours seems to be the best fit.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I'm looking for others who can help with some energy issues I'm having. I will try to contribute to discussions with intelligent answers and I have a lot of native American back ground if it's of interest. I do not claim in anyway to know more than others I just know my own experiences and how they have worked.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes I unfortunatly belong to Wiccan wisdom. I no longer post there.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Healing and herbs and plants.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Spells and the things I have never used or learned
  1. Our fall lasts maybe two weeks, right now we are still lingering in umber weather yay but soon very very soon it will start to freeze and once that happens snow is nipping at our heels. I love elder berries I gather them from the wild because they are all over the place here I love natures bounty. I make a really great apple juice and elder berry jelly my grandmother gave me its delicious. I don't remember it right off the top of my head but it was very simple I will post it when I find it. 2 quarts elderberry juice ( I just boil and strain through a pillow case) 2 quarts apple juice ( store bought works I use crab apple) 1 cup sugar Then use a thermometer and boil down to the correct temperature or until it passes the spoon test. Jar I as usual
  2. Today I was reading online and boy is there a ton of crap out there but occasionally I find something great. Today I found an herbal ( I love herbals) when I noticed a link to something called cheyenne medicine man it perked my interest so I clicked on it expecting the usual crap written by someone that knew zilch. I was pleasantly surprised though when I discovered they first discussed that medicine men ad wemon must have 40 years of training to be an official medicine man or woman. Then they talked about how we have to have not only training in ceremonies and herbs but all so almost a medical degree of knowledge human anatomy and biology. All that was very interesting and accurate but then it went on to talk about how they choose the children for this path. This really quipped my interest because I had always wondered how my grandmother chose me. After all I have four sisters and an army of cousins many that look more (traditionally) native than I do. I inhearited my half danish fathers familys lighter hair i was always wishing for the blue black hair my mom and grandmother had .I'm not the oldest or the youngest and as children we all played with magic so that wasn't it. I did see and hear spirits from a very young age but I know I never old anyone that so that couldn't have been it As you can tell this was a question I asked myself all the time less in the recent past but I still pondered it from time to time. What this artical said was that they picked children that where more helpful from a younger age and seemed to have an almost instinctive understanding of healing. This triggered a memory from my very early childhood where I made a paulice for my cat that had a laceration on its leg out of lavender, rose petals and bag balm ( not the best cure but not horrible either). I remember my grandmother asking me what I was doing and I said the jojo was hurt and I made him medicine. I'm sure thier was more to her decision than that one incident but I'm guessing it was things like that that she made her decision from. After that things changed for me I almost lived with my grandmother full time, we would go on long drives then walk for hours in diffrent areas of nature. Oregon has a very diverse biosphere from coastal areas, to wetlands and dessert and mountains and we visited all of them. We would just walk along and as I played she would tell me about the plants and thier uses and the animals and how they lived and how everything was connected it was a simpler time I miss at times. While my sisters and cousins got traditional children's books and toys I got books about nature, plants, minerals,animals, a nurses text book ( I still have it lol) and most importantly books about Native American traditions that I have no idea where she got from. When we where not outside exploring or reading we where making paper dolls and decorating them while she explained what the stones, feathers and beads represented and how they had a power all thier own. I had a fort at her property under some blackberry brambles and a huge poplar tree where I would pretend to hunt buffalo or make up chants. It was a great place and since she was a school teacher I got to go to school with her everyday until middle school ( I hated middle school). Every summer though right through high school we took those drives and trips sometimes bringing along a sister or cousin but I was always with her. I suspect this artical was a nudge by her because this week has had me really worried my oldest son is on his vision quest and I of corse am worried for him. I know he is strong and smart smarter than I was that's for hire. I know that if it doesn't go well or the spirits don't talk to him the fault is partially mine and its a nagging concern I know is unlikely but self doubt is my enemy. Then I think back to when I went on my vision quest and I can only imagine she must have felt the same concerns but I never realized it because to me she was always so self assured that its hard to imagine. I remember the quite pride in her eyes when I returned and the gifts she gave me a carved mountain lion and a turquoise necklace that had been in our family for a couple generations. Now its my turn to chose my sons gifts and I know how powerful they can be if chosen correctly they have much power when they are right or little if I chose badly. So tomorrow I will will meditate on what I should give him and hopefully find the perfect gifts for him. Hopefly one day I will have my grandmothers strength and wisdom then I will be a true medicine woman.
  3. I do think they absorb energy from the animal I can tell you the same is true of bows, arrows and other weapons that are used they also seem to pick up a bit of the feel of the person who used them for the kill. We predominantly own knives used for hunting and fishing and I know that the fillet knife from fish has a very different energy than the buck knife from hunting so I think they pick up specific energy.
  4. I enchant things that I give to others or even things I just have around the house , like a bracelet of jade beads for healing energy or a sweater woven with positive energy for someone suffering from depression. Obviously there are darker things I could do as well like weaving dark energy into a dream catcher. I tend to think of enchantments as long term rather than spells that I usually just do and forget about.
  5. This thread has me thinking about umbilical cords, when my youngest was born his umbilical cord was in a true knot and they took it to test for blood flow at first. I asked if I could have it or a portion of it that they did not need. I did end up with a small part that they didn't need . I was entranced by it when I saw it ( I wish I could have gotten the knot but they needed to biopsy it) so I kept it for no particular reason but now I'm thinking it must have a huge amount of power. I'm not sure I would ever actually use it though for some reason I'm almost bonded to it. I would probably use it for my son if he where ill though I think that's where it's power would be strongest. But this has me thinking about umbilical cords in general and how they might be used and what for.
  6. The graph isn't showing up on my iPad just a big white blank with circles? So I'm not sure I just looked through what people where saying where their results. I was wondering what it was lol .
  7. I am a INTJ also, there appear to be quite a few of us with those letters lol., which maybe exactly what you where thinking. Maybe we should be adding them up and make a graph just for kicks. I got curious because it got me thinking how that personality pertains to the general population and its the rarest one! Weird because here it appears to be the most common.
  8. I live way out in the middle of nowhere lol the nearest health food store type place is hours away. I have one place I go to when I get there that does great but I pretty much have to order online or I'm sol. I found Katseye Blends they are in the UK and I love their oils they are not cheap because they are great and since they come from where there is some regulations I know what I'm getting. The first order got smushed by the postal demons and they replaced the broken bottle no problem it was Mysore sandalwood so not cheap I have been really impressed with him and his oils.
  9. Bump, I use aromatherapy a lot and recently was looking for some desk references by happy accident I ended up with the exact same books and would recommend them to any newbie. My issue was I knew lots about native plants in my area but not much about the more exotic plants out there so these books where a great help for filling in the blanks. I wish the USA regulated essential oils at least a little because there is just so much misinformation and a lot of people dismiss it out of hand when it is a great medical tool when used correctly and with good material. I had tried ordering some sandalwood online and the crap I ended up with was more like pine sol than sandalwood very frustrating.
  10. I looked up athemes on Wikipedia lol I wasn't sure exactly what they where obviously a knife but there are lots of knifes out there lol. I actually tried googling it and got this Wiccan new age site that said they date back to 1200 or some such nonsense. I really am super confused about why blood isn't allowed to touch the darn thing ( please please don't try to explain I don't give a hoot) after all its a knife but whatever to each there own. My DH makes knives so here are a couple of them the bottom one actually glows in the dark.
  11. Some days I really wish I had more privacy although I don't tell non natives what I do those who pay attention at powwows figure it out although they usually can be scared off with a scowl. I agree that youth today should use surnames its becoming distressingly common here as well and it has actually been discussed at council because we absolutely think its a sign of respect. I get onto my kids about it but its hard when all their friends are doing it and no one stops them or worse those instructors/ teacher types that insist on being called by first names or worse some silly nickname. We do have some difficult last names here but MR.D is not appropriate for a principal IMO .
  12. Confession time, I love a good book heck I even read mildly good books lol I draw the line at badly written trash although I struggled through 50 shades of gray because people kept raving about them plus they where given to me so I sort of had to. Books I love, anything Anne Rice infact I'm searching for Lestat first edition it is the last one I need to have the first three in first edition. Sherrilyn Kenyon- anything by her and even her stuff with a co author is a fun if not whitchy more paranormal read. FYI she has a set of SIFY that are good too, all her stuff is romantic though. Yasmine Galenorn-also a series witchling is the first changeling the second and there are several more. These are pretty short and great bath time reading. Nora Roberts does pretty decent witchy type books Kim Harrison, I love every book I have read of hers Nancy holder, not bad but not great I like the discovery of witches but I'm not exactly in love with it. The sweep series was ok. I am not into JA banks, I just can't get into them My favorite all time authors, Anne Rice, Lincolin child and Douglas Preston Pendergast series FBI horror type books, J,D Robb ( Nora Roberts ) in death books they are futuristic police type books and I just love them like crazy.
  13. I think instead. Of doing that I should start a new thread. I will start working on it.
  14. I just read pretty magic it was an interesting book I'm currently reading the herbal medicine chest and the encyclopedia of healing remedies both of which are very good. I am also reading rolling thunder for a class in NA studies and debate.
  15. I am not sure exactly what a higher self is I only know what my own experiances are and how I define them. I have a memory palace that I have built and where I visit when I want to look at my deep memories or where I look for my ancestral memories. This to me is not astral projection that is when I leave my body and travel to the spirit realm or possably events that might yet happen. I enjoy astral projection which I have heard is kind of odd i have heard for a lot of people leaving the physical behind is very frightening I learned to do this as a child for fun so maybe that's why. I also think its harder to achive this as an adult I'm not sure why that is just that it seems inatly true. My childhood was at times very traumatic which is why I ended up living with my grandmother so it was almost a form of self preservationfor me . I know I have talked about using hallucinagins previously, if you do use them you should have someone standing watch over you for safety's sake. I usually just use a glass of wine and a ritual to prepare for astral projection being mentally clean is very important or you can attract things you might not want to attract.
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