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    • banabhuidseach
      Couldn't think of a suitable title. . . .again. .. Have been on a bit of a magic-fest in my reading. Have found it helluva difficult process because of course you can't judge a book blahblahblah  Some that i've found excellent though were 'Witch Bottle' by Tom Fletcher, 'Starve Acre' by Andrew Michael Hurley, 'Pine' by Frances Toon, n 'The Devil's Detective' by Simon Kurt Unsworth. Pine is particularly good, but all of them are, very chilling n if you like good old fashionned balls'n'all witchcraft which i'm presuming most here do, you may enjoy them  Now i'm gonna troll through the other book posts here n see if i can find more. . .           
    • banabhuidseach
      I'm going to have to get this! I joined a group on farcebook also, history n lore of poison path (not the exact name can't remember the wording). Also some other groups (not sure of the politics of naming them here, so i won't). It's something i've always been fascinated w but never knew you could actually find books on it -  mine's been an incredibly long n slow path of experimenting. . . .
    • banabhuidseach
      Haven't seen it but know of her, remember my parents talking about her, caused quite a scandal down this end of the planet. My adopted mother compared me to her when i was a teenager. Her standard insult was to spit out 'Toverhex!' at me. . . .   Must check that one out, sounds good!
    • sugarskull
      "Magia" (magic) is a son by Gustavo Cerati, an Argentinian (passed away) musician. The lyrics remind me of what Doreen Valiente says about magic of the mind in her book Natural Magic. She says: In the lyrics, Cerati says Reminds Valiente's words: "the adept knows that everything in the world may be at his service, to use and enjoy for the good of himself and others -yet it is only loaned  to him for a time, by the powers of nature and destiny". The state of mind in the lyrics suggests that he has being persuaded not to (dissuaded from) follow his will, but he insists on it. This kind of attitude in regards to his will is the attitude for magic like if there was something that is calling or there is something that will be found. The result is equivalent of the desire. Here are the lyrics (translated from Spanish): At the same time some other subjects can be read as magical topics, such as the action of the wind (although is a metaphor), transformation of things o materials into magical ones, a force that confirms the will, intuition, a journey as the Fool of the Tarot, among others, What do you see/read? It can be listened here.  
    • sugarskull
      I've just seen the movie and is very nice done in regards of the dancers and the figures as symbols of her arstistic realm. She had a conscious pagan perspective since childhood and was aware of her difference out of what was spected (and sometimes it stil happens) for a woman to be. I think her craft was her art and way of life. In that sense she indeed was truly authentic. Her spell (her art) made the statu quo tremble. Isn't art a magic instrument and the way to present what she experienced in her flight? Surrealist artists (to whom she felt connected in some way) where close to the Occult in many ways. Austin Osman Spare was an artist and occultist and other surrealists as Breton (poet) and Dali (who made a Tarot himself) work on the idea of the important relationship between magic (as understood in occult philosophy) and art. The documenteary suggests that the term witch Norton used was represented by herself using stereotypes as a protest and mock of how the media and Australian society misunderstood it all. Maybe she did not meant to be one as we now can understand it. But she acted like a medium of the otherworld as her art is the result of it. For herself she was the instrument of that personal realisation as both an artist and occultist in a trascendental way. I guess.
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    • Onyx

      Onyx  »  HansLeng

      When I was 13 years old, I went on a camping trip to Brittany, France.  We saw the standing stones at Carnac.  I was amazed and impressed with the Menhirs and Dolmen.  I don't think I was ever the same after that experience.
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    • Sagefire


      I have it on the most reliable authority that the Magpies and Crows will be having a rumble on the 31st.  The turf wars have escalated beyond taunting and food theft to fly-bys and car-pooping  Neither side will be appeased by the popcorn I have laid out.....
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    • UnMasked1467


      Happy it's nighttime... it's cooler outside and no bright sun to give me migraines
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    • AliacenisAF9


      I'm finding this update a bit difficult at the moment. I'm sure I'll get used to it!
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    • Sagefire


      The squirrels...the squirrels are plotting against me.  The chipmunks told me so, and aren't chipmunks the most trustworthy of all rodents?  That's what the magpie said...
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