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    • I'd suggest doing some meditation or deep relaxation exercises; maybe a ritual or a spell to top it off, as well as plenty of exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Martial arts are also a good route for gaining physical and mental discipline of your body and mind. I believe herbs and potions should be used sparingly and only when alternatives aren't working. The first reason is because the human brain can become accustomed to substances that it actually has the ability to create all on it's own, (cannabinoids, for example), and if you ingest said substance, (marijuana, for example), too regularly,the brain will actually STOP making those chemicals in order to compensate. That means when you stop ingesting the substance, your brain will have to try to play keep-up, and you'll go through a period where your body isn't receiving the chemicals it needs to maintain a healthy and happy outlook on life.  So yeah, maybe try restoring your mental balance and discipline through psychology and exercise before resorting to the use of herbs or potions. The more you know! 😁 Oh,and the second reason I feel herbs and potions should be used sparingly is because they're natural resources which I have an affinity for conserving because I feel a little bad whenever I snip a piece of my lovely plants lol. I know they're happy to help, but still, they look prettier fully intact, and I don't like risking any of them dying. Most common herbs I use are chamomile tea for assistance with sleeping at night, aloe vera for cuts and scrapes, and on occasion a smidge of cannabis to expand my consciousness for deep philosophical introspection, and to just generally make me less bitchy lol. I can be kinda tense at times due to having C-PTSD (Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder). ...It's kinda like regular PTSD but  longer lasting with some mild psychotic features like seeing and hearing things that aren't really there. It's caused by being captured or kidnapped, or otherwise stuck in a horrific situation for a prolonged period of time with no reliable means of escape. ...Like soldiers coming home from overseas after living as a POW. 🙁
    • I basically want to live independently and self-sufficiently in perfect harmony with mother nature. Basically the female version of this dude lol: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAL3JXZSzSm8AlZyD3nQdBA/videos Only I'd probably ask the tree's permission first and come back the next day if they said it was okay; I like to think it gives the tree some time to detach it's life-force so that it doesn't feel any pain or discomfort when I return to collect. =P I'd probably make a ritual out of hunting too; a pre-ritual to help ensure success in the hunt and a post-ritual to thank and honor the animal's spirit. I also believe as the Native Americans do in the philosophy of using all of the buffalo. Know a bit about Choctaw folklore due to being a member of the tribe. Would like to learn more though from the elders.
    • Indeed, thanks for the info! I like your bookbinding idea too; I'd like to eventually turn all my magic books into handwritten leatherbound books for my magic library just cuz I like the aged, retro look, and feel that by making everything myself I'll give the information more power....if that makes sense lol.
    • No worries - they are madly expensive as very few are printed - only about 500ish per book for his first few, hence the insane price tag. I don't feel bad about reading the PDF of those ones as it is literally the only way I have access to them - I'm in the process of doing my own one off binding of Viridarium Umbris and lux haeresis in the hopes that I'm honouring the content and author. When and if there is ever another mass market printing I'll happily pay for a copy to legitimise the one I currently own. There is a mass market run of Veneficium, which I have purchased propperly as it is affordable.  I feel it is good practice to purchase the books you can afford, but I'm certainly not above checking out a PDF first to make sure it is what I'm after. The cost of specialty books from the likes of Xoanan,  Miskatonic and Scarlet Imprint makes me cry, to get a copy of John Michael Greer's Dolmen arch (even the less fancy version) here to NZ would cost me over $300nz which I just can't justify. I live in hope that it (and many other authors books) will be rereleased as affordable paperbacks once the limited eddition are universally sold out and they realise there is an ever increasing demand for such things.
    • ...Save the wasps lifeless body parts, (no idea if it was a boy or girl)...in case you need it's ghost's help to hurt someone who had hurt you...I'm sorry, but that's one of the most hilariously effed up things I have heard in a long time lmao. XD First, I don't believe in vengeance, but more importantly, I believe in personal responsibility: Overcome your enemies yourself; don't try to make anyone (or anything else) solve your own problems. But please, if you feel you must hurt other living creatures, have a better reason for doing it than "They hurt me first." That's like something a small child would say; I like to think we're a little more evolved than that lol. I would be interested in learning more about any medicinal properties of wasps; I've had a lifelong phobia of them, it'd be nice to understand them more and maybe see them as serving more of a purpose than being a terrifying, aggressive species of insect that pollinates nothing, sacrifices nothing when it stings you over and over again, and just seems generally ticked off like all the time LOL. XD In their defense though, their brains are far more primitive than ours and can't be blamed for their nature. Personally I don't see them as being or thinking like a little human at all lol. Their view of the world is probably so radically different than our own we probably wouldn't even be able to fit it into our heads anymore than a wasp could understand the human condition lol. =P
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