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    • i rewatch this film almost every week and i think it's fantastic. i have watched it this many times because it comforts me, but every time i watch it i think of something else about my practice or witchcraft. the weakest moment in this film is the very first scene when they are chanting and that says a lot because it is such a minor scene. the most important basic factual thing about this film regardless of integrity to tradition is that it is a mainstream film for witches. its not for Wiccans or anti-christians / satanists, and its not for romcom hunters. its literally for witches.
    • StanLily, that would be lovely. I just need to get it far enough to get it clad and waterproofed, and then I can finish the interior no matter the weather
    • It sounds like you need a workshop to be able to work on the workshop. 
    • Unfortunately quite slow. The rain here has been absolutely killing my ability to work on it
    • How is the workshop coming along?
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    • Moly

      I had a dream a while back about escaping some situation related to my wandering project. In the dream I used a bell to activate / finalise an invisibility spell. I realise I know nothing about the bell tool and need to research. also decided i needed to acquire a bell. The bell in the dream was a small brass bell with a turned wooden handle. i went hunting and found one exactly like it, but it sold before i took action. this was my second choice and i think it was a better outcome than the first choice.

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    • Moly

      I went to Mum's yesterday, she gave me a book called "Flix and Flox" that belonged to my grandmother, it's a novel for children published in London in 1910. It's set in Cornwall, most of my ancestors are from that place and nearby southern England places. The first chapter is called "Fairyland". There is only has one illustration on the front cover but Mum said the book was important to her and it inspired her to enjoy drawing / illustrations. I told Mum that I had dreamed about her recently sending me poems and drawings. Mum said that she was always a bit of a witch and that she said that "I'll be around if I can. If you think I'm around, then I'm around".
      She crossed over when I was 10. I have always missed her but I felt closer to her in recent years as I have worked on preserving her very large family photo collection. I felt like I really got to know her a lot better through her collection. When I was in the middle of the most intense work I've done on it, I had a dream about her. I was a child and I was in the master bedroom at her house. My aunt was there and she said "She's just having a cigarette in the ensuite but she wants you to go into her wardrobe". (It is the kind of thing that I would have loved to do as a child) (I wasn't allowed to see my grandmother in the dream, but I could feel that she was there) I went into the wardrobe and I was surrounded by hanging furs. They weren't soft fluffy animal fur, they were the kind that is coarse and sleek, the feeling of them was smooth and cool. There was an intense perfume of roses. I felt completely loving acceptance
      My life is OK. I am coming to the end of my wandering-wizard-initiation-quest or whatever this is that I have been doing. The quest has been great but I am happy that I am coming to the end of it now. i think of you all lots, Solanaceae, homeschoolie, Phagos, and everyone and happy you are on this planet, hope you are well
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    • Moly

      amaranthus the flower of invisibility? lots of thoughts about the indigenous origins of this plant, traditional correspondences, and making spells.

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    • falcnstar

      I hope that everyone had a Fantastic November 11th yesterday. It was a very Magical day for me.  And this morning up with the sun to perform a little more magic as the Sun rises in the East.  
      Who had joined me this beautiful morning??  I Feel the Magick so much more in the Winter Months.  I don't know why....
      maybe because so much is dying out...the leaves ...the grasses...the harvest... Makes me feel more alive.  
      I hope this morning of November 12th finds you all in good spirits.  
      Have a Magickal Day!!!
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    • Moly  »  Homeschoolie

      Hope you are well
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