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    Reading, Writing, Gardening, Playing, Hiking
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    I'm familiar with my own Path.
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  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Relationship craft more than sorcery craft. Ancestor communication and honoring. Viewing the world - seen and unseen - as a living thing.
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    Approximately 30+ years.
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    Adult conversation that provokes thought.
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    Not at this time.
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    I rarely lose my composure.
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    The "rarely" part.
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    I also belong to and practice a traditional (as in it is based on long-standing tradition) diasporic religion.

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  1. __________________________________ Oh yes! Post time and date?
  2. Yay the chat room is back!! Thank you!!
  3. _____________________ If you're interested and attracted to it, I would say to look into it. Just because it isn't in your dna ancestry doesn't mean it isn't right for you. As long as you're honest about your interest and intent. My understanding is the gods came to the new world by choice (although the salves didn't). Cultures met and eventually mixed to an extent. If you actually get initiated, although your dna ancestors remain the same, you are adopted into the house and the ancestors of the house become your "ancestors" too and part of your lineage.
  4. I find that adornments are great for keeping focus. Like if one is doing a working one can just walk in and do it. Or one can take a hot shower to relax and wash off the chaotic energy from the office, then have specific "things" they put on to start their working. While putting on these things and thinking and focusing on each item and its meaning and what it connects one to, and the relationships of all things, the mind is further honed and focused until by the time one is dressed one is already in an "altered state" and connected to the other worlds, and a good part of the working is thereby already done. For everyday, I do have some items I wear. Most are connections to allies. Yes, the allies are with me regardless, but wearing the items helps me to remember throughout the day that I am never alone in this world (or any other) and helps me to remember there is always a bigger picture behind-the-scene. The items also let other know (invisible others, and also others of my faith) who stands with me and what works with me and what they would answer to if they start something with me. Kind of like a wedding ring; it lets others know you are already "taken" lol, and it also reminds you daily of the one/s you love and your connection to him/her.
  5. I definitely believe that a cutting from a plant will retain the spirit of the parent plant (and add some of it's own!). I would tell the plant your intention and then wait until it signifies to you what branch to cut. I believe that if cut, a living branch will retain the spirit of the plant (because it was living when you cut it). I'd also try to get one that is bigger than a twig (although you could also get a twig-size to preserve and carry with you in your pocket or purse so you always have contaact). If you could get a branched one and preserve it, then you could also hang things on it that relate to its use or the purpose of the shrine.
  6. ____________ How cool! So this plant knows you, and is familiar with how your work. You have a relationship with it and it knows what you need when you work with it. I love hibiscus - in some religions they are used as offerings to divinities. Beautiful plants! They line the walkway (well, what is going to become the walkway lol) leading up to my front door.
  7. Michele

    Mango Seeds

    I have a mango tree in my yard, and I love mangos, lol. Perhaps it is just happiness and health? Full of vitamins, full of flavor, full of the magic of a happy and healthy existence? Mangos are often given as offerings to divinities.
  8. I never really taught about holidays - I did the secular holidays but taught my child there is no Santa, that I work hard to earn money (some of which will get spent on gifts at Christmas if I have any left over after paying the bills, lol).
  9. When I moved, I told my house I would be moving. I told my yard and my plants I would be moving. I whispered it to the wind. I gave everyone a heads up so they would know what all the disruption and packing was about. The week before I left I made a spirit house and put it on top of the moving boxes and did a little something, I invited any energies who wished to come with me to go into the spirit house and they would be transported in my car to the new residence. Some people might force them to come, I gave them the option.
  10. To me traditioinal craft is something that is done in a specific way, and has been done so for a long period of time, thereby lending it energy and power. Also, if it has been done in such a way for aeons, then it is familiar to the energies of things (plants, spirits, what-have-you) and they will recognize it and know how to work with it and what you are trying to do with it. If you call an energy in a way it doesn't recognize, you may hook into it by luck, or you may not. Eventually, new age will become a tradition, too, although so many people do it so many different ways it will be a very soft-flowing tradition with a very limited reception (IMHO). Ancestors to me are all important, if for no other reason than without them I would not exist and neither would any tradition. My path has been a very round-about one, and I am grateful to the ancestors on whose shoulders I stood and who brought me to where I am. Witchcraft I see as a practice of doing something (like jogging is the practice of running, lol). Religion is a belief in a spiritual system and usually in a divinity. Often the two coincide and sometimes they do not. There are religions that recognize energies and therefore have no opposition to craft practices. There are religions where the divinities were involved in the craft. There are religions that don't believe in the craft. And there are religions that do believe in it but pretend it is "evil" so their followers have no power outside of the religion.
  11. I have a garden, and there is a corner of it where I grow specific plants - some I work with and some that have very deep roots. My ancestor altar (one of them, anyway) is also there. The Earth is a graveyard. Everything that has ever died is in the Earth. I go there most days and talk to the plants there, tell them how work went, what I'm worried about, what I'm happy about. I take some flowers for tea, I leave them water. I touch them. They're used to me. When I need specific help, I go there and call to my ancestors. I ask the plants questions, I watch for the wind in them to see the answers.
  12. Fear is healthy - it keeps us from doing stupid things, lol. If something is making you feel fear, then slow down, delve deeper but without acting upon it. Find out more info. Also, a very wise man once explained to me that the supernatural has a feeling about it that is alien to us - we're not used to that particular feeling. As part of our survival instincts, we feel fear or aprehension (or at least are on our guard) whenever we encounter something new and unknown - and that's a healthy reaction! So accept the feeling as you moving forward and having healthy, normal, reactions to the changes in energy... and remember to go slowly and make sure everything is safe before you take the next step, and the next... M
  13. I personally believe that Europen craft practices have their roots in shamanism. There seems to be a point, to me, where Shamanism got trunkcated though. It seems there are a ton of books out there on journey to the upper/lower, etc., get your power animal/totem/ soul retreival, etc., but then they leave the rest blank and the relationship dies. True shamanism, to me, is about relationship (as is true craft (IMO). Relationship can differ within practice - baced on ancestral connection, based on plant spirit relationships, animal relationships... But if I were you I'd develop the relationship first and let the rest fall into place and grow from that. If you don't have a specific plant/animal/ancestral path then just start with getting a relationship with nature itself. Some of the best books I've read (and each book is very different in the type of shamanism they describe) are: Kali's Odiyya - a Shaman's True Story of Initiation The Way of Wyrd Ecstasies - Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath (about night travels) Also - Sarah Lawless blog is quite good and she is very shamanistic in her practice.
  14. I find most religions do not reflect the divinity as much as they reflect human's ideas of what a divinity would be like. M
  15. Hey Caps - that last bit is interesting to me "the guitar plays itself through your fingers"... I have read that true, magical connection is like that. When the witch becomes so familiar with the stream, so much a part of it, and so attuned to it, that spells are no longer necessary. The witch herself (himself lol) becomes the stream and becomes the magic.
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