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  2. Wow, I too get very agitated when no useful information has been communicated from someone’s speech. I was wondering if I was the only one with this major pet peeve. Good to know other people have it too.
  3. I feel as though it totally depends on the context. There is definitely the factor of that inane yapping drains my energy. I've been so triggered by even very close people to me yapping endlessly in the past that I've been unable to control myself and been either mean to them, or have turned it back around on myself. Not good. Over the years I have structured my life to go to great lengths to avoid it. I've attempted vows of silence many times, but have never been able to do it yet. I don't live alone, so, it's pretty much impossible, and I have come to turn my perspective to value the small talk with my family for as long as I have it. They aren't yappers, though. I actually am the one who tries to "draw out" their conversation. I think it comes down to the CONTENT of the conversation and the level of awareness and heart-connection involved. I have been doing some shadow work that is about to go very deep, and I have come to realize that part of why I hate when "yappers" yap because I feel so blocked and suppressed that I don't feel as though I can let my own voice operate. I have had to put such intense limitations on my expression because of my circumstances; I have a partile (same degree, extremely tight) natal Mercury-Saturn square, Scorpio Saturn in my 4th representing powerful and traumatic limitations placed by family, and Retrograde Leo Mercury in 1st representing my own self-expression being stalled. Deep down, I see that I have actually been jealous, as in threatened, by people who are "yappers" because they are free to speak, whereas I am not. I am not saying that this has anything to do with your experience; it is mine, though. How I would love it if I lived in an environment where I could very literally say anything I wanted. That is a huge part aspect of my dream. Maybe we just have not found the physical scenes where we can exchange verbal energy and have it build us and the people we are speaking with/hearing from, as opposed to being drained by it. Though, and I write this as an edit, I just had a really great video conversation with someone who I just met online and found myself really enjoying what probably would have been seen by some others as "yapping" but for me it felt like finally being heard and feeling free to talk. Anyone who has been following my writing on here knows that I can really "yap" in writing form too LOL I think that what it comes down to is boundaries, and appropriate connections. I think that it is important for people to realize that to just bombard someone with talking when they are not ready to hear it can be very traumatizing. Context, timing, consent, content... all important. And we have to be responsible for our own boundaries too. There are some people out there that will go on and on and on...where you can't even get a word in edgewise... I hate that. I do my best to be patient but I'm not someone's free "listening ball" either!!! So, it's my responsibility to firmly say something, or make an action, that ceases the assault on my personal energy. If I have to be rude, or leave the scene, that is fine with me. I hope you can find and keep your solace space Georgina! ❤️
  4. No wonder they have an energetic drain, I mean Christ, I can't talk much. I always live alone whenever possible to avoid it.
  5. I'm autistic & I can't believe how much people talk. Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. Yap, yap, yap, Yap, yap, yap, Yap, yap, yap, Yap, yap, yap, yap and yap. I'm like sitting here going "Yo! STFU!" Most of it is incessant complaints. Me? I talk to exchange information. But people want to talk for NO REASON EXCEPT TO AVOID SILENCE!? What is wrong with silence? I love silence. I have been alone for a week before now, first exposure to a human went "Yap, yap, yap, yap...." like wtf? WTF? WHAT ARE THEY TALKING SO MUCH FOR?
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  7. My attitude after my recent birthday:


    1. circa1948


      When was it?  Happy belated Birthday. 🎂 🎁

    2. Homeschoolie


      Thanks circa1948,  June 21.

      On my high school class reunion website they  posted this years reunion song . The Beatles song : When I Am 64 !

    3. circa1948


      I remember the song well 🙂 

  8. Lmao. I nearly choked when I got to the tree. 🙂 very Funny.
  9. Once I found out the Viking might be leaving, I knew I would have to find someone new to carry the charm. Naturally, this stressed me out. However, it being solstice weekend, and with things going all too well on other fronts (such as my love life, which turned out to be a handful of mashed up dead leaves aka faerie gold 😕), I whispered my need to the spirit of the store and knew it would be taken care of. (The masks are great for things like this, ya know?) For the sake of privacy, we'll go with the names I created for the people helping me carry the energy of the ward = The Warrior, The Viking, BB Witch, and now The Guardian of Produce, who I'll call GP, for the sake of brevity. Oh snap. Not two hours later, one of my friends pulled me aside. "He said he put a love spell on me, that was the day I met Boyfriend! He just confessed he practices magick... I think GP is the one to carry Viking's charm! You should ask him..." Skip ahead. I made GP a new charm, from dragon's blood ink and charcoal. The first tip off was when he got really excited, wanting to know every way he could help. I told him who the other people were, and walked him around the store to know the locations of the charms for the ward. He said he would connect with the Viking and find out the deets on the center charm. That night, I was awoken twice to hear his true name in my head. The first thought in my brain? Oh what? It isn't a fluke? -- Previously to this, I had only energetically connected to the Warrior in a similar manner. The Warrior is the only one who doesn't want to be involved beyond lending his energy, and that's valid, so I never mentioned it to him. Over the course of conversation with GP last night, I realized why I never connected with Viking and BB Witch, and why their connections seem so "dead". It's because they not only lied about wanting to be involved, but they also don't believe in the ward, and are just playing around with things they don't understand. They were placeholders, until their charms could be passed on to people who weren't ready yet. My spirits confirmed that BB Witch is a liar, and GP's conversation with Viking came out, proving that the Viking simply does not care and just pays lip service (and is a bit afraid of me, which is sad). Nevertheless, even with their lack of connection, the ward has held. No one at the store has gotten the virus. For a shop right next to the airport, where everyone from the Lower 48 comes (they don't enforce quarantine here, and customers hardly wear masks), that's pretty amazing. As for what to do with BB Witch and the Viking's charms, GP suggested my friend(BB Bat) take BB Witch's. She knows about the ward and has started her Path recently. He's also in love with her which may or may not have influenced his suggestion, so I asked my ancestors and they said "she must be ready. It must happen soon." They also suggested someone else to carry the Viking's charm, but as for that one... I don't know. I ask him for protection when I have to check on the ward, through our shared psychic connection, but we hardly ever speak to one another. Yet he hears me, for on those days he always is around me, as though by his presence he is protecting me from unseen dangers (that's his mundane job, to top it off, lol). Where to go from here? Well, who can say? All I know is that this is the reason I was meant to stay at the store, and that since leaving my ex the unseen has come to my aid more times than I can count. And I have paid it back, by becoming the witch I was always supposed to be. Somewhere in the past, time loops. The me that came before, she did a ward like this one. But I don't think she had enough help. I think she died, trying to hold back the dark all alone.
  10. @Michele no fixed date yet, just sometime in July. I've made a thread asking for any suggestions other than what has already been proposed. If there is something you would like to see discussed please feel free to add.
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  12. I just made a bone broth this last week with curry goat bones, beef ribs, and chicken bones, I think.. boiled some kale in it this AM and have some left over for later. THAT was a great combo... 🤤 I read recently that it's recommended to boil for 24 hours to get all of the nutrients. I don't know if that's true; it probably depends on the size of the bones. But it did make me realize that a slow boil is probably better than a quickie. Speaking of nothing going to waste, check this out: https://english.tau.ac.il/news/prehistoric_soup
  13. I have necklaces I've bought for myself that I enjoy to wear but my most powerful piece is a mala that was given to me as a present. Several of my friends helped bring it to life and each bead is knotted. Its energy is worlds apart from anything else I own.
  14. Sorry you are going through a rough patch, I hear you...Live is not fun at the moment, I'm sick of everything too. Being in close quarters is hard and sometimes I hate my Spouse, but once in a while he does something nice and I like him again. Things will change, but not today .
  15. I do that all the time, I make soup out of Chicken and Turkey carcasses all the time. Left over Roast makes good Beef Barley Soup. Nothing goes to waste in our kitchen.
  16. You can't go wrong with a whole bird, baked, picking "clean," and then boiling the bones for broth, which produces a shockingly notable amount of mincemeat. You then separate every morsel of edible. I got 2lb of mincemeat out of a relatively small turkey recently. You have to be very careful with the final separations because some bird bones are very tiny, the side of a pencil head. Using tactile sense and going slowly is key. The remainder meat is perfect for "chicken salad" which is made from the other ingredients you use (mayo, tomato etc). The mileage out of one bird is incredible, incomparable. And, so nutritious. We survived as a species because of our ability to extract nutrition from bone. That it is not a foundational method used everywhere is a travesty. BTW do not give dogs cooked bones, as they can splinter and cause internal harm; raw only for the pets, and larger ones only. I like taking fresh herbs, oil, and salt, and using it to "dress" the bird, then bake. Simple as anything, and you can't screw it up as long as you get the cooktime right.
  17. Came across this topic and decided to revive it opposed to beginning a new one. Are you mismatched? I have been with my husband for over 10 years now. My oh my, how things change! We are not on the same level in many areas. When we met, it was as if we had known one another forever...me believing we were twin flames, him just going long with my "uniqueness". He said I intrigued him. Fast forward until the end of 2019, when he retired....oh me...never would i have imagined what this would be like. It is complicated, but I seem to be the only one that thinks that. I do know one thing for sure....no more for me...I am done. You don't realize how much energy it takes, until you run out of that energy. BTW, we don't share the same beliefs....seems like we used to have more in common than we do now...funny how life goes sometimes.
  18. Yes, my heart is broken...yes, my Spirit is broken. Several years of unhappiness and our grand year of 2020 has contributed. I am tired...tired of trying to make a difference, tired of changing my perspective, tired of the idiotic choices I witness people make everyday, tired of hoping and not experiencing a small brake in my bleak life...and just physically, mentally, and spiritually tired. Everyday is a new day...what do I have to look forward to?...war...the war between love and hate, the war between right and wrong, the war between choices to make minute by minute, and...let us not forget...the war of acceptance and nonacceptance. Depressing...no...just my current reality. It is said everything changes, and it does. But I am in dire need of a new view and with all that has transcribed over the past year and a half...it's very difficult. Yes, I have had positive happenings in my life, but the reality is...there have been much more negative ones that I have no control over and have had to accept. I have written many articles since 2012, which, not all have been published. Now, i find myself questioning some of my material. I really don't worry about it though because i don't feel as if I make much of a difference anyway. Feel sorry for myself...not hardly...it's just simply...my give a damn is busted...and...I am tired of trying to figure it all out...tired of the lessons of life...more so...exhausted. But, there will be no white flag from me. Because, above all, I know me. I will survive ..even when I must "settle".
  19. Looking for new ways to cook eggs and meat. I have been carnivore for the last 3 months now and looking for new recipes to try. I only eat 1 or 2 meals a day, beginning in the afternoons, no snacking at all and get maybe less than 10 gms of carbs, which may come from mayo, sugar free ketchup, or an occasional slice of tomatoe. It has become a way of life for me and am very satisfied with the simplicity of it all, simple grocery shopping, simple cooking. Anyway, any suggestions on recipes would be greatly appreciated. And yes, I look on Pinterest.
  20. Happy BIrthday!🍸🍸🍺

  21. Gardening especially herbs and swimming. I want to start spinning so I can eventually spin flax.
  22. I make a holder for my money jar using knot magic to amp the it up. Worked great. I use knots more often now.
  23. Interesting & I believe you are right. I used a mixture of sage & pine blackbirdsong , so it's not just me using pine for banishing! 😀 I mix it together & burn it. Make my own bundles from tissue & thread. Works really well!I My little blackbird is doing well btw.
  24. There definitely is a relatively in-depth discussion somewhere, I remember reading it. Maybe as part of the household magic or household protection thread? I've always thought they were beautiful, but had never been able to source a good one. That may change now I'm closer to the sea. I did know someone who had it hung up (empty on rope) as a mirror style charm at their window. I can't find the thread I'm looking for, but there's a post about using them for weather witchery (apologies if you've already found it). EDIT: It says I can't post the link when I try, but it's under witchballs, weather and the sea from 2014.
  25. Personally, I wouldn't use sage for banishing. I find it more of a peaceful I tend to use rosemary (low level), pine (slightly stronger), camphor or asafoetida (more noxious). As for brownie style beings, I find them to be entirely related to the property or area. I've never heard of one moving. I believe (but please do correct if I'm wrong, as I'm no Roman History scholar) that even domestic Lares (there were different types) in Ancient Roman folklore tended to stay in the property they were from itself. Ancestral or family spirits, of course, move with you. We left our old household spirit in the old house. Our current house has separate ones, which is interesting, as it was originally two properties and then had an extension as well. You can feel the difference in energy as you walk through. We give honey, milk and cream off the top of the milk (every time we have that milk). If the house is kept neat/clean they tend to be happy. Ours is often messy with a child around and we're trying to revamp it, but I keep up a good communication line with our house spirits and give regular offerings. As the house was empty before for long periods and also left with decorating unfinished in parts, as well as not being connected up together fully (electrics/water etc all separate), I've been working on helping them work together more. I think the lack of care for a long time made them more biddable to the fact we're trying to get the house looking good/cared for. Ours aid in protection work and guide us on household issues. Edited to add: I wouldn't get rid of a house spirit except for a very good reason. I feel they're part of the history of the house and help you work with the property on household magic and protection. From my point of view, ridding a property of them would be opening the house up to new spirits who may not be so helpful. Working with them can aid in preventing unwanted spirits from entering.
  26. How odd! Well, if I were in your position then I'd try to develop a relationship somehow. Either way I am glad it seems to not be malevolent as you originally thought it could be!
  27. Also, my partner is very messy.... Guess when he noticed the most activity? When he made a mess & left it. (Rolleyes) Turns out brownies do not like mess. He's never fed it, so I presume the brownie has been trying to draw attention without drawing attention, so to speak. They apparently are extremely secretive like most fae. I never believed in fae at all until I encountered the sprite on the boat.
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