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  2. That was an awesome post Zombie! You explained it so well. I have had only one out of body experience where I found myself thrown into the Universe and found myself watching souls leaving Earth and circleing another planet. Looked like a figure 8. Maybe an infinity sign. Then I snapped back into my body. Weirdest thing I have ever experienced. It was really unsettleing.
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  4. Or your could say Cauldron and then cackle manically!
  5. Did they scream when you pulled them out?
  6. Beautiful!!!!!! Wow these are so hard to grow. Absolutely gorgeous
  7. Don’t use the buzz work “cauldron” when you shop. Look for iron pot with handle or something.
  8. There you go! That looks like a good one! We can buy them at our local Witch Supply Shop. I would like a smaller one though. Basicly just to burn stuff in.
  9. No, not crazy! Yes women have been treated as chattle by Men, now as we claim the title of Witch it is our duty to stand up to the patriachy and say "No More"!
  10. A friend got hers through Walmart in Louisiana; although it was a while ago. Lehmans; located in OH has large ones ( they are expensive). https://www.lehmans.com/product/17512?shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi-7ZgbCC7AIVVR6tBh1Q6gJeEAYYAyABEgKLS_D_BwE
  11. Domovoi is obviously the Slavic name and will have it's own traditions. The folklore surrounding them is similar to the British Brownie. Brownies can be rather mischievous and play up when the home is neglected. Milk & Honey is the traditional offering, as it is for a lot of things. But if I were you, I would look into your local land spirits. What is your local folklore? Yes you could possibly get Domovoi & Brownies in the US, but like I said, look into your local folklore. Do some divination on it and see if that comes up with any clues. Also record the times you hear/see these things happen. Like Mona said with the animals, see how they react. Cats are known to see things we can't, so if yours is staring at something that isn't obvious to you, then there could be something there. But that won't help you tell what it is. I think your best bet is probably the divination route. Also what household protections have you got in place?
  12. Traditions say that Domovoi like to be near the stove or hearth, the kitchen would likely be the best place to leave an offering. If he accepts it you may notice things happening, like lost items suddenly appearing. Unfortunately in these modern times this is not much for him to do, but if you cook, you may find that your recipes are successful and that your food lasts longer, you may also notice a lack of insects or rodents in your home. He may not respond to the spirit board attempt, Domovoi value their privacy. This type of spirit is really more from Mona's neck of the woods than mine.
  13. Thank you, Sagefire and Mona. We do have cats. My one cat will walk around and yowl in a complainy annoying way for no reason. Perhaps she is talking to him? One of my daughters had the idea to use a spirit board to communicate with him. Haven't done it yet. Sometime when the house is super quiet and it is just me, I want to sit and communicate with him/her/it in my head and see what I come up with. I will try to leave an offering. Maybe on the kitchen counter? The basement and area where most of this is happening is next to the kitchen. Also if my husband sees food left on the counter in the kitchen he won't think I am off my rocker. 🙂
  14. I would love to. I have a few ways of looking at it. I will try to explain it in a way that makes sense! The first way I see a witch wound, is in the disconnect from feminine energy and a woman’s innate power. What is a witch, historically, other than a woman who had the audacity to be different in any way. A woman who may have possessed what another desired. Women who were knowledgeable, nonconforming, or misunderstood. I understand it first as a disconnect from sisterhood and healthy femininity. Perhaps the best way I can explain it is through personal experience. My church upbringing teaches that virginity is to be prized and maintained above all else and that a woman’s body is forever changed, if not degraded, by sex. The church I was raised in teaches women are to be subservient to men. That women are, ultimately, to blame for the downfall of humanity in the garden of Eden. This is not how all churches approach it, but it is the distinct message I received growing up. Women are not powerful. They are weak. I consider the way wars have been waged against women for as long as humans have existed. How historically rape was seen as a consequence and spoil of war. Rape has been a tactic utilized to breakdown an enemies society. The root of the word hysteria. Sex as a form of procreation. Procreation as dirty and abhorrent. Medicalization of childbirth. The global warming we are currently experiencing as a result of the abuse of the Earth we call home. I see a parallel between the planet and the way women have been treated. There is a book called Vagina by Naomi Wolf. It is not about witchcraft, but the history of female sexuality. I gleaned quite a bit from it. In school, I never felt a deep sense of sisterhood. Girls bullied each other and tore each other down. The idea of celebrating another woman or being celebrated by one was entirely foreign. Women compete against each other constantly. And why? We are more powerful together than we are apart. Slut-shaming is rampant. Shame over a woman’s natural cycle. Disrespect for the aging woman and life cycles. Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation strike me as a manifestation of it. I would not dare say a nasty word about the decisions another woman makes concerning her body. Yet I know it’s often made because of shame. I heard so many boys say the words “roast beef curtains” growing up. Men expressing disgust over the natural female body. Picking apart their breasts and nipple shape. Shaming of men and masculinity is another way I consider the wound manifesting. There are many things I consider a witch wound. Ultimately it’s a disconnect from nature and the power we all have within ourselves caused by centuries of bull crap. I realize many of these things can be argued as feminist issues unrelated to witchcraft. I consider them one and the same, and if not then at least close relatives. To me, a witch wound is any injury to the natural and inherent spirituality of a woman. The second way I see the witch wound relates to my belief in reincarnation. I believe it can be inherited through ancestral dna as well as through past life experiences. I study Genealogy, History, and DNA inheritance. One thing I found interesting relates to “junk DNA” or the DNA which appears to have either no purpose or we do not know yet what it is. I read once about a study done on rats. It was related to memory inheritance. One rat who learned to complete a specific maze produced offspring before and after they learned to do it. The offspring born AFTER their parent had learned the maze appeared to have an advantage at completing the same maze over their siblings born before the parent completed it. It was also observed that parent rats who were subjected to certain experiences which illicit emotional response... such as being shocked when they went to exit a cage and experienced anxiety, produced offspring after the event who exhibited greater emotional responses in any situation. Say the rat who experienced being shocked physically when exiting a cage, their offspring would exhibit higher anxiety in any situation that could be deemed threatening. I believe we inherit our ancestors experiences as well as those of our past lives and it’s woven into what I call our psychic DNA, or spiritual DNA. So if I have an ancestor who experienced trauma I may inherit a knowledge of it without being conscious. Or if I have experienced something in a past life, I may experience unexplainable emotions or reactions in this one. The same way I inherit eye color, handedness, or artistic ability. I hope that this makes some sense. If not, and I just rambled like a crazy woman, I’m sorry!
  15. I was raised in Scotland and went to a Presbyterian Church, so not as much pomp and circumstance as the RC Church or the Church of England. Bare Bones decoration in the church and only a cross instead of the crucifiction. None the less, I still was not interested in being there. I made a deal with my Mother, it might as well have been with the Devil, that if I cooked Sunday Dinner, I could stay home instead of going to church. Score for both of us really. I learned how to cook too. About reincarnation and past lives, why not. I have not had any experiences to say yes though. Can you explain "The Witch Wound" please?
  16. I want to say I agree with this. A witch is a witch is a witch. I’d like to add that I was also raised in a religious household. My mother is as dogmatic as it comes. My father knows I am a witch. My mother does not and never will. I don’t know how you feel about reincarnation and past lives. I believe in them, and I believe the past does affect the present. For me, I believe I struggled between being a witch and the church because it is a carry over of the past. So many were persecuted in the name of God. I believe there are many witches who have reincarnated and continue to struggle with the church. Perhaps this is true for you as well. Perhaps it’s not. I wanted to suggest it as a potential area of exploration. I’ve only managed to find peace with myself by uncovering the witch wound I have and doing deep healing work.
  17. I don’t know if Wicca discouraged me so much as it didn’t fit. It felt close enough to be comforting, but not right. I guess something inside me always said there was more. I now practice ancestral magic. I study history and research Genealogy, weaving stories back to life and wrapping bones in flesh and skin. I don’t have another name for it. I have come to understand that I have walked this path before, and retain memories which I am slowly uncovering. I don’t know how to explain much of it other than I learn from the past and construct my craft out of spirit work and ancestral memory. I believe we all carry it in our DNA, the physical and spiritual DNA. Its always been an inseparable part of who I am. My mother is a pastors wife and a devout Christian. I have witches in my family tree. I have those who persecuted them too. I first encountered magic as a child though I didn’t have a name for it. Wicca was the first thing I read about that came close, but it never quite fit. I think the rise in its popularity allowed me access to the witchy world. If I had not walked into my first new age shop at 13, I may not have come to the understanding I have so soon. I don’t agree with it, but I am glad for it.
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  19. Try looking at the Bushcraft type camping shops. Lightweight Cauldrons are quite popular for those who enjoy a more rustic camp.
  20. Thanks for the encouragement. I suppose I hadn’t fully considered the weight of the thing and lugging it out for working being a bit of a burden, but I will look for a smaller one so I don’t break my back! I hope one day you get to have one of those!
  21. Iron cauldrons must be cast and require a forge. But do not despair! They are out there, you must me discerning and persistent. Near me there is an 'antique'/hoarder shop, basically a full time yard sale who oddly enough has not 1 but 2 English 3 toed cast iron cauldrons weighing about 100 lbs each. I lust for them but I wood imagine freight and shipping would be a nightmare.
  22. I’ve been considering this, as my current cauldron could hardly fit an Apple inside, although it is made of copper and has a shiny brass image of a loom. There is a local smith who makes sugar kettles. How strange would it be to ask him to make an iron cauldron for me?
  23. Do you have animals, a dog or a cat? Observe them and you could tell if it is Domovoi. Cats and dogs see him too, but are not afraid.
  24. May I ask what they're called? This intrigued me!
  25. Sounds like a Domovoi, maybe try leaving a small offering of bread or milk and see if there is a change in behavior. Ghosts tend to repeat the same actions over and over again. A home or farm spirit can actually be helpful and offer a certain amount of protection, just do some research and try not to offend him, he may choose to spoil your food, cause leaks in your roof, or worse, leave.
  26. So the topic about farm spirits got me thinking... This is an exciting topic and one I have been contemplating of late. I am very interested in the landvaettir. There are also the husevaettir (sp?) or house spirits. We have had a lot of strange occurrances around our house in the past couple of years that has accelerated lately. I have done some research on the internet trying to see if anyone had advice on disginguisihing a ghost from a house spirit. I came up with nothing. My husband is open to things, but not generally as in to the same sort of things as I am. A skeptical believer I guess. But when I had something blow air in my ear (as in even making the small ridges in my ear vibrate) and he heard it when he was several steps ahead of me on the basement steps, he started paying attention. He has witnessed cupboard doors creaking (that had to be opened to creak), I have had lights turn on and heard the basement stairs that had to have weight on them to creak (the sound is very distinctive and one I am familiar with) when no one was around. My daughters have both witnessed a "finger" poking through the shower curtain in the bathroom adjencent to the basement late at night. My 14 year old frequently sees dark shapes flitting around that part of the house. No one ever feels anything negative or really scary about it, though the finger poking thing kind of freaked the girls out. 🙂 My question is, this a house spirit that has taken up residence here or have we suddenly become haunted? How to differentiate? If the former, how best to propitiate such a spirit?
  27. Thank you fro all the great replies. I am sorry I am so late in replying. This summer has majorly sidetracked me. I have been learning a tremendous amount off this site and am ready to get back on here and learn more!
  28. "Pain hurts, but only for a minute" - Chris Cagle So.... technically a song lyric more than a quote, but those words have gotten me through just about every painful incident in my life.
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