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  3. Just listened to this segment of the Yale Lecture Series ; it addresses witchcraft prosecutions through the legal system in 16th century England. Though it might be of interest to some. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/early-modern-england-politics-religion-society-under/id429491092?i=1000092596802
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  5. NRK is the larges newspaper and TV channel in Norway and it still reports about witchcraft. Especially in the north where I live people still believe and fear cunning folk of all sorts. "Ganning" (or also "Ganding or "Gand" ), a Nordic form of "magic" (I have a bit of a issue with the word "magic") is still very much alive up here, even the biggest football team fear it, but..my point is, use Google translate and read about some of the recent articles about Nordic witchcraft here: https://www.nrk.no/sapmi/pasienter-er-redde-for-a-snakke-om-ganning-1.15012234 https://www.nrk.no/kultur/ganning---bare-overtro_-1.4261014 https://www.nrk.no/sapmi/xl/troen-pa-_djevelpakten_-1.14864591 https://www.nrk.no/sapmi/overgrepoffer-ble-truet-med-ganning-hvis-hun-fortalte-om-overgrepene-i-tysfjord-1.15013932 And if you are Scandinavian speaking, here is a podcast: https://radio.nrk.no/podkast/tett_paa/l_b70694c3-b296-4112-8694-c3b2962112a4
  6. I love making wands, Driftwood signs, Drawing and Painting in all it's forms. I used to make a living doing Leathers crafting, we sold the store a long time ago. Yesterday I made a fox stamp out of an eraser. without stabbing myself too. Gardening too, I find is very satisfying and rewarding. I do miss my daily Rink walking, Rec Center is closed... But now we are walking in the Park, still cold but nice to be outside . Soon the Geese will be guarding their nest, so the Park will be booby trapped. Some unexpected ambushes will happen, be prepared to run...
  7. Great topic choice! I also enjoy weightlifting, and I absolutely love swimming (it sucks that all the swimming pools and rec centers are closed right now, but what are you gonna do), because I have always been very drawn to water-- it's very stimulating and energizing yet cathartic for me. Art is my passion, and I feel very connected to my purpose in life when I am creating. I have been exploring a lot of different media in art lately, and would love to learn more about bookbinding and forging FrozenThunderbolt! Also recently got into gardening and am trying to grow my own tomatoes for starters... we'll see how that goes haha
  8. Brewing, distilling, wood and bone carving, leatherwork, gardening and forging that I do all tie in nicely.
  9. Hello there. I would just like to start a thread about one of my other passions: powerlifting. I find that - if my pursuits within the Craft boost my mental/spiritual health and wellbeing, then my pursuit of trying to lift the heaviest weights for my size in the gym definitely boost my physical wellbeing and (being a diabetic) also got me off of my insulin. I would like to know what kind of other passions or pursuits individuals on the forum have, and do you find that it compliments your workings within the Craft?
  10. The same thing I dislike about life. There is no instruction manual, no helpdesk, and not even a magical answer to everything. But to be fair, I don't really wish there was. I just get lost in my own curiosity sometimes because there is so much to learn. And I think that's amazing.
  11. Now my interest is really piqued!
  12. I tried reading the first book, so slow going... Not a fan. People I know like it though. People who have never been to Scotland. They have a romantic eye that they are looking though. Life in the Highlands was a brutal existence. The Scots have every right to hate the English..
  13. I just discovered it was based on a book series but I bet they are better, that's usually the case. The series was recommended to me because of the herbs and witchcraft content, it is a entertaining series but the love scenes last forever and is utterly mushy. Not a fan of stereotype anything. I have finished season 1, with some trouble, but I enjoy historical drama with an eye for detail. I bet many here would enjoy the series.And as snow came back today my work in the garden will once again be put on hold.
  14. There is a LOT of Tom Hardy in this series. In fact his bum makes more than a couple of appearances. (I need to take a cold shower.....)
  15. Now we're talking. True Blood. Eric Northman......I need to take a cold shower!!!!
  16. I enjoyed a Discovery of Witches. I like those obscure little stories that are based on novels and sometimes only make one or two seasons. It was very entertaining.
  17. I agree. My wife got us started on this story a couple years before the show started. She’s a little obsessed with the books haha. If you like the show and the detail in it, you’d be glad to find out that it leaves out an incredible amount of detail compared to the books. I’d 100 percent recommend investing time in it.
  18. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3006802/ Just wanted to tip you all about this series. Just give it some time and you'll see why it fits in. Herbs and witchcraft, history and folklore 🌙
  19. Yea I was playing around with some settings lol The mod points used to be hidden but now they can be seen.
  20. I get so sick of people/non-witches etc assuming that because someone is 'Gothic looking' then they are a Witch!! Again, it feeds this over-imaginative assumption that all Witches MUST look a certain way. That's the only thing about being a Witch that ticks me off. But Witchcraft as a whole - it's my life so apart from the above, no.... x
  21. I'm in the UK too. I liked the original so I'm hoping the spin-off turns out to be good as well. 🙃
  22. Well yes, I can see profiles. I thought the post was about a new rule that was coming. My humble apologies! I jumped the gun... By the way , Khundekling, your reputation points are 666! A fine number!
  23. What's the issue Onyx? This thread is from 2008. Can you not view profiles? I could when I was seeker and that was well after this post.
  24. yes phantasmagoria, i felt i was making a spirit friend also, and fancyshadowcat's suggestions are also good, and normally i would use parts of already dead creatures i come across, for my classical witchcraft spells and workings, or even to sell on ebay for witchcraft purposes, but not this time, because i feel it was me who comforted the wee creature thru his final door to his next dimension, and i want his spirit friendship to bless me, and i feel he will make sure anyone who tries to harm me will be stung, without me needing to use his body for a hex myself, as i really don't feel right about comforting him while dying, and then mutilating his wee body parts xxxxxx having said this, i still have not buried him as yet, even tho i was planning to bury him with a wee crystal chip, wearing my face long witches hooded cloak xxxx so i might well simply preserve his body witches specimin jar with an airtight cork top, and keep him in my in with collection of other creatures and their parts, in case the day comes when i need to bring him out and ask him to remember how i helped him, and to please hurt someone who has just hurt me in future ??????? but then again, is not his spirit already able to know this, and know that i need help, and remember me for helping him, without me needing to do this ???????
  25. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I found it very insightful.
  26. They're 2 different skills. One has to do with sensing (seeing) and the other has to do with interacting (touching/manipulating). Yeah, they're both about energy but one has to do with input and the other with output. It would be like trying to plug a microphone into a headphone jack - even though they both have to do with sound. Very helpful description. I know you haven't been on the forum for a long time, RoseRed, but in case you should pop back in sometime, Thank You.
  27. Hoping for thunderstorms

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