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  2. I have touched on this subject before, probably the only interesting addition to this topic as far as my story goes, when I started out I got into EVERYTHING occult and one of my main interests was ghosts. Being just a kid I didn't know what a ghost was exactly but it sounded awesome..so..ouija, rituals, scrying..anything, just to gain contact. And I did, very easily so. It was frightening ! I still remember so much from that day, it was not at night, not in the dark, not anything that you would expect. It was that one day when I did not follow any ritual or ouija. Me and my friend at the time who was also into anything spiritual was in my room messing around with my "witch bag", I had a bag that I kept my herbs, crystals etc in. A really cool bag that you can wrap out like a cloth - I have posted photos of it on my IG - anyway, I use the bottom for divination. Point being, in the beginning apart from the scary first meeting and the constant feeling of being watched during the following months or so things started to get really interesting. It sound pretty clich√© The Craft (all though this was way before that movie..) when I say that my "spells" started to REALLY work. They had prior to the meeting as well but nowI felt a bit like I wasn't quite in control but I could make bigger things happen. However, it was always a price to pay. Fast forward 30 years my path is pretty much the same, I have always been open minded and added whatever feels right to my craft, be it trad. norwegian, shamanistic related, rootwork..anything that feels right. But the one thing I want to change is the entity. I have been thinking about the possibility of changing it, trading it for another. I know, what is she saying ? Basically I want to find a specific spirit, demon, call it what you want, and hopefully give my services to that in order to trade. have never heard of such a thing but then again I have experimented with unheard of things before with often good results. I'm rambling..recently I have been studying demonology whenever I have a spare moment trying to find a entity that feels right. I know chances are slim but, anyone else been in a similar situation ? Maybe I sound ungrateful but trust me, I can feel it getting worse, I think I am next at some point if I don't suck it up and put on my big girl boots and kick this demon bastard out of my life.(in trade of another one...ūüė≥ ) So, that's the change I've gone through the last 30 + years.
  3. Haha, yeah, that was one of my ideas last night, and I set up a "exercise room"...in my "witch room"..I have guest room with a hidden shelf and all my goodies scattered around looking like interior. I still have my altar in the living room but there is a limit to what I can load on it as gifts/sacrifice..I mean, if it ain¬īt remotely related to incense or look like interior nicknacks then I can't put it there..and we all know how picky some of our friends are, right ? "Hey, gimme bacon!!" - lays bacon beside the oil burner. BF sees bacon laying casually on top of the radio.."What is this, GF ?" ..."Ooooh..uuuhm..incense...?" Yeah, not exactly perfect set up. But yeah,I have a work project dealing with demons, magic, ghosts, creatures from folklore, and luckily it includes sigils ! So, I can sit and read books and take notes in the open without it looking like I'm planning a trip to Bl√•kulla.
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  5. I can sympathize with you there, I am never alone either. However, I have an Art Room to which I retreat to and can do some things in private. Writing in my Grimoire, research and some preparatory work. My Altar is in full view though, so I am discrete using that and all people see are lit candles and incense. NorwegianWitch, just tell people you are doing research.
  6. I basically live two lives -- the real me hidden from everyone and the public me. I keep my craft away from the public eye because of negative experiences. I also find it more comfortable to be private about it. It is for me alone. Clearly it is obvious that I am interested in the occult, as most people would call it, but as I am a historian and a hobby botanist it is quite easy to keep reality hidden from family, friends etc. But a very good reason to keep it private is my professional life - I deal with people from all over the world and many are not positive about witchcraft, it could easily make it difficult for my work if everyone knew me - what I'm really like. It is stupid to have to hide like this in 2021 but that's the way it is ! Another thing that's been on mind a lot last year is how hard it's been to practise now that I am never alone. I find it hard to slip away to do anything. Not even tarot, like a quick read. I just never have time for myself - anyone else feel like this ?
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  8. I used astro-charts, I did calculate for the UK but for some reason the chart I printed has my current location as Canada. So I am thinking that my chart is incorrect. I might just do it again. I did do the chart as for 12:00am as recomended for unknown time of Birth. I should be able to tell right away. Thanks for the offer, phantasmagoria.
  9. I second that! Eyes are too precious to wait!
  10. Onyx

    Rune Stones Anyone?

    Ingenius idea, I love to eat Butter Beans but we cannot buy the large ones in our town. There are just the tiny ones that are not worth cooking
  11. That looks really good... I will keep it in mind to try!!! I love "wet cakes" with syrup. I have noticed that Turkish pastry uses a lot of honey syrup...yum. As for the magic spell, well, I have learnt my lesson about seeking for a man to love me madly....it's all fun and games until they actually "go mad" ūü§ź Well, I don't think only writing his name in a cake would cause something too extreme, hee hee.
  12. thank goodness! ‚̧ԳŹ Let us know how you are healing...
  13. On my way to see an eye dr......
  14. I made my runes from simple rocks and a permanent marker. I don't have a deep knowledge of them yet, but I feel as though I have a more organic connection with them than any cards I've used, because I made them myself. I also like that they are related to one of my ancestral traditions (Germanic), so I feel as though working with them can help me to connect more with my ancestral line on that side.
  15. I can't believe that I just learned about Befana last night, and even after doing a search on here, there was only one mention, and no elaboration! So, apparently, there is a Italian tradition similar to Santa Klaus, but she delivers on Epiphany Eve. The Magi came to see if she could help search for Baby Jesus, but she declined for too much housework, then regretted it and set off herself. She did not find him, so still goes out every year giving to children either nice gifts or bad ones, depending on the child. In Italy there are still festivals to this day that gather dozens of thousands of people! 47% of Italian households hang stockings for Befana! (https://www.officeholidays.com/holidays/italy/la-befana) Wikipedia has some good information, and she is all over the internet besides... these poems I lifted from that page: The English translation is: Another version is given in a poem by Giovanni Pascoli:[13] The English translation is:
  16. Oh dear. A doctor must be an option. Like Onyx says, eye damage is not a joke, and if you posted that six hours ago, you're probably in excruciating pain by now. When I accidentally smacked my eye with a stick a while back, omg, it was horrible. If for some extreme reason you really can't see a doctor, well, I remember when I hurt my eye, they gave me special antibiotic goop that was basically the same thing as bacitracin/antibacterial petroleum gel. If I were in the middle of nowhere and a doctor was straight up not available, I'd apply sterile applications of that to my eye after a clean salt rinse/no-preservative artificial tear rinse, and make my way to a clinic ASAP. Please be OK!
  17. Oh Onyx, I'm sorry! What app or website are you using? Astro.com is considered the industry standard for web-based (and the charts are much easier to read than a lot of other sites), and they have an option for unknown birth time. Or, if you're comfortable sharing your birthday, I can cast a basic one with one of my programs for you. Either way, please don't feel it's not for you! Astrology is for everyone who desires to learn it!
  18. Finally I got my Chart printed out and I think I may have put in the wrong country! I am starting to think that Astrology is not for me.... Argggg!
  19. Optometrist? Hospital? You could lose your eye if infection sets in. My husband is a welder, he knows all about shit in your eye. You need Ponticaine and it is not over the counter stuff.
  20. Anyone know what plant or herb i can use to numb/desensitize my eye ? I have grinding spark stuck in my eye ,and need to take it out asap No "go see a doctor" please its not an option
  21. An attempt to be social.Take into consideration that I am a very anti social witch creature and I usually enjoy that but 2020 made me realise that I have hardly done any work last year and it made me wonder why. The answer is: I am never alone anymore. There is no room for whipping out the weirdness where ever I please anymore, filling the dining room table with poison plant foliage and blend various concoctions, or do rituals in the living room..heck, I don't even do tarot ! Winter is harsh, no welcoming woods to visit for some occultivities, no quiet beach ..nothing. Ugh..Only thing I did in 2020 was to let my plants grow wild.

    Apart from that, here are some pics of my crib, there is always a lot of northern lights here, also Polar stratospheric clouds, very beautiful.

    When I think back on 2020 I must say it was dominated by horses, and as much as I love horses I hope that 2021 will be filled with craft adventures, I have a long list of things to do..I just need some solitude....

    Bonus image of a magical path of toadstools that I took for my Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/norwegianvvitch/







    xx-kopi 2.jpg



    perlemorskyer nordbynes.jpg


    1. Onyx


      Beautiful you!   Beautiful Horse!   Beautiful Aurora!

  22. I tried to do a new chart, it did not work. Another time maybe...
  23. Nice! Onyx says Black Cats are best!
  24. I now have a black kitten. His name is Binx :) I got him for free from a coworker who charged everyone else $50. I also got a free carrier and a free scratching post from the coworker, lol.
  25. That makes sense to do the chart at 12:00 noon, I think I used 12:00 midnight because most babies are born at night. So said someone! Frankly I don't even remember when my two boys were born. I wish I did though. Now I have to do a new chart, my project for the day!
  26. Usually if birth time is unknown, a "day chart" (around 12 noon, or when the sun is at midheaven) is done, because 1. if the time is wrong, you're only 12 hours off or less, whereas if you make it 12 midnight, you could be a whole day off and 2. the sun at midheaven is the best "all-around" representation of the energy of the whole day, because the sun is at culmination... sort of like how the full moon is a fair representative of the entirety of the moon cycle.
  27. I just had a thought Mattmesa! I usually put my Sigil under my Spell candle, just to keep it safe. That's usually where I find them.
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