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    Some days very familiar, other days not at all familiar.
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    Wicca sounded really cool when I was a teenager. I'm currently wandering where I'm called.
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    I'm not sure.
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    Following a calling.
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    More than forty years.
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    Looking for interesting thoughts and people.
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    Ideas, knowledge, laughs
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    Not anymore.
    I was a moderator for EUTM
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    Healing and protection
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  1. A conversation at work this afternoon made me realize that I have been "out of the broom closet," for almost fifty years. Then I felt old
  2. I would love to see that ashram. I drove through Montana on I-90 back in 97. My daughter and I we're headed back to Colorado from Seattle. I can't recommend driving that stretch at night, with a bad clutch, but we made it.
  3. My only ability that comes through my bloodline is second sight. It runs in the family. Anything else, I've sort of wandered through the buffet if life, and worked with what felt right.
  4. There's a graveyard right behind a Chick-fil-A on S. Parker Road. Doing a ritual in the dark, in that graveyard, while people sit in the drive through line for their chicken, has a certain Mean Girl appeal to me.
  5. I remember when a friend and I were just fooling around, not expecting anything to actually happen, but kinda sorta wishing it would. We were also major Dark Shadows fans, especially of Quentin Collins. Take all that teenage energy, put it in a church that has a history of strange things happening, and play Quentin's Theme on the piano while kinda sorta hoping for something to happen. It did, and it was malevolent. I revisted the very small town about six years ago. My daughter and grandkids were with me. Two black dogs appeared from nowhere, and followed the car through town. They followed us back out of town, until we got to the town limits. They disappeared, just like they had appeared. My friend was killed in a car accident less than ten years after that night in the church.
  6. I don't think I would recognize light, if not for the dark as a contrast. This year, well pretty much the years from 2016 on, it's been more dark than light. I don't believe that the dark will prevail, but I'd like to see at least a bit more light.
  7. I've read the term, "let there be light." I've also read, "let there be dark." Our planet isn't wholly light or dark at any time. It travels through the spectrum. Maybe that's what we're supposed to do.
  8. I've never been secretive about my practice. In high school, it was really cool to be working in the craft and watching Dark Shadows. I think the draw that Dark Shadows had for many people made working in the craft less threatening to Muggles. I don't think a lot of people took me seriously, which probably offered a certain amount of protection. Plus, it was the 70's, we were supposed to be entering the Age of Aquarius, and a lot of people were more concerned with Watergate. Even as I got older, I didn't feel need for secrecy. I have rarely used tools, so secret storage isn't an issue. Anyone who knows me, knows I love tarot cards. If you ask about the tattoo on my left chest, I'll show it to you, and explain the pentacle that the winged cat is wearing. I don't have the energy to hide who I am.
  9. I got irritated with the cook at a nursing home where I was working, because he was really going overboard with his foul language. I said, "language, sir," while making him think it was the administrator talking. It worked.
  10. I think I was about 12, with very little idea what I was getting into. I remember asking who was moving the planchette, and the answer being "Devil."
  11. I just figure they're dryads an others who feel comfortable enough with us to show their form.
  12. The next time we went there, the wolves had been reintroduced. My gaughter and I took her kids up to Norris geyser basin to hear them.
  13. I used to think Ouija boards were fun. Then I had some experiences that didn't set well with me. I don't recall picking up any hitchhikers, but there was a feeling of wrongness.
  14. I used to love working with candles. Then, Dreamer, the long haired gray cat I had at the time, set his tail on fire. It didn't burn down to the skin, so he wasn't injured. I was babbling and trying to get to him, when he looked back as if to say, "Oh. My tail's on fire. Isn't that interesting?"
  15. I started a new job right around the equinox, after not working for six months. The facility I had been working for routinely didn't have adequate PPE. It got worse when COVID hit, although they chose to downplay the severity. I decided that being unemployed and alive was a better option than being unemployed and dead. Especially since my grandkids would use my grandson's 3D printer to clone me. Now I get to dress up in cheesy gowns and shoe covers. I also get to pay my bills on time.
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