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  1. I have only had short hair twice in my life, and both times life has been that little bit more of a struggle. I find it harder to hold it together. The first time was when I was 13, the bad luck hit me hard. Then in January, I don't know why I did it, I love my hair long; I just cut it all off to my chin, and it started again. I'm growing it back though, just a few more inches and I'll feel somewhat comfortable in my skin. :embarrased:
  2. I have been using the same deck since I was little; rider-waite. But I'm going to do something pretty big next year, and changing up my deck is an important thing in my mind. I've ordered myself the halloween deck! I've always admired this deck, but didn't want to move onto it until I was on my way out of my current situation. I've always been a massive horror fan; also I am working on becoming a fiction writer (again, horror and sub-genres). The imagery speaks to me more than other decks. Oh! They should be here within the next week or two! I also like that the there are no pentagrams in the deck. I don't know why, but I can't take my current deck as seriously because of the pentagrams. I think the halloween deck is beautiful. There is something so familiar about them, I can picture myself using them.
  3. Well, ignoring the fact that we are connected to everything, to all land... um, no. I've never felt connected to this place, not on a personal level. Don't get me wrong; I do love this land and have fond memories of roaming the countryside, but it just doesn't feel as though this place is mine. I have always known where I would feel especially connected; I've just never been there before. It's strange. When I was four or five, my grandfather was talking, and he said something about Alaska. All I heard was that - Alaska. Since then I've known, I need to be there. I feel content just thinking about it. I feel there is a little place in me that is empty because I am not there. But I'm working on it...
  4. Yep, those witch eyes. There is this terrifying (so I'm told) stare that my great grandmother, my mother's cousin, and I can do whenever someone does us an injustice, or just gets in our way. A few people have suggested that i'm growling at them with my eyes. I also have a tendancy to sneek up on people, without effort. They like to say that I float. My mother's boyfriend is very close to having a heart attack. :rolleyes_witch:
  5. Recently I have found myself thinking about the traits that people back in the day would consider "witchy", such as birthmarks, third nipples, fingers a little too long and boney, etc. And wondering how these things became trademarks of the typical witch. But, my question is, does anyone here have any witch-like traits? (I know I have a few) Could there be a glimmer of truth behind the old accusations?
  6. I, too, use a mooncup. As you say it is much more environmentally friendly, easy to handle, to collect blood of magical purposes. But I also think they are generally better because they help women comfront their bodies. I'm sure most, if not all of the women here are perfectly at ease with their bodies cycles; and much more aware than most of the things going in and coming out of their bodies; but I know far too many women who won't, and will never face the things that their bodies do. :(
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