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    Southampton, England
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    Chandling, Tarot, Painting, Writing, Computer Programming, Home Remedies
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I grew up with a family who has remnants of romany traditions and started reading up traditions and new forest superstitions whilst still in school. I since moved on to learning and developing skills from other witches and craftworkers and have been studying seriously for the past eight years to discern traditional means and the evolution of craft in different regions
  • Have you explored other paths?
    As a teenager still learning about witchcraft my friends invited me to learn about Wicca which did not appeal to me - and I did not appeal to them apparently!
    My personal beliefs draw a lot of influence from Satanism (atheistic)
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have been involved in the craft since a teenager, since I was a child I learnt about and followed local folklore (such as creating corndolls and lavender icons) I have learnt several forms of divination and curing means.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me it means keeping alive the knowledge of what generations before knew. The means of understanding ourselves and the worlds around us in ways that are often lost in the technological age. From a craft aspect it means drawing upon understanding of what is beyond the hedge to enact it upon this world in an unobtrusive and useful manner.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Eight years roughly, dabbled for much longer but without proper instruction or understanding.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Tired of so many witchcraft sites being about new age pseudo-science and having nobody to have a proper discussion about the craft with and not having my morality and integrity (as I am not initiated into a coven...) dragged into question.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I expect to contribute knowledge I have gathered from various sources and share experiences with different workings with others who share my enthusiasm with witchcraft and I expect to have good discussions with people who have other experiences that they are willing to share.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes, but currently inactive due to university and conflicts of interest. I am a member on Children of Artemis that I have left as they disparage my faith. I have left Magicka School as it's non-wiccan discussions are expected to follow wiccan morality. I was on Traditional Witchcraft but the forum disappeared. I rarely visit Occult Corpus as they are an interesting bunch of occultists though there are very few witches there.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Divinition is probably my strongest point, I've been doing a lot of Tarot over the past couple of years. I used to perform dreamwalking and dream guiding but am very rusty on it!
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    My lack of exploration so far, I have often been asked by family and partners not to practice witchcraft and have mistakenly obliged and not looked into other methods, I am now free of such constraints to explore potentials in other areas.

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  1. The article for the headline in the topic here This is what it actually reads as, link for the article here and quoted below
  2. I'd love for every card to basically be looking at some guy drawing the original card in the first place. Would be an incredibly boring deck but somehow the idea amuses me greatly.
  3. I do most of my correspondance via email, over the phone it would probably be slightly easier if you shuffle or prepare the deck whilst having a bit of light conversation, when you're done preparing to start the reading then discuss the properties of that more thoroughly. I let my clients understand that they can tell me what they wish and what they feel is pertinant to the reading, but the more I understand about them and their situation the easier it is to get a more accurate response. Sometimes it means they will only be willing to share a direct question, other times I turn into their agony aunt. I've only had one instance of a customer trying to pull a sly one but to be honest the spread didn't make sense with the information they gave and they relented giving me the correct information (Never understood why they lied in the first place to be honest) If you're comfortable with your deck, with the clients' honesty and in your own intuition to connect the two you should be fine :)
  4. Replenishment of energy from food is surely a short sighted view of the energy possessed within? Whilst physical states are inexorably linked with other aspects of life they are not the sole role of cause and effect. Emotional energy for example. What fuels that? Unless I felt unquestionable rage whenever I ate a parsnip I couldn't really link my physical means of garnering energy with the energy formulated in my own mind. Energy cannot be destroyed. It's a basic law in the sciences. It can be changed but never destroyed (by extension never created either). Which implies that the power within is an energy that we are born with but may be in an unusable state or a state we cannot recognise until trials or enlightenment show us the nature of it or the implication is we steal it away from elsewhere. I personally believe in the former rather than the latter.
  5. Doing it irreligeously seems to be the answer that jumps out to me ;) I am of the opinion that using energy from a divine source is quite different than energy that is within and around for the taking. It has a different texture and flow, much like a dress or outfit, there may be two garments that look near identical but made with different materials. There may only be a slight difference in their feel when worn, or there may be several different qualities that are apparent to the wearer but not necessarily someone who is looking. The difference between spending debit and credit, in a certain sense, the difference between cotton and linen in another
  6. Must admit I'm a little curious now regarding animal blood - I have kept skin from when my snakes have shed, however when snakes shed sometimes they bleed a little from the cloaca (snake term for "arsehole") as it's the only part of the shed that comes from partly inside the animal. Snakeskin is a powerful component, how about dabbing a bit of that blood up too? Would give two quite strong elements of new beginnings, no? Will have to give it a try - I'm now willing my snakes to have growth spurts :lol_witch: For my own blood, I've rarely - if ever - used it. I know many other women view their menstrual blood as powerful, but mine has always felt inert. I am terribly weakened physically before the big day and that seems to simply be reflected in the aftermath. I have used blood from nosebleeds (I used to have them chronically) and that was fairly effective when it was required.
  7. I read the second paragraph was more satirical on the premise that many new age and wiccany types like to take a random bunch of words and shove them together in a manner that puts Hasbro to shame. Such as Shinysoul McFluffy or Summerjoy Winterisalsonice. There is even a guide on Witch Vox on how to formulate such a name but I can't find it right now (Maybe an admin actually read it...)
  8. As weird as it sounds but most artificial hair ones look better than human hair ones - probably because with artificial you're not supposed to use heat treatments or peroxide and dyes on them so they come all ready just to whack on (Most you just give a shake and Bob's your uncle) I thought it was very weird when I saw a collection of human hair wigs, because most are available to people with health difficulties rather than as vanity items it's like they make less effort making them look nice, very sad for someone who feels that they are facing such a loss but are unable to afford alternatives. Confidence in oneself is important for so much, witchcraft and other, I have found over the years my personal confidence can be greatly compounded by the fact I have several facets that wax and wane from one week to the next, and being to outwardly reflect what's more dominant makes me more comfortable in my skin, from head to toe. It's like I have my own mini seasons!
  9. I love my natural hair, but recently I've got the unsurmountable desire to start investing into some wigs to wear over my own hair. A large part is probably because my shoulders have got bad enough that looking after my hair is tricky so being able to take it off and give it a once over will be much easier :lolol: I love dying my hair though, so am currently in contact with a few people to see if a certain brand of dyes I like are good on artificial hair, I think a collection of wigs each dyed differently will be great fun. I know soon enough I'm going to start losing my hair, that doesn't scare me, I'm a little bothered because I know it will be annoying as it will come out in small clumps, I won't go completely bald, Just lose enough for it to look odd. I never enjoyed having short hair so am looking at my options :)
  10. After I got my first deck I got the 'bug' and started looking into other decks and I looked on here to check out which decks I could feasibly connect with - I have a knack for connecting with something I can see online or at least evaluating the worth of something versus the price, I think it's probably because I've grown up using the internet as a strong resource, it's almost another tool for me. Then again people cast spells on strangers with just a picture and a name so I guess it's pretty common just another angle on the same thing :)
  11. I think most of my workings could be classified as enchantments, lol. Working the web, dreamwalking, plain sight suggestion, I haven't used cords yet in any working, but I can see that being very effective and can see how I'd use that in my minds eye - but I have manipulated emotions, feelings and mental states of others. Some people are obviously easier to manipulate than others, so enchantments are very personal, there isn't really a one size fits all. You almost have to be a cloud surrounding them - taking their measure, finding their weak points, finding where they overestimate themselves, their insecurities but also what makes them confident, where they don't see how they shine and their ultimate strengths. All weaved into a single goal or even using the information to swap around some of these strengths and weaknesses. I do not use it, myself, to rob people of their will, though if I wanted to I can see how I easily could (That's a matter for a more private discussion :wacko:) it can be a communication, but most often a manipulation of a personal aspect. It takes a lot longer as a project than some other spell forms, the only times I've seen someone completely bugger up a situation where they tried to use such techniques are when they expected it to be a simple case of they start it and the 'universe' finishes it, or they rush it all, they don't get a correct measure of what they need to do and how to go about it. It's a time sink pretty much, and I know some people seem to get very frustrated starting out with it.
  12. I remember one of those on a documentary thing *years* ago. It was on people who were 'unlucky' (hence documentary 'thing') and one of the women had odd readings, her problem was that animals hated her, she couldn't walk through the parks because squirrels would attack or throw things at her. I thought it was really funny (I think I was about eight) so it's always stuck in my mind.
  13. If your watch isn't working quite right and you're wanting to try a litte something witchy with it you could see if combining the two works for you. Even if it's just a preparation for repair or to 'mark' it as your own so you can find it if it ever gets lost. I'm of the school of thought that time is merely a dimension, like length, width or height - it's a measurement. A clock is a tool to measure along that distance, It's linear to humans as three dimensional creatures, beings that exist in four dimensions can hop along time as naturally as we can pick up a mug and pop it on a shelf. It does make me curious if other measurement devices can bugger up if utilised when dealing with loss or addition of dimension, for example astral travel tends to warp spacial travel if one tries to extend any distance, could a laser ruler or other such thing be damaged if used as a focus or held whilst attempting to travel?
  14. Spinney - there seems to be a couple of topics in the private playground that have mentioned recurring electronic issues. My mother (who admittedly isn't a witch, or at least not a self acknowledge one... I swear the weird stuff that happens to her sometimes...) has to test watches before buying as some clocks start turning backwards when she's near them. I have problems with batteries and chargers draining or breaking absurdly fast, otherwise I get on fantastically with technology, including giving it a bit of an oomph in performance... or y'know, inciting hard drive failure on the occasional jerk Not really clasically traditional, I know, but when you have a knack for something peculiar might as well master the niche!
  15. Sometimes watches mess up with certain people. If you're that worried don't wear it when working - have you actually tried anything with it yet? Only way to know.
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