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  1. I think, at least for us witches not raised as such, we've all been in this situation. This time last year, I was looking through books on witchcraft, and none of the knowledge I gathered spoke to me. It was just a bunch of words and lists and I couldn't really connect to a good 60%+ of it.


    I finally tossed most of my books and tools, kept what intrinsically felt good to me (a candle, incense, my tarot deck, a notebook, and that was it), made an effort to forget everything I had read about or had preconceptions about, and, like you, I got out that notebook and started free-writing about all this.


    I had full-blown conversations with myself in that notebook about what it was I was looking for in my craft, and...the answers just started coming to me in those writings, because I was literally spilling all my subconscious out onto paper. One of the first 'gifts' I received from my subconscious was my chart of elements (yay, elements!), which, after further research, I drew up that day, and it's been one of the fundamental aspects of my path ever since.


    I wouldn't worry about 'screwing up'. That holds you back. Really, just LISTEN to yourself. What sounds right? What doesn't? Go with your gut instinct, and you'll learn a lot about yourself, and, consequently, you'll learn more about your path.


    Good luck with this! It's a fun self-discovery project, if you let it be. :)

  2. This person went on to tell me that by choosing not to have children, I'm choosing destruction. Having children is choosing life and creation, and by denying my maternal destiny, I'm choosing destruction.
    <br><i><br></i><div>As much as I disagree with this person, I feel for them. They have a lot of fear in their heart, and they're laying it out on others. I hope they can find peace with themselves someday.<br><br>But anyway, being an atheist practitioner myself, I can support that having children is <i>not </i>a deity-granted duty, and the universe is <i>way too intricate </i>to have just 'creation' and 'destruction', and nothing in-between or beyond those parameters. As you said yourself, you nurture animals and plants and take care of your husband, and they prosper and grow. That sounds a lot like parenting to me. :) And you make things! How is that destruction??<br><br>Me, personally, I plan to have children in the future. My partner and I have wanted to have children our whole lives, but we are currently in the process of building our financial foundation, and due to my partner being a transgendered female (she was born male, but identifies as female and plans to have surgery to make that a physical reality), we have had to store away sperm, and it's going to cost some sums to be able to conceive. We'll get there someday, though, I'm pretty sure of it.<br></div>
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