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    Tumwater, WA
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    Art, writing, reading, cultural studies, witchcraft, occult studies
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I've been studying witchcraft, on and off, for about fifteen years. However, it wasn't until recently that I came to an understanding of the true core aspects of the practice, and now I'm applying that knowledge to my research, and am quickly forming a foundation of understanding for myself.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Wicca, LaVeyan Satanism, chaos magick (current path of interest)
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I have been working with Traditional Witchcraft since 2011; after leaving Wicca, I have focused more on the practical aspects of witchcraft itself than on the spiritual aspects applied in most set-in-stone traditions.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    'Traditional Witchcraft', to me, means to learn the basic laws of magick and then to build on that with knowledge and understanding through experience and research. Sometimes this means to embrace an existing tradition that you fit into, and other times this means to build your own from the ground up. It depends on what works for the individual.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Fifteen years.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was suggested to this site by someone on PaganSpace after I made it clear that I was tired of the fluffy-bunny and somewhat dogmatic Wiccan presence on their site.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope to receive insight and resources from those willing to share.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Cartomancy, energy work, visualization, herbal healing
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Prolonged concentration, trance work
  1. I'm hoping this is the right forum. I saw a lot of 'clair-' prefixes browsing through here, so I'm hoping my guess it right. I have had several strange instances lately with an online friend, who I communicate with through chat. A song would suddenly start playing in my head, and it would get stuck there for about an hour, and it would be a song that I know and that I haven't heard in a long time. I would tell her what song it was and, more often than not, it was the song she was listening to at the time. After this happening about six or seven different times, she was all, "You! Quit being psychic, you're scaring me!" (jokingly). We're also role-play buddies, so we'd be coming up with scenarios to do, and we would end up typing the same ideas, practically the same sentences, too. Usually I would be typing it a little after her, and we would submit the message at the same time. It was hysterical. Sometimes I feel like I have an antenna sticking out my head and it's just picking up these frequencies like FM radio. Anybody else have experience with clairaudience? I haven't met too many people who have, and it took me a while to find the name for it. :\
  2. I'm finishing up the second season of this series, and it's just great. I'm a fan of horror movies, stories, urban legends and true crime, and it's just to fun to watch all of that combined on-screen. I've heard that the third season is going to feature witches, and honestly? Though I know they're notoriously inaccurate, I'm a fan of movies like The Craft, The Witches of Eastwick, Practical Magic, etc., so even if they're shooting bolts of lightning out of their palm (I'm hoping that won't be how they go about it, though, as I think it would kind of break the very mature and suspensful feel the series has set in place), I can take it with a spoonful of salt and look past it to see if they get anything else accurate. Either way, looking forward to seeing the third season. :)
  3. Loreley by Blackmore's Night http://youtu.be/0pSYRLZj8xs
  4. I'm almost done with the college chapter of my life (I graduate next quarter), and so I think I now have time to log in and be an active member again! Things have changed, though. I guess I can say I'm a lot less...confused...about what I'm doing. I have a much better understanding of how magick works now, and it's a lot less complicated than I was making it out to be. For one, I've decided to cut a lot of the high magick and ritual-based aspects from my practice, because that was one of my major hang-ups. I couldn't afford it, I don't have the space for it, I simply don't have the privacy in my life right now to do such elaborate spellwork, and honestly? I felt a little ridiculous doing it. I came to the realization recently that it really wasn't my thing beyond lighting a candle and some incense. My visualization has improved to the point where I can do a lot of the ritual part without lifting a finger on the mundane plane, and I've had some excellent results from this. So for this reason, I don't keep an altar anymore. I have a storage corner for my few magickal tools, but that's about it. Anyway, glad to be back! Hoping to jump into some interesting discussions soon! :smile:
  5. I think, at least for us witches not raised as such, we've all been in this situation. This time last year, I was looking through books on witchcraft, and none of the knowledge I gathered spoke to me. It was just a bunch of words and lists and I couldn't really connect to a good 60%+ of it. I finally tossed most of my books and tools, kept what intrinsically felt good to me (a candle, incense, my tarot deck, a notebook, and that was it), made an effort to forget everything I had read about or had preconceptions about, and, like you, I got out that notebook and started free-writing about all this. I had full-blown conversations with myself in that notebook about what it was I was looking for in my craft, and...the answers just started coming to me in those writings, because I was literally spilling all my subconscious out onto paper. One of the first 'gifts' I received from my subconscious was my chart of elements (yay, elements!), which, after further research, I drew up that day, and it's been one of the fundamental aspects of my path ever since. I wouldn't worry about 'screwing up'. That holds you back. Really, just LISTEN to yourself. What sounds right? What doesn't? Go with your gut instinct, and you'll learn a lot about yourself, and, consequently, you'll learn more about your path. Good luck with this! It's a fun self-discovery project, if you let it be. :)
  6. [link] This started out as a part of a sketch dump (sheet full of sketches for practice), but it turned into its own thing. :) I like Arachne. I can relate to her and spiders on many levels. We're both artists not scared to express ourselves, even if it pisses off the divine. lol
  7. "Prayer" by Akira Yamaoka (from the videogame, Silent Hill 3) http://youtu.be/YZOF0Rj34kI I looooove this track!
  8. Postmodern Magic: The Art of Magic in the Information Age by Patrick Dunn
  9. Well, shit....another laundry-list! lol Dear Fledgling Witch Self: Books are for research, and your own convenience, and to satisfy curiosity. They aren't an all-or-nothing guide to how to approach your path, and you can skip over things you don't agree with. The way you go about your path is entirely up to you. You follow your instincts, write stuff down, come to your own conclusions, and use those as guidelines. Also, Wicca is a religion, not all witchcraft (threefold law is bunk, and you'll understand why in time). Don't subscribe to their dogma, please. Don't just look at books pertaining only to witchcraft, either. Read up on foreign culture, philosophy, other religions, art history, etc. I know you think religion is bullshit, but read about it anyway. It will be very useful in your path. Also, despite how cynical you're being about all this 'witchcraft' business, you DO have a gift! Read about energy work! Get a pendulum! You'll figure out what it is! You don't need the witch's need-to-have list to be a witch! Just...do it! And just because you dated a Wiccan and hate him forever now DOES NOT mean you should stop practicing witchcraft! It's for your own benefit to keep that spark alight! You have a lot more than he ever did or ever will have! Anyway, I'm done nagging you. Just please consider what I've told you. Sincerely, Holly (from the future) *Twilight Zone theme plays*
  10. 1. It really all depends on you. Would you rather stick with your original name (which you seem to like a lot, as far as I can see) or would you rather seek out a different name that relates closer to your craft? You don't have to come up with an alternate name, but for some people, it's a psychological tool, or switch, that helps them get into the witchy mood when they're about to do magical workings. 2. My username is my alternate, witchy name, but it is also the name my mother gave me. Let me explain: my first name is Holly. I love that name, and it's the one my parents picked for me, and it could probably stand as a witchy name in itself, since I'm named after the prickly evergreen tree whose bows are emphasized a lot around Yule time. However, if you were to look at my full name, you would find one of the most common names known to man. lol. So I decided to put a unique spin on it. I took the Linnaean genus of the holly plant (ilex) and outfitted it into a name. So, as you can see, the first part of my witchy name IS my real first name, just re-translated. 'Morighanan' is a bit more complicated than that. My last name is Moore; very common, Scotch-Irish name, and I THINK the 30-something-th most common family name in the United States. So I looked to my Irish roots, and my obsession with crows and ravens and death and blood (scared of me yet? lol), and I met the Morrighan (raven goddess of war), who is probably one of my favourite deities in Irish mythology. I substituted my surname with hers, and I got 'Morighanan'. It just rolled off the tongue perfectly. Been with it ever since. :)
  11. I'm sensitive to energy in general, and I have been able to sense people with a higher field of energy than the average Joe (in this case, witches). For example, I arranged to meet up with my current coven leader (not having met her before that date, and never seeing a picture of her, or any other indication of how she would look), and out of the crowd of people in the lobby of the restaurant, I was able to pick her out. She wasn't dressed 'witchy' or any other indication that she was one, but I knew who she was. For one, she had a weird familiarity about her. She didn't feel like a stranger, but somebody I have met before and was well-acquainted with. But I'm very shy usually, so it took me a bit to go up and ask if she was the same person who sent me the e-mail. Surely enough, it was her. So yes, I believe that I (and many witches) have some sort of way to sense others. Though I have talked with witches who say they have never been able to tell whether someone was a witch or not, and the realization of that took them by surprise. I guess it depends on the witch. We all have different strengths. :)
  12. I would first like to say: WOW. This is an excellent thread! Thanks M! This is very much how it has worked out for me. Not coming from a family tradition, it took a lot of 'feeling around in the dark' to get an idea of where to start my path. And then there was that 'spark'; an idea that set the foundation and start of my path. It just came to me one day while contemplating a particular curiosity I had about elements. It's been moving forward ever since. I'm seeing things differently than I have in the past, and certain things are standing out in stark relief. I've had to be really patient at times, but things tend to make sense eventually. I also agree with these. It wasn't until doing a lot of research that I realized that I did have a power to work with, and how to wield it in a way that would be useful. I do energy healing, but I didn't realize that that was what I was doing. I just knew that people and animals that were anxious, uneasy or even sick greatly enjoyed my company, and that when I was near people, I somehow knew what was bothering them and how to 'ease' it. Intuitively, and only lightly from study, I could figure out what kitchen ingredients would help, where to apply pressure on the body to ease discomfort, what words to say that would calm a person's disposition, and various other 'healing' techniques. When I started reading about chakras and energy work, that's when I found out what I was able to do, and knowing that helped me to base my path around that. As o_O said, the tools came later, after I knew what it was I was working with, and what could help me out with those particular skill sets.
  13. Vitae Lux by Sissel http://youtu.be/b6_HQRQ7VMY
  14. Ditto. All I have to do is reread this thread, and it reminds me that I'm doing what's best for me by just following my instincts and satisfying my curiosity. Thank you very much for this, Startella!
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