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    On the mountain top, beneath a tree
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    Mysticism, Herbalism, Craft Lore, Necromancy, Native and Folk practices, Illumination, Luciferianism
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    Raised in a family Tradition.. I know what I know.. Still learning.

  • Have you explored other paths?
    Not in depth.

  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I do not play at witchcraft. I AM a witch. I walk, run, dance, live, breathe and practice my own Tradition.

  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Principium et finis

  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    This life and hopefully the next....

  • What brought you to our site?
    King Google

  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I have low tolerance for those witchy-er than thous' who spew off endless orations of esoteric occult drivel.. I would like interaction and exchange with intelligent, thoughtful practicing witches.

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    Like I would share..

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    Artist, Wordsmith, Storyteller, Herbalist, Animist, Perpetual student, Hedgerider, Swinger of Birches, Wildcrafter, Tea drinker, Reader and Knowledge seeker...Woman, Temptress, Mother, Lover, Seductress and Slave.. Traditional Witch and tender of all things baneful...

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  1. I find his work to often be the inflated regurgitated works of others, bordering on plagiarism. He does have a knack for presenting things in a just beyond reach manner. But it is not his publications that are the foundation for the overwhelming distaste for his egotism and total ass-hatery.. It is his penchant for spamming, trolling and harassing others online.. Most who have been around for any length of time, participating on online groups and forums, have most likely witnessed the circus that is Artisson. My response results from first hand, one on one dialogue and exchange over the years. He does get a thrill from being "that guy" Personally , there are many other authors who I find to be more professional, astute and inspiring.. So no need to waste funds on those who do not resonate ...
  2. Anyone interested in an indepth whammie on African diaspora in America should search out and read some posts by Blacksmith..
  3. Where, Oh where have all the "Witches" gone?

    1. Aloe


      All fucked off.

    2. Gramayr


      Or going..

  4. On this we completely agree! .. As a Luciferian, not sure I can completly jive with the rest of this post and the one after.. but hey, it is what it is and the world still turns... long live Luci"FFFF"er.... couldnt resist.. :twisted_witch:
  5. Tid bit of info: The Lady of Shalott is a most treasured ballad by Sir Tennyson , shallots are a member of the Allium family and are great in soups..

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    2. LadyShalott


      It is my favorite poem from youth hence my user name... but LdyOnion is not so appealing to me.. LOL

    3. CelticGypsy


      LOL ! Love me some LdyKinShallots. I cook with them as well, love the delicacy of them.

    4. LadyShalott


      My Darlin Chicka-dees always know how to make me smile.. :)

  6. I believe more were actually drowned and beheaded... but there are numerous online historical sites which give the history of burning as a means of death going back to medieval times..
  7. Interesting thread, like Aloe , if its a natural ingredient I dont consider it unusual... I have used everything from feces to the ash of incinerated animals. The most recent item out of the ordinary for me was an 8GB flash drive in a hand/mojo bag...
  8. When it comes to an integrative and herbal approach to womens health, esp in the area of reproductive health.. check out these articles by Susan Weed.. I have attended some of her intensives as well as studied with a couple of her graduates at the South East WiseWomen and Herb Conference.. she is a wonderful resource.. I can say as a healthcare provider I have used her information in practice as well as personally, and I have friends who are physicians, nurses and midwives who trust her information.. http://www.susunweed.com/Articles_Susun_Weed.htm (obligitory disclaimer: ALWAYS consult your provider before self treating and for goodness sake BE SMART!)
  9. :) Aloe... thumbs up seacow.. great tune..
  10. Mmmmmmm... Kyphi!

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    2. Aurelian
    3. Stacey


      I made my own a while ago. I just adapted recipes and came up with my own.

    4. Jevne


      I had not heard of this, kinda cool - Thanks

  11. Witches of Eastwick is ok, Charmed was bleh for me... mindless enterainment at best.. As for Coven, I watch it but am still disappointed .. As RF said, last season was excellent. What is up with the bland white decor? I mean really? Rather enjoyed the Marie Laveau Hair Salon tho.. I am also from NC but I think WGN is actually out of Chicago so pretty sure it will be available across the country..
  12. Well now, ain't that some sh*t?

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    2. Jevne


      Damn, I always miss the best shit.

    3. Aloe


      Where is the shit?

    4. CelticGypsy


      Who/What left the shit pile, use gloves Ldykins.

  13. Cannot believe it is 60 degrees here in the mountains.. sun is shining and my mind is wandering thru herb garden designs and places to plant green things..

    1. Aloe


      It's snowing here lol

    2. Mountain Witch

      Mountain Witch

      @Ldy: not no more! Still best time for garden thoughts - catalogs are coming - garden porn!

    3. LadyShalott


      Gads, I know.. snowing like mad outside.. garden porn it must be... :)


  14. A douch with warm water and plain yogurt works well without leaving your "wah-hoo" smelling like Italian leftovers. It provides healthy bacterial flora and returns the balance. Boric acid suppositories or about 1/8th teaspoon in warm water as a douch will also get rid of yeastie-beasties... One suppository every night for three nights will change the pH of the vaginal vault and make it inhospitabile to candida... Edited to Add... Not on the lines of "for females" alone, but as a mother of four, I have used crushed garlic in sweet oil or olive oil for earaches with great success.. simply crush it and soak in oil for several weeks, strain and put in a dropper bottle. I warm it up a bit under warm water before putting a couple drops in the achy ear.. None of my children have ever needed to be on an antibiotic for ear infections so that is my proof of efficacy..
  15. Amazing thread and so many wonderful ideas.. CG, the doily would also make a great dream catcher. I dont have much to add to all of the great suggestions. I carry a satchel with me most places and like others have mentioned I keep a stash of plastic bags, paper towels (to wet and wrap around any root or clippings I want to keep viable until I can get home to root it properly), baby food jars are small and work welll for any liquids you might want to collect. I also keep a couple pairs of disposable gloves in my satchel. Other things I try to always have on hand is a small sketch book/journal with colored pencils for drawings and to keep notes of where I collected items. Also its always good to have a sharp utility knife on hand, nothing is more frustrating than trying to break a tough branch or dig up a root with your bare hands especially when you are on your way to a fancy ta-do and arriving with dirt under your nails might be seen as "inappropriate" :scared: As others have mentioned most everything you need you can find already in your home. I keep used coffee grounds for an asundry of uses, as well as egg and nut shells; I store these in a plastic tub under the sink. I also keep a collection of paper towel and toilet tissue rolls ( the brown center after all the product has been used). Its perfect for containing and burying certain workings, simply fold the edges and drizzle with a bit of wax to seal the deal. Craft stores carry small linen sachet bags, I use these for protections and simply stitch them inside my childrens jacket pockets and to the underside of pillows for sleep and dreaming. Something else I have collected and not readily available to most unless you are in the medical field. The small vials IV medications are stored are great for small inconspcious workings, and collection. Most have a tight rubber stopper that can be removed and replaced. These can also be wired across the top and used as pendants for jewlery and tailsmans..
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