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    research, candle magic, crystals, herbal lore, coffee, cooking.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Plenty of research, little experience. I know it's not like what you see on TV!
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Explored mainstream religions, paganism. Basically, athiest but still believe in energy/spirituality.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Done some experimentation, decided I needed more knowledge.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    A synergy of self with the energies around and bending them to your will.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    General exploration over 6 years on and off.
  • What brought you to our site?
    A search for more knowledge and a deeper path.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Expect to get: knowlede. Expect to give: support.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Not at present.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Ability to research. Natural affiliation with energy and weather.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Lack of experience.

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  1. I'm afraid I fail dreadfully at this. I'm not male, young or American, but at least I score points on the LGBT front!
  2. I did the whole wicca is all there is, but it's not what I want and that's pissing me off' thing when I was a teen as well :) My personality has been a huge part in how I approach what I do. I'm one of those people who has to know things. Not just the surface, but I have to get in there and find out the core of the core of the core truth of the matter. I won't let something rest until I feel I have a deep grasp of it. When I was in my 20s I read somewhere that witches of reeeeeally old did not have fancy-smancy tools. Living 1,000 years ago, most would not have been able to read so not written anything down. Most would not have been able to afford a special knife just for magical work, but would have one good knife and it would be used for everything. This really rang true to me and is what informs a lot of what I do now. That 10th generation grandmother ancestor, what would she have done? I imagine she would have got to know her environment really well. Learnt to read the weather, to understand the animals where she lived and what was normal behaviour for them. Learnt to read omens in anything unusual for that environment. Learnt what plants could heal and what could harm. Some of it through handed down knowledge, some of it through trial and error. I don't start from scratch with everything now, life's too short lol. But I keep this as my measuring stick. When I come across someone saying 'oh you need to have this and must go buy that', I imagine this ancient grandmother and what she would have done. If it doesn't fly with her, then I know it's not essential to my path. Also, getting really good at substitutes helps :) I imagine doing a spell for memory that calls me to toss some things in a bag to carry with me and one ingredient is rosemary but I don't have that, then just using a small elephant symbol I have because both represent good memory. That sort of thing. I know some spells call for really specific things, but as I said, I'm more about the essence of the thing. More what would be called low magic than high ceremonial magic. I've never really been interested in herbs but have become really fascinated with making my own flying ointments and such. I read that to start mucking about with toxic plants, it's a good idea to get some really sound foundational knowledge first, so I'm studying herbalism in order to do that. I'm also exploring chaos magic. Not because I want to be a chaote but because I want a better understanding of how magic works and different ways to work with it. The best advice I could offer is to ask yourself what makes you curious? What are your passions and interests? It doesn't have to be specifically witchy, it could be anything. Look into that as somewhere to start, learn a bit about it and then explore witchy ways of doing it. Cooking and sewing are two very mundane activities that can be super witchy if you want :)
  3. I always wanted to be left handed when I was younger. I'd spend hours practicing writing with my left hand. Got to the point where I could do it decently, but I'm still naturally right handed :)
  4. I imagine it's because in Australia that is the direction the sun travels. For me, stirring clock wise is going against the sun, or would be the reverse. It's more in connection with the environment here, which I assume was more inline with being traditional, rather than following rules. For me, connecting with what is, where you live is more important than doing things the way they were done 'back home' when back home is half a world away and in a different hemisphere.
  5. Go with what feels right for you. If your family has a traditional way of working with the runes, do that. I am sure the rituals written in the books worked for the people who did them, but that doesn't mean you have to do them that way, in order for the runes to work for you. The way I approach my path is to ask myself, what would a witch have done 2,000 years ago or more? I am sure not every use of a magical tool required long, drawn out and complicated rituals. I'm pretty sure the majority of magic would have been done in the moment, with whatever was at hand. I read once that most would not have had an athame, as knives were hugely expensive and it was ridiculous to think the average illiterate, poor person could afford to spend money on a knife just for magical purposes. I don't know if you work with gods or not, but if I was looking at doing this and working with gods, I'd research the gods in question and work out what symbols or sacrifices would be appropriate, then find a way I could incorporate those into what I was doing.
  6. I am reminded of the story 'Stone soup'. Apart from adding a lot of love and intent my food be enjoyed, I've not really done any magical cooking. I was taught as a child to stir the pot anti-clockwise (direction the sun moves in Australia) and after making the tea, to turn the whole pot 3 times anti-clockwise before serving. These days I tend to swirl the pot.
  7. Stop seeing the love and approval of others, your own is enough. Dare more (I was scared of everything).
  8. It's not a love spell, it's a sex spell. Love and sex are two very different things. Besides, all spells are manipulative. That's the point.
  9. I've always thought of these as folk superstitions rather than specifically witch ones. I know the history of the news shoes one and some of these I've not heard before. I think they'd probably be local specific.
  10. Being at least 5th generation, white Aussie, I'm definitely a mutt. And I can't tell you what 50% of me is about because I never knew my father. I think we have a much more laid back attitude here and more of a 'check it out, give it a go' attitude because so many people have come here from all over the world. Something like 200 different races/nationalities now call Australia home. On my mother's side, they are mostly from Britain/Ireland/Wales. But, they are Jewish and have the whole wandering through Europe in the middle ages thing in them, so who knows what's in there. My attractions have been to Sumer, Israel, Palestine, Central Australia and parts of Dakota. A strange mix I know. It took me a long time to realise I'm not attracted to a culture per se, but to land and from that, the people who developed a culture in response to that land. I found it very interesting that when I was 29 I did a meditation and was given a name ongala. Then later on, I had a very strong reaction when I came across a Lakota people known as the oglala. To my western ears, they sound very similar. And then I discovered the beliefs of the oglala and certain peoples of Central Australia were almost identical - particularly the belief they both came from Pleiades - yet neither group had any contact with each other that I'm aware of. This probably speaks to my pull toward shamanic practices more than anything else. And what they all have in common, (except the UK connections) is they are all desert areas. The UK pull is more to do with recent ancestors coming from there about 5 generations ago. As for cultural appropriation. For me that's easy. Someone who collects 'made in china' pieces cheaply, who loves the show of a culture and never goes beyond the glitz and glam is appropriating. Someone who feels a genuine connection and does what they can to study and learn is not appropriating in the current meaning of the word. It comes down to respect.
  11. Yes. I don't see them in the same way I would see you. Sometimes I see an energy outline and sometimes I sense them but 'see' what they look like in my mind. I see them this way like a photo and if I saw a photo of them when alive, I would instantly recognise them. Mostly though, it's just picking up on a presence.
  12. How do you know they have miserable lives? Are you talking about just your friends that you've watched and they've told you their life is miserable or is it a sweeping statement of all people who become interested in 'new age'? Some people who get into New Age might be miserable, but not all, just as some people who come by the path of witchcraft might be miserable.
  13. Investigating Scottish myths and legends

    1. CelticGypsy


      Hi Abraxia,

      Down in the Misc Links on the forum, is a post/link I found and added it's called Pantheon, you could search your Scottish Myths there. :D



    2. Abraxia


      Thanks Gypsy :)

  14. For me, there are two New Age movements - the more serious one which includes naturopathy, herbalism, kenesiology, and then there's the whacko fringe. We had an ad on TV here once, showing someone getting a new age treatment. They were laying on a table and this guy was slapping together two large fish above them, while humming. Yep, whacko fringe. I passed through New Age on my journey, but couldn't take the focus only on light and love. I'm naturally drawn the dark and brooding, I could never fit completely and didn't really understand why at the time. That being said, I still work with crystals (as well as other rocks), I still meditate which came out of that movement for me and I do reiki, which isn't necessarily a new age thing to me, as it's about working with energy. To each their own.
  15. This is how I feel when I go onto facebook or various forums and everyone assumes every other member is from the USA or Northern Hemisphere only. It gets tiring. Technically they are Jewish or Hebrew angels, they were just appropriated by the Christians - and now by New Agers.
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