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  1. It's interesting that this thread has surfaced again, especially since I've recently been contemplating, and I guess compelled, to cut my hair by a decent amount, as well as how my general outlook on this subject has changed. When I originally saw this thread, I very much felt that hair was magical, and for me I felt that long hair was a defining factor in, and as an expression of, my craft. However, in truth, I very much feel that my hair being long has caused me to stagnate - all of the energy and history it has collected over the past five years I've been growing it is smothering my development as a witch and as an individual. Originally I grew out my hair as I've always felt uncomfortable, self-conscious and vulnerable with short hair, and I continued to do so as a challenge to see how long it could really grow. For me, my hair is really precious, it's been such a cornerstone of my identity and as a means to tackle and express difficult topics, so with that mindset it makes it really shocking that I'd even think of doing anything more than getting it trimmed. But nothing ever stays the same and my situation has changed significantly within the last two years and because of that I'm feeling the need to remove some of the baggage that's accumulated so that I can liberate myself from past ideals and continue to develop. This is my convoluted way of saying that I believe hair has magical significance, but that's regardless to it's length or style, and manifests through an individual's outlook and current situation. For me, my knee-jerk reaction of "long hair = magical/spiritual significance" is wearing off, and I can now understand that such an absolute thought is no longer right for me.
  2. As WR said, you seem to be well prepared; although maybe you should send those bwitches a taste of their own medicine if you feel up to a bit of fun ;) .
  3. Kaya, if you really want the information from the removed website and you still know the url (either from your web browsers history, bookmarks or memory) then see if it has been archived. You may be lucky and find a copy that has everything you want.
  4. Nineheart

    Going back to the start

    Ilexys is completely right, everyone who has discovered the craft for themselves has these doubts, I've still got some of them, but I'm slowly giving them less power as I start to disbelieve them; in the end they only mean something if we give them value and by acknowledging them we are stepping closer to overcoming them if we don't loose ourselves. I've still got my old notes from 2 years ago when I first looked at these forums, but when I try to clarify them I find that I'm unable to; some of the things recorded are still useful aids, but most of them are just useless and it takes a lot of energy to identify their value, if they have any that is. I haven't "talked out" my issues or written about them, but that is definitely the next step; almost a week ago for the first time I started recording the things that I discovered during divination and for that I'm incredibly grateful, they are worth so much more than any of the research I've done as they come directly from me and not from another's ideas. I have the fear of "screwing up" as well, but for me it's deeper than that; for a long time it has been a part of who I am to make everything perfect, and this usually leaves me paralysed from moving forward because I know it's impossible for something to be perfect. The only thing I can do is to completely abandon my notion of "perfectness" and embrace the uncertainty that action creates; I always remind myself that if something is meant to happen, then it will, no matter how long it takes or how much I want to be "perfect" at it.
  5. Thank you for this recipe CG! To make a vegan version of this just replace the eggs with egg replacement powder, a flour/water paste, tofu etc (more details here). There's also plenty of vegan cheeses available (such as Redwood), use nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour or add in some curry powder. Simply replace the butter with a vegan brand or use a bit of oil instead.
  6. I had a birthmark under my ribcage on the right side, but it's faded and isn't visible any more. Also my hair tends to change colour (not like a chameleon!); my hair is a dark chocolate colour but will either have blonde or ginger highlights and sometimes a mix, but they change whenever I wash my hair. I usually have a noticeable strip of blonde in my hair on the front-left that people sometimes think is dyed.
  7. I can't believe I never saw this sooner! Awesome post 8, definitely a feast for thought!
  8. This is some advice that I am still telling myself to follow: "Don't shy away from witchcraft, embrace it. Let the universe know that you're here and put yourself out there. Bad things will happen but so will good things too, just be sure to try your best, be prepared and always follow your intuition no matter how crazy it may be at times. And never try to organise things (don't plan what to do, just do it!), sometimes there is order within chaos."
  9. I read about 10 or so chapters of A Game of Thrones this morning but I wasn't particularly enamoured by it. I even skipped a couple of chapters (which I've never done before, as no matter how bad a book is I have to read it through to the end). But this could be because I was reading it on a computer screen and I was really tired at the time. Although I do agree that there are too many characters and too many sub-plots going on; it gets quite messy which leads to you never learning anything of value for the story to progress forward.
  10. Thank you for posting about your practices Michele, like ElizabethNickerson I too would like to develop a connection with ancestors and spirits and by reading your posts I've gained a few ideas about how to start.
  11. Nineheart

    Impending surgery...

    Good to hear everything been sorted out, rest up and I wish you a swift recovery.
  12. I've never, to my knowledge, met another witch before. I'm also pretty sure that I wouldn't recognise many real witches because I'm quite insensitive to my surroundings and others. I also think it's strange when people say they can sense or detect another witch through pictures, phone calls and even chat rooms; makes me kinda nervous as I hope I don't come across as emotionally negative or unstable in posts. I'm sure with time I'll develop my senses, but it doesn't stop me being envious of others in the meantime.
  13. I've never experienced anything like this before and I am grateful for other's sharing their experiences, hopefully I will be prepared if something does happen. It also serves as an important reminder to always protect yourself and keep your shields up, especially when you're at your most defenceless. It's made me stop and think about grounding and replenishing one's energy to ensure you're always capable of helping yourself.
  14. Wow, I can see why it's called The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever. I enjoy riddles, just not solving them!
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