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    No longer in Brisbane, Australia
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    Just ask then remind me to shut up!
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I am very familiar with a number of different paths.
    I am passingly familiar with some
    I am completely ignorant in one or two
    SOME of these are by choice! lol
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Sure have! Had decades of nosing into areas best left alone.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I currently belong to a Traditional Line descended from George Pickingill. I have been given my leave to found my own group but prefer to just work with my own family under the Magistracy of my Elder.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    It's not what I do - It's who I am.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I was born in the early 70's and was exposed to magical practices very early in my childhood. I went to the cross roads at 5. Much of my formative understandings occurred in places in Au before long hair was acceptable let alone the New Age.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I joined so long ago now I don't even rightly remember! lol
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Well I have been useful in the past I am told. Hopefully I will be again though I freely admit that in some areas my expertise is exceeded by some of the other excellent people here. Hoepfully I can keep up and learn a thing or two into the bargain - can't say fairer than that! lol
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Umm I am on one other but recently I don't think it is still going (I have been very low key for over a year now getting certain things sorted out!)
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I don't suffer idiocy and like to think one of my best points is my resourcefulness coupled with an ability to see through most things ..
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I am an intolerant sort who just can't wait for the froth to finally die down.

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  1. Greetings All Most definately I believe - and by experience! Fact is in my experience the old line "The Mark endures with book or without and by it you must ward not to be betrayed" is one of the better bits advice that I have ever got! While most certainly there are actual physical marks that can occur, (including skin tags - that one took me by surprise actually!) more to the point we tend to spot each other and know, (with a modicum of practice) whether or not that one being spotted is one of us or another. Of course as Aloe points out - there are ways to keep it to a minimum and not be spotted but well .. where's the fun in that - unless you are on "a mission"! Of course there is also the old advice that simply because they may be seen as one of us - that doesn't per se mean you should trust em! As my first mentor pointed out: "Siblings you keep the closest eye on - they after all eat at the same table as you!" lol Scott
  2. Greetings All You know I saw this the other day and meant to say something then promptly lost the link! lol That is funny because it is exactly what I was to say. When I was first being taught to travel by my first mentor the first thing he advised was to look back at your own contact line. Then grab hold of that line and rip it free, That way he said - not only are you well versed in doing so should you ever need to, (and several times I have done so!) but also that move, (basic though it is) is not something that can be done to you. He advised me that although many teach all manner of things about such a move, it is largely simply a need that many have - a safety blanket - which one should view as a liability if one truly wishes to get out and about. I have witnessed a couple of times the effect that such has had on others and tend toward such a view myself - not surprising I guess since I took his advice all those years ago anyway! lol Scott
  3. Greetings All Well I am quite a private person really though I definitely go through stages where I say what I damn well want and no man gainsay! I have some books that are filled with various scripts and some that are without altogether. I am a big believer in the fact that what should be hidden will be - even if you put it on the mantel. Have had many experiences of that either way! These days when I am doing things it is a case of "listen to the whisper in my ear" ... sometimes it says speak and sometimes SHUT UP! Sometimes it says that there is something to be gained from a script use - to make em or me work harder or as a clue to point at something else ... and sometimes not. So I guess I am six of one .... half dozen of the other! Scott
  4. Aloe ... It's a hard one to get I had to look for ages for teh right one .. there are several and apparently few people like to name their sources properly ...I'll see if'n I can't track down where I got mine for you to save the hours of lookin! lol.... Scott
  5. Well my IPOD has something of an eclectic mix ... At the moment I am well endeared to a soundtrack playlist I have which includes such gems as: Warlock The Theme The Colonial Anthem from the new Battlestar OST and Meco - Ewok celebration .... Yeah I'm a messed up puppy! lol Scott
  6. Greetings All, I have just finished the Veritable Key of Solomon by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine which was absolutely a winner. Obviously you will need a love for Grimoires and at least a passing practical experience of the Solomonic Cycle to properly appreciate just how awesome it is or you will just have to take my word on it. Also I have just finished the earlier (I seem to remember) Goetia of Doctor Rudd which is .. good but I think slightly showing the outsider looking in syndrome and a tad confused .. though again having said that suspect it is me who was just well spoiled after reading the first one! Scott
  7. Howsabout Don't trust anyone ... Everyone has their own agenda .. that isn't nasty it's fact and even the well meaning can wrest your path awry. or anything! The first entity to put it's hand up always charges more than anyone else. Scott
  8. Greetings RF, All I have done and do from time to time but that said I should point out that it is like a fork for spaghetti! If it's bolognese or carbonara you need a specific but o cutlery .. but now if it is that dread stuff from the yellow Heinze tim .. then a spoon will do just fine or perhaps just a bit o toast! I have had chances to use stone a lot having lived in lots of idfferent places down and up our lovely AU east coast and still to this day suggest people get themsleves a mutt. Walk along a road and wait till one stubs your toe .. all the better if it is a copnglomerate of all sorts. THESE will talk to you so much quicker than those lovely icy quartz crystals or scatty opals ... Besides the more specific you get the more specific the job. Give me a swiss army rock with all sorts mixed in any day! Scott
  9. Greetings Lilikate, All, I should have known better than to look in a Tarot Thread! It reminds me of a project I have been meaning to do - now I can't rest till I have gotten it done! gah! THAT SAID - the Baphomet deck is one of many I have and I find it really is picky .. it decides when and what to say to me. The bopok by Akron that came wirth it (not sure if it still does these days?) is highly recommended. Not so much really from a Trad perspective but in that Akron is actually a practitioner and knows his stuff .. well! The book alone, I find I read and reread just to remind myself of what my brain aught to be able to do!! Fraternally, Scott
  10. Greetings All, AND he said ... if you get a chance to read the novel - do it! Just wonderful. Fraternally Scott
  11. Greetings All, If you don't know already .. you should be all a tizz about the new Chris Lee Wicker Flick based on Cowboys for Christ I believe? Wicker Tree is it? Hoooo boy .. colour me SO THERE! And there is talk of another movie in the works ... *BG* As "Molly" used to say: "Do yourself a favour!!" Fraternally Scott
  12. Greetings Anara No probs at all .. that's me - Iritatingly thoughtful! lol Subsisto Scott
  13. Greetings Anara, All Well like so much in life I was being six of one half dozen of another. It is my experience that you do get given one if needed - it is kind of just one of those things that I guess is like the membership card for the next work you undertake. I suppose I could almost say liek a side effect of initiation (not necc just something that happens when you join a new group!) Sometimes it comes, in a dream, or a vision or you might find yourself just saying it out loud, being referred to it by another or a word in a book might leap out and so forth. Or nothing might happen at all. Often we spot nothing but that doesn't mean really that nothing has happened. Now I should qualify further tho because W.W makes a fine point I have made myself often. In my old circles we used to call them "Work Names" rather than magical names because that is kind of what they are and we found the latter to be highjacked to the extent of silliness. We all had several names as needed for the jobs we had done, were doing and so on. We all had essential or secret names too which better approximate the sort of thing most people mean when they say magical name. I am sure we are familiar with the notion that Angelic Names aren't names per se but rather Titles that express the essential nature of the job description - if you like. An excellent example of this BTW was in Bab 5 with the two Vorlons both being Kosh. That is teh sort of thing I mean. When our work overlapped we would share names as a sign of trust and function to clarify certain matters. Now the name per se isn't vital to know, to get .. or anything else really. You can dig a hole without knowing the difference between a spade and a shovel after all. One's birth name (whether one likes it or not) does tell things about the person and often exerts currents over the development (not always for - sometimes against and so on) and is ALL SOME PEOPLE NEED. The same can be said for work names and so on. Continuing on from that the prevalence of choosing a neato nifty sounding Magickuele (With a silent Z) name ... although something I think rightfully teased ... DOES fit the profile doesn't it!? Besides being the sign of good comedy (the joke fits the reality) it also emphasises the validity of the theory. Consider for a moment. We have all known people who have chosen their Magical My Lil Pony Name. We have all gone aside and when the laughter died down thought: "actually that isn't too dman far from the truth - suits 'em!". We have all I'll warrant that many of them tend to grow into their names (in certain loopy ways) more and more as the days go by. It isn't unknown for people to take names and it .. well to be blunt it winding up a cause for real dismay! Such a thing incorporates itself into the fabric of one's practice. That stands whether you like to think of it as a psychological thing or a magical thing when it is considered deeply enough. I have even known a couple of people who have shown this through and through by choosing pooly, getting totally out of their depth and being dismayed when they just tried to change it that it stuck like glue and the situation got worse. I know of one person (a one time student in fact) who showed this further with their birth name by changing it when his practice went awry. He was thinking to escape his embarassing past by changing his name. In short it didn't work at all because he never earned teh old one nor the new one so now his actual name serves to do little but remind those who know him of his weakness and failure. Tragic really. Anyway I hope that clears it up a bit. Yes I meant it because it was real and yes the reality often serves comedy well .. and vice versa! lol Subsisto Scott
  14. Greetings Again Exile! Fabulous work! How strange some find it That when one looks ... they were everywhere .. and yet some can see nothing when they look back! lol Once again fabulous work. Subsisto Scott
  15. Greetings All It is subjects like these which lead me back to my joy of boiling things down to see how they taste. Some thoughst follow which hopefully some will find useful ... I like Power .. not The Power .. or even A Power. What do I think of it .... well a feller in Robocop said it best: "Good Business is where you find it!" To see it in action consider the scene in Poltergeist 2 where the dad asks the Indian what he is doing. (He was standing outside looking up at the night sky) He responds by saying "Seeking Power" to which the dad agrees waving a bottle of Tequila. We go about our functions and jobs using what we have and what we find. We throw our white hats into teh red seas and they come out wet. Our hair gets wet and our clothes too .. we are changed as is right. Time marches on and we change, we get marked and altered and get bigger or and smaller and so on .... and we use that same when and where appropriate .. why? Well again .. another quote .. this time Dune ... "Mood is for cattle and love play not fighting!" You do what you gotta do with whatever is to hand as need dictates .... And now sleep is wearing a toothbrush moustache and shrieking at me so I suppse I should retire .. lol Subsisto Scott
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