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    Animal welfare, cooking, driving.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Have been aware and practising on an off since a child/teen.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Have read about Wicca and I find it goes against the grain. I feel that the ancients were in touch with the natural energies and the unseen. And I feel comfortable using this.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes.....As a teen I followed some of the spells, rituals and divination techniques in a very old book prob 1920s or older. With good success. I now use mostly my own rituals and meditation to bring about things that need altering. Also using moon phases, my personal (LOL) constellation, candles ect and the natural/spiritual energies..
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Being in tune with that which is natural and using in a sympathetic and non greedy way. Mostly for the benefit of others. But sometimes I benefit too.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Since about the age of 9 with regards to divnination, but started using spells, charms etc since about 13/14
  • What brought you to our site?
    Was actually looking for site that had no Wican influence and found it, you know I cant for the life of me think where. I just know I found it.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I expect to read and enjoy the posts of others like myself , and maybe pick up info that may be relevant to me. I also hope to pass on things I have learnt that may be relevant to others.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Anything that involve a third party who has a belief I can help........absolutely miraculous results. Also a strong influence over mechanical things.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Depends I go thru phases of being weak on certain things. This month brilliant on looking good attracting people, being popular. Rubbish with weather, an anything involving money.
  1. Don't worry about a description. Even if it was an illusion, as long as everybody sees it, does it matter . FB :vhappywitch:
  2. Just love this Guy's music. Saw him a few weeks ago live, he was supporting the Arctic Monkeys http://youtu.be/3hUt1FfSZgU
  3. Love this....Many Thanks for sharing. I have the most beautiful willow in my garden Its has donated a wand to me.....such power, such energy.... I just love :chakrahearts: wood (pun very much intended lol).
  4. I agree, a natural infertility holds power and intent...But unnatural infertillity is sorta "sterile" (pun intended) And holds no intent and just a pretence of power. But on the actual fluids produced during sex these have plenty of intent, ie; the coming together of male and female, balance, hedonistic pleasure, total loss of control and reality (if its done right boyz/girls), and well list goes on. I think in a lot of ways during copulation, whether male/female or even single sex coupling, the energies envolved are pretty strong. I think these fluids produced are of use if kept and used during a working. So therefore unless a fertile, potential baby making sex fluids are called for the others could be used. Think it all depends on your use for it is.
  5. I use the Dark moon for love spells :chakrahearts: But in essense its more lust sorta thing than the pure form. There are definately energies there but of a different type. In fact I feel I can describe them as the darker energies. And therefore crafting using those darker forces would be done during that phase. The few days before and after the new moon I use as reflective times. These are great transitional stages and I tend to conclude decisions in a more level way, than the heady exicitable me during the full phase or "the coming down to earth" me of the waning phase of the moon. Other than that increasing spellwork is done during waxing and decreasing during waning. Eclipse's for me are also a special time and I tend to make up my oils and potions for later use then as I feel they hold more strength and power. Last Eclipse in Decembers full moon I made amongst other stuff a condition oil. I found this extremely powerfull, but ran out in January (shoulda made a bigger batch). So during the full phase in that month made anothe batch. Now this I found lacking power and strength. Made a new lot the other night during the full moon and although I changed the formulary slightly (borrowed from Zen Draegons one) I've only tried it once but it really packs a punch.....best one yet :witchbroom:
  6. Now that's thought provoking. Its not that I underestimate myself, I just feel that my own artificial Menstral blood is just that, artificial and fruitless. None of the life giving properties of real mense. But I dare say there are things I would use it for. Coz as we all know the best spell work will suddenly become apparant to us. And we will often discover that there is the perfect use for some of the stuffs we deem unsuitable most of the time. And yes I can see transfer of Majik properties from one witches natural substances, if given to another with that intent. Makes sense to me. And to the question is a witch still a witch after a blood tranfusion. Well what maketh the witch? I think that a witch is made up of any number of different biological fluids. And the loss of one might, and only might weaken a witch. Probably more likely because of the cause that occurred requiring the need for blood, more that the doner life force flowing round the body. I think of myself a bit like a cake, pardon the analogy. But made up of loads of ingredients, Lessening or losing an ingredient or two might make a slight difference but I'd still be a cake. And deffo if I have to be a cake a "passion Cake" mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Missed you CG, All good with u B)
  7. I am now longer the possessor of my own hormones and mine now come from the Chemist/Drug store. I dont feel the menstral blood I produce now to be the same and to me is lacking in power/strength. I therefore use normal blood for any spell work, feeling this has more power. In answer to your qustion CG, IMO the power gleaned from Menstral blood, is useful as a source of power to the person producing it. But also there is definately spellwork that it could be used when coming from a doner as a source of intention .
  8. I've seen some before , but not for ages. I believe they're lizards without legs , aren't they????
  9. That occurred to me too LOL But I think technology has its place, and I think its like everything there has to be a balance. Too much could be bad and too little could be counterproductive. I'm inclined to take the best of everything, natural (in a respectful, resourceful way) and technological. In my mind a bit of each is good. And as to hand signals, as someone who drives a lot I have no prob conveying to incompetant and inconsiderate road users what I think about them.:nono: :jackoff: , ,:fu:
  10. Its good that in this day an age when the general consensus is, "if you cant see it and you dont understand it " it dosn't exist. That a return to old beliefs and customs is apparent in this case. Not only that there seems to be a great deal of faith levied on them. Thanks for sharing the link. :wickedwitch:
  11. Absolutely brilliant.. Gonna be sniggering all day :lol_witch:
  12. laine


    Read this thread with great interest as for years I've described myself as an Empath. Now wether your take on what an Empath actually is, differs from mine or not. I just felt that word described the way I feel what others feel. Here's how I describe what that description means to me. I can feel what others are feeling , happy, sad, peed off, depressed, anger, all emotions really . I can understand why an how, they are who they are. I have to open up to the person in order to feel their thinking/ feelings. Sometimes I unconciously do it but mostly unless I make a connection with someone, I block them. However an perhaps I shouldn't admit this but, I also have described myself as an emotional vampire...........an need to feed off of certain emotions. Without "feeding" I feel flat an almost miserable. I feel like I actually glow an vibrate when in contact with those who harbour these feelings. Without going to much into detail they are positive feelings/energies. An cause no harm to those who I share these with. I'm just being frank with you all here. An realise there will be those who will not agree with this.
  13. Now I gotta get myself one of those :wickedwitch:
  14. Dont you just love it when you find something you forgot you had, as you never had a use for it. An when you discover it again you think its just perfect for some purpose you have in your mind. :wickedwitch:
  15. Interesting read, thanx. I too learned something.:wickedwitch:
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