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  1. The second part makes me wonder ... I know lilacs were traditionally planted over buried babies that passed away. Sometimes small rows of them next to country homes make me sad, since I learned of it. I wonder if that bit about "the lonley infant" is implying that honeysuckles were used the same way??
  2. Sounds to me like these djinn are or could be connected to the emotion of 'shame'. (Bedroom, bathroom, disbelief/faith, prayer, shopping, etc.) Perhaps renewing your own conviction and purpose in life, solidifying your intent and self-knowledge would be good ways to help ward your house and home. Just a thought.
  3. Out of curiosity DG, if you're the one who made it, how did you "notice" a few days later that the eyes were fixed and painted on? Didn't you do this - or did you get someone else to?
  4. Leave 2-3 pages blank in the front of your books - put each entry in a list to form a working table of contents. Write it down, now, even if it's not perfect or in order - you WILL forget what you did or what you added. You will get to know the order things are written into your book as you fill it in and refer back to it. I like that it ends up being almost a string of events and workings that you can go back and look through in the order they happened/you thought of them. :deadhorse: The items you collect yourself are far more useful and 'powerful' than anything you can buy, whether it's the "right" material or not, you picked it up and it has a significance for you. Freeze small samples of blood etc. in empty pill jars and freeze them. Small volumes of these can be very useful on the fly. (Esp if you cut yourself by accident - may as well benefit from it!) Another bump on the burning subject - when burning paper, be prepared for some of it to flake off --while on fire-- and float away... onto your ___________ [floor, curtains, pets, books, etc.], Be ready to put a pot lid over your working surface (non-flammable!), or work near/in a hearth or fire pit. Use a dream catcher made by you. Very useful in dream work, sleep protections etc. I think I have a thread or pictures somewhere on here with mine and instructions. Sums up my life philosophy, including my practices: "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." -A. Einstein
  5. This is where I do a lot of my workings when dealing with people I know well; friends and family. I find that enchantments need to have even more focus than what I would call a 'spell', as they are something deeper. One is working with the world and people, the other feels more intimate. (I think that came out right.... it's late. Did that makes sense?)
  6. Ditto. I find that for me, violins and saxophones have more of a tendency than other instruments to get right up there into my nerves. Because I am prone to over-emote, I have to choose my melodies carefully, or I will put myself into some bad moods. But, I love music; one of my friends calls me her personal walking radio. I will listen to anything, as long as it's quality music of its genre. I'd like to try drumming, hippy as that may sound...
  7. sounds lovely, thanks for sharing your journey :)
  8. Me, too. I returned my RW deck almost immediately - couldn't get into it the way I got into my Thoth deck... I felt unfaithful. I've always pronounced it "Toth", rhyming with moth... not sure if that was just impulse or I heard it somewhere like that, though.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/user/coheedandcambriaVEVO#p/u/8/oFObU6-qN_k Oh, yes. Coheed and Cambria. I went there. <3 ..."and when the answer that you want, is in the question that you state"...
  10. WR, bloody mary? I prefer a good ceasar made with gin. :D I love my divacup for that reason. I use an old pill vial to collect and freeze it. My SO knows that anything in a pill vial around our place is probably best left untouched! lol I have a ton of embroidery floss at home... *wheels are turning....*
  11. Evy, it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Mortality is tricky... just when you think you've got your mind wrapped around it, it slips away again. I think your piece has captured a very peaceful soul.
  12. I've always wanted to make a simple syrup or lemon syrup for drinks in the summer, and perhaps midsummer would be a very appropriate time to whip some up for drinks and offerings. Let us know how it pans out, M.
  13. Everything is changing completely before my eyes. I have applied to an honours program for this fall. My boyfriend plans to cross the Atlantic to attend law school at the same time. I will have to move from our current (beloved) apartment, out of financial necessity, when he leaves. Maybe leaving our home behind will make the distance seem less and might cover what's raw with it's silver lining. I can hope. I have spent two years in limbo since my last chosen path erroded under my feet. After 3 years of school and a mound of debt, followed by a year and a half of anxiety-induced eating disorder and insomnia, (brought on by work environments not suited to me) limbo feels more secure. It's not pleasant, but at least the paycheque is consistant, right? My debt is paid, but my doubt is not entirely extinguished; chosing again and living with it is not as easy as I thought it might be. Fear is not helping me forward, but it feels comfortable when facing the unknown... alone. I want courage for the solitary journey I'm facing. I want to sit with the discomfort and the anxiety; I want to not be afraid, to chase the doubt away. I will start from scratch to find a living space and build a new home for myself. I will develop my own rituals and routines all over again, and alone. I will reserve a space for T and for the future unfolding, while staying focused on and confident in the present. I hope I find more Me...
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  15. ack! that's no fun - feel better. ever tried to take enzymes when you eat dairy? also, a lower fat cheese may be easier for your body to process.
  16. Thanks, EJ; good advice for sure!
  17. Playing with several sketches for mine. I'm still not sure I can sit through it, though, as the general idea of what I have planned is on the large side. Any more tattoos out there?
  18. I Will Fear No Evil, Heinlein One of my favourite "non-witchy" books. Don't let the title fool you - it's a great novel... but I don't want to spoil it!
  19. What comes to my mind first is a crab in the middle, perhaps... (Associations I have with crabs: Water/emotions, high alert and easily offended but hard shelled, refuge, and the familiar and secure.)
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