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    Some days very familiar, other days not at all familiar.
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    Wicca sounded really cool when I was a teenager. I'm currently wandering where I'm called.
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    I'm not sure.
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    Following a calling.
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    More than forty years.
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    Looking for interesting thoughts and people.
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    Ideas, knowledge, laughs
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    Not anymore.
    I was a moderator for EUTM
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    Healing and protection
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?

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  1. Each of my tattoos has been planned, except one, with what the subject and color mean to me. I didn't consciously decide to have the right be day oriented and the left be night oriented. The rose on my thigh was a dare. A nurse I was working with dared me to get a tattoo on my thigh, and then show it to him. I was 36, so I figured it was my midlife crisis.
  2. I've had a pentacle tattooed over my heart for many years. It was expanded later, to include a special cat who died too soon. It's a gray and white long hair tuxedo girl, coming down a branch. She has white wings and blue eyes. She wears the pentacle on a chain. The moon peeks over her left shoulder, from behind the clouds. The tattoo starts midway down my left breast and extends over my left shoulder.
  3. Part of me wonders if I would still be on this path if I hadn't been raised Catholic. The Catholic church uses a lot of ritual, and as a young child, I was fascinated by the ritual. I always wanted to be able to see the priest. I might have been more likely to stay with a mainstream path without that. Or it might have just taken longer.
  4. I would like to have plants. I have a black paw/thumb. At least with houseplants. I do have some roses outside. I plan to get back to work on my memory garden in the front yard. The weather and back spasms permitting.
  5. I have seen spirits since I was quite young. I started developing an interest in the paranormal around the time that puberty arrived. I was actively practicing spell work in high school. Class of 1974. All of that predates the internet. I will admit to being somewhat influenced by Dark Shadows.
  6. Be careful what you wish for. I remember that line from The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Belwenda... Two of my five cats are very bonded. They meow to each other, or when one can't find the other.
  7. I remember doing something a bit like that, yeek, back in the 70's. I feel old when I realize that I'm remembering things from fifty years ago. Anyway, I would be interested in learning more about this. I find there's something relaxing about working with my hands.
  8. That's a very intriguing site. I want to spend some time there, when it comes to pass that my hair isn't on fire. We've been doing creative staffing 101 at work. I want to be able to focus when I start exploring.
  9. Spirit the Pizza Panther
  10. I have a long term experience of receiving spontaneous messages from the other side. Sometimes it's people. More often, it's cats. I get messages for the pet parents of cats who have passed. I realize that it sounds crazy, but the pet parents verify that the things have happened. Does anyone else have any similar experiences?
  11. That's interesting. Riverain tends to be a snowy time where I live. I think I would prefer rain.
  12. A conversation at work this afternoon made me realize that I have been "out of the broom closet," for almost fifty years. Then I felt old
  13. I would love to see that ashram. I drove through Montana on I-90 back in 97. My daughter and I we're headed back to Colorado from Seattle. I can't recommend driving that stretch at night, with a bad clutch, but we made it.
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