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    creating artifacts and spells
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  1. On my way to see an eye dr......
  2. Anyone know what plant or herb i can use to numb/desensitize my eye ? I have grinding spark stuck in my eye ,and need to take it out asap No "go see a doctor" please its not an option
  3. When we begin to awaken we are very excited about our sharpened senses and intuition. Each "new level" we see, hear, taste and feel all the nuances of everything, as if we have been born anew. And even though it is absolutely delightful and valid to be happy about it and to enjoy these states, it is very important to let go of the excitement sooner than later. As long as you keep being excited and pay attention to every new detail, you keep getting lost in it and your progress will stagnant until you finally get used to everything "new". This can take years and years for some. Another problem with getting lost in details, signs and symbols and meaning is that it might get you into psychotic states, where you lose track of your main goal and the "base of reality" completely. It's like being swallowed by chaos and still trying to make sense of every shape and color that's flying around you. This might cost you your potential at some point. To make sure you progress as fast as it is possible and healthy for you, you need to learn the kind of discipline, where you let go of excitement, of your attachment to signs and meaning and identification with everything "magical" and extraordinary. Make it all, every crazy synchronicity or divine-Kundalini-alien-sex sensation (😅) feel absolutely ordinary, like everyday business that you barely pay attention to. That way your capacity to hold "divinity" will increase exponentially and you will still not be attached to anything it brings up personally.
  4. If i threw it in a tree 20 times (i did and got it to peg about 10 times) and afterwards i can still cut sigarette paper i call it a f.. knive,i say this with all smiles, don't get me wrong😁
  5. Not sure if its ok if i add my name in the pic,i hope it is.
  6. Yes ive used a torch on thinner pieces ,and wire like this knive handle
  7. Key holders ,the longer ones is bottle openers too.
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