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  1. I actually just cut 6 inches of hair last weekend... from about mid-back to my shoulders... and I suddenly felt "relieved" ... not sure why exactly. Just sharing.
  2. I wish I could be more help, but the one familiar I have found their way to me... so I don't really have any advice.
  3. Thank you for sharing this! It totally made my morning! :)
  4. Doing some writing and this really got me into the right mood for the theme... Goetia, Dark Magic Music
  5. I know what you mean... I, personally, love to let the Shiva mantras run when I'm doing deep healing work on myself... calling in Shiva seems to give my healing work and energy a big boost. Of all the gods I work with (Hekate, Bast, Brighid, Jupiter, etc... and I have incredible adoration for them all and abiding gratitude) I seem to be the most aligned/closest to Shiva. Speaking of Shiva, I always really appreciated the occult information about the god on this page: https://occult-world.com/shiva/
  6. Oh, that is so interesting about the yoga instructor...
  7. Oh that's awesome!!! So happy for you! :D
  8. Interesting... I've been adding turmeric and black pepper to my meals daily, ever since I was diagnosed with rosacea (about 4 years ago). I definitely think it helps with my inflammation levels. It's not a cure for rosacea or anything, but it helps (along with avoiding my triggers, managing my stress levels, and getting good sleep each night as best I can)...
  9. Letting this wonderful Shiva mantra play in my bedroom... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmNjc_EzQx8&list=PLL8uIBNX4u8021r5f26H2Nsb58wGzyU3M&index=7
  10. I usually feel more like myself with longer hair, although I do trim my bangs when they start to curl in towards my eyes, and I find myself constantly blowing puffs of air to get them to move. I like the idea of offering up the clippings! Thanks so much for that, @WitchVillage!
  11. Thank you so much! I am really enjoying the conversations!
  12. I have white and pink... the white ones are blooming, but the pink ones haven't started yet. I don't know why my pink ones bloom a little later, but since I've lived here the past 3 years they've always been behind the white ones.
  13. Ooooh I know what you mean, I am thrilled for spring. My garlic is going wild, and my azaleas are in full bloom... and, yes, I'm feeling super grateful for this site and the chance to talk with everyone here!
  14. Thanks! I know what you mean... I burn some... and I craft some for long-term use (and consistent energy release)... Hope you are having a happy start to your spring season!!!
  15. Been hearing a lot about olive leaf extract and oil of oregano for the immune system the past few days. I was just wondering what info some of you here might offer up about these herbs... ??? ... Thanks!
  16. Mulberry paper... oooh... tell me more about that! B)
  17. Sweet! I love carving on candles, for some reason...
  18. Thanks! Yes, I sometime times burn mine, too... the ones I create for personal ritual/spellcasting. :D
  19. Oh WOW!!! I'm suuuuper impressed!!!! There's something so organic-feeling (like a spiral that wants to move forever outward) about your designs, as if they are growing. I really love the feeling they evoke! And, the candles are very cool... I've only ever made candles a couple of times in a group setting, never on my own. Are your candles given any specific intentions?
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