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  1. I hadn't thought about doing that! I do save the ashes from the Yule log on Winter Solstice, but had never thought about saving them from the summer bonfire. I will start doing that next year.
  2. I generally spend the holiday quietly in meditation, contemplation, and doing divination. And eating spice cakes. And drinking chai tea. This year, since I have lost three family members and my oldest kitty, I may need to do some grieving as well.
  3. Ha! I'm Jadis. Btw, I am NOT much taller than everyone around me. But if I can seem to be, I guess that's good enough, right? You got: Jadis, the White Witch You're as strong as you are intimidating. If you aren't much taller than everyone around you, you seem way taller. You tend to think most rules/laws don't apply to you. Love winter, hate Christmas. I have no idea why this is my match. Except for the intimidating part. That much I'll own up to since people tell me that fairly often.
  4. Do you remember what the focus Runes were in the dreams? Is it the same in both, different, unclear?
  5. I dunno, I'd maybe go with having a bit MORE red wine at bed time - that's a pretty cool dream! The color changes are the most interesting to me. I've not spent much time with the Runes yet, although that's on the schedule for this winter. But the color changes and the splitting into mirrored rune images is fascinating. Have you asked yourself what that means yet? I have some thoughts on it, but wanted to see what you had come up with, since it's your dream and you hold the keys to best interpreting it.
  6. I keep an extremely large (16 inches across) African Violet on my desk at work. Mostly because I love them, but also because they are supposed to be "protective." https://imgur.com/a/mjqWwHn I also use my plants - cultivated and wild - for food, medicine, and treats. I have some apothecary's roses, for example that I infused into fractionated coconut oil for fragrance and moisturizing (will be using for lotions, hair pomade, and candle annointing later), rose liquor, rose honey, dried rose petals, rose bath salts, rose jam, and rose wine.
  7. I had an out-of-body pre-cognitive experience when I was 8 or 9. I was "asleep" and suddenly found myself floating in the air of our living room downstairs, near where the wall meets the ceiling, looking down at someone I'd never met before. She was wearing a white mini-skirt, had bouffant blonde hair, and was wearing go-go boots. (This was the seventies, so that last bit isn't quite as weird as it might seem!) The dream was so odd and so real that I wrote the date and a short description of it down on the back of a picture I had in my room so I could be sure to remember it later. I wish I still knew where that picture was, but we moved a lot when I was a kid and it probably was thrown away at some point. A few months later, this lady came to visit. It turned out to be a cousin of my mother's, who lived on the other coast and had just had sex reassignment surgery, transitioning from a he to a she. I'd never met them before as a he, and once they came out as transsexual, the family stopped talking about them altogether for many years. My mother had actually told me at one point that they had died. But the day she arrived, the scene I saw in my dream actually happened for real, and I was standing in the same room (on the floor this time) to see it. I didn't know I was going to be a witch, but I did know something really odd was going on, and I thought about that dream often for many years.
  8. If you manage to get a patch going outside (maybe put a cage over it so the cats don't destroy it) and you let it go to seed - you will probably find you have enough from that point on to open your own catnip emporium. That's my experience. lol
  9. Yeah, that type of glasswork really needs some space, or you risk breaking stuff. Lampwork can take up as much or as little space as you have for it. I started with a heavy wood TV tray and a folding chair next to a window for ventilation, and now I have a studio - mostly because I have a really bad addiction to beads and unusual colors of glass rods.
  10. FrozenThunderbolt - Lampworking can absolutely be done at home! You need some kind of torch hot enough to melt glass rods, a handful of metal "mandrels" and some "bead release" clay to dip them in, and a few simple tools, and of course, glass. I believe you can still get kits with everything you need to get started, including a selection of glass rods, for less than US $200. I got started that way - I had a "hot head" torch and I used small cylinders of mapp gas from the hardware store to get started. This is far from an ideal set up, but it can be enough to figure out the basics, make some interesting simple soft glass beads, and figure out if you want to take it any further. There are video tutorials online, and if you can locate a lampworker in your area you can probably get them to show you the basics in a few hours. After that, it's just practice, practice, practice. Beads and other things also need to be annealed, so eventually you'll want a small bead kiln, or to find some place you can take your cooled beads to, to get them batch annealed. You'll lose some to cracking if you do batch annealing, but when you are first getting started, it's just to be expected. I've been lampworking for about ten years now, so if you have more questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them. :)
  11. Only if it's made of recyled plastics from the Pacific Garbage Gyre!
  12. Thank you! :D I really enjoy making jewelry, and the lampworking I do came about because the beads I coveted so much were so expensive, I wanted to see if I could make them myself. And, I like being able to make whatever strikes my fancy for that particular project. I also love to make tiny blown glass vessels. The one in my profile pic is a tiny french green moonstone goddess vessel. It is actually hollow in the belly portion, and the head is a stopper that has a dip wand attached to it.
  13. Chiming in on the "what's more important, the artist's meanings for the cards or intuition" question... When I read, I go over the possible meanings for the cards in the spread first, then I go through a second time and create a "story" for what I'm seeing that incorporates the gist of the meanings for each card, taken in context with the other cards in the spread as a whole. So I guess I use both types of meanings.
  14. I just started with Runes, and will check out the resources posted here. Thanks, everyone!
  15. I mostly read for myself. I pretty much only read for others if they ask me to. I have accurate readings both ways. I don't know what might account for my experience there. I'd never heard there could be issues with reading for yourself. Did you know about that before you tried reading for yourself the first time? Or did you hear about it after not having much luck and researching the cause for that? I wonder how much expectations or fears could play into the results.
  16. Here is a fall themed necklace I made a couple of years ago.
  17. It really is interesting what is being discovered about plants these days! I read an article a while back about "dead" stumps that were actually still alive, because the other trees in their local group were feeding it from connections between root systems. And another article further back on how trees can communicate about insect and disease threats. There's a whole lot more going on with our quiet green brethren than is obvious to we "hasty" folks.
  18. This week I'm reading Weaving the Liminal, by Laura Tempest Zakroff. Just started it, but good so far!
  19. I have a couple of compact kits - both are housed in wooden boxes that are 5 in x 5 in x 1.5 in. One has a brass "altar table" plus candle sticks, a small cauldron, a chalice, a sword and a wand. It also has incense, candles, some crystals, salt, and a tiny tablecloth that can be changed out for the different seasons. The other is a miniature "outdoor" garden with a walled brick patio, a background of aspen trees, a trellis with vines and flowers, and all the other things I might want to use for an outdoor working, in extreme miniature. Dollhouse and electric train miniatures are a great way to find the right size stuff to furnish a traveling kit/altar. I also had a lot of fun putting the second box together - in particular, I got a real kick out of laying all the tiny bricks for the patio and wall.
  20. Agreed. I do have a cell phone, because that's how I keep communication going with my kids on text and chat, but I haven't watched TV (on purpose) for over 20 years now. And I don't miss it one bit.
  21. I agree with this 100%. My personal belief is that our power/energy derives in large part from having a connection with the land. I struggled for a long time because I thought I had to connect with the land using the same means as others of my bloodline might have used in the past. The problem for me was I couldn't make that same connection, because I don't live on that same piece of earth. I realized a few years ago that I could (and probably should) have a much stronger connection with the land that I DO live on, and since then things have started to slowly fall into place.
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