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    San Jose, California
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    The Occult (duh), the basic 3 (reading, writing, gaming), and magic in all its forms.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Magic has always been a huge part of my life and over the years my focus hasn't grown (already hit the limit) and has rather just become more specific and active. I began practising an eclectic branch of witchcraft at 12-13, honed in on traditional witchcraft at around 15, and a little while later have focused mainly on Arabian, Islamic, and Persian forms of practice.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Grimoire Traditions and PGM work have been the main ones I've actually attempted other than traditional witchcraft, but I do try to stay knowledgeable in as many forms of magic as I can, from Chaos Magick to (Non-Native American) Shamanism, even if I don't practice them outright.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, Traditional Witchcraft has made up most of my actual practice. At first, it remained very general and I took ideas from folklore found in Irish, Scandanavian, British, etc. sources but have now focused myself solely on Middle Eastern forms of practice.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    A system of belief and practices taken from or are a reconstructed form of traditional praxis; usually, but not always, taken from folklore, religion, and the beliefs of the common man.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    For about half a decade now.
  • What brought you to our site?
    The want of a community not focused around Wicca or other modern practices, and also the experience of forum-posting again.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Groups of like-minded yet diverse individuals to discuss and grow one's practice with along with plentiful casual fun when appropriate, and also to add to the site my knowledge and experience with Islamic, Arabian, and Persian work to bring this niche topic into the general wisdom.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    No. Sorta. I am part of a Discord server centred around Occult discussions but no websites.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Researching skills, discretion, divination, prayer-writing, traditional forms of magic working.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Daily practices, working with gods, getting out of my "armchair occultist" mentality.
  1. Magic is ultimately an art all about manipulation, be it the world or people. Especially people. Love spells, curses, bindings, whatever else; magic is ripe with all sorts of methods and charms to harm, trick, or deceive people. But a folly I see when people do attempt such things is being under the assumption that theirs is the only active influence out in the ether when they cast. There could be twice as many people praying for blessings as there are magicians attempting to curse, even a well-wish from the target's friend has the potential to disrupt or weaken your influence. Usually, such "magical noise" is easy enough to overcome; after all, the magician's spell is an active influence against a backdrop of passive noise, easily able to rise above such disruptions. But when is it just too much? When is it nearly impossible to get your voice out there no matter how hard you shout? Who out there are simply untouchable? Now, I don't mean to turn this into a thread about who's deserving of being enchanted, but just pondering on what types of people are simply too hard to influence with a spell--and maybe even how to overcome such roadblocks, for good or ill. The obvious example that pops into my head is politicians. While there's nothing as satisfying as smacking someone blind with a curse, most politicians have mastered a green sorcery beyond many of us in order to protect themselves: obscene wealth. Whatever illness you strike them with, they can pay for the best doctors to cure; whatever stupid shit you make them mumble on TV, they can pay hush money or drown it behind more noise; whatever roadblock you put in front of them, they can banish it away with an invocation to Benjamin Franklin. And this is all assuming you even are able to actually put a spell on them. Big politicians have big followings which means a lot of minds devoted to trying to see them succeed. People praying for their success, donating to their cause, rallying up support, or even using magic themselves. Hell, even just hoping they win could be enough to create a nigh impenetrable shield about them. True, a wish can never do what a spell can, but hundreds, even thousands, all focused on the same goal? Can be pretty tricky to break through. But politics is, fortunately, a world as interconnected as it is arcane and unpenetrable. Who is your local representative? Who's running for mayor in your town? Chances are you don't know, which means the rest of your town doesn't either. They're smaller people with smaller coffers and smaller followings, which means bigger and easier targets for the magician. A few carefully spun minds could be enough to cause a ripple big enough up top to create the change you never could do alone. Think about that the next time voting season comes around. But what about you guys? Who would you deem untouchable and why?
  2. "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave." While not about magic directly, considering its age (old proverb said to be uttered by the Prophet Muhammad itself!) safe to say that it was during a time that "knowledge," and by extension science, included the subtle arts.
  3. Reminds me of my favorite activity to do during long, boring car drives. Strangely engaging trying to guess the exact moment a light will turn green; eventually you learn the timing of the lights on familiar routes and can mildly impress your friends with it.
  4. "And now for step two on this magical how-to!" "And now, we whisk in a whisker, as we chant our high words in a low whisper. And in the words of a certain lion said right, 'Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!' " "Here I thought that there was nothing less 'in,' than a butt that was so disappointingly thin. But a clever curse this will make, hun, to turn away all those anacondas with a lack of bun."
  5. I do like me some alliteration. The last few days have been wonderfully lucky craft-wise. Like, obscenely good. Y'see, I'm doing a bit of a project for some people (although not to their benefit); it's a week-long affair of empowering a plethora of spells to seal in a box before releasing it all in a big boom, the release date auspiciously falling on the equinox hand on my black heart, I swear I didn't plan this. I'm mainly drawing the works from a selection of Arabian spells. Unfortunately, I didn't have many of the required tools. First of, I didn't even have the box I wanted, or the lighter, or the rose-water, or the pieces of broken pottery, or feathers, and so on. I was hesitant to substitute anything and so resided myself to make a shopping list and open up my wallet when, lo and behold, I get sent a gift from a family member. Now, I'd like to preface this by saying I didn't tell anyone what I was doing, or what I needed, nor made any active magical effort to gain these things for free; it was by sheer luck that a day later I was gifted a neat little black box with a bit of rose water and saffron in it. But I'm from a Persian family and such things are routinely at hand, pure coincidence, so I didn't think much of it. But just today, when I was walking back home from a few errands, what did I find on my path but the perfect bowl (not too dense, wide brim for writing on, yellow color), a few crow feathers, and a discarded lighter that was still full. (Not all together of course, found them all along my path.) Was it passive intellect that attracted these to me? A subconscious flight of my spirit to gather the things I need? A confirmation from the world that my will is blessed and assured? Just pure dumb luck? Who knows! Bit too busy trying to find out how to break a bowl in such a way that only the bottom remains intact to ponder such things right now. Help on this would be appreciated lol. What about you guys? Any experiences when everything was just insanely perfect? When, for once in magic, success was handed to you instead of fought for?
  6. "Yes, yes, throw more in! Bring forth the power, the veil is thin!" "In goes a feather, so dark and soft, plucked fresh from a crow held magically aloft. Obscure my will as time obscures us all, over all things the sands of time shall fall. In go the feathers within rags and wool, but wait, the pot isn't nearly full!Suggest some more and put them in,fill the cauldron to the brim!"
  7. "Into the charm'ed pot you go, our power strong and future sure! Loud we sing and strong we blow, But what's this, we need an ingredient more. But before me such great witches watch, Before wise eyes I can't risk to botch. Tell me, wise ones, what to throw in, into my little pot blackened by sin. The real, the fantastical, and just for jokes, whatever ingredient you throw at me, I'll rhyme it in, folks."
  8. Huh, seems like I'm alone in my preference for not using songs. Partly because the environment I live in is already usually so noisy that I'd like to have some peace and quiet when casting, and also it distracts the mind, no? Sure, it gets you in the mood for casting, but does it get you in the mindset? I think of it like this, say I'm exercising and singing along to some 80s pop. I've got my leg warmers on, water bottle at the ready, belting it out to some tunes; these are all getting me in the mood, but it's also making me lose focus. Suddenly, I'm no longer paying attention to my form, my squats are messy, and my timing if off because a portion of my mind is being used to listen to the song instead of paying attention. But this isn't to say music has no place in witchcraft, for it certainly does. But, and now I'm about to split some hairs, music is not the same as a song. Listening to some Fleetwood Mac or Hoizer isn't an act of magic in of itself, singing hymns and rhythmic beatings of the drums is. The difference is purpose. A song's purpose is to be sung, repeated, bought, and hit the top charts. A song by a pop singer isn't going to call down a Saint or call up a demon, but a chant made for the explicit purpose of bringing about such things will. But songs as prep, as in get in the mood and then switch it off? I mean, sure, not my thing, but sure. I still think it's going to be a more blunt method of preparation rather than meditating on your specific intent. Sure, a dark song is going to get you in a sufficiently grim mood to death curse someone, but it's very general. Instead of "I am going to curse so and so for so and so reasons with so and so methods, may it pass as I will it" what goes through the mind is just "I'm angry/gloomy/ready to kill." It's less specific, more generic, and adds less to the overall function and can even distract you as you focus on the feeling not the work. And of course, these are all my opinions and experiences and I don't think your practice is wrong if you utilize these and I'm open to critique and so on and so forth.
  9. Curses! All the curses! It's a waning moon on the 23rd, too! May my enemies wither and lose their luster like the browning leaves, spines snapped and trodden beneath like heavy boots upon the skeletal, fallen leaves. And also burn their tongue on that sweet pumpkin spice latte. Although I should do something nice and nature-focused, wouldn't want to start the season on just a malefic note. Maybe I'll go take a hike in some near by wooded areas and take home with me all sorts of nice artifacts.
  10. When I first started, I was very into the idea of the "it's all in the mind" theory, but not in the sense where magic is just placebo but rather that reality and all its components were just the result of a general consciousness. Every spirit, god, supernatural being, etc. was just the result of a group of people believing in a concept and the combined force of their belief fed the spirit and gifted it the traits it's seen to posses. Zeus, Mephistopheles, even the Abraham god was just a small thought form at first that was continuously fed on attention and belief until He grew. Later on it evolved into the idea that all these forces were preexisting and the only thing humanity did was put a mask on it. Zeus, Thor, Set, Jupiter, etc. were all the same storm god in the sense that humanity saw the primal powers of storm and personified it with names and faces. And today? Well, pretty much the same except I stopped trying to interact with the spirits and magic beyond the mask, I now interact with the mask. Once where I'd attempt to invoke the force behind the Yazatas and Amesh Spentas, now I invoke them directly. This idea of a base force, a "pure" magic that simply gets manipulated and bent into these different masks isn't a new one; in fact, nearly every priestly and scholarly class concluded as such, yet they, and even I and many others, still interact with forces through their masks. Why? Well, because masks help limited the awesome and infinite power of magic into controllable and predictable tools. Magic is infinite, human capabilities are not. And while we can train to further grow and evolve our craft, we'll never truly capture all of magic in our current mortal form. We'll never be able to invoke a spirit through its many faces of demon, angel, god, sub lunar spirit, etc. so instead we simplify it in order to better control it. Think of it like trying to make, say, salt. Would you attempt to make it by smashing together protons, neutrons, and electrons or would you take the easily accessible sodium and chloride that preexists and combine them into salt?
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