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  1. I used to *live* for these questionnaires, back in the good ol' early days of the internet, lol. I'm happy to play. 1.) What is your favorite witchy movie? KiKi's Delivery Service from Studio Ghibli. Also, not exactly a "witchy" movie in the most obvious sense, but "Labyrinth" is a classic favorite. I see it as witchy because Sarah discovers her inner power, which is kinda like witchcraft. Also David Bowie is just smokin hot in that movie :lol: In all seriousness there needs to be more movies about witches. 2.) Where is your favorite place to do a spell? This is a toughie because I *want* to work in the Woods, and I will once I finally move. But for now I'm content to work in my bedroom. 3.) Where do you NORMALLY do your spells? In my bedroom. 4.) What type of spells are your favorite? Monayyyy. Lol. Money and luck. 5.) What is your favorite ingredient for a spell? I have a thing for Cinquefoil and High John the Conqueror root, but honestly don't think I have a favorite. 6.) What is your LEAST favorite ingredient to use in a spell? I don't have a least favorite, because I've not done anything that requires...unseemly?...things. But probably, when the occasion calls for it, I won't much like using urine. 7.) What is your favorite witchy holiday/festival? Mabon :heart: 8.) Do you have an animal spirit, If yes, how many? Yes, a few actually 9.) If yes to #8, name the animal spirit(s): Rabbit, fox, owl, raven, cat. 10.) Name your favorite witchy character: Lately a friend (FairCirce) has gotten me pretty into Circe from Greek Mythos ;) but I also love Winnifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus AND Cher's character from Witches of Eastwick. 11.) When was the last time you did a hex/curse? Haven't needed to yet but I wouldn't hesitate. 12.) When was the last time you did a blessing/healing? Never formally, but I "bless" a lot in terms of just sending out goodwill to friends and loved ones. 13.) When was the last time you did a binding? Not sure I ever have. I've always found the concept of "binding" to be confusing. 14.) When was the last time you did a love spell? Meh, never had interest. 15.) Have you ever done a spell on someone just because you were bored? No. 16) What is your strength as a witch? I seem to be pretty good at manifesting things, and in tune with the Tarot. 17.) What is your weakness as a witch? Fear gets in the way a lot 18.) If you could go back in time and meet ANYBODY associated in witchcraft, who would it be and why? I have no idea, right now. Marie Laveau maybe? Perhaps an ancestor that might have been a witch? 19.) How much of a "modern stereotyped witch" applied to you as a witch? I mean... I do love crystals, but otherwise I don't think I *look* stereotypical, unless I want to. 20.) How long have you been a member of this forum? I'm still pretty fresh, I think I joined back in June.
  2. YAS! I obtained a beautiful obsidian sphere (purchased with my own money, but at a steeply discounted rate to the point that I could afford it!) over the course of a year. The reader's digest version: I walked into a rock and gem shop close to my house and spotted the sphere, but as it was too expensive, I gazed longingly at it, wished for it, then left. I didn't return to that shop for almost a year. Driving home one day, I saw a bright green sign in the shop window, so I whipped my car around and parked outside the shop. The sign said everything was 50% off, but as I approached the shop door, I doubted the sphere would still be there. Despite my doubt, I charged inside and went straight to where the sphere was encased, and lo, there it sat, beaming up at me in it's friendly way, waiting for me to take it home! It now stands proudly on my altar, I love it so much. There was another time, when I was a child. I was helping my grandparents clean one of their company locations, with my cousin, and as the job was wrapping up, we went to one of the vending machines. I loudly proclaimed, "I wish for a lemonade!" and I pressed the lemonade vending button (no money had been fed to the machine by any of us). Sure enough, my wish was granted, a nice cool lemonade can came tumbling down the machine and into my happy little hands. I just love hearing stories about this kinda stuff!
  3. Procure a whisker from a cat, to divine where the happenin's are at ;)
  4. This is quite funny, as per your title for this thread - I currently have a black, and a tortie! Skitz is my short hair male black, I'm smitten with him and he knows it. He has a little white patch on his chest that occasionally looks like a heart. But he's pretty much all mischief, attitude, and skitzo behavior, lol. He usually demands to be with me when I do my workings, but I can't always permit it because he chirps a lot and tries to steal anything he can. Ginger is my long hair, fluffy tortie. She is the first tortie I've ever had, and when I rescued her I mistakenly believed her to be a calico until a close friend explained the difference. I had to laugh when I learned about "tortitude" because while she is undeniably sweet and very affectionate, she has a distinct air of haughtiness. She is very petite, and has the most gorgeous, big green owl eyes I've ever seen on a cat. I could go on about cats. I've had a few really special ones, and have always had a deep connection with them.
  5. LOL, steffykaye, I'm gonna borrow that "when I'm not witchin' line" ;) And so, when I'm not witchin' - I make art, watch lots of campy movies (I particularly love MST3K and Rifftrax), I play Elder Scrolls Online or other video games, I like to journal and work on inner reflection/growth which couples well with studying philosophy, and I also love me some online window shoppin'. Pinterest is a terrible addiction. You're speaking my language, Ozman, about the cardigans. I also have plans in the works to teach myself to sew, and sculpt my own articulated action figures. Oh, and I play D&D. I don't like to cook... but I'm hoping bringing witchin into my kitchin' will change that for me.
  6. Jivecat


    Egad...! That's terrifying, upon first glimpse. I bet that picture could "go viral" if you/your friend felt so inclined ;)
  7. Hi Circe! It is so serendipitous that I found your thread today. I write this now, trying to calm my nerves, after my anxiety barged in and interrupted a money spell I was doing. I feel exactly as you described in your first post, and am also worried about the "price" of magick - it's what sent a really good, set mood, into a panicked spiral. I decided to quit the spell, blow out the candles (I read once that doing so "extinguishes" the working) and dropped everything. The comments on this thread have been profoundly helpful, and I plan to spend time with each suggestion given. What I find to be odd is, I've done workings before, but the anxiety I experienced then was different. I was raised Catholic as well (traditional latin mass, old school style), and while that did (and honestly, still does kinda) give me problems, what I'm experiencing now is almost a feeling of dread, AND concern with old religious mindsets, which includes "price" or "cost". My question for you is, what spells have you been doing thusfar that have been helping you? Do you write the spells yourself, or did you find em in a book? Feeling uneasy like this is really uncomfortable, but I feel hopeful because I found this thread, and you seem to be doing really well :)
  8. Hoping to revive this thread, as I would appreciate continued conversation about this... I don't scry much, I tried it once or twice a couple years ago, but didn't feel that it worked, or was too judgy about my own ability to interpret anything, that I ultimately dismissed it for a long time. Recently, I acquired a beautiful, large obsidian sphere. My obtaining it was such a serendipitous event that I do feel that the sphere "chose me" - we met a little over a year ago while I was exploring a crystal shop close to my house (didn't even know the shop existed until after 5 years of living at my location), but at the time the price for the sphere was too steep for me. I left and didn't return to the shop again. About four (?) months ago, I was driving by the shop on my way home, and *just* noticed out of the corner of my eye a green sign in the shop's window, so I whipped the car around to investigate. Sure enough, the shop was closing, so all items were heavily discounted. I whisked in, hoping the sphere was still there, but doubting it would be, when lo - there it was, perched on it's brass stand, waiting for me. It was a very happy moment. Last night, I tried scrying with it for the very first time. The Black Super New Moon in Leo seemed be a very auspicious time for it, so I set up my altar, did my little routine, and lit a black candle next to the sphere. Behind the sphere is a small white statuette of the virgin mary (was raised catholic, so she has some positive associations for me), and as I was gazing at the surface of the ball, I saw her reflection ...become? turn into? morph into?... a white owl. I don't know what this means, but I felt it was significant. Today I'll be doing some research on the correspondences of both mary and owls, but other than that I don't have a clue.
  9. Well said, Sagefire! :applause: I believe similarly. To be able to communicate ourselves, our experience and essence, to another being - is a very sublime thing. To comprehend another person is equally so.
  10. So, this is a slightly off-topic, but relevant question. I have bottled rain water that I collected during hurricane Harvey, when it made landfall in my area (southern USA). I've not used it for spell work, yet, because I'm unsure about it? Can anyone weigh in on the metaphysical properties of hurricane water? And would anyone want some? (I'll check postal regs on that, too).
  11. @Khundelking - Thank you for sharing the link to the other thread. I would really love to see some of the garments/jewelry that members have made or acquired and use in their workings! I forgot to mention that I do wear an onyx pendant from Mexico, during my workings, that has the tetragrammaton on the back... I'm not Jewish, so I started doing some research about it. Turns out, the four letters of the tetragrammaton, "form the root meaning "to be," and some have understood the original meaning to be "He-Who-Is," or "He who brings being into being." (https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/the-tetragrammaton/) < Citation, if you wish to read about it). Onyx is known for its powerful energy and protective properties (among other things), so the perspective I've decided to take regarding the pendant is such that (since I don't really ascribe to deities) "I am the being that's bringing things into being" via intent, etc., and respectfully view the tetragrammaton as a powerful symbol of protection and creation. Additionally, I read that the symbol was used by Lilith to transform herself into a witch...so, there's that, too. --edited cause my copy/paste quote vanished upon publishing.
  12. I've actually been thinking about making a cloak to wear during my rituals. I don't really do ceremonial magic either, so it's more for fun and to help get into the "mood." Also, I'm a very tactile person, so I feel the weight of it will hopefully have a calming effect as well, since sometimes I get a little jittery during workings. That said, I keep daydreaming about embellishing the cloak. :) The act of creating it is probably a great opportunity to work on enchanting and meditation, too. But for regular wear - I'm totally thinking about making some everyday cloaks. I'll be moving to the North Eastern US soon, so happily will have plenty of opportunity to actually wear them. I've long thought fashion needs a reprisal of sweet historical influence, so I'm not too worried about what normie folks will think of it ;)
  13. Good evening~ I am currently on a road trip to New England! It will be my first time visiting the Northeastern U.S., and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for witchy destinations. I'm down to visit metaphysical shoppes, special graves/cemeteries, or other places of note! I'll be spending about 3 days in each of the 6 states, plus NY. Any and all suggestions welcome! :flyaway:
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