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    Witchcraft, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, boating, camping, knitting, clay modelling, art and more
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Quite, I started studying when I was about eleven and only took a short break (about 3 years) around the age of 17. Not to brag or anything, just hoping it's relevant and may help with my application, but I did manage to become a moderator of another occult site before it was hacked, and was well liked and respected there. I can give more details on this if necessary.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I'm well versed in wicca and new age stuff (unfortunately) and their flaws, but am also familiar with Celtic, Norse, Egyptian and Greek dieties and practices, and reasonably knowledgeable on Satanism, Animism generally, Shintoism, Daoism, Buddhism and Vedic beliefs, and I am the "priestess" of an online mixed-tradition coven (I know some people have high standards for that title and I am respectful of that - I have no lineage and little formal training so far - just a lot of knowledge and love of teaching)
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes, it is my main path and I am a member of a traditional coven (in real life) here in Ireland as well - I'm not initiated yet but will be hopefully soon as I have been a seeker for almost a year, and the requirement is a year and a day
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Best summed up in a couple of phrases;Do no harm, but take no shit - a witch who can't hex can't heal. I am not a fluffy bunny, love and light, silly, irritating new ager. I don't make a habit of using magic in negative ways, but I can if needed, and I know how to. I adore nature and spend a lot of time exploring it in all the different ways that I can as you can see from my hobbies list, and I love making things and potions. I live my life in a witchy way and I love it.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    16 years or so. I was about ten or eleven when I first got onto the Internet and it was one of the first things I looked up
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was searching for uses of crushed eggshells - specifically whether the colour mattered - and just happened upon it
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Well to be honest I love helping out newbies and I can tell from some of your threads that you lot get a bit frustrated with it, but I have endless patience for answering the same questions over and over so hopefully that will help out a little, and I'm generally just looking for more friends since the last site I really loved effectively shut down - the exclusivity of this site appeals to me as well, so many occult sites are absolutely overrun with nonsense
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes, I started with spellsofmagic, but that didn't last long - Wizard Forums was the one where I was moderator, and I am still a member there under the name Wylandriah91, but I haven't visited it in months, and my online coven is also working on a website, we are not public yet but are working on it. We plan to be very exclusive as well, but we would be open to all paths as opposed to only trades, I hope this doesn't come across as a conflict of interests
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Well I practice a lot - I am quite proficient with energy manipulation, crafting with physical things such as statues and dollies, knowledge of herbs and oils, mostly practical, hands-on things, and also knowledge of dieties and history, fae stories and ancient Irish mythology
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Spirit contact would definitely be one, I had some experiences when I was a bit younger that made me nervous of trying it and I still only have the most surface experiences with voluntary spirit work - I'm also not great with astral work for similar reasons

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  1. Oh yeah I agree with you on that, I was mostly just saying that while yes technically we're all from Africa its a bit divorced from where and who we are now :P I don't like those bloody tests either, I've heard 23&me is owed by or has some relationship to Google - as if they didn't already know enough about us all
  2. I don't really see why not, although in my opinion it makes more sense to study more recent beliefs that are more relevant given their proximity in time. Magic seems to work the same way regardless of origin imo, it's just a matter of what plants, minerals and animals were around at the time, and changes in style - which are different from practitioner to practitioner let alone region to region
  3. That's a great story :D spirits usually have a good laugh at newbies - at the beginning when I started out I so often forgot things and messed things up that it really knocked my ego, eventually I was just like, "they know what I'm like at this stage, no worries" :p
  4. Sorry if there's a better, more recent thread to bring back up with regards to wood significances (it's what the search brought up), but I was looking for some extra details on sycamore and apricot woods if anyone knows of any details or reliable sites where I could find some? Sycamore is mentioned briefly in the thread but only a tiny bit and I didn't spot any references to apricot at all :/
  5. It's definitely a thing :p the weirdest one I ever had was I was visiting a friend's new apartment and his roommate also had a friend over. We went into their room to share a drink and play some racing game they were playing and the roommates friend looks at me in one moment and goes - "you're a witch." Just flat out, no hostility only humour, my friend looks at me pointedly and I tried to demure like naaah no that's silly but he kept at it like "you're going to cast a spell on me" and like, just calling me "Witchie" every chance he got, eventually I was laughing and getting wound up about it and I told him if he didn't stop I really would cast something at him and I felt it building up, and the roommate just goes "go for it he loves that kind of thing" - so just to spite the bastard I held it back and eventually forgot, and by the end of the visit he said to me "you're the first witch that forgot to spell me" and it was all amicable and really really funny, but mind-blowing, I'd never met this guy before, nothing was ever said to him about my practice and I actually haven't seen him since, besides walking past him in the town, and I still don't know what to make of the experience - like I dressed just in plaid shirts and jeans at the time and I had no idea that I was obvious in any way, I generally keep my practice to myself. Since joining a coven I've learned a bit more about energy reading and shielding, and how important it can be in the witching world
  6. Your house sounds amazing emurray, it's really cool you have such large sympathetic connections to two massive predators, I can only imagine the feeling of safety that must come along with it :D I have decided to leave the rat as an offering but made sure to let the local spirits know that I would prefer to at least keep his skull if possible - and I didn't feel any negativity from the implication of it being a rat, in fact I felt like it was appreciated to be honest, which is great. Khundekling thank you for that link it was really really helpful, there's a post in it, on the second page I think, that has a huge wealth of links to more info as well so its really great :D Oroboros I don't think that you're completely talking out your arse I'd say you've got some solid theory there - I'd also agree that it would probably be for the best to try and somewhat "match" the qualities of the animal to the plant you were imbuing with its qualities, but I don't know if it is necessary - there's a chance that if you picked opposing energies there could be some sort of negative effect - not sure though it would possibly require some experimentation. I could be completely wrong on that though, it could be that the opposites worked together, it's hard to know. I would say that if you wanted to use an animal's spirit tied into a tree for warding you would probably want to specify that intent while burying it - and possibly turn the process into a more complex rite to ensure that the spirit both stayed tied into the tree and performed the function you intended
  7. I can tell you from personal experience that old Irish ladies are a force of nature, witch or not :P sorry I don't have any extra information but I'll ask around a little
  8. I personally have a lot of affection for rats, my sister had pet rats and I do like them, it's just that I'd be worried the fae would have a different opinion and be insulted by the offering. I could definitely bury him and then dig him back up - anyone have any idea of the kind of time frame it would take a good-sized rat to decompose to bones? And yes plants would definitely absorb a lot of energy from something buried beneath, so that's also a great idea - rats to me symbolise ingenuity and adaptability, survival and hardiness so there's lots to work with from your comment, thank you very much!
  9. Unfortunately I haven't, but Biddy is a nickname for Bridget so it would be quite common to be fair
  10. Also I hope this isnt considered thread jacking - I just thought it was so similar to the topic that it fit but please let me know if I've done the wrong thing
  11. I'm really glad I'm not the only mad woman with a box of whiskers :D One of my cats - can't tell which one - deposited a large rat outside the window today, I know my other half would insist on the poor creature being thrown in the bin, but I was wondering if you guys had any better recommended uses? I have a stump in my garden where I leave offerings for the fae, and I've left cat-presents there before like a Crow and a magpie, big things they've brought down, but I know fae are easily insulted and I'm just not sure a rat is appropriate
  12. That's pretty funny that you played as a demon in a Baptist school - I can imagine them trying to deal with that and it's comedy gold x'D it's a shame you internalised it as something negative, I hope you don't suffer from that any more. Yeah I also did have wierd tendencies growing up and a love for the darker things, I used to make similar "potions" out of random bits and bobs, and we had an elder tree in our garden that I always considered special as it attracted so many butterflies. I used to strip the bark from its twigs to make wands, I wish I still had some :/ and I always loved the time around Halloween, it was great to be awake in the dark, and I used to wrangle my little sisters into rudimentary witchy games :D I also used to read children's encyclopedias, which is how I got turned on to witchcraft so early - in an article about witches, which covered the burnings and the historical stuff, but it had a quick line at the very end that said "nowadays it is completely legal to be a witch and join a coven" in a really nonchalant way, but it blew my mind, and as soon as I got to my nana's house - she ran a local newspaper and was the only person with a computer - I started to devour as much witchcraft content as I could from the age of about ten or eleven. I did spend a long time at a relatively low level of knowledge though, it's only in the last seven or eight years I really gained enough maturity to really get studying properly
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