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  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me its the truth, the truth of nature... which is niether good nor evil. Thats why whitchcraft has both good and evil, which should be embraced.

    The truth of nature is what I seek. Through nature and the outside world I can see aspects of myself which otherwise would be hidden and through this I can gain wisdom.

    I worship no god's or goddesses although I have been known to use old horney and the crone when I need to put more of a pasonification to the cosmos. A foci so to speak.

    I have had no formal training, just a few insights its taken me years to glean.
  1. Hi Kree, Thanks for the answers you gave. If you look at the arrow head spell I posted you see how I use 'my inner darkness' to forward workings. I agree that in these so called civilised times we are taught to dislike negative qualities within ourselves. To me this is yet again another example of what westernised society and monotheism has done for us. I think to be a well balanced person you must at least be comfortable with the less desirable aspects of your self. I also think that this negativity can be a great driving force to push us forward in our lives. Personally I found this less likable side of me to be an ideal mechanism to get me through nurse training, and then go onto be a Critical Care nurse. With regard to how light and darkness interact on a metaphysical and cosmic level I'm still forming an opinion. Yes light and dark are related, but I'm not sure that I would say they are opposite sides of the same coin. I suppose that darkness is the absents of light and vice versa, but I think that they are much more entwined than that. I can't really say anything more really. I like the energy theory. That everything in the universe is intertwined yet individual. That to alter one thing sends a ripple through all the others. Seems very plausible, more in line with quantum physics than anything. Darkness myths are abound, but I think AnjelWolf pointed out the basic concept earlier in this thread. Basically the concept is of a great null/void rather than a darkness which birthed light, life and everything, and one day ever thing will return to it. This darkness is not portrayed as a destroyer of life but more a bringer of life. Regards RC
  2. PMSL yes I can see that you had fun with the smilies :D Ok you've clearly decided how to take your path forward, but what role dose your own inner darkness play? Do you use the side of you that you may not like? Do you use shame, anger, frustration to forward you spell craft? How much of a role does it play in your path? Do you see a place for darkness in the greater scheme of things? Do you adhere to a darkness myth? Would you have trouble hexing or binding someone, place or thing? Just curious, RC:D
  3. PMSL yeh I know that feeling, the Fates have other plans :p RC
  4. Cheers AnjelWolf, the support is appreciated. It is kinda hard trying to figure it all out on your own. What gets me is that I'm sure there are Trad witches in my locality, but they may as well be a million miles away. Anyway, if I'm meant to be tutored by a mentor it will happen of its own accord. RC:p
  5. Ok, I have no access to a coven, I have no one to teach me traditional witchcraft. I've been dabbling in occultism for about 17 years, from this I moved onto neo-paganism about 7 or 8 years ago..... its hard to remember with these bloody headaches. I desided that ritualist magic wasn't for me. Magic without morality or a spiritual aspect is as bad as commercialism. So that's how I got into neo-paganism after a break from the whole magic thing. After a while looking at and considering verious neo-pagan faiths, I decided that none of it was for me. Despite this I have been offered places in various covens, circles etc but I've turned all down ask they just weren't right. I then stumbled upon traditional witchcraft. From my experience it is definately for me, but unfortunately it is also one of the most guarded and secretive forms of paganism out there. It feels like if you happen on someone who is a trad witch, if you as to be taught the answer is no, and if you don't ask your not interested. This has lead me to sites like this. It allows people like me to express ideas, have them batted about so that there are numerous points of view. From this people like me can gain an insight into trad craft. Granted its only a very small window were looking through but combined with pro-active work I feel a form of witchcraft can be formed. As you can tell I think a lot about witchcraft and its related fields in a hope of gaining an insight into the core fundamental practices which most trads have. Granted people from different trads do things differently. But, and its a big but, we're talking about basic level principles for working with universal energies, so my theory is that there must be some shared principles. If I can find these principles I can apply them to a form of witchcraft which holds true to the core tennants of traditional witchcraft whilst being functional and true to me. Unfortunately I don't have a mentor, much as I would love one this is my lot, so I'll just get on with it. Explore through forums like this and ask for help or advice when needed. This is why forums like this are so important. To allow people like me a way of exploring this hunger which is like fire in my blood. Its what I am, its just a little more difficult this way. I hope that helps, RavensClaw
  6. Oh it's just these bloody head aches, nothing I can do gets rid of them. Makes discussions very dificult. Affects my mood severly as well. I agree, its through discussions (not arguements) like these, that people like me with no coven or teachers able to learn from, have an opportunity to learn a form of witchcraft, that although not purely traditional, is a very functional and legitimate form of the craft. I admit that the whole point to this discussion was to take my understanding of the 'drakness within' forward. It split into three very distinct threads, the first is the interplay between universal light and dark and the importance it has in traditional witchcraft. The second is the use of energies and spirits within a city scape as opposed to a more natural setting and the problems this brings. The third and final thread is that of the fundamental energies which form the universe and how these can be manipulate, pecieved and explained in a metaphysical sense. I have accomplished that which I had sought, I frank, open and educated debate from which I could draw and expand on my own perception of the topics discussed. That said, this topic is far from over and I look forward to the posts that will follow. RC
  7. Cool, its been a bit hard to express my point of view over the last few days and understand orther peoples...... been plagued with blinding headaches. I think maybe that I should concentrate more on being a witch than argure the metaphysical finer points, alll of witch mean zip in the greater scheme of things. It's action that count although I do love a great debate, as well as talking about the metaphysical working of life, death and the universe. Thanks again for all the great points of view shared so far :D RC
  8. Some interesting points there Leigh. Maybe I'm taking this whole city-nature thing the wrong way. If we look past it as suggest, there is energy. It's a matter how your percieve energy, and use it that differs. I think then, maybe its down to the individual and the way they percieve different energies. Break them down into an order their brains understand, how they then handle this energy and reshape it into their intent, that makes the difference. That people who live in cities and enjoy it are in some way able to break down the energy, sifting through the confusion that humanity has left on that energy, and draws on specifics, like similar energies to there own or closest to their intent. Pollution filters if you like, maybe its as a result of constantly being bombarded by this energy. Were as someone prefering a quieter more rural setting is that finely tuned, without the need for polution filters, that they can pick up a more refined form of energy. I suppose it would be like someone wearing a mike and head phones recording minut sounds being thrust into a nightclub. Instant pain. This is just a thought, nothing more. Just trying to make sense of it. RC
  9. Ok I've had some more time to think, and thanks to the honesty and views expressed here I think its safe to say the following. 1. To be a witch you should have a working knowledge of both the light and dark within. 2. Negative/dark energy can be used to have positive effects. 3. Trying to simplify cityscapes and nature as dark and light is dumb ass. 4. If you are very empathic, don't try using energies that have been tainted by many individuals. Just out of curiosity if your not that emapthic could city energy be used successfully? 5. Nature is nature, no matter where you are, if you dig deep enough you'll find it. OK thats where I'm up to. Just another thought. I realise that many of you are re-constructionalists with regard to your tradition. This is great if you live in a similar environment to which the original practioners did. If like me you live in a town of 160,000 + people, where we don't live in the environment as our ancestors did, how would you practice your craft? Cheers, RC
  10. Thanks for the replies, I'm still sorting this out in my head so I'll post again when I have more thoughts on the subject. To be honest I agree with both of you, I'm just doing a bit of soul reflection. RC
  11. Ok this is just some thoughts I've had, nothing concerte, just proto-conceptions and observations. It appears to me that to truely understand witchcraft and succeed, you must understand or at least acknoledge the interplay between dark and light on a cosmic and metaphysical level. What do you think?...... I'm pretty sure I know what the answer will be.... but humor me. Also why do you think this? What I really want is for you to expand on the inter-play between these two forces which are diametrically opposed, but as opposites, must exist for the other to be relevant and a force to be recond with. I know some of you have already done this, but like I said I'm sorting thoughts in my head. Also regarding city v's nature. It seems to me that this could be percieved as a physical manifestation of Light and Dark. To me witchcraft must be a living and relevant tradition to survive. In saying this, witchcraft must move forward with the times. In theory all the things... spirits, energies etc while although different due to environment should be accessable in the same way whether in a city scape or nature. What do you think on this subject? I also think that to be successful in working with.... lets say pure nature, you must have an understanding of 'tainted' nature (cities). To ignore 'tainted nature' would be to turn away from a potent source for no good reason. What do you think? When I talk of using'tainted' nature, I am not talking about the abhorent energies that humanity has created through war etc, more the everyday spirits and energies although I admit that this would have some of the problems and badness of humanity. Saying that I'm sure we've all come across places of natural beauty that have had terrible vibes, which we would never dream of using..... I see cities and towns the same. Just imagine that office blocks are mountains, lamp-posts are tree's, roads are rivers..... What do you think? As I've said before, I think witchcraft needs to be a living, organic entity. As such, personally, I'm not looking to reconstruct something from 400 years ago or longer. I'm looking to be a part of something that is alive, retains the wisdom of the ancestors but moves forward with the times. Again, what do you think? Cheers, RC:cool:
  12. I'll have to go away and think on your answers...... there good. A lot of what you said is true for me as well. For example, I don't follow dieties, it was just a way of showing an opposing point of view. Going by what you said about using Darkness Within, I've been using it for years but never realised it. Hell I suppose you could even consider the craft as a form of therapy:rolleyes: Great way of getting rid of excess GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Thank you again for your honesty. Personally I find the idea of using war, suffering etc abhorent. But taking personal feelings is a different matter all together. Our experiences make and shape us, why not use this for workings, it makes sense to me. RC
  13. Hi Sandy, Thanks for your honesty, I think maybe I've approached this wrong and instead of focusing on Dark energy, The thread has become two separte things. All will become clear. I'm with you on this Sandy. I find it very hard to live in cities. Too many people, too much noice, not enough space or greenery. Saying that, cities and towns are natural environments. I appreciate how some people will disagree with this, but to me a city is no different than an ants nest or a bee hive. I see humans as animals, as with all animals being there changes that environment. Granted we've had a more noticeable affect on the face of it, but so have many other species. Saying that, as such we should be able to work with the energies of the environments we live in. Through history we have acknowledge the spirits of the places we inhabit. The classic example of this would be the Romans with their home shrines dedicated to the Genius Loci of the house. This principle would be easily transefered to modern day and working with such energies. It was also common for city states to have their own dieties. The Greeks as probably the best example of this with Athens and Athena. These later became national devinities. Ok I've not exactly answered anything with this but I'm trying to show you where I'm coming from as I've spent sometime pondering over Dark and City related issues. This again is where we are looking at it from different angels, each of which is equally valid. First I would like to appologies, I have been looking at this from a purely acedemic and conceptual point of view. I did not take time to think of the emotional overtures and connotations attached to these very dark and desturbing aspects of human nature, for this I am sorry and will try to be more aware in the future. I would be greatful if you could expand on the point you have made about not using energies which have been shaped by man such as war, pollution etc I find this point of view interesting. Where do you draw the line between what is a natural energy source and what is tainted by the darker aspect of man? I think from an acedemic point of view, I would disagree. War, pollution, deception etc have been the basis for many God/desses. For example Mars god of war, Loki god of tricks and gnerally nasty etc The point I'm trying to argue is that for all our existance we have put human nature on Dieties and nature. Without realising it all I have done is looked on in a completely modern setting. After all how many witches have used such dieties...... have they realy considered what the moral implecation of using say a God of War actually are? The killing, rape, starvation, loss of innocents. Again I'm not trying to challenge anyone, I'm just trying to stimulate discussion. This is fantastic and what I was intending to encourage in this thread. Do you have any suggestion of how to find the darkness within? Could you explain further? I realise that its specific to the individual, but is there a common thread which we all share? If not, why not? I appreciate that we are all different, but we share more in common than we do not incommon (IMO). Thank you so far for a stimulating if a little ethically disturbing thread. RC
  14. Thank you for responding in such a splended way. As a former nurse I can understand the target specific manner in which you use it. I was also wondering, and bear with me on this. To me everything is natural ie cityscape as well as the countryside etc If this is the case then it would only be a small step to presume that as a wood may have a genius loci, then this principle could be true of any environment. If this is the case have you ever work with the spirit of say pollution, crime, war etc Or do you view it as an energy without a personification? Either way how would you call upon this to use it? (please forgive me if this last bit has caused offense, I would just like to know how you lot interact with this darker aspect and use it in workings). Hi AnjelWolf, you posted: Excellent topic here :) Yes I prefer the dark as Sandy does as well. The energy is more intense and packs "one hell of a punch" to any situation (whether it is healing, curses, love, protection, finances, anything). To me...the dark is where life & light originated from. It is the basic source of all power and energy. Thank you for the compliment. Why does it pack more of a punch? Do you find it easier to work with than the more widely recognised Light aspect of the craft? Could you expand on ...... dark is where light and life originated from? I know I said that this wasn't my priority but as a matter of interest it is worth taking note of. I forgotten half of what I wrote up that I wiped, but this will do for now. As I've said before, I'm trying to build a working knowledge of the Darkness within. I have never used this before, so I don't want to mess it up. I would be kean on hearing of any experiences you have had working with your inner darkness. Do you have any exercise you use to explore it? Thats enough for now. Cheers, RC
  15. Yip...... can't get time to re-type it either. Family stuff, I'll write a proper post tomorrow when there aren't kids under foot. RC
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