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  1. Secular Halloween is costume and trick or treat. Spiritual is a dumb supper, divination, offerings, card readings online.

    Halloween lacked a captivating quality or meaningfulness to me before I began practicing. So I’d really like to try these things out to give the holiday meaning. I’ve read that the Norse celebrated it as “The Winter Nights” and was several days long, and at about the same time as Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos if I’m remembering correctly.

  2. I once found myself attracted to someone i sat near in my philosophy class. I got a certain feeling about him, but he was very Christian. Instinctively I channeled that desire to know if he was a fellow gay, and somehow after a 15-30 minute conversation I became the first person he ever told that he was bisexual. My “wishes” do tend to work better on men than anything else for whatever reason.

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  3. My personal favorite is one I made about people in general who wrongfully make me out to be a villain. Those are the ones I hex.


    “If you’re so set on painting me as a devil, then for you a devil I’ll be”


    I’m generally a peaceful person, but I relish the role. And a couple of times I’ve gotten to live it out and create some fond memories while doing so hehe.

  4. Question for you and anyone else on here if they are willing to share, which do you follow, Vanir Gods or Aesir Gods or both? if this sounds unfamiliar to you Arith goes over all of these with pretty good detail.

    I personally felt a call and strong connection to Freyja, who is the primary reason I began delving into Norse paganism. So I guess you could say she is an ‘in-between’ goddess of the aesir and vanir?


    After Freya I think I’ll investigate the rest of the vanir first, as they seemed to have less rigid views on sexuality and gender roles. I’ve been learning from multiple sources that the vikings seemed eager to throw the word ergi around, and as someone who fits the definition of the term ergi pretty well it can be slightly off-putting.


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  5. The view of the Norse deities as kin rather than distant rigid dictators is one of several core aspects of the religion that I appreciate. Though maybe unlike the Norse I would rather filter out all of the Christian aspects, as I was raised catholic and I’ve never felt a connection with their entities.

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  6. We need these awful books, they're good to compare against haha like a control group.

    As someone new, I have half valued a book by robin artisson specifically for showing me what I did not agree with. I have lleywellen book on the four elements and I also don’t much care for that one, but it did help lead me to an understanding of the elements as forces much more primal and intuitive than what that book would illustrate.

    The embarrassing books are honestly helpful. Though it’s a tad annoying that I could’ve spent that money on a good book.

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  7. Thank you both. I definitely wouldn’t have thought to investigate the runic system as something of great spiritual significance. Though I have read so far that Norse written runes contain the essence of the thing they describe and are in such a way ‘more than just ink on paper’. So I will definitely inspect the runes.


    Additionally, I’ve so far encountered some light analysis of Christian influence in some of the sagas. Such as the description of a Norse temple within one saga which according to archaeological evidence did not ever exist. So I really appreciate a source which actively tries to sift out the Christian influences from the mythology :)


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  8. Hello all,


    I have recently begun delving into Norse paganism and mythology, starting with the book The Viking Spirit by Daniel McCoy. So far while it is an introductory piece, it maintains a scholarly tone which attempts to let the reader know what we do actually know from records and what is so far speculation. I appreciate this honesty in not trying to fabricate more from what we truly have. There are chapters dedicated to cosmology as well as explaining the gods and their richness of character, followed by other spirits believed in by the Norse folk such as the land spirits they recognized. Overall so far I really enjoy this book, however The Viking Spirit is my first venture in this area so I’m not the most able critic.


    I wanted to ask (and bring discussion) from some of the others here who follow a path in Norse religions about some other good books to help one delve into the neo-Norse practices as authentically as possible.

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  9. I really like the idea of this thread (who doesn’t like some good books right?), however we do have a music and book reviews section for this kind of thread. If I’m correct, recommendations are basically reviews and the mods may want to move this over to that section of the forum.

    And if they do I’ll definitely go over there to check it out.

  10. I have a Wiccan acquaintance as well and I do like her. I suppose i should’ve said that I’d prefer if those who try to define the entire scope of the craft to be what ever their path is (usually harm none and what ever they believe in) were more quiet.


    I respect people’s individual paths, though I don’t agree with how some loud individuals try to proclaim that all witchcraft is about such and such that THEY practice. That woman sounds nice, I hope you find a good use for that candle.

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  11. There are also some calming dog treats you can buy. My mom bought some with a good amount of herbs and I believe she’s satisfied with the results. And if you do cast with candle magic I’d be careful to not leave it around your dog.

  12. Oroboros, wasp nests are built with the purpose of housing and nurturing these creatures we consider pests. I’d say such a nest would be good for a hex of infestation. Using the nests properties of housing and nurturing/accumulating critters on a targets home and property. I’m interested to see what you’ll choose to use it for.


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  13. Hunter I would also prefer it if witches in general weren’t perceived as a bunch of new age ‘rhymes with chickens’. There seems to be a very loud and not so secretive group of people who want to define the craft to the world.

    But at the same token if we were still so secretive I wouldn’t have found my way here. I do like though that even with the growing population of practitioners, the traditionals are still receding to the outer fringes keeping quiet for the most part. As usual.


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  14. If Rowan is so sour and you want it pure, maybe you can use it as a base wine in something similar to a sangria where you add some sweet fruits and liquors to adjust the flavor? As well as some sprite to help sweeten it up if you’re willing. Using some other sweeter fruits in said base wine might help though, in agreement with Mona.

  15. Heather


    You're never daunted by the odds and never run away no matter how tough of a fight you are facing. You have a loyal heart. In difficult situations you thrive and people can always count on you. You never give up, never back down and always get back up when you fall.

  16. As far as growing, for whatever reason I do fabulously with outdoor plants and am a veritable plant slayer indoors... an issue I need to figure out, lol.

    Relationship wise... (obviously you can’t do all of this with certain plants) but I sit on the ground by them, touch them, some I literally kind of bury my face in, but basically whatever proximity is reasonable and while doing so get a feel of the plant. I have a little “game” I play where in this process I ask “what is it you (the plant) want to do,” what is its natural inclination, what is it good at/for. I have found that most of the time what I sense the plant “wants” to do will match a known benefit or property of the plant when I later later look it up. (Try this with stones as well.) This accomplishes a few things. It’s a good exercise for me to practice “reading” the energy and spirit of a thing. Also, be it plants or stones, or anything- you may find 20 properties listed for a given thing. But, YOUR particular lavender plant (for example) may really excel at one or two of them. Also, there is a type of relationship formed here. You are caring for and getting to know this plant, that hopefully will later serve you well. I think connection with the spirit of a plant creates a far more powerful ally than simply treating them as ingredients. Even if I purchased the plant as a dry herb, taking the time to connect with the spirit of the plant before using it, creates a far more potent outcome. Sometimes you may discover that what you were about to use isn’t really in line with your intentions and adjusting your plans may be in order.


    But basically, in working with any organic matter there is an opportunity for a type of interaction, relationship, and cooperation- so I try to make the most of that.

    I feel the exact same way and also play the same game. Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks of plants this way and interacts with them as such.

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  17. I really enjoy this topic because I love working with my plants. Typically I simply bless the plant with prosperity and vitality as it is planted, especially if it was close to death where it was previously. And though the egg shell idea has crossed my mind before the other ones are completely new to me.


    On the topic of magical gardening, I have been wondering if giving offerings to your plants in exchange for assistance is common. And if so, do any of you often use the above ideas as such an exchange?

  18. What was the sudden turn of events? if you dont want to share I understand, but i often think in a relationship, eventually trying circumstances always happen, so its something you must be willing to accept sometimes, instead of just turn away,


    Then again i dont know the circumstances, im sure you know best but wanted to throw it out there sometimes it is worth it to stick it out

    They weren’t between me and my partner, but rather between me and others that made me realize I wasn’t in a relationship I felt confident in committing to for the rest of my life. I’m 22, and this experience made me realize I had not found what was best for me. It had to choose between staying in something functional and doable, or taking a risk and shooting for something more.

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