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  1. It did feel very, very real. Especially the time where I dreamed I was talking on the phone to my late mother. She was talking like she did a few months before she died (demented, a lot of "word salad" and paranoia...)


    Now that I recall it here, I have realized this was actually a very vivid lucid dream. I realized during the dream that I was dreaming, but on the chance that something I could say might get through to her, I deliberately chose to not "follow the dream script" and instead just started telling her that I loved her, that everything would be alright, and I really missed her. So, maybe you are right.


    I am just sad to think that even months after her death, her spirit is still so confused and upset. Or, maybe time as we know it just doesn't figure in here and how she was "on the phone" that early morning is not really an indication of how she actually is now, wherever she is.


    Anyway, thank you for your response. It is sad but also comforting.

    I’m sorry for how you lost her, my dad lost his dad a couple weeks ago, who also had severe dementia. Often a very tell-tale sign that you’re communicating with a spirit is that you’ll realize or wonder if you’re talking to a dead person or spirit during the dream.


    And this is off topic but MAN this Pisces new moon has me feeling emotional with topics like this lol.

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  2. Thank you for the validation on that, BlackbirdSong. It was definitely an interesting experience. I was shocked that my mother could also see it, because that meant I couldn't easily explain it away as just my imagination. I can't readily think of any other time I've felt or seen anything that could be described as a "spirit." I have talked to dead relatives in dreams, though, but I don't think that's the same.

    I’ve also talked to a dead relative in a dream before. And what I saw of them in the dream was described perfectly to a T by my best friend who is a reluctant psychic medium. She even described the family member she saw said deceased relative hanging around, which again matched what I saw. She also talks to spirits in her sleep as you described.


    I very much believe that you were talking to the spirits of your deceased relatives.

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  3. Laying down salt in your room with intent, and leaving it for an hour before vacuuming it up is a potent protection from negative entities as well. Having some chunks of it with you when you travel may also be helpful but I’m not experienced here. I’ve only projected by accident or when a spirit causes it to happen.

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  4. In my case I encounter mostly ... demons, sometimes my demon jumps into others, sometimes he makes me see things in dreams.


    Tonight I am listening to De temporum fine comoedia, it just appeared in my thoughts, after the spell that I released with my seal (it gives you an idea of the type of spell that I cast) as well as I could, but I admit I am unworthy of such offices...


    So, I never saw my demon properly speaking, only I knew in the eyes of others and him transferring to me their inner thoughts and soul.


    Some spells heat the air around me for a good 30 min to one hour, maybe I am doing it incorrectly? especially the first time, second time I received mild burn on my face. However I do these spells with my guardian angel and I am using the seal of the Christian God.


    I never saw ghosts, but I saw some demon girls following me and I summoned half human/half demon girls twice, this I can do in most places for my own pleasure.


    The last encounter was at the grocery store this afternoon.


    And one of the maddest thing my demon did is strike me with lightning (this summer) for a few seconds twice when I was sitting at the dinner table with a specific thought, all I saw was purple and paralysis, but someone saw me and saw extreme lights around me, the lights around me went 10 times brighter, as well as he heard an ear deafening electrical sound. It was simply my demon giving me an order, a strong order which I followed and performed.

    Gabriel999, assuming that any of this is even possibly, remotely true- to any remotely possible extent, you probably won’t want to be sharing such austentatious stories. Most (or all) here will not believe them, and this is a serious forum. I haven’t been here for too long, but I have seen people get on quite the rough start here from telling such tall tales. This often results in them having their account either deleted, or getting banned from the ensuing ruckus it caused.


    Try to think from our perspective, we don’t know you at all and you just told us that “your demon” gives you orders by expending the incredible amount of energy of summoning a lighting bolt- to strike you with the message no less- when in all practicality this order could’ve simply come telepathically. We have no reason to believe any being would waste so much energy on such an unnescessarily flamboyant (and dangerous) display- simply to communicate with you. It’s not in any way practical or sensible, so you will be VERY HARD pressed, to find any one of us believing such an anecdote. Just FYI.


    If you really want to have a good relationship with this forum, try to establish trust before going on about wild stories. I’ve made mistakes posting here at first as well, I was a desperate newbie who asked several needy sounding questions and posts when I first became a member. Try to see the personality of the forum so that your transition here is smooth.

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  5. Bumping :)


    One thing I’d like to add, trad craft is a good template, but it’s largely just a template. One of the reasons we shouldn’t read too much is because the witches of old only had so much knowledge and resources. It is true that trad craft was a certain way back in the day when it was practiced more widely, but as with physical human crafts, spiritual crafts can be advanced by the modern age. It’s nice to have old and authentic recipes for incenses and such, but it’s like cooking. Today we have access to so many herbs and resins and innovational thought, we should take advantage.

    That old authentic recipe is likely good, just like the old trad recipe for cake. But with advances in baking we made cake much better, and we too should be trying to advance with these spiritual recipes. I was browsing The Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs the other day and noticed that in the beginning Scott gave an example of a love incense recipe.

    The recipe given included “Lemon balm, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla” to simply include herbs associated with love is basic, and lacks passion. We no longer live in times when simply knowing which herbs are associated with love, or obtaining them is the challenge on its own. I suspect our ancestors would probably get a little annoyed watching us scower the web for days, to find one of their multiple traditional healing incenses when we could probably be making an even better one.

    We have the resources to put a little more thought/creativity and effort into any aspect of the craft.

    If I was making this incense/oil for a man, id like to include an herb or two for courage like masterwort, because inducing feelings of affection will do no good if he’s too shy to act on them. I might add lavender as well, because it’s associated with love- and peace, and I suspect the peaceful energy will help get us on a smoother start with less potential ‘bumps’ in the road. If this were an oil, I’d add a little sugar as well to sweeten our interactions so that he’s encouraged to talk to me. There are a lot of angles to tackle each problem we deal with (and we didn’t even get to considering planetary correspondences of the herbs yet).


    Gordon Ramsey isn’t Gordon Ramsey because he settled for basic “it’s scrambled eggs so I put eggs on a pan and waited for them to get solid”. He cycles taking the eggs off the pan, and back on so that they get cooked while maintaining a softer creamier texture by not overheating. If he can put that much effort into scrambled eggs when everyone else though there was pretty much just one way to do it, there is plenty of room for advancement in the craft as well.

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  6. I believe this is the main purpose behind many methods of wand crafting. In one instruction i read, the writer said to make sure you do not drop the piece of wood on the ground (most likely because the spiritual essence will be ‘grounded out’ into the earth, and you’ll have to get a new one). This may not be entirely accurate, but I agree with the mystical underlying premise. A wand should be a kind of fetish object with a spirit stored within it. If I were trying to preserve a connection with the hibiscus I would look into using wand-making procedures to preserve the spirit within.


    And sorry I meant to respond much sooner but I decided to investigate my beliefs first, and then forgot about the thread. Lol.

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  7. I don't think you are a weirdo, from what I have seen most seem to think Dean is hotter, I don't see it myself.

    That underbite does not distract me at all from Sam's stature and absolutely incredible body whatsoever :D .

    Dean looks a bit too rugged and ‘macho’ for my taste. Sam on the other hand is a little more classy looking.

  8. Although crystals are popular in "new age," they are IMO so traditional it isn't funny! Well, think about it: they are older than anything on the planet, that is for sure. And they have been used as talismans in almost every culture imaginable, for as long as can be remembered... King Solomon, for instance, in Christian lore, was a huge crystal freak (though I am sure he wouldn't have used that terminology LOL). I have been working with crystals since I was a little girl. They were certainly my first "witchy" modality. As the decades have passed, I find that they are so ancient that it isn't even fathomable. I also find it notable that they are beings created in total darkness, and extreme heat and pressure: in other words, "hell realm." So, not as fluffy as one may think. Yet, that is exactly why they are so beautiful and so powerful, also. I do find that the New Age community has been a real boon for crystal freaks like us. I have learnt a lot from the materials out there now, and I love that I can order basically any stone from anywhere in the world.


    Have you ever mined your own, FancyShadowCat? I just started doing that this year, and I have to say, it is so rewarding. The Earth literally feeds crystals to the hands. I have experienced it first-hand: when they manifest, they can literally come out of nowhere, out of the dust. It is amazing. Of course much of the time it is hard labor or even dangerous, but I have seen children pick great specimens up right by their feet at the border of a quarry before. Of course children, with purer hearts than most, are more likely to find crystals than your average adult.

    I haven’t even thought about trying to mine my own lol. I’m not much for risk taking, though I might have to eventually. But I can imagine how surreal it must be to find a crystal and realize you’re the first person to ever touch and get to know it. Also, it makes sense that crystals should be thought of as much more traditional than they are generally perceived to be.

  9. What makes it traditional to me, is incorporating timeless aspects of the craft that we haven’t been able to improve on while adopting modern techniques as well. Leather workers still use rib bones to tan hides, and it’s been done that way for literally thousands of years. And as with leather working I believe there are some techniques and tools that are equally timeless.


    I believe circles and compasses are timeless, as are knots and cartomancy. But I do incorporate crystals and semi precious stones into my craft as well even though it could be considered new age. Back then we didn’t have access to a large selection of crystals and stones that could be purchased online and delivered to your door, but I take my boons where I find them. If my witchy ancestors had access to some of the things I do, I’m sure they would’ve gladly used them.


    Traditional looks to tie timeless aspects of our past with the benefits of the modern age. I’m okay with new age stuff, as long as it works.

  10. I'm a heathen but certainly not a Norse one. I do more of my own thing in the continental realm, but I'm extremely traditional, gobble up old sources, turn to etymology, look at archeological finds etc. So I actually end up as a direct opposite of Arith Harger! *sigh* should've been an early medieval peasant girl, but I guess some things weren't meant to be (thankfully there's much less smallpox where I ended up instead).

    Honestly I do most of my Norse reading in order to understand Freya. This would be easier if the eddas included more of her stories. I don’t truly feel a connection to the rest of the Norse pantheon. Maybe because I’m mostly French? I have considered researching Gallic-Celtic paganism. Not sure if I feel the call however. It’s possible Freya May be the only deity I work with.

  11. I think sometimes, when you make an utterance, just out of the blue. It would be good to tell someone or write it down, to keep a record of these insights. They probably happen more often than you think.

    Agreed. This is good for dreams too, as you don’t really realize quite how often a prophetic dream comes along until you pay attention and record them. I’ve been surprised at how literal mine tend to be.

  12. not unknown - 'reddening the runes' is a thing. The casters blood added to or laid over the ink if done properly. Or with read ochre and wine if there is a reason to use an alternative.

    I could certainly see adding spaygaric tinctures or other substances as being helpful if you were making as set dedicated to read about a particular theme aspect of life.

    You’re full of witchy knowledge aren’t you FT? The redening of the runes is really interesting. And I’ll have to add spaygaric to my vocabulary straight away.


    -Edited for grammar

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  13. Holdasown I appreciate that you see the value in the Jotun. Sonna and Mani both have beautiful energy. Sonna especially is very healing to take in. I plan on purchasing a book in the same series as ‘Neolithic Shamanism’ which is more in depth about how to properly have a relationship with the gods. This book (as well as Neolithic Shamanism) is written by a couple Norse shamans/spirit workers, and I can only assume the gods’ etiquette in working relationships may differ from ours. If anyone would like to see other books written/endorsed by this organization of northern shamans you can visit http://www.northernshamanism.org/welcome.html


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  14. Is using specific home made inks something that’s common with crafting runes? Like for instance, adding in a finely ground powdered herb associated with divination to the ink? I’ve wondered about this but I have yet to see anything of the sort.

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  15. My mom was one of those folks who believed that being "Christian" meant you were a good person. And, not being "Christian" meant you were a bad person. (That - and other reasons - are why I never told her about my personal beliefs.) So I'm not surprised she didn't take up anything overtly pagan or witchy. But I think you are right that a lot of people do. It doesn't really bother me unless they try to get into my business and tell me how I'm doing everything wrong. But they are sometimes very difficult to be around, because they often come across as smug. THAT does bother me!


    Some might consider hereditary spiritual gifts be be ‘witch blood’, though I think it’s very strange that families with ‘witch blood’ can be so afraid of witchy things. My father again, is very similar in that respect. My dad is a catholic, and thought that anyone practicing magic turns ‘dark’ because it’s evil. He had a COW when he found out what I was into. Didn’t stop me and my younger sister hehehe...

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  16. Wow. I for one had no idea astrology could be quite so complex and intricate! Reading this thread is making me seriously consider pursuing it a bit down the road from where I am now. And congrats phantasmagoria on knowledge well earned. And thank you for your extensive advice to new comers of astrology.

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  17. My mom's side of the family is Irish, and she believed that she had second sight and that it was inherited from that side of the family. I am not sure where she got that idea, but I suspect she may have had an aunt or cousin that could "see" things beyond the norm - or thought they could - and she picked up on it as a characteristic she wanted for herself.


    The reason I say this is, to be honest, I cannot recall anything my mom ever shared with me that indicated she had second sight. Most of the time the subject would come up when she would call me on the phone out of the blue about something she had just "felt." Since most of her incidents of "clairvoyance" were in the form of "I just had a feeling you were having a terrible time or in danger, is everything okay?" it put me into the really bizarre position of having to continually "disappoint" my mother by replying "no, nothing odd or bad is going on here, mom...?" LOL


    I do have second sight, and while I do not doubt that this sort of thing can "run in families," in my own family, I cannot make a solid connection between second sight and those who came before me and my own children (now in their late 30s) have shown no signs of it themselves. So I believe that it can be hereditary, but it is not always hereditary.

    I’m surprised your mom hasn’t taken to a witchy practice like yourself if she seems to desire those abilities so much. My father is the same way.. he thinks he’s an empath yet has not experienced any empathic phenomenon.. he’s one of those fluffy love and light new agers who desire to be empathic as it’s the most ‘compassionate and love-and-light’ of all spiritual gifts. And it annoys me to no end.

    Empathy also runs in the family on his side so that might be part of it lol. His sister has it as I mentioned above.


    -edited to add the last little tidbit

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  18. Lol. I recall one instance of even feeling the negative emotional energy in some baby back ribs as I began chewing... not pleasant. Could not finish the ribs. I agree with Jevne that empathas are not the fluffy love-all people that some circles make them out to be.

    The ability is often a nuisance but I have once used it to help a very hurt friend of mine, and boy did the strength of those emotions take me by surprise after she left. I’ve noticed that it takes me a few minutes to fully experience the energy I’ve absorbed, and then it lingers for a while unless I sage it out of me.

  19. Bumping this thread for further discussion!


    I am convinced that the ability to channel spiritual energies through the body does have a genetic component, as the ability to distinguish pitch. As sensitivity does run in my family. I have a hypothesis that sensitivity and psychic abilities is a result of your body’s ability to channel or act as a conduit for these energies better than the average person. I also believe that this channeling ability can be built and strengthened through practice and dedication.


    My great grandmother was a medium, and my aunt is empathic, as well as her daughter. Though as far as I know I’m the only one who’s taken to anything witchy, and the topics of things like this itself aren’t given attention by my family.

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