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  1. Black Cat says "Your Pizza is nice and warm!"
  2. I like to watch the Dead Files with Amy Allen, I think she is genuine. I do watch Ghost adventures too, the only one guy who seems to feel anything is Arron Goodwin, and he seems to over react sometimes.. Once on a while , they include a psychic called Chip something, Sorry I don't remember, but he seems to be quite accurate.
  3. Pricing is a big problem for most artists. If you use a pricing formula, cost of materials, time, framing, and then the commission to the store selling it. The price can get huge especially with some stores charging up to 60% in commissions. I did find one store that said they charge 20% commission. there are not many that will do that. I love your Husky, he is beautiful!
  4. I have heard of drawing sigils on the body with lotion, you could use a healing sigil or a beauty sigil with your lotion. The activation of a Sigil is to draw it and then forget it.
  5. I have never purchased any occult art, personally I make my own, but check out Pinterest there is lots to look at there. Just search Occult Art. Visionary art, You will find everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. I would love to see your art. There is also Deviant Art, its a site to sell your art on.
  6. Thanks for the link! That is a nice site with lots of things I would want to have. Beard Rings included, although I have no beard...They would look great on the strings of a Rune Bag.
  7. These are very beautiful, I love the tiny rings to hold the ends. Are they beads? Or did you make them from wire? They are a nice finishing touch.
  8. Hubby and I spent all day in the Garden yesterday, we were filling the planters with new dirt and fertilizer. It is a bit early to transplant but I did put a few Catnip seeds and planted some Begonia Bulbs.
  9. Dear Spectropoetic, I apologize for my insensitive remarks! Sorry!
  10. I did not attempt to be rude, as you say... I think you are a Bitch! and frankly you should just Shut Up!
  11. Are you saying, unless you are taught by a Coven, you are not capable of learning the correct way of performing magic? Because that is a pretty elitist statement and I call bullshit on that!
  12. Well, I'm not a Hereditory Witch, but if I could off been anything before the internet happened I would have been a ShapeShifter. As a child I would imagine being diferent animals, especially a horse. But all in all, I think eventually I would have become a witch. I always had an interest in herbology, horror and fairy stories. Controling my own destiny and I have a vivid imagination. And then I saw my first ghost, well that changed everything for me. I knew there was something else.
  13. Onyx

    Rune Stones Anyone?

    Well, nothing of suitable size for Rune making. We ended up removing half of the tree, it was completely hollow inside. I saved a log, it had a hole on the top and a hole on the side. If I nail a round board in the bottom end, and stand it upright, the log will make a nice planter. Put some trailing plants in it.
  14. This reminded me of a song that goes..."Do what you say, say what you mean. One step leads to another"
  15. Onyx

    Rune Stones Anyone?

    True, I'm always looking for a new project to amuse myself with, but credit to you for making it look possible. I mean, making a detachable pin on the front of the bag, to identify the set and to wear if you want. Genius! By the way, I saw a beautiful ceramic set of runes at the local Witch shop. Just looking! I might make another set from our Apple Tree prunings. Just a thought though.
  16. Thanks UnMasked! Sometimes, you succed dispite yourself. Sometimes designs will change because the unconcious mind takes over. I love that lost in the moment feeling. but you only recognize it when it ends.
  17. British Columbia is quite like Scotland in some ways, especially the Kootenay area, it has more Glacial, rounded mountains. They are called the Selkirk Range.
  18. A couple of mini paintings for my Grandaughter.
  19. I don't get any messages, but I do get Cat visits from my deceased cats. Just a nice little reminder that their spirits are still around me. It is very comforting to me.
  20. There you go, it does scream guitar strap, A perfect use.
  21. Yes, I could see that on a Viking type dress, it would look beautiful on anything really. Table Runner?
  22. I am She who must be obeyed! Feed Me slave!
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