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    DIY, Craft, Food, Painting,
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    My grandmother gave me the first rudiments sharing with me her folk magic. My family and their friends come sometimes and ask me to perform a widely known ritual in order to cleanse the negativity, to take read of the so-called "evil eye", prepare amulets usually for protection, and counseling.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I use the tools, gesture and rituals of folk magic as long as conceptions from the ritual magic. I consider witchcraft and magic as exquisitely human, set apart from religion.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    It was my mainly path wince I started. I read about Wicca and I explored it for few months only to backtrack on it. I recognize myself as Christian.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Witchcraft is in my view a personal development tool and is a lifelong process. It is a way for some people to assess their skills and qualities, be aware of their aims in life and to realize and maximize their potential.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I work with traditional witchcraft since I was attending the high school about 15 years ago.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I look for a place where people see witchcraft and do not understand Wicca.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Would love to meet new people for a chat, a coffee, or a dinner, and share our experiences, recipes, stories, work together for ourselves and our friends.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Purification of people and places from negative energies that influence life, work, health and behaviors. Spells and amulets for protection. Herbs, salves, potions, and other herbal preparations for healing, cosmetic and magical use
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I do not always trust people and I tend also to be a bit presumptuous... that turns often in giving the people a different spell from what they required but after all it is rare to receive a request from someone who really knows what he/she needs from a magical point of view.

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  1. The craft I adhere is of christian origin, takes a lot from jewish and gnosticism traditions. This doesn't mean that you can't take it and apply to your tradition. This bread is so good to offer a sacrifice to the spirit of the nature, the ancestors and the God(s) in one ritual. Ingredients: 1 cup of flour (you can mix white, whole and add to tase dark, rye or other flour) 1\3 cup of water a pinch of ritual salt (I use the same I keep on the altar for purifications) a pinch of yeast (active dry) Steps: Sprinkle yeast on top of the lukewarm water and stir to dissolve. Sift the flours together and add the salt. Make the sign of the cross into the flour (or make a well in the center of the flour) and add yeast mixture. Use hands to mix, rotating in a circular motion to pull flour gradually into the center. When the dough comes together, turn it on a floured plane and knead until smooth. (20 mins) Let it rest for 10 mins. Form the dough into a round loaf. Use a wooden skewer or other tool to poke holes in the dough or other symbols. Cover with a clean towel and allow to raise for 30 mins. Preheat the oven to 180 C (355 F) and bake. Baking time can differ: if you bake a loaf prepared with 6 cups of flour, it will bake for about a hour and 20 mins. for small loafs, you can bake it in a smaller oven or in a sauce pan. For small loafs pour some water at the bottom of the oven so the atmosphere is moist enough. Offering: I usually divide the loaf in four parts: The first is placed on a clean plate as offering to the God(s). I will leave it on the altar for a while then I burn it or bury it near a tall tree; The second is an offering to the spirits of the ancestors. I take a small piece from the quarter and offer it to the spirits: I preare a clean plate and a cup of wine/milk. I take a small piece of the bread and place on the other plate (1th one), invite the spirits to eat with them. then I eat the bread and the cup as in a ritual meal. (Manes, Lares et Poenates, benedicti, huius panis et vino/lacte libando estote fitote propitii mihi, domo atque familiae). The third one becomes an offering to the spirits of the nature and is left in a wood or the back garden. This will assure to befriend those spirits who live in the wilderness. The fourth one is again a ritual meal. in order to receive a special blessing to change something in our life. or to be given to friends who asked a special blessing as alternative to spell casting. If I don't need to to the four offerings in the same ritual. I just divide the bread differently. Let me know what you think of it and if you're going to use this ritual, your experience with it.
  2. Mikham

    I could use some help

    Thank you again! I would love to put something that represents you on my altar. Kindness doesn't know distance and so spiritual energy. I am quite sure that in time I will find people to share time and crafting practices. Whispers run fast here like in every part of the world, I received already some requests of tarot reading, cleansing and making amulets, soon there will be someone to share an evening together, help each other and other people who may request some guidance.
  3. Mikham

    Healing work

    Thank you for your comments @negcreativity. I really think that witchcraft is totally belonging to humans. Mankind of all ages had it and used it and we still use it to honor our God/Gods according a moral given by our religions. but still it belongs to human sphere. Spirits realm is always in communion with the reality we use to see everyday. I also have a story of healing I will share in another post. maybe some users will like to read it.
  4. I don't know if other witches may support this pow. I think that Tarots are the highest form of divination that can give you all the details you may want to find but they also are very complex and you are already dealing with lot of symbolic elements. It can take at least one week usually, sometimes more and never less to read the same cards I extracted before the true meaning unveil. In case of divination over a dream, I would try with Geomancy. The earth energy that you require to summon for this form of divination will help to to unveil some aspects (most practical ones) of the dream and will also help to balance the energy of the element of air (ideas, symbols, visions) of which you will be full due to meditation on dreams. Let's wait for more comments. I am always interested in other witches opinion.
  5. so there is this old house in which you want to return, but the threes, who belong to that backyard but at the same time feels alien to it, are pointing to a different (new?) direction. The house could be a habit, people or a situation coming/rooted in the past that still affects you in the present (it was around this time of the year) and the threes may suggest to change this situation or leave that habit/person in the past. On the other hand, it may also be a dream about the future, some people (threes) who claim to belong to your past (relatives? friends?) but toward which you don't really feel a trustful bond may come in your present life to suggest you to start something new (the direction that is different from the familiar house). Whether those people are to be trust or not it is hard to say. The correct interpretation can come out if you meditate on this dream (or better another witch in order to avoid suggestion and bias). Anyway I when someone comes to me with premonition dream, I always tell that those dreams can make you aware of something, but you have to live and act as you never had it because: 1 - it is hard to interpret correctly the dream. 2 - most time is just a way for the spirits to tell us they are around and taking care of us. Maybe it is about the future or maybe it is a danger that they warded off. So don't react to it, just keep your eyes and mind and soul open to your surroundings. The revelation will come and you will know that there are spirits who take care of your life.
  6. Working in the park, an old tree as altar, a knife and a pentacle.
  7. I also thought about a "portable" altar kit. The first time when I had to move in a different country and couldn't bring with me all the altar tools I have. Mostly because they are stored in a huge trunk that is not easy to transport and they are big as well. I bought in place small bowls and now I use one shelf of the cupboard. The only things that are really portable, though, are the small, hand-made notebook, in which I have the most important notes and prayers I use; blessed salt and oil, ready to be used. Those are the thing I carry with me when someone asks me to perform a rite outside my place (mostly purification and cleansing of people and places).
  8. Lately I have been receiving more and more impressions from spirits, and I think I have to set up one more altar dedicated exclusively to familiar spirits. The altar I have now is the classical altar described in occidental grimoires. It is a general one, where I connect with the so-called planetary spirits, Angels and other spirits who govern our world. Together with the new altar I have to provide a whole set of new robes and tools. It will require quite some work but I have this strong feeling that if this will be done good, new feelings, communications and experiences will make me grow more!
  9. Here in the north of The Netherlands I am a bit isolated. I could use some help for rituals and it would be so good to help a meeting in a park or other place, share food and drink in a ritual, telling each other what we are working on and exchange spells, amulets, energy, and help each other. I realize that we all come from different experiences, different traditions, different ways to work with witchcraft. What would be really nice is just to get in touch, meet, talk, share food and drinks around a neutral altar that we can build together, and grow in our craft. What do you think about that?
  10. Mikham

    Healing work

    We are all happy to know that since one week the man is happily driving his car and messing around like he always did.
  11. Mikham

    Ritual cleansing

    There is this shop that has a problem, more than a customer reported a strange feeling when they walk alone in the basement and two of the guys working there can swear to have seen something like a vapor that comes together with unpleasant feelings. One of the salesmen knows me and my craft, so he talked with the manager and both called me and tried not to be too ashamed taking about "ghosts". I have been there until closure and helped around for cleaning (actual physical cleaning, with brushes and soap... XD) and it happened to see that shadow. I cannot say yet if this is an evil spirit or some other negative energy but they still complain and maybe it is true that it shouldn't be there anyway. They asked me to cleanse the shop but they also pretended me to do that on the spot, that night, giving me a tealight recycled from last party. I had to explain that this is not the way it works... is not like a cheap feng shui. I told them I can work when the shop is closed but anyway there is a ritual to organize and perform. This week I will prepare everything and close the tools in a box, ready for the ritual whenever these people will take it seriously.
  12. I sometimes "prescribe" potions. I have two ways to prepare them. One is making teas and infusion with herbs that have a active principle known to be helpful for some issues, so Fennel, carvi, licorice and anise for stomach and fermentation. I always use a special prayer on the herbs to invoke and thanks Mother Nature for the healing power the herbs have. This kind of potion can't be strictly said as magic, it is more being thankful to the Nature for the chance to use herbal remedies. Sometimes I use techniques that belongs to Spagyria to prepare powerful remedies, but it takes a lot of effort and time. The real magic potions that I have prepared in the past have nothing in common with teas and not always are meant to be drunk. I usually do not give a potion in order to satisfy the request of the person - e.g. Someone asks a potion because he/she needs more energy. I first look at the subtle cause of the issue and I cure that one with the potion - e.g. you feel not plenty of energy because you spend it at work, everyday, in order to be cool and show off in response of a serious lack of confidence or you never remember your dreams because you avoid to confront with your colleagues on a hot topic, so when you do it in your ... and so on. you take ingredients that have a metaphysical meaning and transfer their properties in a medium that acts as vehicle, like water or wine for example, by means of prayers, invocations to spirits that govern elements and aspects you want to transfer. So basically you have to find the ingredients that possess the particular property that you lack or want to balance in your life and act the transfer. I guess anyone can find the right potion he/she needs invoke your guardian spirit and ask to be guided in the choice of the right ingredients.
  13. Mikham

    Healing work

    No offense. You are almost right. God, angels and spirits I work with are mainly identified as the Christian ones. I have to say that I received the first rudiments of the traditional Italian craft from my grandmother who was used to receive people complaining mostly from lesser curses affecting their health. She delivered them with a special blessing administered during a ritual whose prayers are given in the family through generations. Italian witchcraft, as practiced in my region, is a system that has roots in Etruscan religion. Once Christianity arrived, the systems was adapted to the new religion and this was perfectly normal until "the religion" became all of rules and dogmas as we know it nowadays. I, together with my grandma and few other members of my family, have been raised as Christian and, simultaneously, I have been taught how to serve the home altar, a restful place for spirits and ancestors, a place where to call them and be guided in order to perform spiritual work. I could never fit in a wiccan forum and I guess that "traditional witchcraft" could have as many meanings as the number of profiles here. I can imagine that this forum doesn't deal with this system I received but surely no one can say that it is not "traditional" since it has been practiced for ages and it is still practices, although mostly by few, old ladies.
  14. Mikham

    Greed monster

    At the certain point of our life we face the moment of saying farewell to a dying member of our family. In those moments, other members of the family may thing that something more important has to be done. Something like put their hands on money and properties of the "beloved one" right before his death. The seed of discord starts to sprout, harming the whole family where each member starts to curse each other. When "good readons" do not stand anymore, lies will take over. Such a seed has to be eradicated, but how? We always have to focus not to our reasons, because we can always come out with a "because" that will support our thesis. Instead we should focus on the effects that our actions produce. In August I will face such a situation and I have to gather a lot of energy and wisdom to guide people to let them face the consequences of their actions. I will try to fix the relationships between all the different members and also make peace with the departed one. Indeed, already three members of this family are experiencing nightmares, and heart issues that they feel are connected with a restless soul. I do not think that the old man is experiencing any pain or deprivation of peacefulness, but it is true that with our actions and attitude we welcome different spirits according to our intentions. Anger, call of vengeance, feelings of injustice will only ruin our life, and put our sous under the influence of evil spirits. It is true, every action we perform in the physical world has a consequence that will extend on a different plane of the existence. This plane, although transcendental, is not distinct from what is our everyday perception of the world and matter, that is why they influence each other. It is our duty to care about the relationships between these two plans of the existence and guide people to do the same in their own small way.
  15. Mikham

    Healing work

    Hi Steve, I appreciate your comment, it is really interesting to know how you work on healing. My work may look quite different but we go through the same steps. I first set up a connection with the person by praying together even if privately, in front of an altar offering. I ask the person to be open to God, angels and spirits to transform his or her life. After that we spit the work. I give to every person a different assignment or task to fulfill in order to have them focused on welcoming spiritual forces to work on their life. I work with God and His spirits, with prayers, offerings, meditation. I always explain people who come to me that as the physician will heals the body, we also have to prepare the the soul to be healed and when the two are in harmony, they both speed up the whole process. Moreover, I do not tell them how the process will work, because it can be different for different people and I do not want them to expect any special effect to come out my magic wand. If you and your coven is fine with that, you can send me a version of your pentacle and I will put it on my altar, to send you even more positive energy.
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