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    Greater Philadelphia area
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    Knitting and crocheting, gardening, cooking
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Mostly from books, some private practice during precious alone time, I am self guided and potentially misguided by the abhorrent use of personal and contradictory mysticism by authors. I am here seeking more practiced people to learn from and to fulfill a missing sense of community in this part of my life.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Raised “Christian “ but disillusioned early by truly atheist parents, I find difficulty with religion. though in recent years I’ve felt a tug I’ve been following, studying the pagan practices of the ancients of my heritage up to more modern practices of the other folk they left behind.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I can’t say with fervor that I actually have. I do use herbs a lot and always have, though actual practice has been an illusive concept to me.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Again, illusive.
    I get what I consider to be intuition. If I follow it, I get a heightened sense of awareness in places uncorrupted by human residents like in the forest, and I am compelled to thoughts about a deeper truth in my menial practices. I believe there is more for me to learn, maybe much more.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I’ve been reading for some years but the urgency of what seems to be calling me has been more intense in the past year, and for about as long I’ve been “working with” witchcraft.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Google for “witch forum”
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I have no expectations but I hope to find guidance and perhaps some answers for my nagging tugging.
    I should hope to contribute what ideas I may have worth contributing. I am usually a quick study, and am nearly always happy to help.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    I have no idea
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I have little patience and hope to build skill in mindfulness.
    I am also easily distracted by the everyday and falter in my habits.
  • Additional Information.
    I am very interested in midwifery and intend to reenter formal education to pursue the practice.

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  1. recently had another baby. returning to practice after over a year. eager to use what I've learned in my book studies over that time.

    1. Phagos


      Congratulations on your new Witchling!

  2. thank you all for your replies. I will consider your advisements before taking any action. ive had some small time to chew on this. my initial idea with a curse (which I have left on the back burner for now) was influenced by the tradition of leaving an undoing in it. in the tradition ive been studying, it is commonplace to include a 'way out' for the subject. for instance, some beneficent act by the target, that breaks the curse. in fact, yes, a poppet was what I was looking to use to bind them from particular behaviors. I have pretty full idea of how id go about it. first, though, Im going to look for the thread you suggested. thank you. this isn't about my child, nor is it about any filthy acts against a child, thankfully enough. but if one more conversation was enough to effect any change, I wouldn't be considering magic in this instance. I wish it was a matter of them finding themselves a way out of a thicket of life's turmoils, but things have been far past that point already. this is certainly a consideration, seeing as I would prefer to avoid anything but the most superficial contact with them anymore. and revenge isn't much of a motivator. I only meant that I wouldn't feel satisfied that I had done what I could if all I did was to cut the cord. my concern is for those in this person's life who are in in their destructive path. I also feel it is worth mentioning that myself and the other individual are not youths, and considering the opiate epidemic, it may be worth mentioning that this is not a substance abuse issue.
  3. im reading around looking for an answer to a dilemma. and the more I read, the more options I come up with. so forgive me if I go just a little bit off topic, and please feel free to redirect me to a more appropriate thread, if youre aware of one. C: I am open to suggestions and criticism. ok so I have a long time friend that I am just done with. we have been friends for over a decade now, but I lately I have been coming to realize that our relationship seems to mean something different to each of us, and that my friend is not what I have believed them to be this whole time. I have made my decision to cut ties with them. and so I am of a mind that at the very least I should cut the etheric cord that runs between the two of us. so far so good? but I am not the passive, good enough, no flare type of gal. its just not enough to quench me. they are a harm to their self, and to those closest to them, and those unfortunate enough to pass just a little too closely. not a psychokiller, but just a mess of trouble. so it occurred to me that some spellwork or other might be in order. initially my thoughts went to some kind of binding. now, I am comfortable enough to preform a binding spell. im barely a novice, perhaps an amateur witch, but I've a clear idea of this manner of work, I think. and please do correct me if you feel im wrong. my hinderance is frankly that I feel that a binding spell may not be enough. perhaps even if I am right in thinking so, I should start with the binding anyhow, and if it turns out not to be enough, I pursue some curse or other in the event that the binding fails. or perhaps, since id rather not have to keep tabs on them, I should engage the binding within some hex? has anyone explored such an idea, using binding within some other spellwork? If you've experience with such a thing, is there anything you might want to share?
  4. Patience is a virtue. Im sure ill be here seeking for some time before my turn. Additionally, crab apples are indeed edible. They are the precursor to our modern delicious apples (some less delicious, admittedly). They are super tart, but great for baking. They have an incredibly apple-y flavor. Ive also heard tell that Johnny Appleseed himself spread the seeds of crab apples, not a more traditional (as far as the modern mind) apple. He did this because it'd been decreed that so long as one has sown land, it is his. So he sowed a butt ton of crab apples in his greedy enterprise to own all the lands. ;)
  5. phew, you're right, I just reread it. I get carried away sometimes, lose my train of thought and miss a beat.. so about Empty Witch, shall we call her; she very definitely practices magical arts, whatever they may be, wherever she learned them, publicly, and I can only assume privately as well. The energy healing or reiki... I used to know a 'reiki master' and I could feel a healing energy within him, whether it was reiki I dont know, but he had it. She preforms in the same motions as he did and I feel nothing, sometimes I feel malice, but im unsure if its my, well call it fear, of her or if its coming from her. I won't allow her to engage with me or mine in this manner. reiki is the only firsthand experience I have of her practice. she 'noticed' something in my dog (and this is now a huge bone of contention within our family) and since she touched her, our dog has grown masses in each of her teets. it happened very quickly. she bent down, the dog yiped, and she said, "I think she's in pain." a few days later I noticed lumps amassing. now every breast is affected. she shows no pain, they seem to be benign, but some of us truly believe she did something to our dog. she posts on facebook about magic and energy and alludes to the manipulation thereof. her home screams witch, you know? talismans, herbs, vessels.... the tingle of magic in the air, but its always dark, closed off from fresh air, and the current inside is dynamic as all get out. but to speak to her, to spend time in her company, she has no quarrel with showing you her disinterest, she will smile, she will compliment the smell of your meal in the oven, she will compare whatever you say to some wonder in her life, but the moment attention moves she will pull her husband aside or announce some heretofore unmentioned appointment she's about to miss. you know that sparkle most folk get when their happy or otherwise joyous? she doesn't have it. for such light blue eyes, they are so dark, so dim and devoid. so, again, I see it reiterated a thousand times in this thread, to each his own. im not hating on Wiccans, im not hating on any neopagans (and you are right, thats a huge umbrella, and I meant it to be super broad). I know im comming off like I am. I know its sounding like im saying, "fuck them all for ruining shit!" but im saying not that Wiccans are pooshit, but that the interpretations offered within Wicca of the deities and the practices they 'borrow' from have, together with christian idealism, served to influence the neopagan communities and alter the prime representations and purposes and meanings and reasons etc of the pagan systems of antiquity that they represent. indeed the world needs more love and light. but love and light should not supersede and replace the necessity for war and battle, guile and manipulation, hard work and manual labor, deeper study and thought, etc... it is the reinterpretation of these concepts, be them ideas, beings, practices, whatever, to reflect a more peaceful modern sensibility, that adulterates and whitewashes the identifying characteristics of the cultures the concepts were born to serve. even in this way, Wicca has its place; it exists to serve this modern culture of self. and it has made it difficult, in my experience, to study the authentic practices that came before the seventies. Wicca is the shroud of witchcraft, and the veil it sheds over the witchy domain is both protective and obscuring.
  6. I want to start by saying that my understanding of traditional witchcraft since I have joined this forum has not particularly evolved, but grown. I had not originally considered traditional witchcraft to be a practice of specifically eastern or specifically western or specifically anywhere-ian. My concept of traditional witchcraft was simply that it was the practice of magics under use since ancient times. Now after time here and time studying a particular paganism, I understand it a bit more deeply where time and region is considered. I understand now that our practices are influenced not only by the earth and the practitioners, but also by communities' politics, religion, access, time since immigration to current land..... go on and on and on, much like the public 'culture' anthropologists study. And, wow. So after reading the first three pages of this thread and then being so "!!!!!" that I skipped ahead to this page to respond, Oroboros, you kind of took the words out of my mouth before I got to! Even down to Phaedra being well written. But now that you've said it, I also feel compelled to respond here. Ok, so the only person I know in my life today that practices any craft is my brother in laws current wife. And I would call her a New Ager. Even before I realized that she's a witch (yea, I'll credit her with the title) I didn't like her. As a person. I got those "bad people" vibes from her. Not "witch" vibes ever, no, but that ew feeling in your belly when you encounter an 'empty' person, you know? So anyhow, I learn that she practices reiki, I learn that she smudged the apartment my husband and hers shared years ago before any of us were married, I notice things in her facebook posts... I don't believe she is a Wiccan. I mean to say I don't believe that she refers to herself as a Wiccan. I have never heard of anyone calling her a witch (until I said so in jest one day, when it was suggested I request her services; bare in mind I am very much IN my broom closet though everyone is familiar with my study of Celtic pagan magics). But nevertheless she is a witch I would not dare to speak to about witchcraft. I am not a very practiced witch, and it is not with her that I'd like to war with magic if it came to it. She, however, is one of these people who preach the "love and light" and "white" magic and "white lights" and all this. It is a lie in her life, but this is not where I take issue with this concept. I take issue with the 'birth' of Wicca, I indeed take issue with the cherry picking, and indeed even the amalgamation. Wow, I probably sound 'ignorant' to say so, but really I blame Wicca for the confusion of neopaganism. God/Gods/gods/angels/demons/whatever, bless their silly souls, but the Neo movements have made genuine study of pagan magics of many peoples more difficult to study at the cost of their simple (mis)understanding of their assumed 'religions'. I blame neopagans for my sister in law, and so I ultimately blame Wicca for her. But I would even be a hypocrite to cry appropriation. For instance, my 'going back to my roots' so to speak would be 'appropriation' to natives. As if two and three generations is enough to be stripped of your heritage... And less innocently, my inclusion of some piece of my neighbors practice (in theory) in my own is most certainly appropriation. Unless, perhaps, it is a local practice, maybe, but there are layers to the shit, you feel me? My craft is personalized to me, and I dont fucking share!-- jk jk I mean I dont shove anything down anyones throats (unless its a legit a fact, like if you're telling people that the water in flint Michigan is fine to drink, imma shove that {the fucking water} down your throat, but you're beliefs are yours.... and that means for you, too! {hypothetical "you"s}) There's a fine line, and I think its written somewhere near wisdom. Im not even quite there yet. Something I learned a few years back from an extremely unlikely source, "no contempt before investigation." So I endeavor to investigate the shit out of whatever I'm turned off by. And in today's conclusion, I blame Wicca. I let them have it, its theirs, they own it, they can be Wiccans. I don't care. It doesn't bother me. It's just another religion to me. But I blame them for all the confusion, all the uptight upright ness, and the shadows they indeed keep hidden in the light. I think the balance and depth is there, everywhere, but so thinly spread, rare and precious. It's over there near that fine line I was talking about.
  7. buyer beware!! those dna tests are all different. they use their own private databases for comparison, so their outcomes are entirely dependent on their subject load. no sharing. and they each have a different standard. you could take one from 23 and me and it'll tell you you're 12% English and 43% Western European (isn't England IN Western Europe?????) and ancestry will tell you you're not at all from anywhere in Western Europe but rather Scandinavian and middle eastern, and you'll be sitting there like, "but I thought I was Nigerian?" I think for now those dna tests should only serve to supplement what you already know from stories and records. so I started to go through it a second time. 1-most of the files won't open for me anymore (she was moving files and changing their type when I first signed up, so sometimes there would be 2 or more audio file types and sometimes one). for instance, I had to use the video for most of them my first time around, or the podcast file. now none of the podcast files work for me, and only some of the video files will play. I decided it was fine and I would only do the ones that worked, id already completed the month once, its just a buffer. but then, 2- after a few days, every time I attempted a guided journey something interrupted (my son, a phone call, etc..) and eventually I tried a submerged meditation, to break background noise off and keep myself focused. no beans. I think I did three journeys all together on my second go around? 3-id gotten bored of the psych-breakdown of the guided journeys too. im a pretty staunch believer that the Irish can't be psychoanalyzed and such. (not saying Irish folk are the only folk 'immune' to it, but freud was on to something there). I saw no more benefit in the structured self-analysis in the program. it faded from me. now I use the same technique (the inside yourself, dark place, etc) with my own intentions rather than the topics she's chosen. I would like to check out her tier 2 and tier 3 guided meditations where you leave the beach and go to your island and fully into the otherworld but its pricey. it'll have to wait. I might try to apply for one of her "scholarship" positions so I dont have to wait so long. but frankly, the beach has been a wonderful utility on its own. I have gone to the beach to divine, to commune, and to simply relax and revel.
  8. im super glad for this post. ive been looking into the same stuff the past few weeks. I just moved and while I dont feel negativity in our apartment, there is some lead paint im gonna remove and some kind of residual negativity in the building. so ill get rid of the lead paint cause I mean its lead paint soo.... and Im not sure if a single cleansing ritual of any sort would cut the environmental tension because the first floor of the building is full of ... wayward?... veterans, and it may be their current emotions emanating through the building. but I am crafting home and protection charms with the help of my kiddo. so its not Imbolc anymore and we've left so much of our belongings behind (partly because the apartment isn't full of storage space, or room really at all for everything, and partly because we are symbolically leaving a part of our lives behind) so I've got to make myself a new Brigid doll, to welcome her into our new home since she's like all into happy comfortable family life. but aside from that, a Brigid's cross for the doors, and some protection charms of a similar design to the cross throughout at vulnerable spaces. the protection charms ill make use nails, like carpenter nails, to form the cross, and are bound together with a sturdy weave. Since were basically allowed to treat the place like we own it (definitely a perk), I have been considering painting some magic onto our thresholds and doorways. I dont use runes, and I won't carve the place, so im looking into magical paint additives that wouldn't disturb the integrity of the paint itself, and other, maybe more primal, methods of charming homes. congrats on your new home! enjoy it, and cherish its contents!
  9. I see this is old, and its not quite what I suspected from the thread title. I hope that those grand parents you summoned did you some good. But when I stumbled upon the thread, my first thought was of my ask for suggestions for ingredients for a Home Finding spell not long ago. A couple weeks ago in fact. I ended up crafting a charm. It took me a couple of days to make it since life was so out of sorts and the weather wasn't much better. But the charm served me. I kept the charm in my purse once I had finished it, brought it with me when I drove around looking for For Rent signs, when I toured apartments...My husband and I had already applied for an awesome apartment, albeit a teensy bit out of our range. I was hoping that the charm would bring us that apartment. But as with so much in life, we went through a cycle of 3. We were told that the landlord would wait a month for more applicants before he made his decision. We wanted to move ASAP so we kept looking. The next we applied for we didn't really like, it was small and set up strangely, but it had laundry in house and that was a big sell for us. We were turned down on that one, strangely enough for bad credit (we dont have bad credit). I was close to tears when we got that call, but literally moments later, I received a message from an old friend I haven't seen in a few years, an apartment that had JUST been posted. I contacted the lessor and saw the apartment at his EARLIEST convenience, (like an hour later), I ritually touched the charm in the pocket of my purse countless times on the drive there, while I waited outside for the lessor, and as I toured the quaint and cozy place. I left the showing with a copy of the lease and it was signed and we got the keys the next morning (yesterday!!) It doesn't have laundry, that huge selling point, but it will in the future, and its close enough to the laundromat that it won't be such a hassle. The most important part, its the cheapest apartment we've even so much as looked at, no charge for our dog. The charm did its job. I hadn't even thought about laundry when I made it. Home Finding Charm: -satchel (I used a fabric coaster in the shape of a house I found in a thrift store. Id destroyed one when trying to open it, but the next I cut well enough. I would have just used flour sack cloth, but the house shape seemed appropriate ) -spoonful of coffee (focus and speed) -piece of a shingle (indicative of home, a roof, shelter) -lock of dogs hair (we needed a place where our dog is welcome, we couldn't bare to leave her, so I cut some of her hair for the charm) -a drawing of a compass (since we were already kind of between homes, I didn't have access to all of my belongings, and had a hard time finding something indicative of direction or attraction. I settled on a simple drawing) -pet bedding (for creature comforts) -pinch of chamomile (for patience) -earth *soil* (land/sovereignty) -bay leaf (success) -crows feather (this is personal, like the dog hair. it is an invocation of assistance from a sovereignty goddess.) (heres my first attempt at posting my own photo on the forum). : Im a bit of a knit witch, so I used a little fiber magic while I sewed it all back up, and thankfully it was successful.
  10. hahahaha! solanaceae, i was just about to post that!!!!!
  11. also, I've got a couple more links. always take salt with what I provide, but: this one is a priesthood dedicated to the Morrigan. The link is to their suggested reading etc. http://www.corupriesthood.com/spirituality/resources/ this link will bring you to a description of the site. much like the Mary Jones and sacred texts website, this is a database of translated lore. can't get much more reputable either. https://celt.ucc.ie//CELT_nutshell.html
  12. I finished the first month of journeys. I loved it, saved all the emails so I can still have access to do it again. I took her recent "5 Day Morrigan Challenge" (and ill be honest I still haven't finished the first video because though its only supposed to be a half hour long, the first one is 2.5 hours!!!) and I wasn't as taken by it. Granted she threw that one together with little to no prep, so I'm not mad (it was free too) but its just her reading texts available for free online (and we were supposed to discuss it live but im a stay at home mom, im not good with scheduled things that aren't dr appointments :b Im gonna do the first month of journeys one or two more times before I consider joining up for the next segment of guided journeys, since that ones not free and im cheap cheap cheap and because I think I've got more work to do on the beach. I definitely suggest it whether you're studying Celtic traditions or not. I had never been one for meditation previously. So the basics were exactly what I was looking for.
  13. I downloaded the full report. Thanks for that. Yea, I can't find any information about the author at all. But there is a small reading list they posted as a "bibliography." I suppose those are the sources they glean from, then. Not that theres citation. ​I am collecting more links regularly, and will post them soon, but I mostly am finding neopagan sources. Ill try to label them as accurately as possible so no one wastes their time on a link.
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