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    Fine Art, Art, Animation, Film, Reading, Plants, Anthropology
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    Been practicing for a while.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I don't have a set path, the closest would be Hedge Witch. But a primary element of my work is that of a Psychopomp.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Yes. I work with my ancestors, the lands & myths & traditions associated with them as well as working with the flora and fauna of where I live.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Someone who incorporates practices associated with ancestral veneration and fostering a relationship with the land you're on.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    15 years or so
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    I was searching for relevant podcasts.
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    Interested in community and always curious about learning from others.
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    No I haven't been on a forum since I was 16.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Working with death, guiding the dead and helping the dying
    Hedge travel
    Astral travel
    Spirit communication
    Animal Magick
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    tinctures, oils

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  1. I definitely agree with you about the typical white American and English bit. The thing is is that this perspective seems to bleed over into Western Europe as well. I find myself cringing at times when I see Western European/Scandinavian witches use Voodou symbols or intentionally dated "tribal" imagery for example (with no relationship at all to West African culture or the African Diaspora). My perspective is that you have to have a way into a culture in order to work with it, whether that's a direct way you grew up, or the spirits of the land etc. for me it's ideally specific ancestors from those places. It doesn't mean much if it's like a family lore thing or even if it appears on a DNA test but you can't locate its origin (unless that ancestor or an ancestor from that area comes to you, which has happened to me in the past), you need a starting entry way. Oddly enough I don't see many issues around Halloween myself too often, it seems like it's the same pervading issue with the superficial nature of dabbling and misinformation that we've been talking about more than anything. Yea the obsession with white sage is really strange to me. I remember I had a friend use it when we were clearing her entire house back in I think 2011, and I had to have her stop because I don't work well with its energy at all. It felt like it was focusing on me instead of everything else in the house lol. As a result i've only ever used Lavender Sage and Mugwort sticks :rofl:
  2. This is hilarious! A couple hit close to home . I do love skulls and I do work with the dead :spook: :witchbroom: :roflhard: "18. You just did a guided visualisation? No, you didn't! You crossed the fucking hedge and journeyed to the sabbat in spirit flight, that's what you fucking did! (sadly this is something that can't be photographed, yet, maybe if you get the photoshop skills?)" This one made me laugh so hard! Too true :lol: :rofl:
  3. I definitely agree. As an aside, i've met so many Mediums who straddle the line between wanting to and being too afraid. In the end one of my childhood friends who is a strong medium (we used to do work together when we were in 8th grade) went back to christianity full force after a nasty encounter with a spectre a few years back. So she doesn't speak of it anymore. I view those relationships as the same as friends who don't practice, I don't talk about it with them it's something I keep among my closer circle of friends and as a result it can be awkward when they start asking questions because i'm not in the mindset to actually talk about it when i'm around them just as a default. I think the mention of Cultural Appropriation is fairly accurate but it's complex because there are so many different cultural paths at play within witchcraft, so there's a lot of thought to be had about what you're using, and why and whether or not it's going to be effective for you or whether there's an alternative within your ancestral lands. That was part of the back lash with the insta witch kit at Sephora, a lot of the backlash was based around the inclusion of White Sage in the box. As white sage has specific indigenous usages (like the term Smudging) within California where it is native (not sure if it is also native in the southwest in general). But white sage is the most common sage spoken of in more superficial groupings or of those newer to the craft (especially if they came through the New Age route). It's disrespectful largely because they're not using it the way it was originally meant to be used nor the way the plant itself creates that bond for use. So I definitely agree with that. I also think there's a lack of appreciation for the land they're on as well in many instances.
  4. ty! I definitely understand that with Twitter lol. I don't understand Twitter at all, and it's my boyfriend's favorite social media. But he's not a big talker so maybe that's why LOL
  5. I've had my Barbara Walker deck for about 11 years, we're very bonded. This year I purchased the Pagan Otherworlds Deck, and i'm enjoying it - a lot of the imagery and overall energy are reminiscent of some of my heritage. I also backed the following kickstarter deck which is a restoration: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loscarabeo/visconti-modrone-tarot Gilded edges and everything. Excited for it to come in.
  6. I went to art school so I understand your point about being artistic. Which is why instagram is so helpful for small businesses. But a lot of people do just jump on the wagon, maybe i'm misjudging but i've been using Insta for this purpose since January and i've only encountered maybe 10-15 profiles that are actually witches. Most just talk about tarot or overly saturated photos of smoke and whisps (which I enjoyed the first ten times but I can't look at anymore lol) if they actually talk about any of it at all. My issue is that it's very surface and superficial. Obviously not all, or even most, witches wear all black for example. But I have friends who are also witches on insta who don't get taken seriously because they dress in a style that's some combination of flowery vintage and 80s glam. There's also the mass amount of Wicca-lite information that gets passed around, and it has slowly devolved into "a witch is whatever you want it to be!", which i've seen on some profiles of people who report that they've been practicing for 20 years lol. This is what happens whenever something becomes trendy, it becomes "whatever you want it to be."
  7. "What does being a witch mean?" "...sending good vibes into the world." :yuck: :nono:
  8. DNA Tests are so fascinating but the data is very complex at the heart of it. Do you know much about your Scandinavian heritage? I've managed to track down mine and my fathers to (most likely) a set of my 3/4 G grandparents on his mom's side from Cumbria and Northamptonshire in England. From what i've read it was a huge hub for west Norwegian vikings.
  9. As an aside, there are a couple popular "witch" instagrammers that write books that get sold at Barnes & Nobles. If you really want to pull your hair out look at the contents of the book "Inner Witch" by Gabriel Herstick. Nothing wrong with mindfulness and self care, but it's not witchcraft... "The ultimate guide to witchcraft for every woman craving a connection to something bigger, using the tools of tarot, astrology, and crystals to discover her best self. In these uncertain times, witchcraft, astrology, tarot, crystals, and similar practices are seeing a massive resurgence, especially among young women, as part of their self-care and mindfulness routines. Gabriela helps readers take back their power while connecting to something larger than themselves. She covers: * Witchcraft as a feminist call to action * Fashion magick * Spells for self-love * Cleansing your space * Holidays of the witch * How to create a spellbook / grimoire * Witchcraft as self-care Whether the reader is looking to connect with her green thumb, banish negative energies, balance her chakras, energetically fight the patriarchy, or revitalize her sense of self, Inner Witch has something to offer. After all, empowered women run the world--and the ones who do are usually witches."
  10. Yea there's a big difference between what people pass off as witchcraft online and what people actually do. Instagram is full of aesthetic "witches" - people who don't actually practice, have no genuine interest in the occult and are focused on this aesthetic of like The Craft and American Horror Story: Coven. It is something that bugs me, as I use instagram as a witch to post about magick - there are a few of us there you just have to dig a bit. One thing I do love about instagram is that it's great for small businesses and creators. So many creators who make really great one of a kind stuff that you CAN use on your altar (like custom screenprinted altar cloths with designs made by the artist) or ointments, oils etc. from witches of varying paths. But yes 99% of the "witches" you run into either don't practice or practice some bastardized form of wicca they insist is traditional witchcraft. I remember reading once of a girl who claimed to both be a beginner and to be an expert on wicca who worshipped Eastern deities. I about thought my head would implode LOL Such foolishness. But it's important that there are other people with voices on there who are talking about ACTUAL work, providing knowledge and guidance as needed.
  11. It definitely is similar to shapeshifting, and maybe it is as I can get stuck coming back sometimes (as I mentioned above). I honestly don't know why it's a moth or a beetle, I don't have control of what form i'm taking, but I understand there's a lot of mythology about moths a spirits especially in Scotland - and I have a lot of heritage there. From what i've read of other people speaking of a Fetch, as a witch's soul in an animal form, it's not uncommon for them to be bugs as it's easier to go unnoticed. I definitely will! I've been using my mandrake ointment almost every night before sleep for the last month and a half and i'm really enjoying developing this connection.
  12. For me yes and no. I find that people are very quick to jump on the hedge crossing bandwagon if you will, for just about any kind of experience. I've even heard people referring to astral projection as hedge crossing lol. On one hand yes you're going somewhere else and communicating with something, but not always are you communicating, sometimes you're just there to gather information. I can only speak on my own experiences but I feel it's something that if you did it you could tell because it just feels so fundamentally different than going to visit spirit guides in a neutral space or something similar. It feels deeper and further. Like when you're doing something you're not supposed to but that you want to do on an animistic level. There's a reason why people warn about getting "stuck" on the other side of the hedge - it has an alluring almost intoxicating quality (in my experience) I view it as very similar to most accounts of Shamanic Journeying but actual journeying. As that's also something people latch onto as a word to describe any experience ranging from astral projection to visiting other realms or neutral spaces to communicate with spirits. But you will usually shift into something else when you're traveling - I shift when i'm being led to past life information as well, so i'm not sure if it's a feature of everyone who hedge crosses. My experience of hedge crossing is similar to what they speak of here with Fetch forms: https://thestardustcompass.com/the-fetch-the-witch-and-the-gods/
  13. My experiences with Hedge travel/riding is that it is more of a Fetch experience versus an astral experience. I usually take the form of either a Moth or a Beetle en route and I completely leave my body. It's somewhat hard to explain but at that time I am whatever i've shifted into and at times i've had trouble with my astral form upon coming back to my body staying in the form of a beetle or moth for a day or so (giving off some Kafka vibes no less) including all the sensory sensitivity that comes with being a moth or beetle. lol Thus far my hedge crossing is done without the assistance of herbs/drugs etc. My expansion into poison plants and other herbs to assist with inducing experiences is newer for me. I've recently grown quite fond of Mandrake. I haven't traveled with them yet, as i'm not quite ready for that as we're still getting acquainted.
  14. It's also quite alright to be interested in them even if you have no known ancestry. Sometimes you can stumble upon links that make sense later, ancestry wise. But depending on where you are in your path it's always a solid idea to see if you have any guides around that can help steer you in a direction. While there is some reconstructionism happening with Slavic faiths, you will likely find more (as we have more records for them as well) for Nordic faiths. While it isn't necessary to be reconstructionist by any means, both Heathenism and Astaru are fairly popular right now so there are more resources available if you're searching in that direction.
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