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    Too many to mention it seems
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    Just my own..
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Tried most but eventually chosen my own way
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Just a part of life
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    over 30 years
  • What brought you to our site?
    Google search for craft message boards
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    A source to find info and goods that I need
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    A few other forums and Instagram networking
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    Comes naturally for me
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    Not for me to say
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    Solitary witch with unlimited love for animals and nature, natural skeptical and cautious to humans. All around nice, respectful person but apparently highly eccentric..unfortunately.

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  1. That is wonderful ! Thank you for the support, Phagos. Titles wasn't included in this but it is called The Witches' Flight. 🙂
  2. *Had to delete post due to privacy issues.
  3. Oh, this is funny, I googled the Anne Rice books and it turned out a friend of mine have been on the cover of one of the books. Must be destiny ! It sounds interesting, will check out. Thank you for the tip. 🙂
  4. Hi all, I'm on the hunt for scary books, kinda in the vein of The Conjuring universe. So no Harry Potter or funny stuff, the creepier and more accurate the better. I've read many classics and do not find them very creepy, don't know why exactly, maybe such a book don't exist ? But I'm thankful for any suggestions and tips, reviews too 🙂
  5. No titles, but back in the late 80s and early 90s when witchcraft was becoming more popular and mainstream I ended up buying a few books that were downright idiotic. Many wanted to take advantage of the trend and so they did. I recall that a few Wicca books ended up in flames, only thing they were worth to me.
  6. I used to be a Rider Waite person, as this was the only deck possible to find in the 80s where I lived and it stuck for years and years. But I've gone through quite a few decks over the years..but, my biggest surprise was the Penny Dreadful deck ! I am such a sceptic, I do not like new things, I want traditional and old as far as craft goes. Original sources etc. And I am not easily influenced but when I watched the series that deck just drew me in..and I bought it, laughing to myself, how silly, just another fancy deck. But oh boy, it may be simple compared to others but it worked for me. Like I can do double trial, same spread twice, and the same card can end up in the same spot. Not just a similar meaning card but the exact same. I have not had that happen with other decks. But then again, it can be about my current situation too, the forces are rampant at the moment. Really want to try more new decks ! Reading through this for inspo 😃
  7. I use fingertips and the palm of my hand only, to feel energy. Like when I choose tarot cards I use the tips. Not touching the cards but hovering over lightly. I never read about this anywhere, it came naturally over many years of practise. It is probably a individual thing as well. Until the internet I never communicated with others about my craft but I imagine anyone can learn this.
  8. Yup, I was one of those back in the day. I recall when being a newbie here I mentioned how great this forum is for people in need of help, if I had that back then..oh my gosh, how things would have been different. I think I'm on to something actually, hope so, I need to learn more about the Qliphoth, pretty sure that's where it all started.
  9. With internet witchcraft have become so popular that it's turned into a trend. Now it is so hard to find legit sources, everybody is releasing books and selling "potions" of all sorts. I think people need to get in touch with their inner voice, the instinct, it will help to guide the way. I wish it was easier to find great sources but then again that is the easy way and this isn't a easy way kinda lifestyle. I am thankful for places like this forum, but when I go on a google spree trying to find info on a specific topic I find myself wasting an awful lot of time reading through gibberish whilst before the internet I'd have to search for books, and it wasn't as easy to release a book back then, usually it had credible sources in order to be released and the material would usually be helpful, but back then I learned to use myself and my tools of the trade to find the way. Hope that helps a bit. But yeah, wouldn't it be nice if commercialism hadn't spoiled it all.
  10. I've been obsessed with Mandragora plants since I was a kid, used to research at the local library. Had my first plant back in the 90s, I turned it into a Alrune when I moved and wasn't able to keep it. Still have the Alrune and 6 live plants, Officinarum and Autumnalis. I took pictures of a Caulescens and posted on IG a few years back, it was the first pictures of that species on IG and it just exploded, now so many grow it, funny how social media works. Plants become trendy. If I had known that as a kid I'd be puzzled indeed. Back then it was beyond nerdy and uncool. Your plants are stunning !
  11. Well...depending on if you'd like them to stay or not..the relatives, I mean 😅 The demons however will most likely stay anyway...😑
  12. I read through the blog, a lot of great stuff for sure ,but very introductory for the most part. At least from my point of view. Or my needs,I should say. Thing is, I'm not sure it is the same entity anymore. First off, there is very little discussion around the subject, mostly the conversation is possession, I am not possessed. However I am not in control. In the beginning there wasn't a lot of change, just little things, then after about 5 years or so my dreams and goals just came true, I had to work at it by all means but I somehow just knew what to do, and how, and then some. And this just escalated to the point that I didn't have to lift a finger anymore. But it took some time for me to see the pattern - gain, lose. Because the gain and loss was quite modest. These days however I have to watch my thoughts. Shit go down, horror movie style. It is so bad I can't even mention it here. I have been thinking about banishing, but I don't even know what I am dealing with. In the beginning it was certain that this was a feminine spirit, but as I have been so wrapped up in my "good fortune" living my best life, as evil as it may be, something have changed, the entity does not feel feminine anymore. And that's all I know. It is different. I started out with Qliphoth on a very basic, non-understanding, childish level as a kid. I think that's the cause. Ouija doesn't seem right, this is not a simple spirit, they can not perform on such a level. Seems like I need to trace my steps. Thank you for your input, I'm very thankful. This is really getting a bit much..to say the least.
  13. I have touched on this subject before, probably the only interesting addition to this topic as far as my story goes, when I started out I got into EVERYTHING occult and one of my main interests was ghosts. Being just a kid I didn't know what a ghost was exactly but it sounded awesome..so..ouija, rituals, scrying..anything, just to gain contact. And I did, very easily so. It was frightening ! I still remember so much from that day, it was not at night, not in the dark, not anything that you would expect. It was that one day when I did not follow any ritual or ouija. Me and my friend at the time who was also into anything spiritual was in my room messing around with my "witch bag", I had a bag that I kept my herbs, crystals etc in. A really cool bag that you can wrap out like a cloth - I have posted photos of it on my IG - anyway, I use the bottom for divination. Point being, in the beginning apart from the scary first meeting and the constant feeling of being watched during the following months or so things started to get really interesting. It sound pretty cliché The Craft (all though this was way before that movie..) when I say that my "spells" started to REALLY work. They had prior to the meeting as well but nowI felt a bit like I wasn't quite in control but I could make bigger things happen. However, it was always a price to pay. Fast forward 30 years my path is pretty much the same, I have always been open minded and added whatever feels right to my craft, be it trad. norwegian, shamanistic related, rootwork..anything that feels right. But the one thing I want to change is the entity. I have been thinking about the possibility of changing it, trading it for another. I know, what is she saying ? Basically I want to find a specific spirit, demon, call it what you want, and hopefully give my services to that in order to trade. have never heard of such a thing but then again I have experimented with unheard of things before with often good results. I'm rambling..recently I have been studying demonology whenever I have a spare moment trying to find a entity that feels right. I know chances are slim but, anyone else been in a similar situation ? Maybe I sound ungrateful but trust me, I can feel it getting worse, I think I am next at some point if I don't suck it up and put on my big girl boots and kick this demon bastard out of my life.(in trade of another one...😳 ) So, that's the change I've gone through the last 30 + years.
  14. Haha, yeah, that was one of my ideas last night, and I set up a "exercise room"...in my "witch room"..I have guest room with a hidden shelf and all my goodies scattered around looking like interior. I still have my altar in the living room but there is a limit to what I can load on it as gifts/sacrifice..I mean, if it ain´t remotely related to incense or look like interior nicknacks then I can't put it there..and we all know how picky some of our friends are, right ? "Hey, gimme bacon!!" - lays bacon beside the oil burner. BF sees bacon laying casually on top of the radio.."What is this, GF ?" ..."Ooooh..uuuhm..incense...?" Yeah, not exactly perfect set up. But yeah,I have a work project dealing with demons, magic, ghosts, creatures from folklore, and luckily it includes sigils ! So, I can sit and read books and take notes in the open without it looking like I'm planning a trip to Blåkulla.
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