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    Berkshire, England
  • Interests
    Baking, Drawing, Camping, Being Lazy with my Cat!
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I have considered myself a pagan for over 20 years. In the beginning all my learning came from Wicca. As that was the only resource I came across. I thought that was modern witchcraft for a long time. Now I know better.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Raised Roman Catholic then Wicca
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I tend to follow my gut, so I've probably practiced in a traditonal way for longer than I realised.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional Witchcraft feels like two things, "real witchcraft" as in no nonsense and cultural traditions that get handed down. Wicca taught me a lot but I also disagreed with a lot of the teachings. This feels more natural to me.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Since I was 14
  • What brought you to our site?
    Getting to the roots of Traditional British Witchcraft
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Knowledge and Community. I will contribute if I feel I can add to a conversation in a constructive way, but I'm also a bit of a clown, so if I can make someone laugh, then it's time well spent.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes, a local Pagan group on Facebook.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Charms and Talismans.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Being with nature!

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  1. Love it! I even started to get into a trance like state after a while
  2. Thanks Onyx! 😁 And yes, pricing your art is very tricky. I almost feel bad asking for payment. But I have a set price now, which seems reasonable, at the moment anyway. If I ever become in demand then I'll review my prices. With pieces I'm working on I plan to sell some as prints and then do a one off original with a higher pricer tag. I'll be mainly selling online. There are a couple of pop up galleries from time to time for local artists in my area. With what I'm working on though I wish to remain anonymous, going under the name Phagos, as I'm known here.
  3. By commercial I simply mean artwork to sell. Not making art solely for the purpose of money. I see stunning and beautiful pieces of art all the time, by people with talent far beyond my own and as much as I enjoy looking at them, I wouldn't purchase them and have them on my wall. This is why I'm interested in seeing the types of artwork people here have purchased, as people who like the dark and mysterious are my target. I have a good idea already as I have looked at this for a while now, but I wanted to pose the question here. I did a couple of animal portraits a couple of years ago, here's one of them... These got me 5 or 6 pet portrait commissions. But something like this takes me an average of 20-30hours, if I charge a proper hourly rate then it is far too expensive. So although what I charge is reasonable it still only pays me around £4 an hour. Which if I were trying to make a living on, well, I couldn't. I was asked to draw a Simpson's style family portrait, which was something I had never done, but gave it a go. It didn't take me too long, far less time to the realism pieces I had been doing and within a month I had more commissions than I had for over a year. Which lead me to think that people want something that's fun, simple, personal, fits in with their interior and doesn't hurt their wallet too much. So although I will still be making art that I enjoy and love, I also want to make art that will appeal to more people, artwork that can be sold as prints.
  4. Thanks Onyx, yea there's a lot of artwork out there, but I'm interested in what people actually buy and display on their walls. I'm building up a bit of a portfolio at the moment, but I intend to share some here soon.
  5. This isn't about personal art but I'll post it in this section anyway. One of the other mods can spank me later if they deem the position incorrect. I'm doing a bit of market research and wondered if you lovely folks could share with me what witchy/occult/horror/gothic themed artwork you have purchased and have displayed at home? If you could upload a photo of them or simply describe them, it would be a massive help. I'm looking to take my art to the next step and want to get an idea of styles etc that people purchase, in an attempt to make more commercial pieces. Thanks in advance, Phagos
  6. Welcome back! If you need any help navigating, just shout
  7. I whole heartedly agree, but it still happens nevertheless. With social media and the increase in need to share Everything I see it more and more. People recommending practices to others with no history, context, disclaimers or background to said practice. But then my opinion on this comes from a place where witchcraft should still remain secret. If witchcraft had remained as secretive as it once was, then the amount of available information would be very limited, which brings us back to my original question. When I first started I had to hunt for information, the internet was only just becoming available in the home, so there wasn't much there. I scowered my local libraries and became friendly with local "new age" shop keeps who stocked a few books that allowed me to read them in store and take notes. It built my appetite. Perhaps I'm just being too nostalgic and old fashioned. And I agree, you can not fully learn from reading alone, but it is part of the learning process. For example you read about the highway code and the theory of driving as well as the practical element. You need to know the theory behind the practical. It was both parts that I meant when I said learn.
  8. You've thrown me now by saying "reading is not learning", as we all learn by reading. But to elaborate on what I said, and now reading it back I realise it is going off on a bit of a tangent to my original question. With all this information at our fingertips it is easy to find out about practices of witchcraft. But just because we can learn about it, I often wonder if we should. Before there was a progression to the way we learnt. You start off with the basics, you acquired more skill which lead to more knowledge, whilst gaining wisdom along the way. If you learnt from someone they would judge whether you were ready to move on. Or if you were self taught, a lot would be trial and error. But with so much information being readily available, you can quite easily jump into the deep end without going through the steps to get there. And I feel this ties in with cultural appropriation as well. Just because we know how to practice something from another culture, do we have the right to, if that information has not been handed down to us. If you are an eclectic witch, then you will think differently on this.
  9. If there were no internet or widespread witchcraft publications, do you think you would still be a Witch? Unless you are a hereditary witch, the chances are, probably not. Of course I can only speak of myself with that statement, or at least I would be a very different witch to the one I am today. I was always out and observing nature as a child, I even communed with, what I know now, was a creature of folklore at a very early age. So there was always something there, but the vast majority of practices I have learnt has come from "modern" witchcraft books and the internet. Of course knowledge of herbology could have been relatively easy to obtain, also direct communications with spirits and ancestors can teach us, but as far as certain practices, charms and rituals goes, I would have no clue about without the internet or the books I've read. Obtaining information today is easy, but as we all know, obtaining misinformation is just as easy. Acquiring knowledge demands a degree of wisdom. I feel the question of whether to learn something because we can or to learn something because we should, is something that should be addressed more with the overwhelming amount of information that we have access to. This also implies to the rise in appropriation of other cultural practices. Do you think, honestly, that you would have still found the way to your path without this ease of acquiring information? I would love to hear your opinions on this and any circumstances that you have learnt about specific practices of witchcraft that hasn't come from modern media.
  10. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word evolved, as the system of astrology would look completely different today as to when the Romans started using it. What I meant was, I wondered why other mythologies from newer times and cultures did not overwrite the associations, like the Greeks did to the Babylonians and the Romans did to the Greeks. I speak more of the constellations here, probably every culture throughout history have looked at the stars and drawn their own shapes and given stories to them, so why did the Roman myths stick?
  11. I have never paid too much attention to astrology, but I am working on a project that got me looking into the origins of it. After it's invention by the Babylonians, the Greeks and then Romans adopted it. Each attaching their mythology to the planets and constellations. The red planet being associated with blood was linked to the Roman War God, Mars. The brightest planet in the sky was associated with the love goddess Venus and so on. But the point I'm getting to, is why did astrology not evolve and adapt after the Romans? The word Zodiac means the cycle of animals but with western astrology it is mythical creatures and gods, so what happened there? Also associations/correspondences are subjective. The colour red to a lot of people is the colour of love and passion. So the attributes/characteristics of the Roman Goddess Venus could have quite easily been linked to Mars. Which would change the readings completely. I'm not trying to ruffle feathers here, but hoping someone more learned in the subject may know more about the history of it? Was there a reason why the system didn't evolve with other cultures? or did it but they were not popularised?
  12. I agree, wasn't a patch on the first. Felt like they where just using the Penny Dreadful name to bring in the audience.
  13. Did you make these Sagefire?? They look amazing!!
  14. haha yea I was looking up the season 2 release date yesterday as well. Maybe August by the sounds of it. At least they were able to start filming again.
  15. Semantics aside, it does cover a lot in one place in regards to certain techniques, however there is also a lot it neglects. Particularly those common to most witches and after all, this is a site for witches.
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