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  1. I really like the wax divination KK. Might try it some year.
  2. Just watched it - but a bit disappointed! Looking forward to the next series in April though :)
  3. There are different schools of thought on the intuitive versus learned approaches. I liked the meanings as a starting point but the more you use them personal meanings become clear. That can be one benefit of asking the same question several times. It's not usually advised but when your cards start repeating personal meanings can start to jump out. So for example seven of swords means 'adultery' when I see it in a reading.
  4. To add to this discussion - I've had the same thing happen with the same card! Only in my case I was shuffling and it was the only card that jumped out. But the Lovers shows a choice so with hindsight I don't think it showed anything more that how we felt about each other. Nothing more happened.
  5. I think it was very aggressive and had a will to survive. It came out fighting and took a lot to put down - I was very nauseous and spacey afterwards, I had to go outside and lie on the grass for a while after to ground and recharge. And I was in a good place at the time, both literally and spiritually, pretty connected. In spite of that I've had pain since that has made me wonder.
  6. I should add that it took shadow work to help me through that encounter as well as helpful spirits - the shadow stuff gave raw power to fight raw power.
  7. I've just seen this and felt moved to write something although I'm not giving details in this fairly public area. I used shamanic work for a relative with a very aggressive cancer - in conjunction with medical treatment obviously. After initial success - tumour shrinking, which allowed surgery, cancer all clear - the cancer has returned. Terminal diagnosis and death soon. Taking on the tumour in a deep journey gave me a hammering. I only tackled it once post diagnosis and even then it was clear it only got smaller and didn't go completely. I hoped the surgery would be enough but I think it was still hiding out. I sometimes think of the additional suffering the person has endured and wonder if I did the right thing. I wouldn't dare do anything more now - even well protected it would do for me, I know that with absolute certainty. And anyone beaming love and light at cancer is nuts. This thing came at me with raw, primal energy and it took every resource I could draw on just to keep it from fucking me up.
  8. This site is a huge teacher in itself. Use the search feature and you'll find all sorts of threads. I found that things appeared in search results that might appear unconnected but which showed me the next step on the road. I started to learn not to rush but to trust the timing of when things appeared. There are people here who will help when you have specific questions but no one is going to say Read this, do that. All our paths are different. Just try whatever appeals to you, experiment, meditate. Work with whatever guides you have. Be thoughtful about consequences. Don't rush.
  9. I'm a generous person in many areas of life but my craft is very much my own. I'm not interested in sharing it beyond a handful of rl people and the wonderful community here. Let the 'witchesofinstagram' pose with their candles and pentagrams and heavy eyeliner. It just makes it easier for me to walk through the world dressed like a 'working mum' :D Secrecy matters to me for all sorts of reasons. For me the craft is about will and connection, not props. Maybe my path is more internal and stripped down than some. I like sage but I grow lavender and rosemary so have a better connection with them. The cultural appropriation thing is thorny because I'm pragmatic about using whatever works as long as I have earned the connection so I can't really complain when I see people calling on Celtic goddesses. It doesn't stop me rolling my eyes though :D
  10. Wow. Must feel like a great achievement Onyx. They look great!
  11. Onyx my friend swears by Thoth and uses nothing else. He's fascinated by how differently we use tarot. For him it's just Thoth with great ceremony for big questions. Whereas I have a few decks and ask all sorts of crap whenever the mood takes me. I think he thinks I'm a deck floozy!
  12. Loving all these decks. Duchess just saw that really cute deck you posted link to. How do you find them? More fun or more dark? The reviews on Amazon were interesting!
  13. Blackbird funnily enough I'm still reading Treading the Mill at the minute :) I bought it last year and didn't really get into it but bits of it are clicking more now. In the end I just like as little ritual as possible. There were lots of Amazon reviews for Mastering Witchcraft that were very 'Yay, no Feminazi Wiccan stuff dudes!' So I'll be interested to see if it falls victim to Grand Poobah-itis in a different way!
  14. I've ordered both Mastering Witchcraft and Mastering Herbalism. It will be interesting to see which bits resonate and which don't. If it's too ceremonial I'm sending it back!
  15. Phaedra I really like your post about the sacrifice. Thanks for the idea.
  16. I'm going to be reading and re-reading this for days :) Haven't read them all yet so sorry if any of these are repeats or teaching granny how to suck eggs: - I carry gardening gloves and small pruning shears in my car, along with sandwich bags. This way if I pass anything interesting plantwise on the road I can pull in and cut a sample without worrying about thorns / poisons etc. (I may have once done bloody battle with a thistle plant.) - Ivy is a wonderful plant for protection work, especially if it grows on your house. Then it feels like a very loving guard dog when used in boundary spells etc. - I work by the sea a lot and 'take' a lot of little gifts from it - shells, feathers, salt water. I used to worry a lot about making offerings in return but now I mostly just collect litter every time I'm out for a walk. Much more loving and practical. (I do still offer the odd blossom from my garden.) - Sand by the edge of the tide is perfect for sigil work. Offer those suckers to the sea. - When I'm feeling frazzled, most stuff can be helped or cured by bare palms or soles on the grass or in sea water for the space of a few deep breaths. - Menstrual blood storage - snip used tampons into 1cm lengths and freeze individually in a special ice cube tray. One 'piece' defrosted yields a nice quantity. (PS: Hide that damned tray like your life depends on it or inevitably your father-in-law will decide his drink isn't cold enough...) - I like to carry some hearth ash or wood with me as a way of claiming space as my own when travelling. Staying in a place that was spooking me out, I made sigils and folded them into packets, then tipped some ash into them with the chant, 'My hearth, my home, for as long as I stay / All harmful energies stay away.' I stuck them to the chimney breast, doors and windows. I also sprinkled a tiny bit of the ashes down plugholes and the loo! - Yes to saving sample jars and yes to using birthday candles / tea lights instead of giant dinner candles. Life is too short. - The right music can be great for pumping your intent up. For 'wanting something' spells I like 'Be Mine' by Ofenbach for obvious reasons. It's kind of sexy and hypnotic so perfect for getting a bit trancey.
  17. Bumping as it's interesting and ties in with the discussion about working in a circle. This is very helpful - thank you Michele.
  18. KK I am a fan of David King. He has some interesting stuff about the full moon and the effect it has on earth depending on how close to us it is. Worth a read! It will put you off flying during a full moon when the moon is closest to earth! PG the words were simply seven seagulls for a storm but they were flying overhead when I saw them. I'm fascinated that you are familiar with that number as a storm predictor as I honestly don't think I have ever heard it before this.
  19. I'm interested in this but not especially knowledgeable. My one time 'luck' or inspiration was stepping out of the house one morning last summer and it was a normal day. There was a sound overhead and a small flock of gulls flew over. A voice popped into my head saying very clearly, 'Seven seagulls for a storm'. I went about my business and hadn't seen the forecast for the day but late that afternoon we had an almighty storm! They are really quite rare here in Ireland - this was almost a tropical type storm with monsoon rain, lots of thunder and lightning. So it's difficult to know if I read something in the air subconsciously or whether some little piece of lore popped into my head at the time. Also gulls have a spiritual significance for me so it might have been a little gift of knowledge. It proved useful as I charged some candles and cord knots that day.
  20. This is all new to me and very intriguing! Thanks to all the sleuths who have posted bits and pieces. At least I'm discovering this when there's a chance of figuring it out now. Not so sure about handing over ancient and unknown texts to AI, I'm seeing all sorts of Terminator style scenarios when the machines crack some powerful text granting life and freedom! :rofl:
  21. I've just had this conversation with Llyr :) We are a strange bunch, aren't we? I really suffer if I don't get alone time and that can be difficult as a working, married parent. All those people around all the time! Craft time is time for myself and I really value this community and the people I chat with on here. I would love to find a local group to be a consistent part of but I tend to dip in and out. Partly out of a need to be discreet, partly because I don't gel with some of the 'leader' types. Why is there always some grand poobah type in these groups?!
  22. For me, I find it hard sometimes to separate what is being a witch and what is being an effective person. So I've always had a knack for manifesting things when I'm feeling connected in myself but I always put it down to being lucky or being clever or whatever. That said, I did actively seek out opportunities. So was it just common garden hard work or was it magic? The point I'm at now is that I'm beginning to study and understand the processes behind the manifesting and I'm trying to deliberately play about with those energies. And I take the time to give thanks to the world around me instead of taking everything for granted. I'm starting to do healing work for people. My ability to manifest is becoming more concentrated and obvious. So this is what is tipping me into my definition of witch.
  23. Nothing learned to add just a comment to say I'm enjoying this discussion. Chaos work was instrumental in me starting down this path so I will always be grateful for that. In the end it's probably too ceremonial for me but I actually found it very approachable. I create the odd sigil but I usually combine it with shore work and draw them in the sand to wait for the sea to take them. But great discussion, enjoyed reading it!
  24. PM would be good FT, thanks :) It will be interesting to see how it lines up with Sol's reading. Think maybe work direction.
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