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    Reading, writing, intutitive movement, raw vegan cuisine, travel, painting, handcrafting.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I'm a witch through and through :) simple as that.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I tried to explore the possibility of a buddhist path some years ago when I first started with yoga and figured out that I'm simply not a religious person and that I appreciate a more "life/earth-bound" way of life, I prefer to do things organically and intuitively, which is why the wiccan religion isn't for me either.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I do work with plants, herbs, the moon, oracles, visions, tarot, lucid dreaming, sex magick, ancestor magick, regularly make my own rituals and spells, salts and all kinds of herbal remedies. I have not put a label on it, but I'd assume that would be Traditional Witchcraft.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me Traditional Witchcraft is a highly intuitive way of working with energies, nature, spirits and life forces in order to shape my own life in the best possible way, to protect and heal Earth, my home, myself and my loved ones. To do that, I let my dreams, visions and inner voice guide my actions. To me it means to be able to do magic work without a specific religious guideline, using what Nature and my intuition have to offer.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Intensely (every day) since 2015. Before that I worked with it sporadically for about 20 years, usually only in case of emergency.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I just googled "Witch Forum" in hopes to find other witches to exchange knowledge with and learn from one another.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I hope to learn more about different ways in which other witches bring the craft into their lives so as to be inspired, and I hope to be able to share what I know to possibly inspire someone else, too. I believe in the power of exchange of information. I would love to share recipes for herbal remedies.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Divination, herbal healing and spellwork
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Sigils, poppet magick.
  1. This might sound strange, but for the real deal magic I use my hands. I might use a candle, I might use cards, herbs, or crystals or any other object, but when things just need to be done and I have no tools with me, which often happens, because I don't rely on them when I am outside in nature, or even on public transportation, or anywhere really, I just use my hands in intuitive movements. Once a migraine had been plaguing me for hours and nothing helped, my spouse and I were sitting in the park, and I had nothing with me, so I closed my eyes and started doing motions with my fingers around my head until the migraine was gone (about 7-10 minutes). When I "came back" my spouse sat in front of me, eyes wide open and said "that was intense" and I asked why, to which she responded "because I could literally see the magic pouring from your fingers and spooling like threads around your head, it was wild!". So, I guess, my hands are my best tool. Also for sex magic of course.
  2. I often think about sustainability when it comes to crystals and their unethical sourcing. Many witches, including myself, use crystals in their workings and for meditation, visualization and whatnot, and I myself bought all of my crystals when I wasn't aware of the mining conditions. I have decided since then not to buy more crystals from sources that aren't fair and sustainable, and mostly I go for second hand and local stones now. Same goes for endangered and highly hyped plants such as palo santo and white sage... I like to grow most of my herbs that I work with, myself, or I harvest in the wild, when there is an abundance of the plant, for instance I know a field chock full of the most potent mugwort. I usually take only as much as I need from nature Herself for my workings, and return them to nature when I'm done. I pick up seeds, sticks, husks, stones, twigs from the ground. I cut my candles in half and carve out the thread to light it, when I know that I won't be able to watch a full candle burn down during a candle spell, half candles work just as well. This way I have almost no residual wax, and I also like to melt old wax and make new candles out of it (from the wax of candles that are "just burning", cause what witch doesn't light more candles than the regular person?) :) Banana leaf is great to make containers. Mica is a mineral glitter, harmless to the environment, just check the source, because the same thing that applies to crystals applies here as well. Great topic!
  3. @citoyenne, the government thing was the most impressive to me, too. Yes, the documentary is too short to really provide detailed and profound information, but it I was surprised to see how in this society witchcraft is a part of everyday life.
  4. I just watched a very interesting short documentary about witches in Romania. I did enjoy it a lot, even though, it's, alas, really short.
  5. Verin

    Pendulum doubts

    I think the fact that YOU'RE moving it, without consciousness or intent of doing so, is exactly why the pendulum works. Because I believe that "the answers" USE our bodies to make themselves seen. But since their message is so subtle in terms of physical visibility, a pendulum is needed for us to actually SEE what the answer is. I think the answers are there just as much without any tools, but the tarot, the crystal ball, the pendulum and all of that just helps us to understand what we already know in another dimension or level of consciousness. I believe these tools to be something like a translator, or an interpreter. You could use your own body as a pendulum, and you would be moving your body rather fiercely. I've tried it when I couldn't decide on a very time consuming and expensive trip in order to salvage a friendship and I put the flag of the country I would have flown to in front of me and let my body react to it. It fiercely swung in the opposite direction. You can do that with two pieces of paper with each option written on it, and your body would swing to the right direction. So, if it is YOU moving the pendulum without intent, I think everything is working the way it's supposed to.
  6. From very early childhood I was fascinated by everything otherwordly and magical. On Halloween my favorite costume was the one of a witch and I took great pride in my painted wrinkles and my big nose with a wart on it. I loved vampires, too, and scary stories of La Llorona, or the stories of my aunt who would hear the souls of people who had just died, knocking on her door. Even when I was little, I preferred to be alone or with adults rather than with children my own age, because adults would always tell the more mysterious tales. My favorite books as a kid were those involving witchcraft, especially German ones, such as "The Little Witch", "Krabat", "Der Wunschpunsch" (The Night of Wishes) or "Ronja Räubertochter" (The Robbers Daughter) and of course Roald Dahls "The Witches". My mother who is quite the witch herself although she would never say that about herself, happily provided all those books for me, while my 'father' would teach me how to work with "poisonous" and other healing plants. I also could hear and sense spirits since my early childhood and never really felt scared, except twice, when they made physical contact. That was extremely scary. The only thing I had as an idea in my head as a kid regarding my future was that I'd never have a husband, and never wanted kids. Both things are true to this day. And I "foresaw" that the best time in my life would be when I was 35. We'll see, two more years to go :) Anyhow, I didn't consciously KNOW that I was going to be a witch, any more than I knew I was going to be woman. It was kind of obvious and not something I would decide to become, but already was.
  7. My partner is not a witch per se, but does magical/ritual work, although not as consistently, elaborate and focused as I do it. I mean, I'm neck deep in magick 24/7 haha. She on the other hand is very spiritual, in tune with the moon, the equinoxes and solstices and so on, but she also has a buddhist approach to life in some way. But she will ask me what I think is going on with a certain topic, and she completely trusts my dreams and intuitions and is extremely supportive of me, calling me "Witch!" with awe and admiration...
  8. I can totally imagine that this cake would work, and if I wasn't vegan, I'd immediately try it. The combination of meat and sweet things is quite common, I think, and not disgusting at all, tastewise. Just think of toast or pizza hawaii, or of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. And even if it was a little disgusting, just hidden well enough, it might be a great turn on. Sex sometimes borders on disgust, the smells, the tastes... But it really just BORDERS. Being the tiniest bit grossed out by sex makes it hotter, I've figured. I think it's the animal within taking over the human. You see, animals have no sense of disgust like we do. Cats for instance smell on their poop before burying it, and lick their butts clean. While lemons disgust them. Humans, on the other hand... You know. Thanks for posting the Isabel Allende book link! I also can recommend Like Water For Chocolate, there is a lot of cooking going on in order to mesmerize, seduce and enamore the object of desire of the main character.
  9. I'm usually the kinda woman who likes big chunky jewelry... But on my wedding/handfasting day I wore a single tiny droplet of faceted moonstone on a silken string as a necklace. Really simple, almost invisible. It rained a lot that day and everyone cried a lot, too. The droplet is not only like a reminder of the amounts of water spilled, the rain and the tears, but it feels to me like it holds the entire magical energy of love, union, positivity and celebration. Whenever I wear it I feel that I'm immersed in that loving energy again. So, yeah, I think objects can store energy.
  10. My witch name is the same as my username here. I picked it because it stems from veritas, the truth. And being a Witch is my truest self, hence the name :)
  11. I don't think it's boring, FlyingPeregrine. I think that often the simplest, most traditional things hold a lot of power. I am considering the purchase of a Rider Waite deck, too. I used to handle it a lot during my childhood as it was my father's favorite, but since I didn't have a good relationship with him, I stayed away from the deck. I'm slowly reclaiming the magickal objects, plants, etc. he used, so now I'm feeling like I might be ready to work with it, at last. What do you love so much about it, if I may ask?
  12. It's heartbreaking... Reading about these terrible things always fills me with anger and pain, but also with determination. We are powerful, we were then and we will be in the future, that's the problem. When you get your power from an infinte well (nature) and know how to make yourself independent from commercial products to sustain health, manifest desires and direct energies the way you want without ANYONES help or providing of resources, only by interacting with the forces of nature, that's when you yourself become a force to be reckoned with. It irks me, too, when I see people calling themselves witches without ever understanding our heritage, our collective memories and our often terrible fates, when the term Witch becomes a fashion item. Thank you for sharing the link. I live in Germany and the witch-hunts still linger in so many places around here.
  13. While I would think it'd be very interesting to work with animal skulls or bones, I could never pick up a road kill or get the bones of any other animal myself. Maybe a tiny bird or mouse who died naturally, in winter. I grew up on a farm where we slaughtered our animals, and I went vegetarian at the age of 12, vegan at the age of 28. Whenever I pass by a roadkill I get sick to my stomach and feel incredible sadness within me. So, working with animal parts other than feathers that I find in the woods or on the street is not possible for me. But I would believe that when you find a roadkill that seems to have great fear attached such as the porcupine mentioned in this thread, it would be best to bury it and be of service to the animal instead of the other way around. To use the witchy power to help it transcend into a peaceful realm. I think it's always a give and take, and sometimes it's our job to help a plant, a tree, a river, an animal out of service to nature, from which we take so much for our craft. I also think it's good to invoke the entire essence of the animal's life, not only the one of their death.
  14. I love it! Gorgeous work! You definitely should frame it!
  15. The Spell Caster's Tarot and The Wild Unknown Tarot are both favorites. I work with them for different purposes and if I had to pick, I'd choose the Spell Caster's.
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