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    Music, drawing, acting, reading, writing, crafting etc.
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I've been interested in witchcraft for years, but I have really little experience with it. I'm most interested in herbalism and healing aspects of being a witch. I'm here to learn and find more about non-wicca witchcraft.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I was born Christian, but I've always been researching other religions and paths. Through the years I've researched chakras, herbs etc. but I've never really found what I'm really looking for.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    No, but my great great grandmother used to be a witch. That is the biggest reason why I'm searching infromation about Traditional Witchcraft, since I think it runs in my family.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    To me Traditional Witchcraft is a path of selfgrowth.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I've been doing some candle magik now and then through the years, but I've never really made it part of my everyday life. But it's been 15years since I started searching.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I was searching more information about Traditional Witches since I don't think the whole wicca thing is for me. I wish to find something more real, something that has roots in history and respects my ancestors.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I expect to learn. I expect to be corrected. I expect to find ways to work with myself and help others and myself. I wish to give this forum some positive energy and I wish to read everything with open mind.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    No I don't.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Wish I knew, but I think right now it's my crafting. I like to make herbal teas and beauty products myself.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I think it's my lack of knowledge.
  1. There was no beginning to this path I'm walking. No moment when I decided "I want to be a witch". It just... kind of happened. You see, when I was still a child I had these visions, sudden glimpses to the future. I didn't think much of it, since I thought everyone saw them. Later on I of course learned that that was not the case. I wish that I could learn to use this ability, but I've never been able to consciously reach that stage of mind. I just... kind of accidentally drift into it when I'm spacing out. If anyone has any suggestions how to work on this I would gladly take it! Another thing is that I don't really see anything important, just everyday moments from something that happens later on. Only use I've ever gotten from my visions is this sense of comfort. For me they work as this assuring that I'm still on the path I'm supposed to follow. Half a year ago I met this guy online who I was instantly drawn towards. In the beginning he felt it too. It was definitely not accident that this happened and my intuition was telling me he was going to be really important to my life. What I failed to realize, however, was that maybe he was here to teach me a lesson and make me grow as a person instead of becoming my life long partner. After talking daily for 6months and living with him in a foreign country for 1 month, he broke my heart. Even though I was devastated we decided to stay friends and I still think he has some more lessons to teach me that are necessary for my growth. How is this related to my visions you might ask? There were couple moments I had with him which I had seen beforehand, though at the time of seeing them I didn't realize I'd experience those moments with him in a totally different country. How foolish was I to let that calm my heart! I know I was supposed to be there, but what I learned was that we were also destined to break up. After I came back home, my heart in thousand pieces, something I had seen before happened. It was one of those mundane moments, which didn't seem important at the time the vision came to me. When that moment became true though I realized why it was something important for me to see: this was something inevitable and this vision confirmed the feeling I had had that none of what happened was in my hands. Why is this so important? This breakup, as much as it broke my heart, guided me back to my path. By losing him, I ended up finding myself. I'm a phoenix who time after time keeps on burning to the ashes just to be born again. Since childhood butterflies have guided me and again it's time to observe them and follow their example. It's time to create a cocoon around myself so that some day when my metamorphosis is done, I'll hatch out as a beautiful butterfly. Right now I may not have wings, but with time they will grow and one day they'll carry me again.
  2. I started learning tarot maybe a year ago with Rider-Waite deck, but I've never felt connection to the cards. I think it has been a good deck for learning tarot and meanings of the cards, but it's just not for me. For some reason I get really anxious, almost depressed with every reading I do using that deck so I decided not to touch it before I manage to find one that speaks to me. Couple days ago I ended up asking a reading for guidance from another person. She had 3 decks from which to choose from and I ended up picking Ethereal Visions tarot deck. I have received readings before, but I've never felt such a calm and comforting feeling coming from the cards before. Now I'm waiting to receive my own visions deck. Somehow the art of the cards just made me feel safe. Hopefully that feeling will stay when I start working with the deck once it arrives.
  3. This reminds me of old Finnish Midsummer spells. :D Here are some of my favourites: 1. If you roll around naked in a wheat field, your future husband will appear in your life within a year. Dew was believed to have a healing effect and rolling in it was supposed to make you beautiful and healthy. Earlier, dew was even collected in cloths and pressed into bottles for the year to come. 2. After sauna of the Midsummer night run over trenches of the rye fields naked. At the ninth trench you will meet your groom. 3. At the midnight of the Midsummer run around sauna 3 times naked. Look in through the sauna's window and you will see your future husband. You should have a gift for the groom or something bad will happen.
  4. I think it depends on how you define word demon. From christian point of view I'd say they are angels who didn't agree with God, similar to Lucifer. Doesn't mean they're necessarily evil from human perspective. Even though church teaches that there's this big battle of good and evil it's not as black and white if you read the Bible. Just look at the Job 1:6-7: "Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it." To me this sounds way too casual to be a meeting between two forces in a holy war... When it comes to demons and spirits they all have their own personalities. Like with people you should be careful who you trust, but if you know how to use your brain and don't just blindly believe everything you're told I think you should be fine.
  5. I don't have my own garden because I travel a lot. I don't like it, but I accept it. I don't really know any witches. I do know some shamans and people who read tarot, but my intuition always warns me when I see them. Their energy to me comes off as malicious and hateful, which bothers me so I keep my distance. I don't really need anyone to practise with, but it would be nice to know someone who shares your point of view. My friends would probably think I'm stupid and crazy if they knew I believe in magic. My family would probably pray for my soul and think I'm going to hell. It's rare for me to find people with open mind. I can't comprehend why people always have this need to pick sides. Of course we believe something, but why do we need to make others believe the same? It baffles me. If green is my favourite color it doesn't make your favourite color any less important. If I don't like to listen pop music does it have to mean I hate it? I guess people who think this way need validation because their self-worth is so low. It pains me to see that. This is a reason why I practise in secret. Because I'm tired of defending my views instead of talking about them.
  6. I'm back! Haven't really had time to visit forums since I have been writing my thesis ^_^ But like I said I travel a lot. Not necessarily far, but often. Every summer I spend at least 1-2 months away from home singing and performing. I usually end up living with christian people who would probably freak out if they saw my tarot cards, gems etc. So for me it's better to have everything in a small box that's easy to hide. I have a habit of drawing futhark runes on doors of the place I'm living. I usually use mixture of water and herbs, so that my roommates won't notice :P Using technology as a part of your practise... I like the practicality of it. It's fast and easy. Also unnoticeable. Personally I don't really use it much because using my phone or computer makes me lose my focus. I need to be fully present and aware for my magic. But I do use it when doing my research and I like to transcribe my notes afterwards!
  7. Not really. As a child I was really strange: would sometimes hear voices in the middle of the night when all my family members where sleeping, attracted butterflies (I have pictures with me and 3 butterflies just sitting in my hair), my parents would find me sitting in a dark room with no lights on and when asked why I just replied that being in the dark was safe, made my father a father's day card pretty much giving him warning about hard times coming before he found out he had cancer... I also used to be clairvoyant and see stuff happening months and weeks before it actually did. I didn't really expect to be a witch since all those things were just normal and natural to me. I just thought that everyone could see glimpses of the future (thought they were, what people called, déjà vu's). I think one of the most horrifying moments for me growing up was when I realised I didn't see as many images from future anymore. Now they just come and go and I have 0 control over them. Such a waste to have an ability that awesome, but not being able to use it. After I found out my deceased grandmother used to be clairvoyant and came from a family full of witches everything clicked and I started researching witches. Of course I found wiccas first, but didn't really start practising because it just didn't speak to me. Too ritualistic and restricting, also didn't like the aspect of gods and goddesses. I just ended up doing my own things which I had always done: singing spells in trance, drawing and painting with intent... until I found out there was this thing called traditional witchcraft which pretty much explained all the things I was already doing. I think being a traditional witch has freed me. I don't have that small voice in my head anymore saying "I should do ____ and ____ to be a witch". Looking back it seems ovious - I was a witch all along. :D
  8. This briefly reminded me about Tuomas Rounakari, a finnish shaman violinist. He has studied old Siberian and arctic shamanistic traditions and ritual songs. He now plays those songs on violin, playing the shaman drums with ankle bells. I think he also teaches lament courses? At least Spotify has his record, Shamanviolin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVsU7PTqqHY Not directly related to the original post, but thought I'd share if anyone was interested!
  9. Sounds awesome! Can I ask do you use actual Holy Water or just fill the bottle with regular one? It's always interesting to notice how the ways we practise our craft differs from one witch to another. I don't really use sigils, thread or wand in my craft. I'd say I'm more focused on divination right now, though I'm sure that will change at some point. I'll probably replace the gemstones I have in my kit with some stones from my home town too, since they tend to speak to me more. I've always liked rough stones I've collected myself more than those gemstones I've bought somewhere. It's easier to understand their personality, strengths and weaknesses. But that's just how I like it :)
  10. So I spend most of my weekends traveling, because of my work. After a while it started to annoy me how every time I would need some ingredients or tools for my spells there would be something missing. Of course this is not that a big of a deal since you don't really NEED all that, but for someone like me who prefers using these tools and constantly forgets something at home... I desided I should make this on-the-go witch kit. Inside my on-the-go witch kit: - Crystals and gemstones - Tarot - Small mirror (mostly for scrying) - Many tiny jars full of ingredients (salt, cinnamon, rosemary, seaweed etc.) - Tealight holder, tealight and box of matches. I know, I know... it's still pretty big, but it has pretty much all the things I like to use on my daily practises right now (except a small cauldron). Do any of you guys have your own on-the-go witchcraft kits? Any good ideas how this could be improved?
  11. When I was younger I started to use glamour almost every day to keep others around me from being bothered by my depression. It was really hard, since I was already running on low batteries and using glamour drained all that was left for me to use. Would not recommend that to anyone. The problem is I became so used to using glamour as a protective shield that I stopped noticing when I was doing it. It took me years to stop using glamour to protect myself, so that I could actually face the challenges ahead. Now I try to use it just when working. I don't really show that side of me off stage anymore so now I hear it a lot how people can't believe I can be that captivating and charismatic, since that's not me on my daily basis. But I kind of like it this way ;) What I would say is: don't use glamour too much, since it does take a lot of energy. Know your limits, remember to listen to your body and mind. Also know what you want to achive with glamour before using it. Yes, it can make some people see you differently, but it's not always a good thing. For examble when you need help from others, but you've made them believe you're this strong character who needs no help in any situation... not a good situation to be in. Also glamour is not always about being beautiful or cute, which is why your intent is really important. There are many roads to the same goal and some of them are better than others. You may wish to be respected, but there's a difference between someone who's respected out of fear and someone who's respected because their hard working personality. Of course all of these things are just suggestions. We all have our own experiences and ways of practising.
  12. I think everyone should follow their heart when it comes to choosing or not choosing a witch name. Personally I don't really feel like I need one. When I was younger I would have probably taken a witch name, but it was partly because I wasn't mature enough to actually understand the once I already had. It took me years to learn that the names I was given as a child were actually a lot like me. I was trying to be something I was not, but when I came to love myself I also started to love my names since they all have beautiful and very true meanings to who I am. My first name means purity, second one rebel and loved and the third one wise. The way I see it, my parents gave me these names wishing for all these things for me, so in a sense I believe they hold some magic already in them. My first name is also my grandmothers second name, who had some witches in her family so that's magical enough for me! If I were to take a witch name someday, I think I should earn it some way or another. That's just how I personally feel. I'm not sure why, but that's just how I feel. I guess it would not hold such a powerful meaning to it if I would just come up with one for no reason.
  13. I think my inner fixation of learning its actually one of the biggest reasons I am a witch. Some people here have said that they end up reading so much that they forget to actually practise what they've learned. Well, that's a perfect way to describe me, but I don't see it as a bad thing. Somehow I've always felt that my reason of existing has always been more about understanding and learning than anything else. I wish to grow through my research. But I've also met people who are more about practising and learning through practise so I guess it depends.
  14. This post is interesting indeed. What other people have said about this post being more about fetches than familiars, I kind of agree. Where I'm from witches where believed to have fetches, which were created to help and fetch things for the witch. In return they wanted food, respect and services. Familiars however seem to be there more for guideance and teaching. But like Oroboros said, definition of 'familiar' can be different for witches around the world. There are couple of things that are different from the tradition of fetches which I've learned. First of all, even though fetches are created by a witch, they can have a physical body. Many fetches have said to have taken a form of an animals like cats, frogs and birds.This is where I come to the second difference between fetches described here and fetches that I'm more familiar with: even though fetches can take a form of an animal, they do have their true form which is pretty scary, but powerful. This is why I personally don't see a point in drawing one for my fetch if I ever make one. However there are many traditions and paths, so I'm sure in all traditions fetches do not have their original, true form. In that case I can imagine creating one being pretty important. When it comes to making a fetch with self destruction date, to me this sounds very strange. In my homelands tradition fetches are made by giving them part (or half) of your soul, sometimes also half of your body. Because of this harming someone's fetch would also harm its maker. If you kill the fetch, you kill the witch. I'm not sure if the situation is different if fetch is destroyed by it's maker though, so I'm not 100% sure on this.
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