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    Belief in the power of nature and myself
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    35 Years of an on
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    To find fellow traditionalists
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    Opinions, ideas and guidance
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    Still trying to find that
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  1. Sitting in silence in front of a candle, with some icense burning in the back ground. I clear my mind of the issues of my life and concentrate on the flame (not directly but just above it) and then feel the warmth of the light envelope me and the room, and I have thoughts of recharging and of confidence. I do this for about 5-10 mins when time and peace allows!
  2. The past couple of weeks I have been meditating/going within (when the peace and quiet is available), more to relax and empty my mind (does not take long :P ), and I have found I have had some really restful sleeps and some uneventfull dreams. Last night, my meditation went a little step further, when I concentrated on my confidence, and I had such a wierd and unsettling dream afterwards. Not too sure if it is connected, but I will be doing more of this meditation, so it will be interesting to see what my dreams are like afterwards. :wacko:
  3. I am going to show my real ignorance here, what do you use powdered eggshell for?
  4. I had the chance a few days ago to have a thorough look into this site, and realised I could make blog entries. This is really good, as it will give me a chance to cast my thoughts and ramblings on a physical level, and hopefully have other people comment on them. At the age of 51, I am walking my path again after about 25 years of not being on it. At first I felt annoyed with myself with wasting those years, giving way to modern family life. But looking back, I feel I have not actually been away or wasted it. I have always been a lover of herbs, and have always used them in cooking, whether from scratch or adding to other suaces/foods. I have also been keen to turn to them for remedies of illnesses. I have also kept in contact with my spiritual side, but on a low level. I have always had a great love of nature, and have always done my best to avoid damage to Mother Earth and the environment. I have always been a staunch conservationist. So, in hindsight, I have always been practicing in some form, but now I am on my path to make it a more significant part of my life.
  5. I was born in Britain, have a long ancestry to Britain, and have a surname which is centuries old, but I do not feel that the path I have chosen is down to DNA, but more to my feelings to my ancestry. If it were DNA, I could have Roman, Angle, Viking, Saxon or goodness knows what in me! My path is taking me down a route of traditional British witchcraft, mainly using what is native to this island. However, the internet and global shipping open up all sorts of supplies from other lands, so I do use non-native herbs etc, and there is enough information available on these items to be able to know if they will be of use. One aspect of my path (and is influenced by) is I often think of how witches worked a thousand years ago. They must have only been able to use products local to them, say herbs for example, which they must have grown or sourced from local woods, countryside or markets. Trees, I feel, may have played a large part in their craft. I often think of a witch finding a pebble on a beach or on the river bank, feeling it to be a good pebble, and using it as a charm, but never knowing if it was a precious stone like Agate or Jasper or Tiger's eye, and to be honest, it it probably a standard pebble. But if it felt right, why not use it. Sorry if I have rambled on :P
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