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  1. Hi all! 


    So I had a spooky encounter today with my Daemon Tarot deck. I've been using it as an oracle just because the creator did post on a website that it's more of an oracle and not a tarot deck. The artwork on the deck is beautiful. It's exactly my style, so I felt connected with it more than other decks. So I'm shuffling them very thoroughly and I draw three cards to represent three things for my question: what I'm ignoring, what I need, and what action should be taken. After I pulled my cards I just felt like something was weird, so i decided to just start over. This is mainly because I haven't used tarot cards in awhile and I just didn't feel like I knew oracle cards too well. So I reset myself, shuffled very thoroughly (I'm very picky about my shuffling... it has to be shuffled until I feel like it's "right"), and I drew three cards. The same three cards popped up in the same spots. 


    Has anyone experienced something like this? I mean I really would've have expected all three of the same cards to pop up in the same spot. This must really be important! And I feel a little spooked about this because this is a new kind of deck to me. I'm used to all of the "magical" depictions.

  2. I've a friend who is autistic - another form of sensory overload - who is having success with drumming, & dance with a gourd rattle. He has an interest in Therapeutic Touch healing. The energy transfers relieve his own distress as well. He says he trances almost every time. He started by first working with qui chi dong you tube videos to learn how to manipulate his own energy without trance.



    Thank you for your reply! I will try it!

  3. Hi all,


    I have recently been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. i experience sensory overload very quickly. I work in Chicago and it's miserable. My senses are VERY heightened, so it's not just being more sensitive to these things, and it makes me agitated. When our dog barks, for example, I have to cover my ears. I have to cover my ears in the city when I forget my headphones, but to be honest, I can hear things over my headphones. Music doesn't bother me, but everything else does. Strange, right? Well anyway, does anyone have any idea of how to approach trance work with these issues? I have been avoiding doing so because of the agitation and instant irritability with sensory processing issues. I was thinking about ordering a trance aid tincture from a store online, but I'm not sure if it would make it worse or calm me down so I can focus on trance work.



  4. I've not seen this movie, but I've heard the song before. I like it, and I love Idina Mendzel.


    I am IN LOVE with the movie and that song!! My favorite part is of the song is "the cold never bothered me anyway" because I actually really love cold weather (I know, I'm a weird one).  


    As of right now, I'm listening to trance music. I've been in the mood for it lately, which is a bit strange considering I'm a bigger fan of goth music.

  5. Thanks for the info!  Interesting techniques.  I am, however, arachnophobic, so I would probably start crying hysterically if I laid eyes on the spider(s)!

  6. Great post! Very straightforward. I tend to always go with my initial feelings of what the symbols mean as well. Sometimes I have a feeling to just trust what I believe, trust what the symbol meanings are, or consider both and interpret them both with each other. I also go into a semi trance-induced state (as well as incorporating other practices) when doing any sort of divination so I can connect with the spirits/make sure I'm getting an accurate reading that is influenced by the spirits.



    That is very interesting! You seriously do learn something new everyday (well the first part I learned from). And for the second part, that's what I was trying to say, only in a bad way as I have a hard time explaining myself xD I read a lot about Lucifer's originality, especially Lucifer being a synonym for Venus and the bringer of light and therefore knowledge, etc. I was trying to say that because Satan is called the light bearer, many believe Lucifer to be synonymous with Satan in it's newest sense (the Christian meaning) instead of reading about Lucifer's past meaning and therefore Luciferian Witchcraft is now seen as a "left hand path."

  8. Satan is a concept deriving from Christianity, and therefore is attached to Christianity. Satanism was not seen prior to Christianity, so therefore those such as Michael W. Ford using Lucifer as a synonym for Satan within Witchcraft can be seen definitely as a "neo" practitioner as the beliefs are definitely experimental and Lucifer traditionally had no connection to Christianity whatsoever as it didn't exist.

  9. Although I do buy my herbs from shops more frequently, I'm going to start wildcrafting more as soon as spring hits. I have a great graveyard site as well as gardens so I can talk to the spirit of the herb/plant and take it. I usually sing to my herbs as it calls the spirits back into the plant (if I buy them). I sing and talk to the plant while wildcrafting. I tell it my intent and what I will use them for.

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