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  1. .. is also over the childishness of some members, if you don't like it here feel free to PM me that you wish to become a former member

  2. Morning Oak, I'm well thanks, hope you are too.

  3. Important post for Full Members in Private Chat area, please read and comment!

  4. Good to see you on the forum again Sandy :)

  5. No problem Anna, I removed the additional topics. The software very occasionally does that if the server connection goes on a slow down :)

  6. Just testing site in Firefox .. bloody hell it's fast! IE8 slows loading, but FF is good

    1. Droghon


      Chrome, Saffari (windows) and Opera are also fast on TW, IE8 has a slowness on loading forum but other than that is ok

  7. Migration now complete (mostly) .. thankfully

  8. Busy, busy, busy

  9. Nice to have you around Brian, just added you to my friends list, like Oak I'll leave the wisdom to Tana though :wink:

  10. Beautiful pics! Congrats on new Grandson, may he have an Extraordinary life {{HUGS}}

  11. Nico your Wolf pup is just too cute, maybe he's not camera shy, he maybe just spotted something on the ground he fancied gnawing on LOL Great pics Sands

  12. hehehe and thankfully the Album pics are viewable only be logged in members :wink:

  13. hehehe there are some more :wave:

  14. Ooo comments on profiles now, and profile sections are tabbed :)

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