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  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I have been researching for about a year on the topic of witchcraft. I have made a few sachets for preventing nightmares and have been working on furthering my ability to see auras, instead of just reading the energy of the person I'm looking at. I realize that I have ability, but have never had the opportunity to advance my skills.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I grew up in a Baptist family that I was adopted into, but I never felt like I belonged. I always felt out of place. After meeting my husband and getting back into contact with my biological mother, I found that magic and the Asatru religion fits me.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I've been studying and barely have scraped the surface with some basic things of herb sachets, teas, and working with familiars. I've had the great chance of my cat that originally was to be a support animal in training of being my familiar.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Traditional witchcraft means simply "tradition". I believe that witchcraft runs through family and that it is passed on over the generations. It means working and putting your energy into the spell and focusing it where you want it to go. It awakens our spiritual consciousness on a higher plane than that of our modern world.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    I have been working with witchcraft for about a year now. I had a lot of skepticism growing up about magic by super controlling and overbearing Christian parents. However, I started whenever I had the support from my husband.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I simply searched witch forums.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I expect to learn more about witchcraft and what I should be doing when it comes to my altar, my ritual tools, and my spells. I need to learn so much more and would like to do more research than asking my husband for every single thing.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Not at the time being.
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    pulling energy from those around me to read who they are(I don't really have to try, I have always done it), dreams of vision, knowing something will happen before it happens, working with fire, herbology, and, most recently, divination.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I'm not sure. Everything I have worked with so far seems to work with me
  1. I come from a line of Jewish and Celtic peoples. I'm drawn to Norse paganism, however. I have some elements of the Celtic faith (i.e. mainly the creatures and spirits like fairies), but follow Freya. Freya deals with fairies and elves, anyway, but it definitely comes from my Celtic roots. I was drawn to my beliefs. Different things call to different people for a special reason. I don't think DNA has to be involved, but it definitely helps with the connection. The foundation of one's practice should be what calls to them. I went to a southern baptist church that my family felt was very important for several decades, but never felt at place because I wanted to practice witchcraft.
  2. I knew because I was obsessed with magic. Partly because of Harry Potter and partly because I wished it was real so much. It wasn't until I became a teenager that I realized that people did magic everyday and were able to have power over their own life. I got started because I wanted control over my life, not necessarily a higher being that I had no control over. I follow the Norse gods and goddesses, but they're more there as mentors or guides and I am very keen on making sure I have the control and the want to include them in ritual or not. I didn't have much control growing up in Christianity and knew there was something more to me as a being than being told what I can and cannot do. That being said, I do well to not make the gods and goddesses angry, but I also don't fear any consequences or feel like I am being watched all of the time because I invite them in when I need them. I knew I was different from my family members and knew that I had magical capabilities. I just didn't know that my obsession with things like divination would be what I would do someday. I am so much happier being able to refer to my cards or my pendulum to get answers that I seek and meditate on it.
  3. I boil and peel. Let dry for a few days then crush with mortar and pestle. Mainly use them for fertility spells but they are useful in other ways, too
  4. I have found they do sell it online, but nowhere in an actual store that I know of. It probably could be made into a tea, but it will be extremely bitter, so I'd recommend sweetening it up a lot with honey or some other sweet herbs.
  5. My husband has mentioned this in the past. I'll ask him after his nap (I'm going to follow this anyway) and let you know what he tells me. As for right now, the World History Archives seems like a good place to go! They have a lot of scholarly journals over Vodun, which may be a bit of reading, but it's definitely worth the look.
  6. I honestly wish I had a save button for all of the great stuff that I have found on this forum. This is such a great resource and I'm very glad you posted it.
  7. Gentian root is a great herbal remedy for migraines. I first discovered the benefits from Moxie. Moxie is a soda that includes gentian root. It's quite bitter, but since they have changed the recipe, it tastes more like a root beer with a slightly more bitter taste of licorice added in. I personally like it. Others liken it to tasting like cough syrup. Gentian root works rather quickly, where other medications do not. Take today, for example, I took Tylenol- my first go-to whenever I have a migraine. That did not help a bit, so we decided to get Moxie. One 12-ounce can of Moxie helped within 20 minutes of my migraine. Sure, I have a daith piercing, but on rare occasions I get a migraine that does not ease up with sleep or medication. Gentian root is pretty much a cure all herb. It protects and stimulates liver function, aids in regeneration of liver cells, and increases the flow of bile. Gentian is also known to stimulate the appetite (for those who do not eat much due to lack of appetite), improves digestion overall, and treat gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, heartburn, vomiting, and stomach ache. Gentian also helps to improve kidney health by detoxification assistance. The root has antiseptic properties, which aids in removing harmful microorganisms from the digestive tract and has even helped in ridding the body of parasitic worms that lurk about in the intestines. In Europe, gentian has been used to treat anemia because it stimulates the digestive system to more readily absorb nutrients we ingest through daily food and/or vitamins. Also, it is known to aid in sore throat relief and improve circulation. So, as you can see- Gentian is definitely a cure all root. It's great for a number of ailments and is trusted around the world for healing.
  8. I will also say that you can create your own rituals. You don't have to follow anyone's specific ritual unless you feel like you're not able to create your own. As long as you follow the general guidelines of runecasting (like I stated above), you should be fine.
  9. I have only ever had runes or oghams appear to me in ritual. However, I plan on getting a runecasting set in the near future. I've had a good deal of overtime and feel like treating myself to something nice... with the permission of my husband. Runes are read from right to left, in most cases. There are charts on how to read runes, but I believe that right is future, middle is present, and left is past. So, with that in mind, just be sure to read from right to left. Every rune has a meaning and a reverse meaning. You use the reverse if the rune is upside down.
  10. True- this is what changelings are said to be. However, I've also read about changlings being the cause of SIDS. The parent sees them as dead, but in reality they're just a stump or wood made to look like the child with faerie magic. ​The best way to tell if a child is a changeling is to make an eggshell pottage- if they start talking of things they shouldn't know of (and have had no exposure to) and are talking way above their age, then it's possible you have a changeling. Typically, changelings comment on making an eggshell pottage because they're confused. German folklore says to boil water in two eggshells. Another story has said you just boil eggshells for Irish Folklore ( http://pg4anna.tripod.com/change.htm ) Fae want human children in order to reproduce- they're often taken for this reason and are turned to faeries themselves or to have them for slaves/servants. Either way- the original child is returned unscathed, so the tales I have seen about fae eating children, I don't necessarily believe.
  11. Haha... My cat speaks to me, too. She stares at me and says "Human." However, there are times that I am "Mother" instead of "Human". Not entirely sure why, but she insists that I am also a cat at times. There are times she tells me where I need to go and others where she wants me to find her in her hide and seek game. She also tells me to stop grooming our house because she can't stand it.
  12. I wasn't saying that was necessarily an "odd" behavior. I'm just stating that mine "snoopervise" as Zombee said. They do play with the altar cloth more when I have been working on a particularly long spell, but that's just what cats do. They do think we get stuck if we're focused on one thing for too long. My cats are very strangely attracted to me. They follow me around everywhere. I have never known cats to do this. They wait for me at the door when I leave and watch me closely through the day. One, in particular, alerts me to what is going on in the house. We have no spirits, but she will request that I follow her to the altar and then insist that I do something- whether it be to burn incense or cast a spell. She is quite strange. I agree- familiars are rare. I have never had an animal attach itself to me like my cats have. One is closer to me than the other. The other one has seemed to taken more of a liking to my 1 year old son, as of late. My familiar is definitely my cat. I love her to death and she's definitely spoken to me in the best way that she can. I'm the only one who can call her by her name where she will come to me. She avoids most everyone else. She's absolutely crazy, but I love her. I was called to her whenever we were adopting and I was the only one she was responsive to. She picked me- as crazy as it sounds.
  13. I have two cats that act in conjunction with each other as my familiars. While I am casting, they do some weird things- such as play with my altar cloth, jump up on the altar while I'm working on craft, etc. I had always wondered why cats do this and had decided to a little research. My findings were: Cats think that if you stare at something for too long, they think you're stuck and they try to "free" you. This makes sense as to why cats stand for awareness. They keep you grounded and in the earthly plane. It's always good to have a cat around for this reason. While they do the stupid, sometimes enraging things, they only mean the best for you. Mine are always present when I'm doing research on magic for my craft or when I'm performing it and always try to break my focus a few times. There are many other reasons why cats are good for us. According to some, cats are an omen of weather. If they stare out the window all day, it could mean that rain is coming. If they have their back to the fire (or in my case, the heater) it could mean a cold snap is coming. Black cats are often a symbol of death, based off a Roman soldier who killed a black cat in Egypt and was then killed by a mob of angry locals. So, be sure your familiars are very loved. Whether they be a cat or any other creature, they're important to your craft.
  14. I should have said something at the beginning of the post, Corax. That's my bad, in all honesty.
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