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    Nova Scotia
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    Arts, Crafts, Tea, Cats
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    I'm a crafty witch. I could turn you into a newt, but don't worry you'll get better.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    I have always been an animist.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    I use folk magic and am well versed in local traditional (maritime) omens, divination, lore and practices.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    That it has been passed down, grown and adapted with the generations. An "organic" magical practice.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    When I figured out my callings, almost 20 years ago. I think that this was always my path however, it just got its name then :)
  • What brought you to our site?
    I'm tired of the hippy-dippy new age crap that can be found so many other places. I've been reading this forum for a while and the members here seemed grounded. Lets stay grounded guys.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    I'm not sure what to expect anymore, things have done gone and changed around these here parts.

    My contribution is, I think, to shake my cane angrily and clack my dentures at passersby.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Divination and communication. Hexing.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Ritualized magic, things that have too much structure or are highly regimented.

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  1. My tip would be to get out and interact with the spirits, a familiar spirit is literally a spirit that you're familiar with, someone/thing that wants to work with you. So get out an introduce yourself. Make yourself worthy of a familiar worth having. They work with you because there's something in it for them; protection, amusement, companionship, etc. I prefer to have a familiar through relationships, though if you feel formidable enough you can do it through intimidation. To each their own. Make it clear though, what your expectations and obligations will be on both sides. If you fail to live up to your part, or give what seems to the familiar an unfair deal, they will go on to greener pastures unless you've bound them into service (I do not advise you do, I guess, unless you're going the intimidation route and are good at giving discipline; otherwise you'll have a spiteful entity who will at best not help you or at worst sabotage you, bound to you)
  2. just so fucking done, I need to get out

  3. Gardening question: What are the care requirements for a penis tree?

    1. phantasmagoria


      Tell it how big and strong it is, even if it's just a twig. It'll build its ego and you're more likely to get syrup.

  4. With people off the streets the goats have come out. Though it's hard to say what they think of the wool shop, they're stopping by the local witch store before riding hedges. Turns out goats are not only adorable floofs but are also witches! Who knew? :pumpkin: They have long hair, are laying around in parks and causing nuisance, like trespassing, parking in the reverend's spot and pulling up the church's greenery. I think we can be proud to call these goats among our flock. LOL https://www.insider.com/shaggy-mountain-goats-welsh-town-lockdown-2020-4 https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2020/03/photos-llandudno-goats/609160/
  5. LOL "Seriously Learning About My Plants"
  6. Dying a little more on the inside, stuck inside.

  7. Those DNA kits only give a partial picture, the patrilineal tests are only available to people who have Y chromosomes, and tell only of father's fathers and etc, nothing of your mother's fathers, or any other men or women related to you via a female. Likewise a matrilineal test is available to all, since everyone has X chromosomes, but is still your mother's mothers and etc, no women or men related to you via a male. If you are XY you could test both sides, but are still missing the vast majority of the picture, if you are XX then you could try to test both but would probably have to make a few attempts as you can't pick which of your XX pair they will test; again missing the vast majority. The last remaining type of test matches you to people with similar snippets of DNA but shows more who you are related to than the type of ancestry that I think you are looking for, the land of your origin (what is now Ethiopia lol, it's the easiest but I jest) You probably are more interesting than the tests "revealed". I agree with Sagefire that the most sure way would be the hard old genealogical route via paper and research and effort. You will miss out less of your people, you will have access to more of their stories. There is so much that can be pieced together from birth, marriage, census and death records as well as other records you may be able to find. Honestly if you are interested, Mormons are like crazy into this shit and there are free online resources as well if there is a temple in your town you may be able recruit help... Just lol yeah... Mormons. I have my family tree filled out fairly well back into the late 1600s early 1700s on both sides. I have found my ancestor's stories, mostly everything is a grind, there are moments of happiness, some badasses, there is suffering, some things are shameful, there are positives but they never stay good for long, there are few happy endings. LOL I come from dirt though, if your kin were more well to do though who knows. If you really want to look back, set aside romantic notions and be willing accept the joys and pains of their lives, if you can piece together the details. I can't say that it has changed my practice though, if anything it all just reinforced it, basically the same things we ever did.
  8. LOL OK I am trying really hard to not make some crude joke about putting an open-for-business sign on my dog for entities to.. mount them.... Really Hard. Oh gods I'm just making it worse.... :dies: That aside I am with Duchess. I couldn't imagine just forcing my pets to act as some sort of host for entities, that contradicts the notion of "pet" which is defined as an animal kept as a companion or favourite. I mean, ok I guess, if you're the type who wants to force dominion and needs a little sack of flesh encasing an interloping spirit without giving a thought towards the actual owner of that sack of flesh and their suffering. I know there are all kinds out there, but those people don't seem like the touchy feely dreamscape spirit guide type. It sounds like, mr Mountain Man, that what you need really is just a watchdog if you're worried about going into battle(?) My familiars are non-corporeal entities.
  9. I like the photo essay. I can't be bothered, however, by how popular or not witchcraft is or how mainstream it is. If you shop wisely, more people being into it for the optics of it, just mean the market is bigger and potentially things that were once harder to find become easier. Also it's easier to pass when people don't take witchcraft seriously because they think it's just an instagram fad. Also it doesn't matter a lick what other people are doing or if they are posing or whatever, I will do my own thing one way or another; I don't need to be seen as the real thing or distance myself from the hype because I don't care what other people think.
  10. OH? I do appreciate being an elder now, especially as designated by a refined lady such as yourself. However, is that how it works now? Hmm! Fascinating. Bach was a genius but I could never relate to such mechanical music. Wagner is stirring and sweeping and Tristan und Isolde is love in musical form! Diplomacy aside: Bach is a stinky booger head. :D It seems like we all still have the Cure anyway. :banana:
  11. OK Duchess, I just stumbled in here because it was the top of the recent activity list and I have got to say that YUSS apocalyptica is fantastic. But I can't seem to shake the feeling that you're taking a dig at me through Wagner... I know this has come up in conversation before. Who doesn't like Epic Opera? Clearly there is some dysfunction here. Why can't we see eye to eye??? :P Aurelian, that is really interesting I haven't heard of these guys before but they follow in the weird art music girl tradition that I do so love, Kate Bush, Bjork, Joanna Newsom. I'll look more into them. I have gone back to my baby bat years and more than a couple decades and am listening to the Cure - Disintegration. So Cathartic.
  12. I do appreciate a good tracker/planner. I find it kills the magic though, figuratively and literally. While I think it may be useful in promoting spiritual hygiene like helping you increase or sustain meditative practices, or maintaining a schedule for cleansing+warding your space or what have you, that when it comes to spell casting that it just doesn't really apply. Setting out to do X number of workings a week or month will end up being draining and pointless if there's not a real invested reason aside from making quota.
  13. Yeah it seems like tone is the issue here and at least there is one other who reads your tone the same way as I do. Handing over my emotional autonomy to a stranger on the internet seems like a bad idea. If I promise to not get offended then you'll let me know when I can be offended.. yeah that is not weird or patronizing or anything. The belly aching that Duchess referred to was my initial post about being frustrated not about you. I am not going to touch the line on supposing that I am not actually clever enough and how you feel she edited it to make it sound worse. Read first line re:tonal issues. It seems like you missed the part where I mentioned that you never said it directly but it was intoned by your words. I am the type who addresses things head on and get out ahead of them, because clarity is important and intonation can be unintentional or intentional. My trees are fine, it's the vines that are not, and any perennial ground fruit. Your post previous to last seems to back up my assertion that the weather is behaving unpredictably. However good luck in your attempts at weather divination going forward. Luck is, at this point, all there is.
  14. Weather divination is not a new skill for me and my understanding is not so superficial that I don't understand what contributed to the adages becoming established and passed down. The formations and directions and consistency of clouds has everything to do with pressure systems so an understanding of that will lead to a fair understanding of what is in store for the week. For us gulls foretell storms when they are in the fields, that is because they are sheltering from the gales at sea. The spruce get heavy with cones because there'd been a hot dry summer. The trees fearing the end has come for them focus on seed production, making new life rather than growing or prolonging their own. During those years there would typically have been a bitter cold winter, since the moderative effects of the ocean are playing less of a role. Where when the trees are light on cones it's because we've had a mild summer, they've focused more on growing rather than reproduction and will have a sloppy wet winter. It's the prevailing weather patterns as related to El Nino and it's effects on global weather and water temperatures. The directions of the wind when the sun crosses the line is about what air mass has settled where, the directions of the wind directly relate to both the temperature and precipitation of the season. Even the old groundhog with his shadow was predictive because no shadow means the air masses have shifted and warmed, which is to say spring is coming. (as an aside: the notion that the different groundhogs around the continent could be in disagreement with each other is a perennial pet peeve of mine, the cloudy vs clear/ shadow vs none thing only applies to regional weather) BUT The weather patterns are shifted. Wicked summers are no longer followed by wicked winters but warm relatively dry ones, but not consistently, we have had a record breaking cold winter in recent years as well as record breaking warm winters. More random killing frosts after last frost is meant to have past. Cold wet summers followed by sweltering autumns; hot drought filled summers, punctuated by unseasonable cold. Even the animals are all off, I keep waiting for the rabbit boom we have every few years, no bunnies; this year there were June bugs in February; baby birds hatched too early and died because their parents couldn't feed them. It is unsettled with no pattern as of yet discernible. This year our fruit crops have been beyond decimated because of an unforeseeable late killing frost. Our winter was too warm and dry and now our wells are drying too, so early when most years it doesn't happen; also a winter that all signs pointed to being quite cold and snowy (and this was not only my prediction but the general consensus). It is that the weather patterns are like some god got all drunk and decided our weather by throwing darts at a weather chart. I sit and observe, but until I can determine who drank what and where that dart filled chart is, there is no solid way of predicting when to plant, when to harvest, are seines better or pots, how much food should I put away, will I need to drill another deeper well or will I have to re-dig the french drains? The land spirits are in distress and if there was anything THEY could do they'd have done it; they seem largely as baffled as I am elsewise they also wouldn't suffer as much as they are. It isn't because I'm not intimately aware of reading the local signs, their broader meanings or that I'm not a clever witch, which you didn't say directly but was intoned by saying that a clever witch could figure it out. It isn't even that change is impossible to deal with, our weather has always been highly changeable which is why weather prediction is so important, it is just that there is No Correlation between what just happened and what will happen next, let alone what has happened in the last couple years and decades to what will happen in the next couple years and decades. edit for spelling
  15. PapaGheny, you sound like my dad... LOL Seriously though, I understand that when the signs don't hold we don't use them any more but then at that point they no longer bear repeating; your anecdote about the number of gulls away from the flock being more nostalgia for your grandmother than for weather prediction seems to support that. If it no longer applies, who cares where the wasps build their hives or if the oak buds before the ash? The clouds and the wind are reliable, they are the weather so they can't mislead about the weather. Even in this regard though, the old weather adages about what kind of wind is blowing when the sun crosses the line will rule the season proves to be inaccurate. I've established that day to day weather is not the issue but long term is unreliable (in direct response to day to day observances of animals as opposed to trying to figure out long term behaviour: I can't be on the river or the shore every day to see if any particular species is running at their peak, I have a job. Even if I have a general idea of their season, missing the peak of their run is missing a fair chunk of the catch and our life still depends on the harvest of fish. This is less about knowing what clothes I'll need in a month's time, general interest or any mystical purpose for needing to know the weather, than it is knowing what I'll have to eat and what I'll have put away for the lean) In seeking to find new patterns, there have to be established patterns to discern. I am not sure how variable the weather is where you are, but the last several years here don't seem to follow any sort of pattern; at the very least there is not enough data yet to be able to establish anything. Everything is in flux. Yes there have been other periods of change but as you say not as rapid; the only time period I could think of being as rapid was the little ice age in the medieval period, and they just thought the world was ending. However when the climate settled out new prediction techniques were honed. I guess what I am saying is that it is too unstable right now and it is not for lack of skill or persistent observation. I sounds like you're saying, you got an eye poked out, what a great opportunity to practice seeing with the other as though my sight is not overall diminished by the loss of a resource. Yes I would learn to make due without, as one must. Would you not mourn the loss the use of your eyes (traditional ways)? This climate change is not an opportunity, it is a loss, it's a mess and someday it will be fine, maybe not during my life and who knows what of our traditional ways will survive until then.
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