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  1. Haha, I apologize! I am an incorrigible encourager. ;)
  2. Well, at least now I know. Haha! Thank you, again! :)
  3. Whoops, thank you! I'm sorry! Should I delete it and re-post?
  4. I tried searching to see if this had been mentioned before, but searching "BetterWorldBooks" yielded nothing while "Better World Books" yielded everything, haha. For anyone who isn't familiar, it is a site not unlike Amazon, but strictly for books. They offer free standard shipping worldwide (all the time), and a portion of their proceeds go to funding literacy programs all over. :) Despite being a charity, they're not (so far as I can tell) religiously affiliated, so all of the witchy books I've been looking at they have had. I hate that my first non-introductory post was a PSA for a commercial website, but I feel this book living crowd will be glad to hear about it. ;)
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