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  1. I have heard of coffee scrying with the creamer...slowly pour in the creamer and divine the shapes and such. I've tried it but either it's not my thing or I need more time (it ends up just getting uniform in appearance too fast for me...
  2. With my fascination with throwing things I've had friends tease me, surprised I haven't purchased a mini take deck to throw lol... Told them don't tempt me cuz I probably will at some point haha
  3. ---- that would be fun! I know there are YouTube videos of charm casting that could give people ideas... I've considered making a set myself that doesn't have any animal parts (great for public readings if there's issues with bones and such). Works the same way but the sky is the limit for pieces (plus can put together a set much more quickly for most beginners).
  4. All the above actually lol... I have several different sets depending on type of reading, who I'm reading for (self or others) etc. One set is based on contemporary style (bones, shells, curios). It's technically my newest set (going on 3 years) and fun to work with. It's still somewhat mutable, probably always will be. A set that mostly includes artifacts from or related to animals I personally knew/cared for/worked with over the years. This one is pretty much for personal use only with only few exceptions. I have a set specifically for yes/no type questions (4 raccoon fibulas marked on one side) Last set is from armadillo with certain number of ribs and vertebrae, I use mostly scrying methods with this set. I have been considering creating a rune set using the scutes. The tiny pieces would make it easy to take with me everywhere. Plus, if I wanted to do a toss instead of a pull I don't need as large of a surface as with my larger bone sets (could employ scrying along with rune interpretation)... I still eventually want to make a larger set from (most likely) wood but until then this could be a good start?
  5. I'm really into divination in general so I've tried many methods with variable success. Tarot and bone throwing are my favorites. I'm learning about runes but right now I keep eye out for them in nature (trees, patterns in stones, etc). Eventually I'll make a set and try that too. As for pendulums I've had great results with spirit communication that has nothing to do with me (like talking to ghosts haunting a location) but not when used as a dowsing tool or talking to my own guides, etc... I'm not sure why except maybe a personal block I need to address. I was gifted two "Crystal balls". Neither are actually Crystal and though I really like them I've had no success. I'm assuming it's just a combo of inexperience and not connecting with those particular objects. I've heard it doesn't have to be real Crystal but maybe my subconscious is being a snob lol. A couple of days ago, on a whim I experimented with other objects (random stones, Crystal chunks, different shells, etc) and had some fun results. So far it seems the clear stones with lots of inclusions or reflective stones with lots of markings (particularly my fist sized labradorite, and a small opal pendant) work the best for me. Some of the other shells and stones may be worth looking more into as I did get flashes of images when holding them with eyes closed.
  6. Thank you for sharing these practices. I'll be following this thread. Out of curiosity, are these practices found in turkish tengriism or are they're other types of shamanic practices not related? I'm only somewhat familiar with the Mongolian version but have a strong interest in other regional practices. I'm also interested in Turkish folk practices in general but it's hard to find any info where I live. Before my illness one of my major hobbies was belly dancing (started out Turkish style and my instructor was into folkloric dance styles from turkey and Central Asia). I'm a history nerd and so when I learned of Turkish tengriism I was naturally hooked! Hope you don't mind all these questions lol
  7. This is really interesting. In fact I've been discussing this with my SO alot lately. We were even discussing how it feels as if we're right at edge of a civil war breaking out in our country (as well as everywhere else if not full scale world war). He's generally ambivalent with magical stuff but he's not necessarily a non believer in things like this. The post above re: the GC of 2020 is really fascinating and I'm def gonna ruminate, consider, and follow this thread (and research this more) as what you wrote... I'm struggling with the right words here... But it clicked with me. Also wanted to say I've (SO and I talk about this a lot too) gotten this same feeling about the sorting/frequency shifts of people/groups that seems to be occuring as well but hadn't thought of it in those terms. It makes sense though and so lots of food for thought.... Upvoted
  8. This question I have is related to plant spirits that you have a personal relationship with. I'm soon moving and cannot take a particular plant with me. I do have someone who can take it (where I can still visit it) but I won't be able to keep the interaction the same. In my daily ritual honoring the spirits, this plant has kind of become a big part of my practice. I considered the idea of taking a cutting to grow but I'm about to be living a rather nomadic lifestyle for the next little while and so I'm not sure about the logistics nor the ethics. This plant is a hibiscus, not sure if it's possible to keep them small (like bonsai style). Its non native and so if I couldn't take it with me later, I wouldn't feel right planting it in the wild. The other possibility is taking a small branch that wouldn't be kept alive. In the past my modified oboo/shrine was a pot filled with pebbles with a tree branch "planted" in it. I could easily go back to that since it can be very portable but I'm not sure if the spirit of the plant would still be connected... In the past my shrine was more a representative of the tengers (and other spirits I honor)... But this time there's an actual being that I've grown fond of and work with. Anyway, I'm struggling with expressing my question but I'm wondering if it's possible to keep that connection with the hibiscus through it's branch beyond just a memento and if it's even a smart idea since the living plant will be residing with someone else (my SO's daughter so not a stranger but still....). Considering there has been a few posts discussing plants, plant spirits and their uses in witchcraft I thought I'd ask for opinions here. My initial opinion is (if acceptable by the hibiscus) taking a branch to act as a link would at least allow me to stay in regular contact with it. If this is a reasonable assumption, would there be reasons NOT to do this (and that maybe the responsible thing is to just let it go)?
  9. So this was something that was a thing for me lol. I love plants but used to think I had a black thumb. When I'd "take care" of them they died, but when I "ignored" them they thrived. Then i started to pay attention and treat them like I would when working with wildlife. I "listened" to them and let them tell me what they want and need. Since I used to have pets and plants weren't really safe to have in the home i hadn't really gotten much practice and experience with houseplants. Now caring for wild plants, that's a different story. Now that I can't have pets, plants have started to take that place lol. The neat part is the three I have came to be in my possession not dissimilar to how ppl end up with stray animal pets. I have an air plant, a hibiscus, and a pothos that were all "rescues". The hibiscus was being thrown out at my job (it looked dead but something told me to take it home anyway)... It went from a 6in pot a few months ago and now it's nearly as tall as me... And still blooming like crazy....I had no idea it can grow that fast or come back that strongly lol. The relationship I now have with it is via ritual rather than magical. But hopefully this post still qualifies on this thread. So far it's taken place if my usual oboo. (It's a type of shrine found in Mongolia) - my version is a bit adapted since people around me probably wouldn't understand lol. The hibiscus is on my porch, but when I do my daily ritual I prefer doing it outside and so it has become my point of connection with the spirits I honor. My little rituals I do are very simple and adapted to just appear like I'm just caring for my plant etc. I'm sad though as I'm going to be moving in a month and can't take it with me. It'll be adopted by someone I know and may therefore get an opportunity to get a cutting later (I missed my window of opportunity earlier). Speaking of which I have a question I'll ask in a sep post as soon as I get a chance!!
  10. Oh and I do realize the post I quoted was from a long time ago and the member may not be active, so my question is certainly open for anyone interested in answering!
  11. Out of curiosity, how would this approach be used in regards to ghosts? Would you consider this type of existence to be a form of struggle occuring? This topic of fate is something I'm quite interested/fascinated by but haven't really formed a solid belief/opinion about. Fyi: I've been a member for a while now but am a lurker type naturally (strong hermit tendencies lol). Just thought maybe I should mention that for netiquette purposes.
  12. I'm a huge fan of this band. I love all their videos. Just wanted to share that tidbit! lol
  13. Balkan Traditional Witchcraft by Radomir Ristic Riding Windhorses: A journey into the heart of Mongolian Shamanism by Sarangerel Skull Skrying: Animal Skulls in Divinatory Trance Work by Lupa and of course this site lol
  14. I'm glad there are others out there who do "collect" various animal parts and utilize them spiritually/magically. I spent most of my adult life working as a zookeeper and so I wasn't totally alone with the collecting. However most of my bosses and coworkers harvested animal parts for strictly educational purposes. I've only known 2 others in the field that primarily collected items because it held personal meaning for them (ie it came from animals they worked closely with so it held sentimental value). Most people think it's weird and creepy lol. Depending on what I have (feather/fur vs bone vs skin etc) and what I feel the parts want to be used for will determine its usage for me. For the most part they've been made into something I consider sacred: spirit housing, ritual tools, some items to be used as magical ingredients etc. Items I take as ingredients usually seem empty and can be then programmed for specific purposes much like dried herbs/flowers in a spell. As far as curses associated with roadkill parts, I think if you ignore or go against its spirits' wishes then things have potential to get ugly. Whether you take it home when it wanted to be buried, or just ignored it when it was asking for your help to move on, its not going to be a happy spirit. Depending on circumstances you may not experience any negative outcome or you may experience an angry spirit. All my opinion of course! I have very animistic leanings and with that I subscribe to the idea that everything (including mountains, rocks, rivers, water, trees etc) have spirits/souls. Some have more "parts" to it than others I think though I obviously could be wrong about that too. I believe that there are many times when bones, herbs, whatever is dead/empty and up to the discretion of the collector whether or not to use said item. So the idea of using roadkill (any manner of death really) or not extends to things outside of the animal kingdom for me personally. I have and will harvest parts from dead animals but generally I hesitate and mull it over more first if my discovery of the carcass was completely accidental. What I mean by that is there have been times when I was passing through an area and suddenly felt like something was hidden and watching me. I could almost pinpoint where the animal (or its remains) were, at least general direction (to my left on the ground, or up in the trees and to my right, etc). If I took the time to investigate I'd find either a living animal or its bones. There were a few occasions that pretty much convinced me that it wasn't just wishful thinking or my imagination. It felt like they were practically flagging me down! The other times it's happened to me I couldn't rule out that it wasn't a case of my peripheral vision working overtime or just pure coincidence. If I feel it was just chance I'll spend some time to see if there's "life" hanging around it and if so, does it want to be left alone, be buried, or if its ok with me taking a part of it home with me. If it seems to be empty, I'll decide whether or not I should take it with me then. This has been the case with stones too though not as often. There was one time I recall seeing an interesting rock that appeared to have been chipped off of a larger boulder. There was obvious man made damage to the area (looked like someone was doing a little minor mining or maybe excavating). I wanted to take that chunk home with me but got the distinct feeling it wasn't very happy and wanted to be placed back with the main boulder. So I put it where it wanted and the feeling in the air seemed to lighten a good bit. I'm working on my relationship with the plant world. It's where I seem to have the least connection to, even less than with things like rocks/crystals. That surprised me but I suspect it's due to being conditioned to thinking of plants as consumable "empty" objects. Its a lot easier and more likely (and well...normal) to have a cupboard full of dried, chopped up and seemingly "dead or empty" herbs and flowers than a large variety of animal parts to use in a recipe- magical or not. I find that if I make sure I'm giving plants that same attention and consideration I give to animals I sense their spirits better too. Last note and I'll shut up lol: When I take animal parts, I often will give something in return. Its like a gift exchange. I started doing this too, to other things I harvest such as stones, plants, anything that I sense that has an attached spirit. If what I take still has "life" to it or has been made into something and "awakened" I make sure to care for them as if they were physically alive. The specifics of what I feed them or how I care for them may differ depending on what seems to be the best for everyone involved. It may all be a bunch of hokey crazy nonsense but either way it sure has changed how I interact with the world around me!
  15. This is a toughy for me! I own several right now and there have been a few that I used to own that I gave away many years ago. I haven't found that "perfect" deck yet but have come very close. The ones I tend to use most often go between Tarot Illuminati and Wildwood. In the past Tarot Illuminati was my all time favorite. Back then I loved the richness and elaborate beauty of it but about a year ago or so things have changed and now...well it tends to feel very overwhelming and too busy. I now use it to do more shadow work and deep self exploration as I'm aware its my state of mind that needs work lol. I still use it quite a bit when doing readings for other people but it at least opened me up to experimenting with other decks. Wildwood speaks to me on a personal and spiritual level but I still struggle to bond fully with it. I adore the more primal, wild, shamanistic feel to it but I find myself wishing it had a more Siberian theme or even a more universal, multicultural shamanism them to it. I'm just really picky I think but it's making me really want to consider creating my own personalized deck!
  16. I very much agree with what has been said already. As for what a god/goddess is/are there are so many answers to that I personally think the only truth of the divine is that there is no absolute truths. It's like the ask 10 witches and you'll get 30 answers lol. You'll have to answer that question for yourself but being able to answer that question requires doing some homework like research and putting what you research into practice. I would like to add a little to Solanaceae's advice about research. Balancing time is highly recommended I feel. The time you spend researching as well as the time you spend on particular topics that you research is important for preventing burnout or boredom. Since there are so many cultures out there past and present each with their own concept of what the divine is, it's just too easy to hinder yourself in finding a system that works for you if you're time isn't managed well. I'd also figure out how much time you wish to spend on reading vs practicing. I think it's extremely important to allow yourself time to practice what you have found interesting to see if its something that could work for you. I actually discovered very unexpected things about my spiritual practices and beliefs because I actually put to practice what I was reading. It was interesting because there were times that what I thought were perfect for me (the idea of it etc) turned out to be oh-so-wrong for me in actuality. Then once you've figured that out, I would then keep the topics on the fewer side at a time. For example- only study celtic deities/culture and perhaps only 1 or two specifics at a time...ie irish and welsh only rather than all celtic cultures/systems all at once! Otherwise You'll end up burning out on it all or misunderstanding/confusing the information. Take it in small to medium chunks and I think you'll do just fine figuring out for yourself what they are to you. Also be patient with yourself...you don't have to know for certain one way or another right now...or ever for that matter.
  17. It's not so much any dislike or pet peeves in witchcraft itself that I may have but rather the people (drama, one twue-ism, etc). I'm including myself in this group too lol. It's parts of myself I dislike (doubts, fears, my own selfishness that I have to keep under control, yadda yadda.) I consider myself so flighty and scattered sometimes that I get in my own way towards progression. I have a lot to learn and much practicing to do as well. I also wish I can absorb knowledge by osmosis haha! There is something that I have a love/hate relationship with witchcraft though. I love the fact that magic is neutral. It is neither good nor bad. I love that I can use it to heal or bring fortune to myself or others if I desire it. I also love that I can use it to exact justice or good ole vengeance/revenge on someone who has caused me or my loved ones harm. But on that same note, I dislike that it can be used by malicious people to harm others for sadistic pleasure or out of spiteful envy etc.
  18. This is a topic that does interest me. My opinions one way or another are still in the works as far as if its something most people have (to varying degrees of course) or if its a "special" ability that a few people have. Because I over think everything I am always vacillating between being a skeptic or being a believer in just about anything deemed "paranormal or psychic". There have been occasions where what I thought were my emotions weren't actually mine. Those times the source of the emotions were from someone I was very connected to on a personal level. Other people that I have a weaker connection to, my feelings can be influenced by them but only overshadows me if I'm not paying attention. With that said, I am leaning more towards that I'm just being very intuitive. Many people over the years have complimented me on how intuitive I am, and how I often see straight through to the heart of an issue. I've seen that trait in a few other people I've met over the years as well. I kind of wonder if it's just being more aware of others body language, subtle facial expressions, basically having an instinctive grasp on psychology and behavior rather than any kind of special talent or ability. In a lot of ways I do this with animals too, both wild and domestic. And it works the same way for me as it does with people. If I'm particularly bonded to an animal, whether its a domestic pet or a captive wild animal in my care, there's a very similar link and I'll sense their well being-mental, emotional, and physical. That intuition has come in very handy in the past when I was a keeper and pet owner. Do I have a talent or special gift of connection? Or is it that I just get to know the person or animal well and my subconscious or intuition keeps me in tune with how others are doing/feeling? It has been a blessing and a curse. But personally I'd rather know the truth of someones feelings even if it hurts mine than hanging onto a lie or false sense of security. As far as to whether being empathic is a real thing or not, I'm not sure that it really matters which one it is. At least for myself. I understand myself well enough to know that the desire to believe I have a special ability is really just due to having childhood insecurities that I still struggle with to this day. So I don't really label myself as being any more special than the next person. But I do allow that little kid in me to indulge herself just a little here and there and just do my damnedest not to become arrogant or attention seeking about it either lol.
  19. I think these are just folk superstitions (my grandmom was baptist and didn't believe in witches/magic) but she did grow up on an orchard farm in good ole Transylvania County (Brevard) North Carolina lol. So here's a few superstitions I remember learning from her growing up. -if your right palm itches, money is coming to you. -If you dream of pigs, money is coming to you. (too bad owning a pet pig didn't count lol) my grandmother had this to say about black cats: If it's walking towards you it's a good luck sign, if its walking away its a bad luck sign. She always said a black cat crossing your path doesn't mean anything except its trying to get from one place to another haha! Oh and this belief was really only particular to her but it's based on her experiences: if she had a dream/nightmare that someone died, she'd discover not long afterwards that they would be pregnant (or if it was a guy-he impregnated someone). But if she dreamed that someone was going to have a baby, that person or someone close to them would die soon after. The following might be Korean folklore??? The few memories I have as a small child while visiting my mom and her family were some of the beliefs they had such as: -placing a mirror so that it's in front of a door/doorway is a bad idea because it keeps good luck from entering the room. -if you place your bed directly in the line of sight of your bedroom window to your bedroom door, evil spirits could steal your soul as it passes through your room. -Keeping a fan running during the night while you sleep is deadly if you don't have a door or window open at least a crack. That one i remember from my aunt accusing my mom of endangering me with when I was visiting one summer. I apparently endanger my life every night with this one since I almost always have a fan on while sleeping lol.
  20. Unless its a herring gull and you are me lol! Used to work with/raise African Penguins at a zoo and the local gulls would be swarming during feeding time trying to steal the fish/squid being fed out. I should be one of the most lucky people on the planet with the amount of times a gull has pooped on me (I don't consider penguin poop good or bad considering my job at the time haha). Instead it's like I've been cursed! lol
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