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  1. I have one :flyaway: unfortunately you have to turn your head to the side to see her:)
  2. Sometimes, at renaissance fairs there are nice cloaks for sale ; purchased a reversible black/ tweed wool one years ago, warm but heavy (and no hood). Used to dream of ordering one from "Cloaks of Ireland" but how to justify the cost? Fun to daydream about it though.
  3. For me, the beach slows my pace to a more natural beat, good for calming my brain a bit so that I can focus. Although one has to really bundle up here; as it's chilly 9-10 months out of the year :cool_witch:
  4. It's interesting... an outsider's view of witchcraft...at first they're a bit alarmed but my experience is as they get to know me it they see the "up" side. Practicing spells has a always been a family affair with my sister and I, (and her two girls as they were growing up). What fun we had! They are teens and 20s now, and too busy...however they may return to it later. Each of my brothers have a daughter who practices, both in their mid/late 20s ... they came to it later.... must run in the family :cauldron04: :Witch-1:
  5. Some pics of my gardens ..... except I don't know how to get them posted right side up up :unsure: , so you have to tilt your head a bit
  6. Hamlet: There's letters seal'd, and my two schoolfellows,Whom I will trust as I will adders fang'd—They bear the mandate, they must sweep my wayAnd marshal me to knavery. Let it work;For 'tis the sport to have the enginerHoist with his own petard, an't shall go hardBut I will delve one yard below their minesAnd blow them at the moon.
  7. I liked the books better than the series so far- but there are so many things going on in the books.. would be hard to get it all on screen. The casting is pretty good though.
  8. I like to use divination just to try to see more clearly what is happening now. Occasionally- if I feel anxious I will do a future reading and sometimes I'' even double check the result with another oracle. It's more fun to read for others; then it's up to them whether it's a waste of time :crystal-gazing: I think it's something one, (at least I), have to continually do; in order to stay in practice.
  9. I like the Illes book, it is fun poke around in - or just let the book open to an area and delve in there. The dumbest book in my collection (IMO of course) is the Grimassi one about familiars- sheesh!
  10. Quote from my father :vhappywitch: "It's all bullshit anyway!".
  11. Darling... I love it- I may start on the coloring pages right now!
  12. I'm addicted to Steeleye Span- and the combination with the Terry Prachett novels is almost too much https://www.youtube.com/embed/bfEUBJLZSHw
  13. Do we differentiate between hare and rabbit?
  14. I agree, intent is the key in magical cooking although I occasionally use flower essences (Bach's usually) in drinks. I think that the addition of specific herbs and spices- if one "believes" in corrospondences, and even sigils in baking can be quite effective. Periodical watching of the movie "Like Water for Chocolate" always gives me inspiration :cauldron04: :vhappywitch:
  15. I was going to write- I wonder if we might ever return to those times? But then I read Izzie's note and was reminded that in some places we're still "there".
  16. Just began a cool book; "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik; Delrey Books. Fiction, with lots of interesting magic. So far it's a fun read
  17. My kitchen garden has lots of permanent herbs; mint, vervain, lavender, sages, thyme, comfrey, sorrell, rosemary, and elderberry ( yes I've moved the elderberry bushes yet again- hope they're happy there), some lucifer and a minature lilac. Yesterday I planted sunflower, pumpkin, asters, canterberry bells and marigold around the edges- all from seed so... who knows... I'm hopeful... trying to keep the soil moist. I love this part; where the soil is perfect- before the weeds takeover and I can't tell the seedlings from the weeds- sometimes they look so much alike at the beginning!
  18. Do you think that's part of what makes the "great" artists? the energy that they have to store in their work?..
  19. What is it with clowns? I've never found them scary but I believe it is the duality- which creates uncertainty in being able to percieve their intentions that frightens people- (when they are children) and then it stays with them... The past lives thing makes sense to me though- although I think that the lessons that we are supposed to learn may be bigger than that. :crystal-gazing:
  20. I liked the Harkness series as well.
  21. Yes Michelle- definately Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull- his early music has many references to "the old ways",
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