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  1. She will be so pleased , I will tell her!
  2. I always think of it as "seeing the Green Man".
  3. A friend got hers through Walmart in Louisiana; although it was a while ago. Lehmans; located in OH has large ones ( they are expensive). https://www.lehmans.com/product/17512?shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi-7ZgbCC7AIVVR6tBh1Q6gJeEAYYAyABEgKLS_D_BwE
  4. Just listened to this segment of the Yale Lecture Series ; it addresses witchcraft prosecutions through the legal system in 16th century England. Though it might be of interest to some. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/early-modern-england-politics-religion-society-under/id429491092?i=1000092596802
  5. Its' super easy to grow from seed and can be planted as soon as the soil is workable. I have some already coming up in pots outside. A cheerful flower!
  6. Belwenda


    What about a simple banishment spell? It couldn't hurt....
  7. No , I read that the goats just wandered down from the hills; per the article in The NY Times, because there are no people/ traffic around to intimidate them. Hopefully they will go back up in the hills when (if) we ever get back outside.
  8. You know; I just learned that cats (not kittens), only meow to us; they are silent with each other. I think Dumbledore summed it up when JK wrote "Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it." But I agree; it's best to be both succinct and interesting. And you're right about active listening; so important. Not just to each other but also to that little voice; you know; the one we're all tempted to argue with.... And as far as silence, my closest friends are the ones with whom I can be silent and it's not uncomfortable in any way. Regarding spell work; personally I weigh every word and usually write them out before casting and I'll admit it; I like them to rhyme :vhappywitch:
  9. Demons and lightning bolts and grocery stores... maybe we should use the "private forum" a bit more often... :flyaway:
  10. As far as software programs; I think the Astrograph- Time Passages products are excellent and easy to use , and the author; Henry Seltzer is talented. ( Although he uses very big words :rolleyes_witch: )
  11. The gift of prescience; I believe that I have it to a certain extent; perhaps it's just listening to that other voice; that little voice ; which is so easy to dismiss or ignore . :crystal-gazing:
  12. I'm starting to repeat myself... not a good sign. Read the books by Lev Grossman; they're much better!
  13. Before I store my cards, I was taught to I "put my favorites at each end of the deck" (Star and World for me). It's a little, continuous spell.
  14. As far as protection; I used big stones and a couple of boulders (that had to be placed by backhoe) at the corners, as sentries.
  15. Which is the reason my pets are always black. I time my haircuts with the Moon and astrological calendar. And, like Onyx, my long hair makes me feel more "witchy".Plus, it looks better with the pointed hat :cool_witch:
  16. The sets are great and the clothes; it's just like reading a comic book :ghost:
  17. Well as I don't really believe in coincidences so..there must be a message in there for you regarding beetles. The love interest seems a separate issue. What made him think that sic"you though he was too invasive of your personal space". It seems as if that would be easy to straighten out, why not write him a letter? Research beetles, and the picture to see what is" behind the scenes" . I think beetles (scarabs) figured highly in ancient Egyptian practices. Perhaps that is the message.
  18. Taking my 90yr old mom to "the Book of Mormon" tonight.... hmmm is that a celebration of the holiday? It's a stretch... Other than that: On May Day; Wash your face with morning dew and you'll have beauty all the year through!
  19. Pretty early; was making potions and casting spells ( although not very effective ones) since I was a little girl.... and that's a long time ago now.
  20. Well... a real familiar wouldn't need much protection; a pet however may.
  21. I read tarot for myself often, sometimes daily and read for my colleagues upon request. They tell me that it's always enlightening . Runes I use less frequently, and although I have a pendulum, I never go to it for answers....I guess because tarot comes easiest to me.
  22. I have soooo much comfrey ; thanks for the recipe
  23. I have no children; so of course I'm an expert. :witch2: I think that kids are open to things that adults screen out. Also, "spirits/ entities /etc.", may make themselves "available" to children because they are a more willing audience. If you become worried about what your children are perceiving you might instill some sort of protection in your home for them; if you've not already done so. And, with open ended questions, try to evaluate the nature of what they see/ smell /hear. There are bad things out there that can and do masquerade as something else. :ghost:
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