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    Taking walks, music, tarot, enjoying beer and wine, painting, reading
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Relatively, I've been travelling down an animistic path intermittently for several years, but only recently feel confident in what I have learned and perceived.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    Attempted Wicca as a teen, it didn't jive with me or my perceptions even then.
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    No particular, specific Tradition, if that is what the question means.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Working with personal will, connecting with plant and animal spirit, as well as other spirits, gaining knowledge and personal insight.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Approximately 6 years.
  • What brought you to our site?
    I have lurked for a few years, can't remember what exactly brought me here initially.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Since I practice by myself and have just begun opening up to others locally, I want to connect more with others in a more anonymous fashion to get used to sharing my experiences and what I have learned, as well as listening to others' experiences.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Divination through cards (tarot and playing cards), going into trance, plant spirits seem to talk to me relatively easily.
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    I still get frightened by "human" spirits.

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  1. I've always lived in urban/suburban settings my entire life so my craft has been built around what's available to me. There are no real wilds in my area anyway--the Agriculture industry has ruined natural water features and the land itself. Having mostly always had at least a balcony or yard to work with I've been able to do workings outdoors, although if I were more rural they would probably be less restrained than what I can do now. I'm a pretty practical witch, I don't usually have an issue collecting ingredients. After all, cities have their own offerings as well. Plenty of found treasures have discovered new life in my practice. I do take time away for myself in the nature preserves and state parks, though, for meditative work and grounding.
  2. DH isn't a witch but he's interested in magic. I taught him sigil magic and he took to it well! I didn't exactly explain very well how to word the intent soooo life has been interesting around here, to put it mildly. We saw a band play that he's loved for years and he brought one of his sigils to be signed. The musician in question signed sigil style, I was amused. He accepts what I do and what I believe, although he gets sort of on edge when the topic of spirit communication comes up. He has what he calls "grandma guilt" that makes him feel weird about things that are directly opposed to Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices, despite himself not practicing any religion. That said, he'll still bring me cool things that he finds that he assumes would be useful in spells or rituals. It's really sweet, actually.
  3. I know someone who had a similar issue. He instead works with spiritual ancestors rather than his own family line. Sometimes, as previously stated, you'd be surprised at who will come forward within your more immediate (passed on) family. The couple of ancestors that have been around for me were not only Christian, but a highly dry and not terribly spiritual type of Christian.
  4. LOL my husband's cat does that with shoes. All shoes. Any shoes. We were laughing this morning because she fell asleep with her face buried inside of one of his shoes :D When they first moved in with me, she practically lived in my shoe pile in my closet. Now she favors lone shoes that get left in the living room. That cuddly blanket picture, awwww. What a sweetie!
  5. I had an enormous Forest Cat who was mostly black, with some dark gray mixed in. I took him in when he was only 5 weeks old and he remained fiercely attached to me up until he died of old age. All cats have personality, but this guy had an eerily human quality about him. When friends would come over, he'd have to sit around us, but not trying to get pets or attention, but like he was part of the conversation. He'd sit there independently and look annoyed if anyone tried to touch him too much. When people would talk, he'd look at that person like he was contemplating what was being said. He often took interest in my activities around the house, but not in a mischievous and playful way. Every once in awhile I'd catch him off on his own, playing with a piece of fabric or something and when he'd notice me watching, he'd lose interest, fluff up his tail at me and walk away like he was embarrassed or something. He used to drop pennies and dimes he would find throughout the house when he wanted fresh water in his bowl. His way of waking me up was to stare directly into my face, quietly, and when I'd open my eye's he'd let out one whiney meow. Occasionally, I woke up to him petting my face. I don't think I can have another cat after little guy. My husband's (orange, lol) cat is great but I don't think I'm going out of my way to adopt another one.
  6. In February I was making plans to go camping with a group, but all of the nearby campsites that accept reservations filled up within hours of the calendar opening :blink: they chose a spot way too far for me to justify, so I'm planning on driving my car north into the path of totality (it's only 15 minutes from my apartment) until I find the right, secluded county road to park off of. There's half of a million people expected to descend into the parts of my metro where it's happening, I figure some random county road in the area not being advertised as heavily might make logistics easier on me.
  7. I don't often use tarot for spirit communication but when I do, I've found it's way more clear and obvious what the message is than with other uses of tarot. When I've used it with my ancestors, it's often quite literal--with pips but even moreso with a Majors-only deck. In fact, I exclusively use my Majors-only deck for spirit divination (although sometimes I use full decks for this purpose as well). It comes in handy if I'm not having a good day with trance work. I even met one of my guides through tarot--a specific card popped right out of the deck while I was trying to attempt this type of work for one of the first times. I picked it up and immediately had a sense of this being. I agree with freeform reading for this type of tarot. I have a spread meant for this type of work but I find one card draws to be far more effective than a structured spread. Watch for cards that seem to jump out at you (and not because of clumsy shuffling), and go with your gut. That's true for tarot in general I suppose, but I feel like the intuitive aspects of this use is even more heightened IMO. You're sort of merging with another energy.
  8. With such a distinct and impacting scent, I imagine it would be pretty simple to conjure it by memory alone, if one is familiar with it. I'm intrigued to see the answer to this question regardless!
  9. My apartment is only a 15 minute drive from the total eclipse, so I will be parked off of a semi-remote county road for it. I'll have some things charging back on my patio, catching the partial. I might bring a few in my car to set out for it, too. I'll be doing some major workings the night before and after.
  10. I think this could be the most potent scents to work with of all of them. Anyone who has smelled "death," human death in particular, describes it as a highly unique and impossible to forget sensation. My husband interviewed for a job in the funeral industry recently and the overwhelming scent of death in the office where he'd be working caused him to immediately decide against taking the job. He's no stranger to the scent of animal death, having been raised by people who work in slaughterhouses in a rural area, but human death created such a visceral internal response for him that immediately kicked his fight or flight response. He's been affected for the last few days by it. It's no coincidence that the scent of death creates such a powerful link for obvious reasons, but the power of it, if you can hold focus with it, could absolutely be a useful vehicle for a working. However, it could be very tricky to work with simply for the sheer power of it alone. As an aside, the topic of the scent of death (how weirdly specific, lol) has become a point of synchronicity for me lately, ever since a specific working I did last week. Quite the harbinger.
  11. Those are beautiful! What are the blue flowers in the first picture?
  12. LOL @ "prairie witches in calico" I don't think anyone has worn calico on the prairie since the days of Laura Ingalls, witch or otherwise :lol: also that tumbleweeds statement...I'm speechless hahaha.
  13. Not sure about wine, but you can use the mugwort syrup to make a witchy cocktail! I might brew some up myself :D
  14. It was that first time, but any subsequent visits they pay me might not be so accidental lol. I scared off some Pentacostals who were going door to door once by saying I was Catholic, I think they would have been less frightened of me if I'd said I was a witch, heh. I live in the BB too, and despite being in a relatively liberal urban area I get skiddish about too many people knowing. Someone at work figured it out and I was full of anxiety for awhile.
  15. I accidentally learned that wearing skimpy clothing scares them off just as well :lol:
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