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  1. Oh wow! I love how beautiful the colors came out on it! Very very well done! Love it!
  2. Hi Guys! So I finally have the energy and time on my hands to really put good effort into my artworks! I created this little guy on a new program I bought from Humble Bundle called Rebelle 3. Great program for realistic canvas or pad painting or drawing. I'm already in love with it. 6 hours of hard work while checking work emails:
  3. Hi hi I've come a long way since starting The Order. Yes I'm going to change its name a bit. I'm also taking Udemy courses on Writing and story building which are all amazing! The Order is currently going strong, I am now up to Chapter 50 since I started to take it seriously once I began uploading to LitNet. I's very encouraging to see how many readers I have and how many people have sent me encouraging messages on my profile. So here is to hoping that it can get published soon! Here is my LitNet Link. I'm mainly posting on this site now since it seems more professional than Wattpad. https://booknet.com/en/twiggy-u3470641
  4. Forget-me-not You are a true-romantic, a dreamer and an idealist. You have great faith and seldom waiver in your convictions. You believe in people and trust in their goodness. You are a very sweet person who always hopes for the best and believes that it will happen. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes and no...
  5. Hi Emmuray There are so many ways that you can use them if you really have the right intent and energy for it. I have bracelets and trinkets that I charm for protection and so on. Mostly protection from other people's energies and personal against muggers that might see me as a target on the street on the pass by. I also enhance the properties of my main crystals that I always wear as necklaces or bracelets. I have a leather bracelet that I inscribed on the inside with Protection and Strength runes while weaving my own energy into them. My ring that I always wear I have "embuned" with a barrier that I had set up to "activate" every time I put it on and automatically draw my energy to charge it with. Small things like you have listed I can see more being used for divination, past life divination (especially the antiques). Like a pendulum. So many ways to be used XD
  6. Hi Everyone I'm not sure how many of you are book lovers or how many of you know of Wattpad and Patreon. But I'll just put this out there! I've always loved writing and drawing, and I have decided to post a story of mine that I have been concocting and playing around with for the last few years now. It's about Witches and is Fictional (obviously). Fun Characters and Active Magic wielding awesomeness! This is most definitely going to turn into a Trilogy if not maybe a Qua-trilogy. Give it a look see and let me know what you guys think! Here is a link to my wattpad page. It's a site where you can read my story and others for Free! https://www.wattpad.com/user/CrystalLeo16 Username: CrystalLeo16 And if you guys want to see what else I do and maybe support me on another site where I have also posted some artworks, here is a link to my Patreon and Deviantart pages: https://www.patreon.com/CrystalLeo https://www.deviantart.com/crystalleo/gallery/
  7. Hi everyone Not sure how many of you are book readers or how many of you know of Wattpad and Patreon. But I'll just put it out there! I've always loved writing and drawing, and I have decided to post a story of mine that I have been concocting and playing around with for a few years now. It's about Witches and is Fictional. Fun characters and active magic wielding awesomeness! This is most definitely going to turn into a Trilogy if not maybe a Qua-trilogy. Give it a look see and let me know what you guys think! Here is the link to my wattpad page. It's a site where you can read my story for Free! https://www.wattpad.com/user/CrystalLeo16 And if you guys want to support me on another site where i have also posted some of my artworks, here is a link to my Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/CrystalLeo
  8. I myself don't have a cat, but i do have a pitch black wolf dog breed XD. He is perfect for me in every way! Although, today I saw a picture of a ginger kitten that was found wandering in the area that i live in, and the community put an alert out with the kitten's picture asking if he/she belongs to anyone. I swear i have never felt like I did when that picture hit my eyes! I've seen plenty of pictures with kittens, i have been around countless kittens. But that pocture just shot straight to my soul! If he/she doesn't belong to anyone i would have taken him/her in a hearbeat. But unfortunately funds and family don't allow that at the moment.
  9. I have the same thought as Zombee. Since your children who are a few years apart are describing the same "entity" in similar ways has to count for something. And for a young child to be so descriptive in what they are seeing for me is pretty much straightforward. I myself haven't had such vivid visits, only the occasional shadow figures when the lights are off. I do feel the spirits in my house around a lot but rarely spot them. I'm glad that you aren't just brushing it off and calling it nothing, because to me, it sure doesn't sound like nothing. Ask your kids if maybe they feel comfortable around the boy or not.
  10. Hahaha I'm also looking at this onion concoction with interest. I have a lot of trouble with a stuffy nose when i get a cold. And because of that i get post nasal drip and then sore throat and then cough. For headaches and sores I've found that lavender works remarkably well as an anticeptic, anti inflamatory agent and painkiller. Only downside is that it's a natural narcotic so if you take too much of it you'll fall asleep on the spot! When i have a cold i stay far away from dairy products. And make lots of rooibos tea with lemon and honey. It really hits the spot! Mint can be used to regulate the body's temperature when you have a fever. Rosemary also works well for me even just as a normal tea and with some lavender it takes away some of the drowzyness. Marigold flowers are high in vit C so i also make myself a fresh cup of marigold tea when i have a cold. And it tastes good with honey! I'm growing fresh echinechea in my garden as well and it's thriving! Have no idea what part of the plant to use for tea yet. All the sites i go to research only tells me about the bennifits and possible side effects. Anyone here made purple cone flower tea before? Or used the plant in any way? I think that's all i can think of at the moment lol.
  11. Hahaha I'm pretty sure they will maybe try to keep your head straight. Do you have anything by you that was passed down from them? I would definitelly use something like that especially since it already has a connection to your passed relatives. I actually find antique trinkets and furniture very atractive. Both to my energy and my eyes! XD I think that the history that an antique carries has an especially unique energy about it.
  12. Alo vera os an amazing plant to have with many many properties, I'm so jealous!
  13. Hahahaha i first got tJanishe white witch then i took another test because i couldn't decide on a few answers and got the Evil Queen LOL!
  14. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Totally hosed myself with this thread! I love humor! And so needed it! Lol!!! Thanks for the post guys! It just made my day!
  15. Hahahahaha so am i no longer a witch either? Zero sculls and but loads of crystals and healthy herbs! XD Lavender by the boat loads! Does that make me Wiccan now?!!! O.O *runs away and hides under a witchy rock* Time for me to brush up my evilness bwahahahahahahaha *puts on evil pointy hat*
  16. I never really thought much of it when i used to wake up with an old song stuck in my head. Whenthe ancestors were mentioned, i thought i can relate to that. Usually sometimes a tune would just start playing in my head, even if i was thinking of a different song at first. The tune in my head would suddenly take an eerie tune, but yet also stunningly beautiful. Rarely do i "hear" instruments being played with the melody but definitelly voices, sweet and pure. Sometimes i would catch myself not being able to resist singing along, even though i have no idea what the words or sounds mean, but the gist of the song is loud and clear. It's strange to explain, i hear the direction the tune would take then i sing it out loud, i hear the sounds and vocals before i even try to form them with my own lips. I would listen to myself and just be baffled. I've never been one for creating melodies or songs or even playing instruments, yet the melodies are so, stunning in their own right. I've also had many instances of saying something at the exact sake time and in the exact same tone as someone close to me would say it. When i ask them a question i would get the answer in my head even before they tell me. This also seems to happen even if i chat with them via whatsapp. Another witch friend sat with me and told me to try and see if i could pic up the colour he was thinking of. And i was spot on. I have no idea if i ever managed half the things i thaught i was focusing on in the passed, like prohecting a song or phrase. But they do say practice makes better XD
  17. Wow this was well done! And as a scetch no less! Wish i could draw such detail. Sadly i can only draw things with as little detail as possible lol! I am letting my drawings mutate though!!!
  18. Oooooooooe very nice! Do you use a digital art program or do you just scan them in after they're finished?
  19. I know what I'm going to be doing with my egg shells next time! Lol!!!
  20. I'm busy growing chamomile from seedlings can't wait for them to grow all the way and flower!!! Not only will they be super pretty but then i can also use them for teas. Even though it's winter over here right now they are still going strong! I love using my herbs mostly for teas since i don't have much space to dry them out. I have 3 kinds of mint, Sage, royal lavender, rosemary, purple cone flowers, 2 hibiscus, 3 kinds of basil, lemon verbina (divine), marigolds, wild lavender, lots of green clover, jasmine and a strawberry plant. There are many more i still want to try out as well :D!
  21. This sounds like a very interesting remidy. I'm always having trouble with sinuses, I'm going to see if this will probably help me. I love the feedback that's coming from everyone else! Very interesting!
  22. I comoletely agree with that and see it a lot actually where i live. People claim things that they have taken from another culture or from someone else's traditions, they mash it up together and then they claim it as their own and make a fortune out of people that are looking for spiritual peace of mind. I myself am a south african, yet i am white, blonde and blue eyed. My ancestry is a mix between French and Duch from what my grandmother told me, and it's actually easy to see. I also grew up in a christian home but never felt truely drawn or satisfied with the religion. I have a deep love for celtic music and one of my biggest wishes is to live in Ireland someday. I love traditional weapons such as throwing knives, kunai, swords, tamahawks, bows and arrows and have been practicing and taught myself how to throw my knives and tamahawk. So i think a person could say that these 'traditions' or 'influences' called out to me. I think for most of the people here it is like that. We practice what we are comfortable in and what we feel free in. Something that feels natural to us even though it's not in our 'DNA' so to speak. No wrong ever comes from learning and researching what draws you, in fact it's a bonus to be more enlightened about what draws you. The more you know the better, and the closer you feel to it. So I also don't think that the traditions you feel drawn to should be witheld due to bloodlines or denied due to your DNA makeup. The world doesn't work around the rules of society. It was man that declared the ways that society should work. The land, spirits, energies and all other things don't work according to man made rules.
  23. I like the rythm in this poem, it's as if the whispers are knocking at my own window XD. Really good writing style! Hope to see more in future!
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