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    Michigan, USA
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    drawing...doodling, reading, gardening when arthritis wanes
  • How familiar are you with witchcraft?
    Self taught, self dedicated, open to experimenting, eclectic solitary something or other without a title.
  • Have you explored other paths?
    trance-control spiritual mediumship; Wicca
  • Have you ever worked with Traditional Witchcraft?
    Informal, read it - try it, used a coat tree as a Temporary Stang and a rock to link to patterns within the Earth.
  • What does Traditional Witchcraft mean to you?
    Shamanism, taught by the flow within and around the Earth, guided by natural rhythm and cycles.
  • How long have you worked with witchcraft in general?
    Since 1988.
  • What brought you to our site?
    Browsing for forums: Looking for deeper meaning and what the books only hint at; reality check and validation.
  • What do you expect to get from this site, and what do you expect to contribute to this forum?
    Give and take a bit of guidance.
  • Do you belong to any other online witchcraft sites?
    Yes, Everything Under the Moon
  • What are your strongest points in witchcraft?
    Always asking why...why do this or that in this way? What is the root? Where is this going and is that someplace I need to go?

    I can visualize OK
  • What are your weakest points in witchcraft?
    Impatience, lazy

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  1. What's the rest of the story?
  2. I think your plans for planting specific trees is protection thru Nature. As you plant, ask each indwelling spirit to share that intent.
  3. Maybe you could look for the common roots of trad practice symbolized by the former path? When connections come to mind - well, follow 'em.
  4. warm congrats on your new furbaby. How about Dejavu? Zorro? Zeppelin? A black cat's a cuddlesome kitty.
  5. I currently share abode with a regal, long-haired black cat, a swaggering tabby with cat-titude to spare &' a sweetly impish long-haired tortoise shell. All have green eyes of varying shades. They all have the Handbook of Feline Rights memorized, chapter & verse & recite from it often. In unison. Off-key.
  6. Just my thinking on storm water - use it to stir things up, un-stick the stagnant, for "war water"; regular thunder storm water is used the same way so hurricane force would pack a wollop not to be ignored.
  7. Sagefire your offer is thoughtful & generous (postal regs aside). I feel I'm nicely located in a mid-size city &, although my neighborhood has verycloseneighbors, I have quietly practiced outdoors for years in my small back yard with no hassle. I use what I find in my yard or scavenge from the alley & nearby cemetery (flora & fauna). I'm 2 blocks from a river (& small wild life meanders) & if the urge overtakes me I can drive to rural farms & woods in a few minutes. It's noisy though...until 10 PM when - poof! - heavy noises disappear (except on the 4th of July). I can't speak for folks in high rise apartments however.
  8. In my early Wiccan days I'd had a hooded kaftan I'd tried to use for ritual - totally useless. At the time I'd practiced in an attic & between low ceiling beams & a long skirt I could barely move. : / Outdoors I dress comfortably for the weather & inconspicuously due to city neighbors. I've felt that costumes are for role playing to get in the zone & have a minor usefulness as self-hypnotic tools. Ritual masks fall in the same category of setting the stage. Hand making the mask helps open the way for connecting to that spirit. A gal I know wears a knee length, cape (poncho-style that throws on over the head) that she bought when visiting Ireland. It's simple, elegant. I'd love to have one for daily winter-weather wear!
  9. The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition - by Laird Scranton (exceprt from back of the book) - "The Dogon people of Mali West Africa are famous for their unique art & advanced cosmology. Their creation story ... strikingly resembles modern physics definition of matter, beginning with the atom & continuing all the way thru string theory. Their structure of matter (Amman's Egg) resembles that in myths of ancient Egypt (Benben stone). " I learned from this book that a culture's cosmology - it's story of creation - is a blue print of their magical system, a key to their code.
  10. What kind of candles do you prefer to use? Votive, stick, tea light? What kind of material? - For one-off spells I prefer 2-hour burn time, 4-inch bees wax "chime" candles as an affordable size for natural material; for long-term efforts a 7-day candle in glass & let it burn uninterrupted. For shrine "offertory candles" I like the convenience of 8-hour tea lights. I use white but have an unopened pack of black T-lights collecting dust ... . Where do you get your candles? I stock up once a year on bulk supplies of T-lights on line from amazon & beeswax on-line from BlueKorn; & 7-day candles as needed from my local grocery store, ethnic foods section. Then there's rose or carnation scented T's or votives from Shorties Candles on-line for the joy of nose-candy when I need a treat. I'm a secret candle-holic. Do you make or buy them? On-line purchase. Where or what of? I went thru a candle making phase just for the experience & decided that was enough of that experience. What do you do with your candle remains after a spell? - there's seldom anything left but if so, wrap remains in paper & put them in the trash. Wax & wick are fuel & the flame is the spell, IMO. What if not for a spell? I put them in the trash. How do you clean your candle holders? - Set the glass or brass holder in the freezer for 15-30 min & the wax pries off with a plastic orange peeler. Then wash with soap & warm water; hand towel dry. How do clean up wax on altars, cloths, tools or holders? - use a handheld blow hair dryer to soften & wipe wax off hard surfaces with paper towel. Stick cloth in the freezer, as above. How do you light your candles? Short matches, long? Lighters, wicks? - I often use book-stlyle incense-matches & will light the offertory candle from the incense-match. If no stinkies are desired I use a lighter. Any spell candles usually are lighted from the offertory candle.
  11. And on the flip side of consideration: dang it when I'm out of this mortal form no one better be using a tag-lock to harass me in the after life with "my love-life's not perfect, gimme this, go fetch that". Y'know, just sayin'. Im wondering what guarantee there is that the one diamond received is composed of the one particular individual's remains? If there was a mix could you end up with a party-line instead of direct dial?
  12. Re: how long have cast or ritual circles been in vogue ... The multiple ritual circle complex at Gobekli Tepi, Turkey is the oldest found so far & dates back 13,000 years which is about 5,000 years before any rock temple inscriptions in Iraq-area (brain fart - I can't remember the civilizations to credit 'em) according to Graham Hancock. The carvings at Gobekli Tepi might depict the comet strike that brought on the last ice age. So it's been a while.
  13. Your comment reminded me that one of my long ago college room mates couldn't wear a watch. They'd stop dead in 5 minutes but restarted with someone else or when she's put it in her purse.. I'd tease her & ask what took her so long? It always got a baleful look. I'm talking about the wind-up type watches.
  14. Yea - did you mean eyebrows? Re: metal sensitivity I share your dislike of handling coins. I don't wear jewelry unless it's gold-plated. I also dislike touching silver, aluminum and iron. I had an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis) to the old-time metal snaps & once when I'd gotten a sliver from cast iron cook wear. Handling iron actually makes my hands feel like they're sunburned. If the cast iron pot is ceramic coated I'm OK handling it. This makes having a quaint cauldron tricky unless it has a handle. Iron is magnetic & is useful in brewing to release the essence of the plant materials into the brew. In folklore the Fay are said to be repelled by iron because it disrupts their ability to hold a shape & to go "between". A Faraday cage is made of multiple strands of metal wires - mostly copper. Studies of psychics at Stanford Research Institute used the Faraday cage to isolate test subjects. Using a copper bowl for water gazing enhances the psychic intuitive flow. Man-made "gold-stone" (that sparkly brown glass) has copper in it & can be used to aid telepathy. I think the physical sensitivity to metal is related to electro-magnetic properties of energy. Ley-lines are energy conduits across the planet. Telluric energies that exist about 8 or so inches beneath the surface are said in Faery Faith to carry elemental energies. I have only read that little bit in folklore on it. I was drawn to it because I have seen the blue lines of energy move across the ground especially around natural springs. I got knocked out of body by a pulse that passed under my feet. It didn't hurt & was interesting & is what brought me to this path to find out what hit me. Robert Cochran recommened that a Stang have an iron foot; would that be to attract these same energies? Ive seen the blue energy climb the Stang like a caduceus & split into what I think are (-/+) polarities at the 2 prongs. Hymm. So is that what the staff is physically used for? It fits the symbolism. Anyways, I think that maybe this physical sensitivity to metal is related to energy-sensitivity and maybe it's an awareness that's seldom used in modern society. It's like someone who lives in the Bush can sense or smell a predator at 100 yards as a survival instinct. City dwellers don't need the awareness so it's dormant but still present. I'm thinking energy sensitivity is a natural sensory ability of our bodies that is suppressed in modern living. It's nothing abnormal but instead is quite natural. I also experience discomfort when within spittin' distance of those giant electrical power towers. It makes my scalp itch, nose tingle & my teeth buzz. The main freeway where I live passes very near a line of power towers. I cringe every time I drive that part of the hiway. And that's got to be EMF leakage so it's a measurable & real physical thing. So Nando, you aren't alone with metal sensitivities. Have you connected it to anything else?
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