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  1. Just bumping this up . . . Not sure where the convo will go, but I think it is interesting.
  2. Have a very slight interest in behavioral neuroscience, but that and biology are not really within my area of expertise. Those of you so inclined might find the following article of interest . . . Jablonka, E., & Raz, G. (2009). Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance: Prevalence, mechanisms, and implications for the study of heredity and evolution. Quarterly Review of Biology, 84(2), 131-176. You can probably find all 47 fascinating pages on any academic database. Seriously, some interesting things in the article . . . comes at the subject from all angles; plants, animals, etc.
  3. I am not sure what you are referring to . . . but, knock yourself out. <Shrugs>
  4. I really like your thought process here, Michele. The most important part would be the programming. The correspondences and connections would have to be specific and consistently used, so as to avoid communication issues or misinterpretations, but it could work. I like the idea of a bone representing the same person or aspect each time. If I were using different types of bones together, however, I would worry about getting confused, though. Now, is that a piece of grandma or is that a cow bone?
  5. This is very much the case for me . . . it is either that they turn up when I need them or their appearance prompts me to think of a way that I can use them. However, I am a total button addict. I love buttons; big, little, pretty, ugly . . . Oh my! I have jars full of buttons. And keys? Ooooh, I love, love, love keys. These addictions are related to my Empathic ability and my ability to channel emotional and spiritual energy by touch. Buttons and keys have been repeatedly touched by lots and lots of people, especially if they are old items. For someone who feeds on emotional energy, playing with a jar of buttons or keys is like a caffeine addict mainlining espresso.
  6. That is really nice of them. It is wonderful to have friends, who understand you and your dead things needs. I believe it is beneficial to have non-Witch friends, who support you. (I was going to say Witch supporters, but that sounds like something a male Witch slips on to support his family jewels, during casting.) Your post actually made me think of the time that my Son's little friend came to me with a strange pebble in his hand. He presented it to me, saying that he thought I would like it. I did like it. I even used it later. It was a little ball of animal shit.
  7. Degu, I hate watches for the same reasons. They tend to give me a sensation of being trapped. Whiterose, Likely right. I am drawing emotional based energy versus technology based, so good points here.
  8. This . . . interesting and relative to some, but not necessarily to the practice of the Craft. But, if one was so inclined he or she might find some way to utilize such a tendency. I still cannot see how it matters to the practice of magic, other than some people might have to remove their watches before participating in any workings.
  9. There is a thread entitled "Tidbits", which is perfect for bizarre trivia. :)
  10. Not necessarily unique or unusual by Traditional Witch standards, but my current favorite ingredient . . . worm castings.
  11. What's the matter, RavenFlyer? Getting a little hot . . . ?
  12. I do not know about absorbing the life essence, but I tend to leave the hunting knives alone, as I do not like the "feel' of them. This has only recently become an issue for me, though I cannot say for certain what, if anything, has changed. The only thing I can think of is that I had a vision of being cut, badly and deeply, by a very sharp knife, though such a thing has never happened to me. If it were some kind of premonition, you would think I would be afraid of all knives, but for some reason it is only the hunting ones that bother me. Not hard to stay away from those, though, as most are kept out in the man-cave. I try not to venture out there. It smells funny, and there is a layer of 'cooties' on everything. :)
  13. Bumping this thread, due to its relationship to other active threads.
  14. I think I have mentioned this before, but I am much more comfortable taking advantage of and/or using people for my own personal needs and gains, including as tools of my many whims, than I am using an animal. It is partly the whole innocence and at your mercy thing, but it is mostly because I like most creatures better than I like most humans. ;)
  15. I love kids ... They are chewy and taste good with milk. Actually, I hate parents who don't control the behavior of their spawn.
  16. Rose, One aspect of this process of spider divination has me in a bit of a conundrum . . . the domesticated (pet) spider versus wild spider. I can see distinct advantages to using a animal, which one has a relationship with, but I would consider results from a wild animal to be far more objective. I can influence the outcome of a Tarot reading, so the possibility exists that I could influence the actions of a living creature that I have a relationship with, especially if the connection is strong. In the process that you have described, the people are unlikely to have viewed the spiders as pets. They are a means to an end. I have no problem with that, but I would personally have to think long and hard about whether or not I would want to use a friend in such a manner. Not that you would let any real harm come to your spider friends, of course, but I would be more interested in maintaining the relationship, so any resistance on their part would cause me to immediately cease the activity. Jevne
  17. Reading leaves is not my cup of tea :P . However, a male Witch that I know once mentioned that he had painted the bottom of a tea cup to create a sort of template for the reading. Reading through the OP's comments, I am not sure why lines or sections would be necessary, as the process is fairly straight forward, but for all I know, it could be commonplace in other traditions. Seems a strange practice, but to each their own. :)
  18. Another bump of this thread, just because it seems like it might be of interest.
  19. Oh, I agree, Raineylane. The idea that all Witches do or should love each other and be best-est friends is a bunch of new age bullshit, anyway. It is funny how people assume that all who walk the magical Path know and/or like each other. I had a similar experience with the wife of a client. I didn't necessarily play "dumb" around her, but I was purposely vague and shielded strongly in her presence. In my case, however, it was more about just not liking her, regardless of her Witchy tendencies. Everything that came out of her mouth was condescending and cutting, almost like she had to make sure she got in a jab or snide remark, even when she was allegedly complimenting someone. She exuded a special kind of arrogance, like with every word, she was granting others permission to exist. OT: But, during a reception for a person's retirement, she stood near the doorway and "informed" everyone who approached that it was "fine" for them to enter the room. She had nothing to do with the planning or hosting of the event, had no relationship to the person being honored, etc., so it was really, really fucking annoying. She was also the type to have a comment or opinion on absolutely everything and would correct people, even those who are experts in the area under discussion. Yeah, real stupid bitch, Witch or not. Anyway, I didn't find it prudent to reveal myself, either, like you said, even though she likely suspected. Thanks, but no thanks . . . I really don't need "friends" like that. :)
  20. I get this . . . My father tried for a short time, when I was younger, to convince me to be more like him and his side of the family, but I had already made up my mind to actively practice the Craft long before he got around to trying to change me. My choice was clear, and I wouldn't change it, but it did cost me my relationship with my father. He knew of the possibility ahead of time. He just couldn't accept it or deal with it. If there is no immediate reason to make it into an "issue", I would lean toward keeping it quiet, but people should, of course, do what seems best for them and their situation.
  21. Hey, Wexler: The "Broom Closet" thread touches on this subject, too, if you care to look it up. Best Wishes. Jevne
  22. Several of my colleagues are attempting to blame this tendency toward the over-share on generational differences, including the "me, me, me" mentality perceived in the Generation Y, but I am professionally toying with the idea that the behavior is a manifestation of a personality trait, which thanks to the Internet and popular media, people have more of an opportunity to express, than they would have had in the past. In other words, regardless of age, gender, etc. there are people who like to share their private info for whatever reason. These same folks would, theoretically, also be more likely to want to make a special point of parading around their differences, but that is purely conjecture. This behavior does appear to be a personal preference, however, which just happens to be encouraged within some aspect of modern society. But, is it a characteristic commonly associated with Traditional Witchcraft? . . . To know, To will, To dare, To keep silent.
  23. There are people, whose eyes appear to change color with their mood, but that has nothing to do with the Craft. I also know that some people's eyes appear a different color, depending on what they are wearing, but once again not really magic. I believe that somewhere on the Forum, we discuss this, maybe as part of another conversation. I recall that at least one person claimed to be able to do it, but I wouldn't bet on it, either.
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